Por Amor                                                                 Summaries from Telenovela-World of the 2000 Telemundo Broadcast

(shown on Telemundo under the name Amor Sin Limite)



Produced by Rede Globo (Brasil) 1997


United States (Telemundo) 7/3/00 - 10/27/00.  (badly cut by Telemundo)


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     Trama: ¿Puede una persona sacrificar su propia vida en nombre de la felicidad de otra?  Helena es una mujer independiente que siente intensamente sus emociones. Más que una madre dedicada, es gran amiga de su hija, Maria Eduarda. Maria Eduarda enfrenta dificultades con el marido, Marcelo, pasión antiga y miu disputada con la rival, Laura. Esta tiene todo el apoyo de la madre de Marcelo, Branca, archienemiga de Helena. Helena, divorciada, recomienza su vida casándose con Atílio, un amor a primera vista. Siempre débil de salud, Maria Eduarda intenta de todas las formas tener un hijo, pues cree que sólo así, realizando el sueño del marido, logrará salvar su casamiento. El destino hace con que madre e hija queden encinta en la misma época y se encuentren en la misma maternidad, cada una dando a luz un niño. El bebé de Helena nace saludable. El de Maria Eduarda muere. POR AMOR, Helena rompe todas las barreras y comete un acto desesperado: en secreto, cambia a los niños. Prefiere donar a su propio hijo, para ver la felicidad de la hija.  ¿Correcto o incorrecto? ¿Justo o injusto? POR AMOR, más que una telenovela, es una lección de vida.



     Telenovelas-Internet.com.  Subject: "Amor Si Limite" aka "Por Amor" Author: Pedro  Date:   06-23-2000 12:01 This novela is from brazil. It is originally callled Por Amor and because of Univisions Por tu amor they had to change it. They better not take off the beginning song which is great and when they announce the names.  This novela is one of the best novelas you will se. The end will leave you saying wow. the end is great. The novela is about 6 months long. The first two week are kind of slow but not that slow. but then it picks up. Everyone should watch this novela you wont regret it.





     7/3/00-7/7/00.  Eduarda and Helena are visiting Venice prior to Eduarda’s marriage to Marcelo. Jealous of him, she calls him frequently. One night when she calls, Laura, Marcelo’s ex-novia, is at the house. Laura goes up to Marcelo’s room and kisses him while he is asleep. Leonardo sees her go into his room. Marcelo agrees to drive her somewhere and while in the car they get into an argument and, then, while on the cell phone with his mother, a terrible accident. While sightseeing in Venice, Eduarda and Helena pass themselves off as Italians to a man they recognize as being Brazilian. But it turns out that he knows them because he works for Arnaldo, Marcelo’s father. The three sightsee together. Atilio and Helena are very attracted to each other. Helena and Eduarda arrive home and the latter doesn’t understand why Leonardo rather than Marcelo is there to meet her. Finally, they tell her about the accident. When she discovers that Laura was in the car with Marcelo she tells his mother in the hospital that he can die for all she cares. After Laura gets out of the hospital, Eduarda visits her at her home. Laura says that she and Marcelo were making love when Eduarda called that night. Eduarda believes her, gives her her engagement ring, then pushes her (in a wheelchair) into the pool. Eduarda refuses to see Marcelo and calls of the wedding. Her mother, as well as her other friends, tells her she is foolish to believe the one person who has a reason to lie to her but she insists on believing Laura. 3 months pass. Marcelo, out of the hospital, visits Eduarda and they reconcile. As they are leaving the church, Orestes drunk (and hurt because he wasn’t invited to the wedding) tries to congratulate her but she refuses to acknowledge him as her father. He is beaten up by the bodyguards and rescued by César. Eduarda feels humiliated, she tells her mother how she has always been ashamed of him and doesn’t understand how Helena could have married him. At the party, Helena and Atilio dance together. The confrontation between Orestes and Eduarda is caught by a cameraman and appears in the paper; everybody talks about it. Still, the wedding night is wonderful; Marcelo is happy that she was a virgin.  Helena learns that Atilio was once married, unhappily because they never had children. She died in a car accident; he was driving, drunk. He has been Isabel’s lover for two years but her real rival is Branca.


     7/10-14/00. Marcia tells Wilson that she is pregnant. They have a fight and she falls off a ladder. César treats her. Helena warns Wilson that if Marcia loses her baby because of him, she will denounce him to the police. Marcia is certain that Wilson is opposed to the baby because it would be mestizo; he doesn’t mind being married to a Black but doesn’t want a black baby. Catalina listens to her parents making love in the tub. Atilio complains to Isabel that her work has always taken first place. César talks to Helena about his love for Eduarda. She consoles him. Orestes decides to try to get a job as a messenger but needs a recommendation. Atilio visits Helena at work.  Milena is attracted to Nando and meets his mother Lidia. Laura flirts with Leonardo. Eduarda and Marcelo return from their honeymoon and stay in his house while their apartment is being set up. She thinks she is pregnant but isn’t sure. She blows up when she finds Laura in Leonardo’s room teaching him to dance. At a party, Isabel sees Atilio kiss Helena and cuts her hand on the bottle she crushes. Helena apologizes to her, not for kissing Atilio but for its happening in Branca’s house where her daughter is living. Atilio brings flowers to Helena and asks her forgiveness. Branca visits Atilio in his apartment and, while he is out of the room, reads the card he has written to Helena to accompany some flowers. She kisses him when she leaves. Isabel asks him for another chance but he tells her that they have tried a dozen times and enough is enough. Arnaldo refuses to send Isabel to Buenos Aires for a job. At meal time, he insists that Marcelo go. Eduarda has a temper tantrum. Branca convinces him to send Atilio. Arnaldo flirts with Isabel. Atilio learns that it was Branca’s idea as does Helena. Eduarda tells her mother how wonderful it was that Branca supported her, not knowing that Branca’s real reason was to keep Atilio apart from Helena.


