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 Ecuadorian episode 1-13-09
Author: Silvia2 (---)
Date:   01-14-09 12:48 PST

It looks like the novela is really about to end, but they still haven't announced it. I wonder if in Ecuador they don't announce the end in advance.

- A month has passed since the last scene we saw in the previous episode. Julieta and the other two ex-wives of Pierre are complaining about Betsy and they are all sort of fighting when Pierre shows up. Betsy runs up to him and hugs him, but his three ex-wives remain silent. They can't believe he is back and don't even want to talk to him. He says he is happy to see them, but apparently they are not. They ask if his honey moon with the French woman is over already. He says he didn't come to fight, but to attend Pat's wedding. They say that if that is all he came to do, he should go stay with Pat. He says he also came to talk to them, or more specifically to Julieta and Miranda.
- Nena goes to visit Simon. They kiss and hug. He feels bad she had to some see him in that jail (apparently he was transferred to another one, far away from Antonio). She says that she is just happy he is not in the same jail as Antonio anymore. Fabian says it's not that far. Simon hugs Fabian (that was kind of sweet actually). Fabian says that if his daughter is willing to wait for him, he has to accept that and be happy for them. Simon says he has been doing ok in jail. Fabian says that his lawyers told him that Simon will only have to spend one year in jail. Nena and Simon are very happy to hear that.
- Seb is branding all his cows with the new symbol. Everyone else is watching and at the end they all celebrate and seem very, very happy.
- Antonio seems to have become the kind of the jail already (how did he do that?). He spends his time gambling with other inmates and he has all sorts of men "working" for him and beating up those that own him money. They bring him one of the debtors who begs for forgiveness, but Antonio says that if he doesn't pay that day, he will be dead. He later tells "his men" to beat him up.
- Susana is "working" in the brothel. I think she has now started to sleep with clients because she is in a room with a man passed out on the bed. She looks at him trying to find something to steal. She tries to get his watch, but the man starts to wake up. She tells him to go back to sleep and he does, not realizing what is going on. She tries to get his wallet next, but Camila comes into the room and catches her. Camila throws her out of her brothel. She says that they might be prostitutes, but not thieves and she won't let her steal from clients. As they are throwing her out, all the prostitutes start insulting her too and even tell her that she wasn't even good as a prostitute and clients always made fun of her. She insults back and leaves with her two little bags. That's a new low for Susana: being throw out even from the brothel!
- Pierre is asking Aucencia to say something. She seems to have frozen and can't speak. He must have told her he wants to marry her, even though we didn't get to see that, nor did we see Pierre talk to his other two women and ask for their blessing (but it is implied that this is what happened). Julieta tells her that it's all true, and Miranda wants to bring her water. Aucencia finally speaks and asks if Julieta and Miranda are truly ok with it. They say they are. They says Pierre loves her and she loves him and they can be happy. They say they had asked Pierre to choose (about a century earlier), and he finally did. They encourage her to accept Pierre's proposal. Pierre says he wants to marry her and be together. She finally agrees and they all act happy (I find this very unconvincing. They were always fighting and acting jealous and now all of a sudden they are all happy for Aucencia. I don't think it would work like that in real life...).
- Moreno is upset with Daniel because he doesn't trust him anymore and puts him to do paper work only. He will no longer be in charge of important affairs. Moreno says Daniel can't treat him like that, but Daniel says he can because he is the mayor. He says he will continue to investigate him. Moreno leaves all upset. Yolanda walk by bringing a gift for her son. He asks how she has been doing. She says she is ok, but very lonely in that big house without him. She seems to be about to cry. After she leaves, he opens the package and finds a copy of the next day's newspaper that has a public apology from them to Daniel and "his wife" in the very first page. He is very happy about it.
- The town priest is decorating the church for the big triple wedding.Susana walks by and asks what is going on. The priest asks if she is the only one who does not know Seb and PAt are getting married. Then, he recognizes her, but she says he is mistaking her for someone else and leaves.
- Pat, Seb and everyone else is celebrating in the Potrillo. They are drinking, singing, and just being happy. Silvia says she will miss Pat and Melinda very much, but Seb says it's not a moment to be sad. Daniel shows Melinda the article with his parents' apology and she is very happy. They show it to everyone and they all celebrate together. Pat tells everyone to guess who is getting married with them the next day. Alcaravan guess the priest is! She says it's Pierre and Aucencia. They continue celebrating, with lots of singing.
- In the Pirarorcu, Aucencia is being serenaded by the band. Pierre gives her an engagement ring and the other two women look all happy and seem to think it's all very sweet, like a mother or sister watching her daughter or sister getting engaged (even less convincing to me).
- The day of the wedding has arrived. They are all in front of the church. Esther says she can't believe it's finally time. She tells Seb he will be very happy.
- Julieta tells Pierre that he better treat Aucencia well or she will grab him he knows where. He jokes that might tempt him, but she says he is a one-woman man now. Miranda congratulates him.
- Yolanda gives her blessing to Daniel.
- The music starts and Pat arrives on top of a horse. The horse takes her all the way to the steps of the church where Alcaravan escorts her to Seb's hands.
- Melinda arrives next, also on top of a horse. Alcaravan tells Daniel to take good care of her.
- Aucencia arrives last, also on top of a horse. Alcaravan escorts her to Pierre's arms.
