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Novela de Caracol TV (Col.) & Telemundo (EEUU). Adaptación de La novia oscura (1999).
USA (Telemundo) 2 agosto 2011 - 2 mar. 2012. 9PM.
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 My thoughts on the finale
Author: Marcy (---)
Date:   03-05-12 09:36 PST

I had been holding off on posting my thoughts because I have to admit, the ending had me more upset than I would’ve imagined and I wanted to sort of take it in for a bit before airing my thoughts.
Warning: This is kind of loooong. I had a lot of feelings!

I started watching this novela (though caught up with everything) towards the end- and as much as I liked Rafael right away, as soon as I started watching I said to myself “this guy is not going to have a happy ending. He’s done too many bad things” so I just started thinking he’d die in the last episode being redeemed by Flor’s love, etc. I did not expect to get so attached! Up to that last scene at the river when Flor sees a vision of him, I wanted Rafa to suddenly appear alive and well. But it didn’t happen :(

I would love to see an interview with the writers of this novela because I’d like to know what they had planned from the beginning, what they changed, etc.
I often wondered if they wrote out Pablo so soon because they needed the actor on another soap (Corazon Valiente) and because they saw how popular Flor & Rafa had gotten. I wonder if Rafa was ever supposed to “win” Flor at the end like he did or if that was also a fan service.

I have a feeling Rafa was supposed to die from the very start, but what I’d love to know is if basically we got more Flor & Rafa than was intended. I think we did. I find it interesting they were filming so out of order and actually the last thing they filmed (according to Monica’s twitter) were the scenes with Flor in the long sparkly black dress when the 4Ps put on that show for Flor & Rafa and they get back together on stage. Made me wonder if they wrote stuff like that in for us Flor & Rafa fans. I took a quick peek at facebook and didn’t stay on there long as there are sooo many really upset fans who are denouncing the entire novela because of the ending. But it did make me realize how many fans Flor & Rafa did have.

I think the biggest complaint I have about this novela was the character of Abel. I think the weeks spent “developing” and I say “developing” because I still feel like I didn’t really know him and never understood why he felt so entitled and upset with Zahra especially. He is not the only kid who got abandoned in life. I know he was essentially a psychopath, but I never felt anything but annoyance towards his character. I even stopped watching regularly for a few weeks because I couldn’t stand him. I don’t know if it was the writing or the actor or both, but I never got a grasp on that character whatsoever. I feel like a lot of stuff was pushed aside for scenes with Abel, especially at the end. The “10 years later” was only a few minutes and imo, we should’ve gotten more about what happened to other characters. For example- Mariano. So he ends up in jail? That’s it? I actually thought he would die at the end as well- his ending seemed too “easy” and I felt like Gregorio Pernia deserved a big last scene to go out on.

I also wanted to know more about Flor, our main character. What we got was a small snippet and what made it more tragic was that she seemed so sad and empty. I loved the part with her son, he obviously made her very happy, but when she slipped away quietly at the end to mourn for Rafa- my heart sank to see how sad she was, and how alone.
I would have liked to see and find out what she was doing with the rest of her life- what is she doing now that she’s not the owner of the 4Ps? How is she getting along with Catalina and Sacramento? It was nice to see that their kids are close, but we didn’t really get anything about the parents. I noticed Flor & Catalina were possibly the only relationship that didn’t get a cheesy “let’s be bffs now” scene- unless I missed something? I know Flor went to go visit her after the baby was born but that didn’t really count. I also found it interesting Catalina was the only one who didn’t look happy at Flor & Rafa’s wedding. (Perhaps it had something to do with the real life happening rumors? Who knows but I thought that was weird).

Even though I was devastated that Rafa died, they did it wonderfully- the flashback to when he killed Pablo; how he told Flor what kind of life was she leaving him with and that he’d rather die than not be with her; the way he was basically resolved to die; the way he and Flor looked at one another- their final goodbye- how they looked at one another as they held hands kiiiiilled me; and how Rafa finally let her go. And then I loved how Flor was at the river and flashbacked to when she agreed to be his for the first time and the vision of Rafa appeared (nice touch that he was wearing the same clothes as the flashback and not the same clothes he had on when he was last alive. Final sign that he was definitely dead).

I looooved the kid they cast to play Flor & Rafa. Especially since I never believed Abel could be Rafa & Zahra’s son, I thought they did an awesome job casting Flor & Rafa’s kid. He looked like both of them and was really charming like Rafa and sweet like Flor. And spoke his mind like both of them. In the little we saw of him, they did great showing what kind of kid he was. I loved the shout out to Rafa when the kid charmingly asked Zahra if she wanted to see his horse!

I will probably always get really sad when I remember the ending, but overall, I am really glad I started watching this novela. It was certainly out of the ordinary, or else I would never have even kept on watching. It had really terrific and layered characters and top notch actors. Telemundo should hang on to most of the cast and put them on another novela together stat! I don’t expect to see Tony Dalton in another novela anytime soon (heck I’m still wondering how they got him to do this one) but gosh I’d love to see him and Monica in another novela together. What chemistry! If I don’t stop myself now lol, I could write pages and pages about their chemistry- Swoon!
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