     7/14-21/00. Eduarda has a nasty confrontation with Orestes. Blanca is jealous of Helena. Helena tells Eduarda that her behavior is inexcusable. Virginia tells Helena about Blanca’s veiled threats if Helena continues to see Atilio. Eduarda tells Blanca about finding Orestes in her mother’s home, how she hates him. Atilio calls to say he is returning 24 hours after he left. Blanca is furious, sure that he hasn’t done his job, tells everybody he should be fired. He appears at a meeting, Blanca and Marcelo criticize, he puts the signed contract on the table and leaves. Everybody apologizes and they celebrate. Milena introduces Nando to Blanca; Eduarda tries to pretend she doesn’t know him but Milena says something and Nando explains to Blanca that Eduarda’s father married his mother. Blanca has a party. Laura arrives with Leo. Eduarda is jealous of everybody and of Marcelo’s work. She sulks in another room. Flavia is seeing a younger man, Mauricio and introduces him to Helena. Rafael is depressed. Eduarda visits her mother and takes the pregnancy test; this time she is sure: she is pregnant.

     Orestes is happy when he hears but gets drunk again at a party for Sandrinha and embarrasses her. Atilio overhears Arnaldo and Isabel talking about him and Blanca. Arnaldo knows how Blanca feels and tells Isabel that nobody is more dangerous than a woman scorned; they also discuss protecting themselves against Atilio. Then he flirts with Isabel. Sandrinha forgives her father but still doesn’t want to go to school. Nando takes Milena on a flight, has to set the copter down in a field during a rainstorm. Milena gets out and plays in the rain and Nando, finally, joins her. Blanca is angry when she discovers the terms of Atilio’s contract with the company. Atilio and Helena become lovers. Marcelo fights with his mother; Eduarda takes her side. Milena becomes friends with Sandrinha. Eduarda tries to pretend that she doesn’t know Sandrinha. Atilio asks Helena to marry him; she doesn’t know what to say.


     7/24-28/00. Atilio goes to Helena’s office and before two witnesses, Flavia and ?, again asks her to marry him and presents her with a ring. She accepts. Helena tells Eduarda and at a business conference, Eduarda congratulates Atilio --- thus informing all, including Blanca and Isabel, of the marriage. While Helena celebrates with her friends, Isabel arrives at Atilio’s apartment, gets drunk, tries to seduce him, fails, falls asleep on his bed, and leaves the next morning. Catalina meets Rodrigo and he is really rude to her. Helena and Atilio have a civil ceremony with their friends. Blanca arrives, uninvited. She congratulates and embraces Helena, tells her how much Atilio has wanted children, then kisses Atilio on the lips and leaves. She calls Isabel to criticize everything about the wedding; Isabel sets the phone on the table and leaves the room.  Helena and Atilio plan a honeymoon in Buenos Aires. Milena tells Nando she feels something different for him. Franco, the ex-novio of Milena, asks her if it is over; she says sort of. Arnaldo tells Isabel to forget Atilio with him. Eduarda feels sick. Orestes and Lidia dine out and dance and he doesn’t drink. Laura flirts with Marcelo. Eduarda loses some more blood. Flavia tells Marcia that her young man left her for a rich widow. There is a photo shoot for Marcia preparatory to the showing of her pottery. Catalina convinces the photographer, Bobby, to take some pictures of her for modeling and he does. Eduarda has cramps, loses more blood. Wilson goes into a fury and destroys almost all of Marcia’s pottery. Fausto taunts Nando about Milena and Nando hits him. Nando flies Eduarda to the hospital where she loses her baby. When Orestes hears, he gets drunk.


     7/31/00 - 8/4/00. Helena and Atilio return. Blanca suggests to Helena that Eduarda’s miscarriage wasn’t normal, that there is something wrong with her. Orestes and Sandrinha visit Eduarda. Leonardo lets them in and Orestes falls asleep on the sofa while Sandrinha visits, and wins over, Eduarda who tells her that she can visit her in her new home whenever she wants. Lidia is furious when she learns where Orestes and Sandrinha were but the latter convinces her that Eduarda was nice to her and Lidia agrees that it is a matter for Orestes and Sandrinah to handle. Marcia goes to live with Helena and Atilio. Milena and Nando spend more time together. Marcia’s parents arrive. Marcia gives birth to a white baby. Several people tell Wilson that his child is a white girl and Wilson is very rude to them but one day he turns up at Helena’s apartment, when Marcia and the child were alone, and insists on seeing his daughter. Marcia grabs a knife which cuts his hand when he grabs it. Ernesto arrives, Wilson hits him and storms out. Atilio is attracted to the baby and agrees to be the padrino. Blanca arranges to have Nando transferred to another site so he won’t be able to see Milena. Milena, after a week, comes looking for Nando and they kiss passionately. Lidia approaches them because she is worried that he will be late for work; Nando is angry but Milena begs her pardon, says it is her fault.


