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La Dueña (103 posts in 38 threads)
1984-1985 Producción de Venezolana de Televisión.
USA (LaTele)20? Dec. 2010 - 17 mar. 2011.
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 I really Hope...(Mauricio Bashing)
Author: Junior (---)
Date:   03-04-11 17:47 PST

I don't knwo how this is gonna end (and I heard the ending is truly memorable) but I would hope that Adriana will end up with Saul and NOT Mauricio. Most likely, she will end up with her eternal love but Mauricio has been such a waste of a human being. His only redeeming quality is his love for Adriana.

But other than that he is pathetic. He is easily led by others. He didnt think twice to give Adriana the benefit of the doubt. He cheated on his wife with her sister and HIS BROTHER'S wife! for like 5 years!..I understood if it was one time, but it was an affair that lasted 5 years...and it's understandable that he doesnt love Maria Eugenia, but that's still his wife, mother of his children and Maria Consuelo is his brother's wife, no matter how gay he is! lol

Not only that, but Mauricio is so weak in character that he easily followed all of Dictator Gomez's orders (including throwing anarchists into dirty asylums), like Saul. I'm sorry I understand how it was the times of the 1920's but Mauricio is so easily swayed by anything evil that I can't feel any compassion for him.

Saul loved Adriana when she was physically scarred and even had lost the ability to speak and he helped her out of that place..I love how in that scene he told her that even though she has become Ximena Saenz, he still loves Adriana Rigores.

Pretty soon, I will be posting the dialogue between Mauricio and Esteban Rigores in the episode that aired 2 nights ago. Esteban was FANTASTIC in telling Mauricio everything I just talked about. Calling him a coward and weak for being comfortable by believing lies! Loved loved loved that scene!

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 I really Hope...(Mauricio Bashing)  new
Junior 03-04-11 17:47 PST 
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dd 03-08-11 12:05 PST 

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