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Flor Salvaje (1575 posts in 330 threads)
Novela de Caracol TV (Col.) & Telemundo (EEUU). Adaptación de La novia oscura (1999).
USA (Telemundo) 2 agosto 2011 - 2 mar. 2012. 9PM.
USA (Telemundo) Rerun start 2 Sept. 2014 10AM.
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 Re: flor salvaje, epi 149, some pics...
Author: Marcy (---)
Date:   03-02-12 09:31 PST

Thank you, deb!

It was a really nice wedding. I like how nontraditional it was and when the man marrying them was like "AGAIN?!" when Flor & Rafa kissed again before he even started. LOL that was funny and cute.

And everyone has pretty much made up/made amends/said cute and cheesy things to each other.

Did you guys notice how both Flor AND Rafa had tears in their eyes after Corre finished what the 4Ps wrote for Flor? That was a really touching moment and even Rafa was affected.

And I also enjoyed when Rocio and JM came up to congratulate the newlyweds and they made some cheesy talk about how they'd get married next and how they found out that they liked hot water in showers and Flor & Rafa looked at each other like "okay then" they all looked so content.

I really did enjoy all the little wedding scenes- of course, that happiness did not last very long because of horrible Abel. I really wish they had killed him off weeks ago. I'm going to be really sad if/when something happens to Rafa tonight.

I really felt for Flor when she was crying and saying how she always had to pick between the people she loved :(
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 flor salvaje, epi 149, nt...  new
deb 03-02-12 00:05 PST 
 Re: flor salvaje, epi 149, some pics...  new
Marcy 03-02-12 09:31 PST 
 Re: flor salvaje, epi 149, some pics...  new
Yaima 03-02-12 09:45 PST 

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