     8/7-11/00. Blanca arranges for Nando to be transferred to Saõ Paulo. Fausto taunts him about the transfer and they fight again. Fausto warns him. Cesar and his novia Anita meet Eduarda and Marcelo again. Milena visits Nando in Saõ Paulo. When she comes home, she and Blanca have a fight; Milena tells her she is jealous because she loves Atilio and he doesn’t love her. Blanca hits her and kicks her out of the house. Her father puts her up in a 5-star hotel which infuriates Blanca. Eduarda learns that she is pregnant. Shortly thereafter Helena discovers that she is pregnant too. At first, she doesn’t want the child and Eduarda (and Marcelo) is furious when she learns about it. But Atilio is thrilled and Helena decides that she does want the baby. Nando comes back to Rio and he and Milena become lovers. One of the helicopter officials sees them together at the hotel and tells Blanca who goes to their room and is rude to both of them. Arnaldo is home due to a slight indisposition. Milena talks to him; he tells her that she must go to New York with Laura for a few weeks and she has no choice: she doesn’t work and all her money comes from her family. Blanca pretends to be thrilled at the news of Helena’s pregnancy and takes her a gift. Weeks pass. Marcia returns and Wilson tries to make amends. He tells her she can have the studio and the room for the baby; he will sleep elsewhere. She agrees. Lidia visits Blanca and tells her not to hurt her son Nando; Blanca treats her with contempt. Months pass. Eduarda and Helena have been estranged because of the dual pregnancies but meet one day and reconcile. Marcelo is still upset; he is convinced that Helena became pregnant on purpose to compete with Eduarda. He tells Atilio that she should be concerned for her grandson not her child. Atilio tells him that if he were his father he’d send him to bed without dessert but since he isn’t he will simply treat him with indifference. Marcelo apologizes but that night again complains to Eduarda that her mother has no time for them because she is concerned with her own pregnancy. Laura and Milena are still in New York. Milena is studying design. Nando visits his family for a day. Marcia’s baby celebrates her birthday. Helena and Eduarda visit their old house at the same time as Orestes and Sandrinha. Eduarda sees the latter and tries to run away.


     8/14-18/00. Sandrinha brings Orestes and Eduarda together. He begs her forgiveness and she is gentle with him. On a rainy day, Orestes picks up the money from his company at the bank and is watched by two men who follow him, hit him, and rob him. Some neighbors help him but nobody calls the police. He goes to a bar then to his boss who, smelling the liquor, forces him to sign a paper promising to pay back the entire amount within a week or the boss will take his wife’s beauty parlor. Orestes goes home but says nothing although Lidia is suspicious. Nando visits and family and I think Orestes tells him what happened. Eduarda and Helena have their Caesarians at the same time. César treats Helena and the older doctor handles Eduarda. Two baby boys are born, healthy and sound.  Everybody is told. Atilio and his friends celebrate. But Eduarda’s uterus fails to contract and they must perform an hysterectomy. The nurse places the babies next to their mothers who are sharing a very large room. César visits during the night and discovers that Eduarda’s baby has died. Helena wakes, learns what has happened and convinces him to switch the babies: she already has a daughter, her son will be raised as her grandson; Eduarda can’t have any more children. The distraught César gets two new wristbands, writes the names on them and switches them. Atilio arrives the next morning with flowers and is shocked when he hears the news. However, he and Helena decide not to have an autopsy performed. Blanca criticizes the doctors: Eduarda lost her uterus because her doctor was too old and Helena lost her baby because her doctor was too young. Atilio thinks about all the children on the streets and suggests to Helena that they adopt; she suggests that they think about it. Eduarda have very little milk so Helena begins to nurse the baby. Blanca is shocked. Catalina does some modeling shots. Orestes finally tells Lidia the whole truth. They cancel their vacation so they can pay back his boss.


     8/21-25/00. Milena and Laura return from New York. Milena goes to see Nando. Later she tells her mother that she took advantage of her time in New York and will now be able to support herself, she won’t need any of Blanca’s money. César remains severely depressed by what he did. He suggests to Helena that this was her way of getting rid of a baby that Atilio wanted but that she didn’t want. His family and the older doctor both note a change in his behavior. Helena visits the house frequently to feed the baby. She is also over-protective, questioning everything Eduarda does. Marcelo becomes angry, suggests to Eduarda that Helena is trying to replace her dead baby. Blanca suggests to Marcelo that Helena’s milk may not be good for the baby because of her age and the fact that her baby died. Marcelo tells Helena not to come anymore, that if she doesn’t stop she will be responsible for the break-up of his marriage. Orestes gets a job as a Santa Claus and his daughter recognizes him. The baby is baptized. Orestes appears afterwards and Eduarda offers the baby to him to kiss. He is very grateful. Marcelo and Blanca are angry with her. Eduarda, Helena and the baby visit César to give him his Christmas presents. César has difficulty pretending to be happy at the surprise visit.  Blanca is furious when she sees that Milena has tattooed Nando’s name all over her body, pushes her in the shower and scrubs them off. Atilio raises the idea of adoption but Elena tells him to wait. Milena spends a happy Christmas with Nando’s family. Helena faints. Sirleia gets an anonymous letter saying that her husband Nestor has another family. Marcelo becomes angry when he finds Eduarda and their son at her mother’s. The doctor tells Helena she just needs a rest. Elena asks Virginia to watch out for her grandson while she is on vacation. Katia, a friend of Nando’s, visits his home. Milena pays for an hour of helicopter time to be with Nando. Atilio and Helena go on vacation.


