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¿Dónde Está Elisa? (2010) (3350 posts in 642 threads)
Telemundo (USA) Version of Chilean novela. March 8, 2010 - August 10, 2010. 10PM. (.5 hrs. in last two weeks)
USA (Telemundo)Rerun Start Date 13 Aug. 2012. Noon. 2 hrs.
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 Downloads of the Chile Version
Author: Enoch (---)
Date:   04-04-10 09:17 PDT

While I am not interested in Spoilers, it is interesting to watch the Chile version, always behind the TM Version. Also, there cud be clues in the Chile Version omitted in the Telemundo version. Thus that cud be a little spoilerish. I will put a few of those clues at the end of this list. These megauploads do not have spoiler titles like one may see on YouTube.

Capítulo 1

Capítulo 2

Capítulo 3

Capítulo 4

Capítulo 5

Capítulo 6

Capítulo 7

Capítulo 8

Capítulo 9

Capítulo 10

Capítulo 11

Capítulo 12

Capítulo 13

Capítulo 14

Capítulo 15

Capítulo 16

Capítulo 17

Capítulo 18

Capítulo 19

Capítulo 20

Capítulo 21

Capítulo 22

Capítulo 23

Capítulo 24

Capítulo 25

Capítulo 26

Capítulo 27

Capítulo 28

Capítulo 29

Capítulo 30

Capítulo 31

Capítulo 32

Capítulo 33

Capítulo 34

Capítulo 35

Capítulo 36

Capítulo 37

Capítulo 38

Capítulo 39

Capítulo 40

Capítulo 41

Capítulo 42

Capítulo 43

Capítulo 44

Capítulo 45

Capítulo 46

Capítulo 47

Capítulo 48

Capítulo 49

Capítulo 50

Capítulo 51

Capítulo 52

Capítulo 53

Capítulo 54

Capítulo 55

Capítulo 56

Capítulo 57

Capítulo 58

Capítulo 59

Capítulo 60

Capítulo 61

Capítulo 62

Capítulo 63

Capítulo 64

Capítulo 65

Capítulo 66

Capítulo 67

Capítulo 68

Capítulo 69

Capítulo 70

Capítulo 71

Capítulo 72

Capítulo 73

Capítulo 74

Capítulo 75

Capítulo 76

Capítulo 77

Capítulo 78

Capítulo 79

Capítulo 80

Capítulo 81

Capítulo 82

Capítulo 83

Capítulo 84

Capítulo 85

Capítulo 86

Capítulo 87

Capítulo 88

Capítulo 89

Capítulo 90

Capítulo 91

Capítulo 92

Capítulo 93

Capítulo 94

Capítulo 95

Capítulo 96

Capítulo 97

Capítulo 98

Capítulo 99

Capítulo 100

Capítulo 101

Capítulo 102

Capítulo 103

Capítulo 104

Capítulo 105

Capítulo 106

Capítulo 107

Capítulo 108

Capítulo 109

Capítulo 110

Capítulo 111 (FINAL)

Clue: The Chile Ric met the Chile Isabel (whom they let sit down in the foyer in Chile -- poor Isabel has to stand up like at a hamburger stand in the USA) -- Ric met Isabel (not first time) at Viv's cupid event.
But in the Chile version, Ric acted hormonally interested in Isabel and did some besuqueando with her. For what its worth, that indicates that Ric was capable of smooching Elisa. But in the USA version, Ric has not yet shown hormonal interest in a woman, unless u want to interpret the date he made with Isabel that way. We never got to see what happened at that date, if it took place. My theory (not from Chile) is that Ric wanted to plot with Isabel.

Clue: During the discussion between Nic & Ceci when she had come over allegedly to say adios to Nic at his apt, where eventually Mariano knocked on the door; Nic reminded Ceci that she had un proyecto that she was neglecting out of cowardice. In the Chile version it was a proyecto de vida. This supports more the view that Ceci does want to take over the Empresas & push Mariano aside. We cud speculate that actually Bruno is the genius of the Construction Company; I think he said as much in the Chile version, that it was his genius that actually made the Empresa a success. That would explain why Ceci wants to hold on to Bruno and wants him in the empresa when she takes over it. But it is hard to reconcile with her bad-mouthing of Bruno, as if he was not all that important & if he stayed home from work a day & took care of the kids, he wud not be missed. One cud speculate that she wants it well understood that she is the matriarch of top importance, so she puts down Bruno. One can theorize that Nic wants this project to succeed with him as the new husband of Ceci, California being a community property state. Thus if he marries Ceci & she has it all, he wud get half of all.