- Betsy is still cleaning the bar before Aucencia and Pierre arrival. She tells this other woman who works there to do part of the work. She doesn't want to, but Betsy says they all need to work together. Centella walks in and starts making fun of her. She says to leave her alone that she is struggling enough already to get used to her new life. He says she should apologize to her mother. She says she can't because she won't forgive her and she is too embarrassed to do it. He says her mother isn't. Soraya is there too and asks Besty if she doesn't want to talk to her mother. When Betsy sees her she starts crying. She hugs Soraya and asks for forgiveness. She says she had it all at La Dorada and didn't appreciate it. Soraya forgives her and welcomes her back home. They hug and cry. The, Centella says they should go to the weddings. Betsy says she can't go dressed like she is. Soraya sighs noticing her daughter hasn't changed all that much after all. she says she brought her a dress.
- Susana visits Antonio in jail and is impressed at how much luxury he has. Indeed, he is in a bedroom that looks more like an hotel than a cell (that's why when I watched the preview I thought he had escaped already. Instead, he was simply in a really fancy cell). He has big bed, a big screen tv, liquor, etc. She wishes she could stay in that cell too. He says it's still just a prison. She says it's great compared to what she had to do to get by. He says it's all her own fault. She says it's just because he refused to help her. He tells her that if she came to complain, she should leave. She says she came to tell him that Seb and Pat are getting married that same day. He laughs and says that they have married so many times, they won't even believe it's actually happening. Then, with a more serious tone of voice, he wonders aloud if they will be able to be happy.
-The three couples exchange vows. Everyone else looks at them happily.
- Nena asks Fabian why he didn't go to the wedding. He says he didn't want to leave her alone on this day. He didn't want her to be sad. She says that she is not in love with Seb and she is glad he can be happy with Pat. Fabian is happy that she is not longer sad or mad. She doesn't want to think about the past anymore. She wants to focus on the love she feels for Simon and wants to marry him as soon as he gets out of jail. Fabian is happy too.
- The priest pronounces the three couples married. He says the grooms can kiss the brides. Then he adds they each should kiss their own only, of course. (You mean there is not going any kissing between Seb and Melinda or Daniel and Aucencia? That could have been an original ending...). They all kiss, everyone claps and Betsy arrives running to catch the last minute of it.
- Outside there are fireworks, throwing of petals, music, and more celebration.
- A year has gone by. In PD, they are celebrating the first international rodeo competition. Betsy is working as some sort of journalist presenting the event on the tv. She is very nervous.
- Pat and Seb are making some business deal with some Brazilian business men. They close the deal and will have to travel to Brazil.
- Silvia is competing in a horse race. Of course, she wins.
- Nena goes to pick Simon up at the jail. They hug and are very happy. He thought she wouldn't come, but she says she had been counting the days.
- Betsy interviews Silvia as the only Colombian competitor still in the race. She doesn't even let Silvia finish talking and switches to presenting Alcaravan as Silvia's trainer and very good singer. He adds he is Betsy's boyfriend, but she is a bit embarresed about that. He talks about his upcoming CD.
- Esther is all happy about her grandson. She says he grew very fast. She is holding a cute little baby with a blue baseball cap. Pat and Seb come in and she asks them how the things went with the Brazilians. They say it all went great and they will travel to Brazil. She says they need to get ready for the races.
- Camila goes to see Martin. She says he never comes to town now that he has this finja. (Did he accept the land that Seb wanted to give him back?). He says he has had lots of work. She invites him to come to the celebrations and races in town, but he says he has not interest in them. She asks if that's because he is afraid to meet with Pat. She says Pat and Seb are very happy, especially after the birth of their child. He says he hopes their happiness will continue, but he doesn't sound too convincing. He leaves.
- Daniel is giving an official speech as mayor. He thanks Centella as an organizer of the even and its main sponsor. Centella starts speaking himself. Yolanda complains that in better times people like Centella would not be involved in events like this. Ramon tells her to shout up that Centella's business is doing very good and he is now a very important person in town.
- Nena and Simon arrive home (Esther's old house). He asks where Fabian is. She says he is working in the frigorifico, but in any case, he does not live there anymore. She says he now lives at La Dorada with Esther. They are now a couple. She seems all happy about it. Simon can't believe it, but he says they deserve it. He asks about Seb. She says he married Pat and they have a child. She says Seb forgave her and they are all at peace finally. He asks about Moreno. She says he is still working in town. He is surprised because he had told Seb about Moreno's crimes. She says they could never prove anything and Esteban disappeared. She says Moreno is no longer in charge of anything though. They start kissing.
- Susana is now working in the frigorifico doing some sort of manual work (either slaughtering the animals or cleaning up. She is wearing some big protective clothing and she is covered in blood). She complains to Fabian about having to work too much and not being able to celebrate in this special day. He says that the frigorifico never closes and scheduled shifts have to be respected. She accuses him to be trying to punish her and not to want her to ruin his time with his "lover". He says Esther is not his lover, but his girlfriend. He calls another supervisor and says Susana is complaining about work, and maybe they should give her an additional shift. Susana complains even more, but the supervisor says that she has to decide right away if she wants to work because there are many other people ready to take her place.
- PAt is going to compete for the Potrillo and Seb for La Dorada. They start arguing about who is going to win. Esther tells them to stop and joke around.


