Agujetas de Color de Rosa

Televisa, 1994

Univision 1998      

Telefutura 2003

The synopsis is from the old run by Yolette Nicholson. The English notes were prepared by “dd” who didn’t follow the novela closely.


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Synopsis / Sinopsis de Yolette:

     En "Agujetas De Color De Rosa," una hermosa y apacible pista de hielo se convierte en el escenario de una complicada historia de amor y suspenso. Elisa (Angelica María) y sus hijos, Paola (Natalia Esperon,) Daniel (Josemaria Torre) y Anita (Marisol Centeno) son victimas de una conspiración por parte de la suegra de Elisa. Esta, junto a su amigo Julian Ledezma (Alexis Ayala,) un poderoso abogado, urde un plan para desheredarlos. En medio de los problemas, Paola encuentra un escape emociónal a traves del patinaje sobre hielo, que tanto la apasiona. Mientras, Gonzalo David (Alberto Vazquez,) quien tiene dos hijos, lucha por mantener unida a su familia tras el inesperado abandono de su esposa. El destino de ambas familias se unen a traves de una trama dramatica llena de intriga y romance.



     Esteban dies off-screen just a few minutes after the novela begins. His mother hates his wife Elisa and her two daughters; she loves his son Daniel. She connives with the lawyer Julian to change Esteban's will so that everything is left to her. Then she throws her daughter-in-law and children out on the street. Elisa finds an apartment in a poor part of town, sells her jewels, and tries to get a job. She hits Gonzalo's car with hers and they become friends. She finds out she is pregnant. Elvira tries several schemes, including "proof" that Elisa is unfit to get Daniel to live with her. Julian wants Paula but she rejects his advances. She meets Martín and is attracted at once but her "friend" Vanessa already has her eye on Martín. Gonzalo and his wife Patricia do not have a happy marriage. She is a career woman who, apparently, cares little for either her children or her husband. When she meets Victor, a potential new client, it is clear that they will probably become lovers and Martín actually sees them kissing though he says nothing to his father.

      Patricia and Victor become lovers. Luisito has an accident. Elvira tries to convince Daniel that his mother is unfaithful. Elisa discovers she is pregnant. Vanessa sees Martín and Paula kissing. Alina, the mother of one of Aron's daughters, returns. Aron doesn't recognize her (she has also changed her name) but is attracted to her.

      Elisa discovers she’s pregnant but loses the baby. Patricia leaves her family for the womanizing Victor Manuel. Aron, while still married to Irma, proposes to Alina. She accepts but at the civil wedding tells him who she is. Julian helps Paula with her mother’s medical bills. Bruno also helps the family. Vanessa pretends to reconcile with Paula but betrays her yet again to keep Martin and Paula learns the truth. Renata falls for Geronimo and thinks she’s pregnant because they kissed. Julian’s father is in an insane asylum, in a fugue state, due to a crime he committed (which is what Elvira is holding over Julian’s head). Victor Manuel takes a liking to Alina. Elvira tells Daniel she’ll help his family if he lives with her; to make it easy, he becomes unbearable to live with at home.

      Daniel goes to live with his abuela. Victor Manuel tells Alina he's in love for the first time; he tries to break with Patricia. Gustagvo asks for a divorce and Patricia says yes. Aron passes off an orphan as Lina and his daughter then decides to give up Alina. Patricia tells her son that Victor Manuel is indeed responsible for his music contract so he will quit. Patricia tries to return to Gustavo. Paola has a severe accident. Angélica y Gustavo quieren casarse.

     Dońa Elvira kidnaps Julian's father and hides him in her house to control Julian. Alina's in love with Victor Manuel. Aron either loses his memory or pretends to. Paula returns home in a wheelchair but does recover. Martín agrees to a tour for Victor Manuel if  Vanessa doesn't go.

     Daniel returns to his family. Paula and Martin reconcile. Don Cesar recovers and discovers that Elvira was responsible for his financial ruin (when they were young, she was married to another man but loved Cesar; when her husband died, she expected to marry Cesar but he had, in the meantime, found and married a new love). Irma decides to run away with Perez until Aron begs her not to. Geronimo leaves without Renata. Gonzalo and Elisa tell their children they're going to marry. Martin and Paula break up again. Paula goes back to the ice.

     Elisa regains her inheritance and the family moves back home. Elvira and Bruno live in a room in a poor vecinidad. Gonzalo and Elisa marry. Paula takes a purposeful fall in a skating competition after she learns that Vanessa, her main competitor is dying. Vanessa dies. Paula and Martín reconcile. Cecilia and Renata have become friends. When Renata overhears her parents talking, she thinks she is the adopted one. Cecilia wins a contract for her singing. Elvira regains control but all live in the big house. Aylin? tells Julian she has a baby girl, the result of a youthful indiscretion. He tries to love her but can't forget Paula. Elvira's new lawyer, Mendez, on her orders tells Elisa and Gonzalo that he will do everything he can to help them against Elvira.