Clue: The flashback of Ed & Elisa on Glam night was more involved. We saw Ed follow Elisa out of the Spicy Glam immediately. Thus it appears that at 2 AM Elisa rejected Saint's te invito to the beach. She went out for the beach, but Ed followed her right away. They argued & struggled over his cell phone & Elisa got knocked down & some blood on the face. Then she ran off. Since all that probably took 2 minutes, that indicates that Elisa was on the beach from 2:02 until 2:15 when she sent a text to Saint. Saint ran out at once. That means she was gone by about 2:16 AM probably. And thus something very sudden must have happened to take her away fast. And she took off or had her dress taken off before 2:16. The dress had tears and got salt water wet by the next day. And she had her cell phone at 2:15. But by the morning it too was salt water wet. Did she attempt suicide by drowning after the Ed altercation with her cell phone clipped to her dress? & then get cold feet? But then her cell phone would not have worked. Or did the tide come in & wet the dress & cell phone? Why didn't the Saint see that red dress on the beach? Did she throw it in the ocean & ditch the cell phone to frustrate its GPS function? Why didn't she throw the cell phone in the ocean?
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 Downloads of the Telemundo Version
Author: Enoch (---)
Date:   04-04-10 10:07 PDT

Capítulo 1

Capítulo 2 Unir con Hacha

Capítulo 3 Unir con Hacha

Capítulo 4 Unir con Hacha

Capítulo 5 Unir con Hacha

Capítulo 6 Unir con Hacha

Capítulo 7 Unir con Hacha

Capítulo 8 Unir con Hacha

Capítulo 9 Unir con Hacha

Capítulo 10 Unir con Hacha

I haven't tried the above. "Hacha" could be some program you need to watch these.

Capítulo 1 ... 08_NyD.avi

Capítulo 2 ... 09_NyD.avi

Capítulo 3 ... 10_NyD.avi

Capítulo 4 ... 311_PC.avi

Capítulo 5 ... 12_NyD.avi

Capítulo 6 ... 15_NyD.avi

Capítulo 7 ... 16_NyD.avi

Capítulo 8 ... 18_NyD.avi

Capítulo 9 ... 19_NyD.avi

Capítulo 10 ... 22_NyD.avi
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 hacha joins all files into 1 file NT
Author: Ramonv (---)
Date:   04-04-10 12:00 PDT



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 Re: hacha joins all files into 1 file NT
Author: Enoch (---)
Date:   04-04-10 12:10 PDT

Ramanov, is it going to be easy to use, or sticky wicket?

BTW, my evaluation of some of the actors:

Consuela is more believable, but Ceci is more entertaining. Certainly I find her fights w/ Bruno more entertaining than in the Chile version -- reminds me of the Honeymooners (Jacky Gleason).

Santiago seems a better nastier young punk than his Chile counterpart.

Our Viv is a more of a real hoot.

The Telemundo actresses are much more beautiful than the Chile (IMO). But the Chile are more real life -- which do you prefer beauty or real life, warts on face/nose, etc.?

That's based on caps 1-6; I am staying well behind TM on watching the Chile version, as I don't want spoilers.
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 I prefer real life looking actors
Author: Ramonv (---)
Date:   04-04-10 12:54 PDT

Hacha is really easy to use, just grab part 1 of a file and the program will find the rest to join it into "1 file" then you can delete the other parts.

These actors are more believable. Most of these Chilean actors work in theater, the novelas are like their part time jobs. Sometimes they do both at the same time. They also work in movies and some of them are working for HBO in a Chilean TV series coming next year to HBO Latino in the USA and HBO LA.

(IMO) the Telemundo actors sound very fake (not all of them), they are forced to use an accent they are not used to. Some are believable and do it very good others are like is their first time on TV.

TVN allows real phrases on TV but Telemundo can't do it, they have to tame the language (FCC is watching). "Elisa" was written for a very adult audience, similar to the HBO/Showtime series.

Right now TVN is airing "Conde Vrolok" there they have to speak Spanish from the 1880's, it sounds neutral like the Spanish spoken on Telemundo, includes some actors from the original "Elisa". Here's a clip in HD and they still look like real people not fabricated faces

here's a sample from "los Angeles de Estela" in HD, here they spoke in modern Chilean Spanish and check out the girl who played "Elisa". They still look real and believable:

Just my opinion.

Forgot to mention that some Chilean novelas have been dubbed into Mexican Spanish, using the same Chilean actors to dubbed their own work for international markets.


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 Hacha & The only problem I have with the Chile
Author: Enoch (---)
Date:   04-04-10 14:43 PDT

So I take it that I, having a Mac, would download all files in a capitulo and right click on the first one, selecting "open with" and then select Hacha as the program with which to open. and that wud do it.

The only prob I have w/ the Chile language is that I can't understand it well. Other than that, I love natural accents, of which we all have one. I like my wife's Guatemalan version of Spanish, since I find it more comprehensible than other versions. I wud have all the Mexicans speak Guatemalan.

When I was in England, I heard this Scottish girl (prob from the Highlands) speak, and cud not understand her at all. Also a guy from Yorkshire stumped me.

One of my first experiences in England was talking with a telephone operator. We went back and forth like:

Me: Whut?
Her: Wot?
Me: Whut?
Her: Wot?

I finally figured out that we were both saying, "What?"

But it makes British movies interesting the use of different accents from the one island, conveying not just geography, but also social class.

I enjoy hearing the different actors in DEE use the English that they throw in a lot and how they have different English accents, mostly different degrees of ability to sound like an American. Mariano says, "You got me?"
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