    8/25/00. Subject: Here you go. Author: Rebecca ( Date:   08-27-2000 18:17 This is all that I remember and please forgive if I've mixed up some of Friday's with Thursday.  Nando had a great talk with his mother about his relationship with Milena. That he and Milena were in love, but he couldn't say if they would marry. He said really lovely things about Milena. Describing how she loves; full out, not holding anything back. Lidia was pleased for him.  They're was a scene where Blanca is describing her children to the maid, I think. Well, Marcelo is just fabulous, always been good looking, etc. Milena is not what she considers attractive, too skinny, etc. The maid, or whoever it was, says she thinks Milena looks like a movie star. Poor Leo is just ugly, but he was a good baby. She remembers once when Leo was little he was playing in a play pen by himself and she forgot all about him and went shopping. When she came back he was right where she had left him, playing.  Helena's neighbor (don't remember her name) has apparently found some letters sent to her husband by some woman she doesn't know. She suspects that her husband has a second family. Her mother convinces her to read the letters and then they go to the address on the letter to check out the situation. She sees a woman and a couple of kids in front of the building and she wonders if it's them. They drive away without doing anything.  I'm sure there was a scene with Eduarda and Marcelo, but for the life of me can't remember what it was.  Genesio is babysitting Rita while Marcia is taking a bath. I think Rita is crying and Marcia comes into Rita's bedroom, wrapped in a towel, to see what's going on. In comes Wilson and gets all upset that Genesio is watching over the baby and then to top it off Marcia is wearing only a towel. Marcia throws Wilson out. Later down in the restaurant Wilson and Genesio glare at each other while Wilson is cutting up some limes with a HUGE knife. In the previews for Monday it appears that Wilson goes after Genesio with that HUGE knife and you hear someone shout that Wilson has killed him. Genesio better not be dead is all I can say.


    8/28-9/1/00. Elena and Atilio are on vacation all week. Wilson threatens Genesio with a knife, they fight, Genesio is injured. Dr. Moretti is planning to retire. César and Anita, his girlfriend, argue about Eduarda. Nando has been transferred back. The man who ordered his transfer has left the company and the Saõ Paulo office has been closed. Laura flirts with Marcelo in the swimming pool. Isabel tells Camila that she wants Atilio’s baby. Milena again asks her father for a loan to start her business with Laura and Leo. Blanca is opposed. They argue. Anita makes a scene with Eduarda and César. Eduarda and Marcelo argue about César. After leaving them, he is in a car accident (as a result of trying to avoid hitting a young boy crossing in the middle of the street), is hospitalized, gets a high fever and becomes delirious; the nurse and Anita hear him talking about his honor as a doctor, etc. He tells Anita and, later, Dr. Moretti that he wants to give up medicine because he doesn’t like it. Dr. Moretti doesn’t believe him and is very disillusioned with him. Anita is determined to find out what is bothering César about the night of the births. Marcelo is furious when he learns that Eduarda visited César in the hospital. He goes to Laura’s and, eventually, makes love to her. Before leaving, he says it will never happen again but he leaves his cell phone. Laura calls Eduarda and tells her that Marcelo left the phone. She confronts Marcelo who says that, yes, he went to talk with Laura but that was all. Eduarda doesn’t believe him, she threatens to leave with his son, he walks out. Rodrigo takes Catalina home and kisses her goodnight. Leo dreams of Laura who changes into Catalina. He overhears his parents talking. Arnaldo accuses Blanca of loving only Marcelo and she, more or less, admits it but says that he loves only Milena and he admits that she is his favorite --- but if she loves Marcelo and he loves Milena what about Leo? The next morning he overhears Marcelo admit to his parents that he made love to Laura. Eduarda tells Virginia her intuition tells her that Marcelo was unfaithful; she is determined to leave him. Virginia tells her not to without being sure so Eduarda goes to Laura’s house. Laura tells her mother that soon she will be engaged to Marcelo, admits that he was there and that something happened. Her mother is shocked, threatens to tell her father and to prevent her from getting a loan from him for the joint business. Laura agrees not to seek out Marcelo again.


     9/4-8/00. Eduarda goes to Laura’s home and thanks her letting her know what happened so Marcelo couldn’t lie to her. Laura tells her that Marcelo likes to kiss and hit. Elivra calls Laura’s mother to tell her Eduarda is there. She arrives in time to break up a fight between Laura and Eduarda. Magnolia, the wife of ? who likes Genesio, makes Wilson apologize to Genesio and he does. Laura visits Marcelo at his office; he kicks her out. Sirleia gets another anonymous letter. Marcelo tells his mother he wants a divorce and custody of his son. She warns him that won’t be easy. Vera tells Eduarda that Marcelo talked of getting a lawyer when he was in the apartment. Blanca comes to talk to Eduarda and seems supportive. Laura tells Leo and several others what happened. César confesses to his father what he did. Atilio and Elena return and learn what happened. Elena tries to convince Eduarda to forgive Marcelo. Elena visits César and learns that he told his father who tells her later that he understands her position but his concern is for his son. Sirleia goes to the party for Nestor’s second wife and meets his son. She talks to him, quietly and alone in a room and he tries to explain. She says she won’t make a scene because of his son. Later she talks to her mother and to Nestor. She recognizes that he is a different person when he is with his other “wife” ( a 5-year-old relationship), that the woman is younger, happier; that he has a son. She asks him what he is going to do. He doesn’t want to give up either woman and tells her he loves them both, he needs change, lots of people to surround him and love. She lets him stay but in a separate bedroom. Marcelo barges into the apartment; he and Eduarda argue vehemently. She runs out and locks him in his room. She takes the baby to Atilio’s. Marcelo goes to a bar where Leo, Laura, Milena, Nando, and ? are discussing the business. Laura joins Marcelo; they argue, she throws a drink at him. He leaves and Leo follows, in time to push him out of the way of an oncoming car. Marcelo seems to hit his head on the curb but appears to be just groggy. Wilson thinks he has a chance to get Marcia back. Magnolia flirts with Genesio while her husband sleeps on the sofa, but the latter awakes before anything can happen.