- Susana is working at the frigorifico when she turns around and is surprised to see someone (I imagine it's Antonio).
-PAt and Seb (I think) are in bed when someone walks in and looks at them from the door. Pat wakes up all scared and starts screaming. Seb turns on the light.

I guess Antonio (maybe with the help of Susana) is coming back to get his revenge. I can't imagine this taking too long. It seems the novela could end even this same week, but who knows... sometime they really go out of their way to make novelas last longer...

Aside from Antonio's revenge and final demise, we also still need to see Moreno get his punishment. I hope Simon does not end up getting killed or something like that in the process. I still like him and even start to accept that Nena might have sort of changed (I just wish they had not made her so damn annoying before and did not allow her to get so far as trying to kill Pat. It's kind of hard to believe she didn't deserve any kind of punishment after she had gone so low with her behavior). I also hope Juliet and Miranda can find love as well. I felt particularly sad for Miranda. She had devoted so many years to Pierre, even allowing him to get two other wives (she had been the first of his wives) and avoided having children to make him happy (and now no longer can) to just end up seeing him actually marry and be happy with this much younger girl. The three-wives thing was kind of ridiculous from the beginning, and she is supposed to be happy with how things ended up, but I still felt sad for her. As for Fabian and Esther, I guess they make a nice couple. I never particularly liked Mariana, but I still wonder why the writers decided to get rid of her in particular. She was not the greatest human being, especially at the beginning of the story, but she was also not the one who made the worse mistakes... Nena behaved much worse and they still gave her an happy ending (so far... I guess things could still change). Maybe Mariana will still find happiness in Bogota.
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