      Alina learns that Cecilia, not Fernanda, is her daughter but Aron has sent her away to school without telling where. Victor Manuel has Martín arrested for embezzlement. Cecilia learns that Alina, in the hospital, is her mother. César visits Elisa and romances her. Cecilia goes to live with Alina. Gonzalo leaves Cecilia but doesn't tell her why. César continues to pursue her and his mother, reluctantly, helps. Paula marries Julian so he will help free Martín. Elisa attends a night class run by Gonzalo. Martín is finally freed. Paula seems to be falling in love with Julian but still believes she is in love with Martín. Elisa decides to marry César, although she doesn't love him. His mother throws him out of the house. The child that Julian has "adopted" becomes ill; her mother returns and tells Julian she wants her daughter back. Geronimo gets out of jail, a changed person. Victor Manuel and the girl pretending to be Lina's daughter have left the story (don't know how). Aldo and Cecilia have become novios.     Julian and Paula split. He becomes very depressed. Sandrita is hospitalized. Her mother returns. Either the child dies or goes away with her mother. Martín goes on his tour to Europe. Aldo appears to be the illegitimate son of Esteban and moves in with Elvira and Elisa. Bárbara becomes engaged to Nicolas. Renata marries Geronimo and at first they are on their own; she becomes pregnant and gives birth then somehow they move in with her mother and father. Julian finds Esteban's real will and gives it to Elisa (Paula already knew about it); Elisa tells Elvira she knows the truth. Paula agrees to go to Europe with Martín but Daniel is hospitalized with a bleeding ulcer. She calls Julian for comfort and she and Martín realize it is he that she really loves.

     Ultimas Semanas:

     Elisa buys a school. Gonzalo dies (I think in an airplane crash on his way to join Martín) after reconciling with Elisa. It turns out that he was Bárbara's son. Geronimo meets his real father. Somehow Elisa and Elvira lose their money again. Elvira and Bruno return to their poor apartment. Aron buys her house (I think Irma won the lottery) and moves in with his family and Perez and his woman. Barbara also seems to have lost her money and I don't know what happened to César.  When Berta, director of the school,  hears that Elisa is the new owner she becomes very angry (don't know why) and becomes determined to get rid of her with the help of her lover, the Inspector who works for Jorge Bosch (govt official in charge of a number of schools). Cecilia discovers what kind of person Aldo is and breaks up with him, but tells him to reconcile with his mother Lola which he does. Paula doesn't at first want Rafa to live with her and Julian but gives in although the boy makes her life a misery. Elvira finds what she thinks is a chest of gold but at the worst moment it seems to turn into something else.

     En la escuela, Anita se enamora de Christian, un joven mucho más major que ella. Christian is being blackmailed by Berta and does what she asks. Geronimo leaves his home and wife to work for his father who wants to kidnap Geronimo's wife Renata. Charly, un cantante famoso se enamora de Paula y ella becomes attracted to him. He contributes money to Elisa's school. Isabel, amiga de Charly, seduces Julian. Fpr some reason, Berta wants the school to be closed. Elisa convinces Jorge to keep the school open and to help her turn it around. Berta seems to have some sort of feeling for Jorge. Jorge has a secret in his past. 

     Paula leaves Julian, goes to Charlie for support. Elvira introduces Fabiola to Aron and he marries her (don't know if the judge is real or not but in any case he is still married to Irma). Elvira somehow regains control of everything and returns to her house, where she treats Irma as a maid. (Aron has gone away with Fabiola although Irma, who is her friend, doesn't know it.) Jorge falls for Berta. Paula tells Julian she doesn't love him. Isabel more or less moves into Julian's apartment. Berta asks Jorge to help her get Elisa out of the school.

     Berta knows that Mercedes became pregnant by Oscar when young; Jorge no sabe nada de eso. Jaime offers himself to Elivra as a sophisticated major domo and gets the job. Christian attempts suicide after reading a letter from his father that Berta had long hidden; in the hospital, he and the others concoct a plot to pretend he died in order to get him out from under Berta's claws. Both of Aron's "wives" become pregnant. Paula learns she is pregnant and Julian thinks the baby is Charlie's because that is how it is announced in the papers; because she may die, Paula insists that nobody tell him the truth. Julian y Paula se divorcian. Jorge and Berta plan to marry but at the civil ceremony, at the last moment, Jorge says "no". Elivra buys the school. Christian and Jessica and the others turn themselves and Berta in to the police. All are jailed. Christian's father arrives but rejects his delinquent son.

     Ultimas 4 horas:

     Bruno keeps trying to prevent Jaime from killing Elvira, but his acts make her think that he is trying to kill her. Clarita (little girl with glasses) is found out. Berta arranges to be sent to a psychiatric institute. Alina's new husband, Lenguardo, and she decide to leave Mexico and start over. Daniel gets Elvira to try to bribe Alina to stay but she fails. Isabel "loses" the baby she pretended she was going to have. Time passes. Jessical and Christian are released. Anita acts as Christian's agent. At the wedding of Jorge and Elisa, an escaped Berta arrives and kidnaps Elisa. Jorge finds them and agrees to go with Berta. While driving, they fight for control of the car and it goes over a hill; Jorge is rescued but the car blows up before they can get to Berta. Elvira revises her will, leaving everything to Jaime. Charlie meets a beautiful young woman, Maria, in the hospital. A drunk Isabel tells Julian at a party that she was never pregnant and that it was very easy to deceive him about everything.

     Ultimas 2 horas:

     Isabel and Julian end their relationship. Aureliano(?) reconciles with his son Christian. Paola gives birth and reconciles with Julian. Jaime tries to kill Elvira but Bruno and Nicolas stop him. She lets him go in "gratitude" for the lesson he has taught her and he takes a job with Fernanda. Elvira reconciles with Elisa and all her children. Charlie realizes he can’t have Paula and Fredy reintroduces him to Maria. Elivra supports Elisa’s school. Renata (now talking as fast as her mother Irma) is married to Geronimo with 3 children. She and Cecilia are friends. Fabiola and Irma give birth at the same time to Aron’s children and open up a beauty parlor together; they both claim to be widows. Aron and Perez end up taking care of the children and, learning that they have just won the lottery, Aron is convinced he can get his women back. Christian tells his father he plans to marry Jessica. Elisa has married Jorge Bosch.  Cecilia and Daniel convince her parents (Alina and Lenguardo) to let them be together. Barbara returns to Nicolas. The youngsters are happy.



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