     9/11-15/00. Arnaldo buys an expensive ring for Isabel but leaves it on his desk; Blanca comes in, sees it, assumes it is for her and he must give it to her. Teresa tells Catalina that Nestor has another family; she is shocked. She suspected he had a lover but not another family. She goes to Silvia’s house and Nestor finds her there. She asks her mother how she can put up with this, she who had taught her always to believe in herself and stand up for herself. Marcelo, Laura, Leo and Eduarda have a major fight. Leo overhears Arnaldo and Isabel and realizes that they are lovers. Eduarda and Marcelo have a physical fight; he hits her, chases her, almost rapes her. She defends herself, hits him over the head, he bleeds a lot. She calls Atilio and he takes Marcelo to the hospital. Marcelo accuses her of trying to kill him. Virginia insists that Helena tell her what she has been hiding, that no matter what it is (murder, whatever) she will support her. She promises to keep the secret. Helena breaks down and tells her and Virginia is furious: she viciously and powerfully slaps Helena several times, tells her she had no right to do that to Atilio, to play God, that bad things happen to good people and that is how they grow, that she can’t protect Eduarda forever from everything bad. Helena admits that she raised Eduarda wrong, that she left her unable to deal with anything negative. Milena and Nando announce to his mother that they are to be married.


     9/14/00: Capitulos Finales. Blanca overhears Milena telling Laura about her wedding plans. She talks with Rosa and devises a plan: they will plant drugs on Nando and send him to jail for at least 5 years. Fausto agrees to help. The police are ready when Nando returns from a trip and find the drugs. Nando calls Leo who tells Lidia. Lidia goes to Blanca to ask for help and mentions the wedding plans. Blanca pretends to help, she will get a lawyer. Orestes later makes Lidia confess that she purposely told Blanca about the wedding so that Blanca would stop it. Lidia admits that is true. Milena visits Nando in jail and learns that it will be weeks or months before he can be bailed out. Milena tells Leo that she suspects her mother had something to do with it. Leo can’t believe it.


     9/18-22/00. Flavia tells Marcello that his son is sick. Blanca goes thought Arnaldo’s papers and finds bank accounts she didn’t know about and lots of bills from jewelers. Marcelo, then Atilio, find her there. Marcelo confronts César in his office and they almost come to blows. Marcelo attends the birthday party for Laura. He gets drunk, Laura puts him to bed, they make love, he wakes up with her and asks Vera, the maid, not to say anything to Eduarda. Virginia visits Elena’s home and finds Atilio alone with Marcelito; she is obviously uncomfortable. Isabel and Arnaldo return from their business trip. Marcelo and Marcelo accuse Arnaldo of having a young lover; he denies it. The maid overhears Blanca and Rosi talking about the case against Nando. César and Anita plan to go on vacation. At a restaurant, he gets drunk, sees Atilio, Elena, Milena, Catalina, Leo, etc. and says some very strange things to Elena. She takes him to the bathroom, douses him with water and sends him home with Anita. Later, César tells Anita part of the truth. Marcelo and Anita go to the judge; he says that he doesn’t want a separation so it is postponed. Marcelo tells Laura to leave him alone. He makes a date with Eduarda and is very loving. She tells him that she has changed and doesn’t know if he can love the new her. Eduarda tells Atilio; he says that she is transparent, unlike her mother who hides things. Milena arranges for Nando to attend Sandrita’s birthday party after the child is sick.  Elena’s partner, the blond, visits Atilio, they talk, then kiss. She tells him she has dreamed of that moment since she first met him. Atilio tells her that they should admit to Elena that they were taken by desire, but she says no. Marcelo gives Eduarda a private dinner in their home. Marcelo asks Atilio to convince Eduarda to return. Blanca is shocked when, at her party, she sees the necklace around Isabel’s neck. Blanca tells Rosi that she never guesses Isabel was Arnaldo’s lover. Everybody realizes that there is a problem between Elena and Atilio. He asks again what the secret is that involves César and Dr. Moretti. She denies that there is a secret but he doesn’t believe her because of her behavior. Atilio tells her that his love is dying, that he went to see both César and Dr. Moretti but both were unavailable but he shouldn’t have to go to them, she should tell him the truth. Elena and Virginia talk. Elena says that Atilio is becoming colder and colder; Virginia argues that she must tell the truth. Atilio and Isabel eat together at the business and talk about his change in personality. Elena sees them. Blanca and Rosi visit Isabel’s home when she isn’t there.


