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Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe (Televisa) (80 posts in 34 threads)
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Remake of Colombian novela of same name.
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 Shameless, ridiculous promotion of...
Author: Corina (---)
Date:   01-27-10 20:35 PST

...the telenovela "Amigas y rivales", produced by the guy who produced this one, Emilio Larrosa. Hahaha, just look at the TV in the background.

Even funnier, why would a very busy hotshot car-dealing female executive on the verge of a nervous breakdown be watching a 9-year-old novela in the middle of the day while busy with a phone call and some sort of laptop task?
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 Shameless, ridiculous promotion of...  new
Corina 01-27-10 20:35 PST 
 Re: Shameless, ridiculous promotion of...  new
BETHANY 01-31-10 09:49 PST 
 Re: Shameless, ridiculous promotion of...  new
cee 02-01-10 09:40 PST 
 Hahaha!  new
Corina 02-01-10 12:11 PST 

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