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Author: Pilaf (---)
Date:   06-08-09 15:56 PDT

Hi. Though,I'm not watching this one,I wanted to ask:I saw in the
'highlights' that they are currently showing,a scene where Jackie B. runs towards that little kid,standing under the tree.Then,they show
this GIANT branch fall down on her,as she pushes the child out of the way. I wanted to know IF they've shown that scene yet,and
also,if anyone noticed,that you can see TWO MEN up in the tree,as
if they were the ones holding the branch? Is this a for real bad edit
job,or are we SUPPOSED to be seeing them,as they are people in this show? Thank you. P.
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 Question.  new
Pilaf 06-08-09 15:56 PDT 
 Re: Question.  new
Steven J 06-09-09 00:22 PDT 
 LMAO, Steven J! nt  new
Torbie 06-09-09 02:01 PDT 
 Re: Btw,Sj,thanks for the answer.nt.  new
Pilaf 06-23-09 15:34 PDT 

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