     9/25-29/00. Rosi and Blanca visit Isabel’s home. Blanca destroys CDs, opens the refrigerator, tears up the apartment contract, and finds (and takes) the jewelry box from the closet where she leaves a note for Isabel. Laura’s mother finds the pregnancy test Laura bought and makes her take it. She is furious when she learns that Laura is not only pregnant but more or less planned it (by not taking any birth control around her birthday, a fertile time, and getting Marcello drunk). There is an awful fight. Laura can’t understand why her pregnancy should be less important than Eduarda’s. Atilio seeks consolation with Flavia and they kiss; she says it should never happen again; he says they should tell Helena .... but they don’t. After Isabel finds the mess, she goes to Blanca’s house and there is a knockdown, drag-out fight. Both exhausted, Isabel tells Blanca that she has proof of all kinds of tax evasion, etc. conducted by Arnaldo: return the jewels or she will make it public. Blanca finally agrees and Isabel leaves her the papers, copies of course. Atilio and Helena fight again, he doesn’t trust her, doesn’t believe what she is saying. They almost come to blows. he leaves her. Orestes visits Helena’s apartment when she isn’t there. Tadinha lets him wait when she leaves. He gets a drink, finds her diary, starts to read it and gets to the part about the birth. Just then, Atilio arrives to pick up some stuff for a trip. Orestes tries to tell him but Atilio doesn’t give him the chance. Marcela and Eduarda go on a yacht and act out the Titanic bow scene. She returns happier than she has ever been. Laura’s mother tells Blanca that Laura is pregnant. They decide not to tell Marcello. Word gets around that Atilio and Flavia are seeing each other. Eduarda is angrier than Helena about the news. While driving, Leo and Milena see Fausto and try to follow him. With ?, they eventually locate him and try to get him to admit that he was involved in the frame up. He denies everything. They threaten to watch him closely. He runs to Blanca’s (but is apparently not followed) and blurts out his fears. He doesn’t want to go to jail and his son is sick. Blanca agrees to pay him more money and tell him he will be the most hurt if he tells the truth since he did the deed and can’t prove that Blanca or Rosi were involved. Rosi delivers money to him later. Atilio goes to Saõ Paulo with Flavia. He arranges a romantic dinner in a hotel room and they make love.  Nando’s interrogation begins: Arnaldo, Laura, Milena, family, etc. all attend. He defends himself. ? has men calling Fausto to scare him into telling the truth. Eduarda accuses Flavia of being disloyal. Leo visits Catalina and kisses her in spite of her braces. Orestes tells Helena he read the diary; they argue. He doesn’t realize he shouldn’t have invaded her privacy. He tells her she must tell the truth. Helena forgives him and tells him to forget what he read. Orestes tells her it was wrong, for her and Eduarda. She accuses him of never being a father. Atilio arrives. Paula is helping him with his new office. Orestes tells Helena he must tell his wife and he does. Lidia calls Helena a monster.


     10/2-6/00. Nando gets 3 years in jail. Rose and Blanca laugh but the latter pretends to sympathize with Lidia who is distraught. Sandrita gets out of her uncle’s car, crosses the street, is hit by a car and ends up in a coma. Helena sees Atilio kissing Flavia in her office. Rose pays of Fausto and the two are surrounded by gun-toting men as pictures of the transaction are taken. 10/3 capítulo. Subject: RE: porfavor ayudenme Author: Ixchel Date:  10-04-2000 17:09  basicamente, los hombres de Tayano (el esposo de Meg) llevaron a Fausto a una de sus warehouses para interogarlo mientras que la mensa de Rosi logro escapar (pero no sin que la hayan tomado fotos.) Fausto pensaba que los hombres eran de la policia y les confeso todo! Dijo que Blanca y Rosi estaban detras de todo y que lo hizo por dinero. Fausto se puso a llorar como un cobarde hasta que al final se dio cuenta que no eran de la policia sino que venian de parte de Nando. El hombre de Tayano le enseño el cassette que grabo toda su confesion y dejaron que Fausto se fuera a su casa.... Mientras tanto, Rosi llego donde Blanca y le conto que paso. Blanca fue a la case de Fausto y hablo con su esposa y aprentemente le explico la situacion y le ofrecio dinero a cambio de que Fausto fuera a la carcel. en eso llega Fausto y esta enojado con Blanca, pero despues por fin accepta 500 mill reis a cambio de su silencio y confesion. Blanca se va feliz. Mientras esto pasaba, Tayano recibio el casette y fotos de Fausto y de Rosi huyendo. Ellos no podian creer que Blanca estaba detras de todo eso. Al rato se aparece Blanca y les dice que fue Rosi la de la idea y que ella no tuvo que ver, pero que cuando se dio cuenta, no le molesto lo que Rosi hizo. Con una sonrisa rompio las fotos que tenia Trayano y les explicao que Fausto se entregaria mañana..... En otras noticias, Sandrita es visitada por su angel de la guarda y se recupera. ... Leo sale a cenar con Catalina. ....La mama de Catalina y el hermano de Elena salen a cenar y aparece su ex con la mujer. El le hace una escena, pero termina yendose.... Eduarda regresa a casa y ella y Marcelo hacen el amor..... Elena ve a Fausta y a Atilio besandose en el estudio.... Eduarda va a su nuevo trabajo de modelo..... Blanca le pide los 500 mil reis a Arnaldo y le confiesa que ella estubo detras de la detencion de Nando....  -Ixchel

