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El Cartel de los Sapos (300 posts in 63 threads)
Caracol (Colombia)2008 TV Series starring Manolo Cardona
USA(Telemundo)Dec. 8, 2008 - May 27, 2009.10:30PM.
USA(UniMás)April 27, 2015 -
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 JUANITA MARÍN (Natly Umaña)
Author: B. (---)
Date:   12-13-08 17:40 PST

Nataly Umaña interpreta a Juanita Marín en la Serie El Cartel.

Juanita Marin es una importante modelo colombiana que se integra al mundo del narcotrafico al casarse con Pedro Tajeda alias Revolver.

Spoiler follows, highlight with mouse to read

REAL-LIFE PERSON: Colombian model Natalia Paris, former girlfriend of actor Juan Alfonso Baptista.
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B. 12-13-08 16:59 PST 
 MARTÍN GONZÁLEZ aka “FRESITA” (Manolo Cardona)  new
B. 12-13-08 17:09 PST 
 PEPE CADENA (Diego Cadavid)  new
B. 12-13-08 17:11 PST 
 ÓSCAR CADENA (Fernando Solórzano)  new
B. 12-13-08 17:15 PST 
 SOFÍA (Karen Martí­nez)  new
B. 12-13-08 17:17 PST 
 MILTON JIMÉNEZ aka “EL CABO” (Robinson Dí­az)  new
B. 12-13-08 17:20 PST 
 ÁLVARO JOSÉ PÉREZ aka “GUADAÑA” (Julián Arango)  new
B. 12-13-08 17:23 PST 
 AMPARO CADENA (Sandra Reyes)  new
B. 12-13-08 17:32 PST 
 JOHN MARIO MARTÍNEZ aka “PIRULITO” (Juan Pablo Raba)  new
B. 12-13-08 17:36 PST 
 ELIANA (Juliana Galvis)  new
B. 12-13-08 17:38 PST 
 Re: ELIANA (Juliana Galvis)  new
alberto gomez 10-18-10 11:10 PDT 
 JUANITA MARÍN (Natly Umaña)  new
B. 12-13-08 17:40 PST 
B. 12-13-08 18:16 PST 
 cast members whose character names i don't know (yet)  new
B. 12-13-08 19:06 PST 
 Re: cast members whose character names i don't know (yet)  new
ebd 12-14-08 05:08 PST 
 thanks, ebd!!  new
B. 12-14-08 12:25 PST 
 You're welcome :) nt  new
ebd 12-16-08 04:39 PST 
 partial cast list (EDITED 14 Dec 2008)  new
B. 12-13-08 19:21 PST 
 Re: B., that is tremendous work!  new
Tali 12-13-08 20:44 PST 
 Re: B., that is tremendous work!  new
B. 12-13-08 21:11 PST 
 That actress is...  new
ebd 12-14-08 04:43 PST 
 you're right -- thanks again ebd!  new
B. 12-14-08 12:50 PST 
 Thank You  new
Gianna 12-15-08 22:16 PST 
 Ditto  new
LizBlue 12-16-08 09:10 PST 

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