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 Translated letter
Author: gaviotabr (---)
Date:   03-03-12 16:58 PST

Ana, my dear.
They say that love ends. That love finishes. But that is not the truth. Nothing is ends. Everything stays, continues and changes.
As I waited for that surgery, a thousand years went by. The two were there
inside and I thought, if something happens with them, I'll die. They say that a movie of our lives goes through our heads and so I saw. I saw you
two girls coming to our house. I saw the three of us still little
in many, many moments. I saw you holding up cups, trophies. Your image in a magazine, inaccessible. Far from the child I was and you were as well. Afterwards our escape from home and our fear and our courage. And the jump without a net so often called love. I saw you walking away, being taken in different ways, so many times. And then I saw you back and in the bottom of your eyes, like a river, everything we had not lived.

From there I found myself torn between two loves,
between two lives. One that I was living and the other I had ever
been able to live. During my worst moments as I waited in
that room, as if our daughter's illness had cured me, I understood that I was not torn anymore (there were no division). What had been experienced, what had been left behind. It was all part of one story, one life and one feeling: love. It was then that I saw, we
two together, crossing the border (images of Ana hugging Lucio and Rodrigo running towards Manu).

From Ana to Rodrigo

As if we had reached the
other side of a river. The river we loved each other for the first time,
the river of my accident. But always a river. And because at that moment I needed to be strong, finally and without scapes, I made it through
that eternal river, as if in a moment I had lived all years that were still stuck in me, waiting for me. Across the
border that, without realizing, we had already crossed. A childhood
shared, an adolescence locked, a youth not lived. This side of the border two mature adults eventually freed of that heavy burden, made of memories, old dreams. Because there are new dreams
on this side of the border. And now, we can live. (images of Manu oppening the door to Rodrigo and Lucio to Ana)
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 Approved Ending!!!!!  new
j.r. 03-03-12 16:34 PST 
 The letter...  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 16:38 PST 
 I have the letter transcribed  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 16:47 PST 
 Translated letter  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 16:58 PST 
 Thank you so very much..this was a beautiful...  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:06 PST 
 My pleasure!  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:23 PST 
 I loved the river analogies  new
j.r. 03-03-12 17:50 PST 
 Re: I loved the river analogies  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:55 PST 
 It definitely is! nt  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 18:12 PST 
 I also liked it  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 18:13 PST 
 You beat me to it gaviota!  new
j.r. 03-03-12 17:39 PST 
 Ooops!  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:44 PST 
 Then the thank you goes to both of you...  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:46 PST 
 LOL, no problem!  new
j.r. 03-03-12 17:47 PST 
 thank you soo much  new
dd 03-03-12 20:21 PST 
 I thought  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:21 PST 
 And we saw Baby E!  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:30 PST 
 Re: And we saw Baby E!  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:44 PST 
 Yes!  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:51 PST 
 I noticed the daddy cup, LOLOL  new
j.r. 03-03-12 17:55 PST 
 Re: I thought  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:43 PST 
 That scene  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 17:48 PST 
 And most of all juju has her family tree...  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 17:53 PST 
 I was at odds  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 18:24 PST 
 Iná's speech  new
gaviotabr 03-03-12 18:11 PST 
 Re: Iná's speech  new
Nadjila 03-03-12 18:18 PST 
 wonderful, sweet, a few questions  new
dd 03-03-12 20:33 PST 
 Some answers  new
j.r. 03-03-12 23:36 PST 
 o - m - g  new
dd 03-04-12 13:19 PST 
 Didn't you watch  new
gaviotabr 03-04-12 18:00 PST 
 no, missed first couple months  new
dd 03-06-12 13:12 PST 
 Oh!  new
gaviotabr 03-06-12 13:33 PST 
 Reaction in Brazil and other answers  new
gaviotabr 03-04-12 05:32 PST 
 thank you  new
dd 03-04-12 13:32 PST 
 Cordel was different  new
gaviotabr 03-04-12 17:36 PST 
 I saw the 2008 version of Malhação and it was good n/t  new
j.r. 03-04-12 22:17 PST 

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