     Blanca tells Arnaldo she wants all the details of his foreign bank accounts, suggests to him that he can’t know that all his children are really his. Nando gets the good news. A recovered Sandrita tells her parents that her guardian angel promised her Nando would return. They have a big party when he gets back. Lidia asks Milena to forgive her. Isabel visits Helena to ask how she is doing! Fausto, convinced he will go to jail no matter what, tells the police that he acted alone because of his hatred for Nando. Nando looks at him in his cell as he leaves. César and Anita return from their vacation. Both seem happy. César makes up with Dr. Moretti. Milena puts on a fashion show and thanks her father, Meg and Trajano, Laura and Leo. In the audience, Atilio and Flavia smooch publicly. Atilio and Eduarda talk. She can’t forgive him for leaving her mother and taking up with her best friend. He tells her that her mother is hiding something, that the truth is in the diary. Eduarda tells her mother and asks if she can read the diary; her mother tells her there is nothing in it and besides, a diary is personal. Meg holds a wedding for dog and the dog of ?. Laura dresses up and goes to see Marcelo. He tells her he doesn’t love, doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, gets into a rage again, grabs her by the throat and as he is choking her, she tells him he will kill not only her but his child. He doesn’t believe her, but Blanca tells him that it is the truth. Laura tells Marcelo they can marry and make Eduarda the godmother. He says he hates her more now than ever. Blanca tells her to go home; in a couple of days she will resolve matters but she tells Rosi that Marcelo loves Eduarda and it is her son’s wishes that count. Blanca advises Marcelo to go to Europe with Eduarda. Meanwhile Arnaldo tells Nando to get a haircut. Milena tells Meg that Marcelo and Eduarda are leaving the country for an indefinite time. At the doctor’s, Laura learns she will have twins. She wants to call Mauricio but Meg tells her that he has left the country. Laura visits Blanca and says they all will pay, she’ll raise a scandal when they return. Blanca accuses Laura of taking advantage of Marcelo. Then Laura tells her she is carrying twins. Laura can’t understand why Marcelo would prefer Eduarda to her. Blanca tells Laura she prefers her but she can’t decide for her son. Césash?, the accountant, visits Arnaldo. Arnaldo tells him to transfer most of the money out of the joint accounts into accounts in his name alone because he wants a fair division of his property and plans to divorce Blanca. Isabel sees the accountant leaving the office and guesses that something is going on. Pedro, Helena’s brother, offers work to Orestes. Blanca visits Helena. .


     10/9-13/00. Blanca tells Helena about the twins. Laura and her mother talk and Laura swears she will follow Marcelo. Helena visits Laura. Sirleia has a date with Pedro. Meg arrives and talks with Helena. She lets slip the truth about Blanca and Nando. Nando and Milean, Catalina and Leo go to the beach. Genesio and __ kiss and ___ walks in on them. Helena tells Atilio about Laura. Rose tells Blanca what Arnaldo is doing with the bank accounts. Laura sees César in a restaurant and tells him she is pregnant with Marcelo’s twins and would like him to be her doctor. He agrees. César tells his parents. Sirleia and Pedro make love. Rodrigo is jealous of the young man Alex that his father is spending so much time with. Blanca confronts Arnaldo about the bank accounts, tells him she wants a full accounting and doesn’t want Milena or Leo to inherit anything, again hints that only a mother knows for sure that children are hers. César and Atilio meet accidentally and Atilio voices his suspicions but César denies anything happened the night of the births. Denise confesses to Lidia that she is pregnant by Mario but can’t tell her parents and needs help to get an abortion. Blanca makes a scene in a restaurant when she sees Isabel. Eduarda and Marcello return from their vacation. Helena tells Marcello about the twins. Laura visits Marcelo and expects him to leave Eduarda for her. He promises to support and love the twins but can’t convince her that he doesn’t love her. Denise and Lydia talk again. Isabel tells Arnaldo about Catalina and Leo. Meg follows Laura to Marcelo’s and the four talk. At the end, Laura seems to have agreed to keep quiet and let Marcelo tell Eduarda in his own time. Arnaldo accuses his attorney of betraying him, because Blanca learned the truth somehow. Rodrigo confronts his mother re Alex and tries to get her to see the problem, that the two act like lovers. Laura dresses for a grand scene, visits Eduarda, tells her the truth, swears that Marcelo loves her. At first Eduarda doesn’t believe but some details force her to accept the truth. Vera calls Elena. Eduarda drives off, almost has an accident, sees César who confirms the news.


     USA 10/16-20/00. Laura’s parents lock her in her room: no clothes, no phone. Leo, Cat and Milena eat together and Cat proposes a double wedding; Leo accepts. Lydia cares for Denise after the abortion which did not go well. 10/17/00. ULTIMOS CAPíTULOS. Virgina tries to get Rafael to tell her what is going on but he can’t or won’t. Marcello and Eduarda confront each other: she can’t believe it, in their own bed. He tries to explain. He accuses her of running to César and she says that César isn’t Laura, that she wishes she did love him because he is deserving of her love. César overhears and cries. Eduarda goes home with Marcelo but sleeps on the sofa then heads off to a lake somewhere. Nestor tells Sirleia that he has been cheated on. Sirleai tells Catalina that Pedro wants to marry her. Marcelo searches for, and finally finds, Eduarda. They kiss but she is still confused and hurt. Leo discovers that Blanca framed Nando, confronts her, and they have a horrific fight in which she threatens to stab him with scissors. Atilio and Arnaldo stop the fight and she plays the suffering mother. Leo forces her to tell the truth to Milena who, of course, is furious. But Arnaldo and Atilio still offer Blanca support (Arnaldo told Atilio earlier). Marcelo and Eduarda fully reconcile and he redoes the bedroom of their apartment. Leo visits Fausto and promises him the money he needs. Laura has a nightmare in which she dies, the helicopter pilot is saved and the twins are ok. Virginia tells Helena her fears about Rafael and Alex. Wilson and Marcia announce their wedding and ask Flavia to be the madrina; she refuses because Atilio and Helena will be something in the wedding. Time passes. Laura invites herself to Marcelito’s birthday party and tries to make a scene but fails. Atilio tells Flavia he can’t stand her constant vigilance.


     10/23-27/00. ULTIMA SEMANA. All three children refuse the dirty money offered them by Blanca and Arnaldo who is turning the reins of the business over to them. Flavia and Helena argue about Atilio; Helena tells her that the problem is Flavia’s not hers. Laura goes into labor and has a healthy boy and girl. Eduarda insists that Marcelo go to visit them in the hospital. She asks him why he doesn’t love her anymore. Marcelo understands that César was there so the birth would be like Eduarda’s. Virginia follows Rafael and finds the apartment he has with Alex. He finds her there, she rants, Alex arrives, she leaves. She tells Rodrigo that she will be leaving Rafael but that he will always be Rodrigo’s father. Pedro finds Orestes sleeping and, following numerous complaints, fires him. Orestes still believes he can drink and stop when he wants. Virginia decides to take Juliana with her to the U.S. for 7-8 months. Atilio and Flavia break  up, quietly. She and Helena sever their business arrangement, also quietly, because Flavia has decided to go abroad. Blanca makes a furious scene at the board meeting where leadership changes hands. At home, the fight continues and Blanca tells Atilio that Marcelo is Atilio’s son. Marcelo hears, asks for the truth. His father says that all or none of his children may be his, that even Blanca doesn’t know who their fathers are. Marcelo talks to Atilio who says it is possible. He and Blanca had a long, and loving relationship even after her marriage, that she has held on to that love like a dream, a fantasy. Arnaldo tells his children he has always loved them, even knowing they might not be his. Paula gets Isabel’s job in the company. The DNA test results show that Leo is Atilio’s son. Blanca is shocked and refuses to believe the results. Atilio is thrilled to know he has a son. A double wedding is held: Milena and Nando, Catalina and Leo. Their wedding night is the first time for Catalina. Meg lets Eduarda and Marcela take the twins away for the weekend without telling Laura. When she finds out, she hires Nano to fly her in the helicopter to get them. There is a storm, the helicopter crashes. Nando is rescued; Laura’s body is never found. Atilio introduces his cousin Mauricio to Virginia. Due to a mix-up of shopping bags (a typically silly novela twist), Eduarda gets Helena’s diary and starts reading it. She finally reaches the section about the night the two babies were born.


     ULTÍMO CAPÍTULO, 10/27/00. Very choppy episodes. In the first very choppy scene, Elena arrives at Eduarda’s apartment to find her reading the diary and admits that it is true. Elena accuses her of lying, of wanting to take her child away from her, tells her she hates her. Marcelo and ? seem to appear from nowhere. Finally, all believe. (this is a very confusing, badly cut scene). Leo tells Atilio he will be an grandfather; Catalina is pregnant. Arnaldo accuses Isabel of stealing money from him; she admits that “one thief stole from another thief” but says she left him plenty to live on. Cesius comes out of the shower. He and Isabel will be moving to a new apartment. César and Helena learn that they could be sent to jail for 2-6 years for exchanging the babies but, given the circumstances, the judge would have discretion. Nothing further comes of this. Rosi tells Blanca that Fausto received a sentence of 5 years. Helena tells Atilio what was in the diary. He is furious, tells her she has no idea what it means to love, had no right to play god. As he walks out, she drops to the floor, grabs his feet and begs for forgiveness. (He is unjustifiably cruel and I hated that last bit.) Eduarda begs Atilio not to take her son away from her. Atilio goes to Venice and Helena recalls the time they spent there together. Anita replaces the picture of Eduarda in César’s room with their wedding picture. Nando and Milena, Meg and her husband in two helicopters throw flowers into the sea. Nestor visits Sirleia and Pedro. His son tells him he wants to stay with his mother. All are friendly. Most of the couples are at a pool. Marcelo and Eduarda announce that they hope to adopt a little girl so they will have two couples (the twin boy and girl, Marcelito, and the adopted girl). Leo and Helena attend the wedding of Marcie and Wilson. Blanca invites the maid Sila to take a seat, have a drink and tell her about herself. (Blanca doesn’t even know her last name although she has worked 15 years in the house.). Blanca says she doesn’t mind solitude.  Eduarda gets an anonymous phone call. (have no idea where that came from; it just happens and that’s it.) Orestes attends an AA meeting. Atilio arrives at Marcie’s wedding in time to take part. Afterwards we see Atilio and Helena walking down a shaded path. Eduarda and Marcelo follow with Marcelito. The little boy runs forward and grabs the hands of Atilio and Helena. Eduarda and Marcelo follow. FIN.

(it’s not clear who will be raising Marcelito or whether Atilio and Helena will act as parents or grandparents).





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