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Telenovela-World: Re: First episode summary? [USA, Oct. 8, 2007] Author: MaUriCio (---) Date:   10-09-07 15:26 PDT

     Well I don't remeber that much from the episode..but here is what I remeber.

     The novela starts at a ranch..and Monserrat is riding a horse..Meanwhile her boyfriend Victor is in the barn with Monserrat's cousin Ingrid..

     The next day, at Monserrat's house, she is talking with her brother Daniel, and then she is spying on her neighbor who we find out is called Juan Jose. Juan Jose notices that Monserrat is spying on him.

     At Victor's house, his mom is talking to him, and is saying how Monserrat is good for him, how she is rich like them, how she is just perfect.

     Then at Mari Paz's house, Mari Paz is talking about how its her first day at the university, then this guy named Chequo comes in, and he says that Mari Paz belongs to him, and Mari Paz says that she is only going there to study, and not to find a boyfriend, then she says that he shouldn't care, becauese she and him are only friends and nothing else. Later, we see her with her grandfather, and then he starts hold his arm, and Mari Paz comes and she sees him, he says that he fine, then he starts saying how money makes people mean.

     At the university, Mari Paz, her grandfather, and Chequo are there, and then Daniel and Ingrid are in the car, and then Ingrid gets mad cause there in the way, and she starts acting mean, and telling them to move, then Chequo gets mad and he hits the car, and Daniel and him argue

     It happens to be Monserrat's and Victor's two year anniversity of being together...and Victor has a surprise for her..and she just is happy...and then she and him leave for a awhile...and Meanwhile Ingrid comes and steals the gift that Monserrat had for Victor..and she throws it away in the trash..

     Later, after Mari Paz is leaving..and this guy comes and tells her that grandfather had an accident, and she gets all worried, and saying how they have to go the hospital, and Daniel says that he will take them, and so they get into the car, but something is wrong with the car, and on there way to the hospital they have an accident

     At the dock..Ingrid and Victor are talking..and she is saying how she is better then Monserrat...

     Juan Jose and his friend are talking..and again Monserrat is spying on them...and this time Juan Jose surprises Monserrat and appears behind her..and he starts talking to her..he tells her that he is willing to tell her anything she wants to know about him

     Thats where the episod ended.


Telenovela-World:  Summary 10-10-07 Author: BW (---) Date:   10-11-07 04:35 PDT

     I will do my best hope this helps!


     Monse collects herself off the floor,heading home with tears streaking her face. She heard Victor tell Ingrid he was going to show her he "loved" her instead of using the words.

     Monse rams into Juan Jose who is outside with a model that is hitting on him. He is concerned but she rebuffs him with "all men are the same!" leaving him confused.

     Once home her Mother and the all-knowing maid question the tears, Monse pushes pass demanding to be left alone. In her room she breaks down and breaks Victor's picture,the rose vase, pops the balloon and throws the Teddy bear before collapsing on her bed. "Te odio!" with flashes of the love she thought she had.

     Ingrid thinks Victor will officially breakup with Monse which he quicly corrects-- He is marrying Monse! Stunned she threatens him but he backs her down.

     Victoria is stunned by Eloisa's news their children are getting married. Victoria doesn't thinks this sounds like Monse. She confess this to the maid, later she tries to convince Antonio that they really love each other.

     Daniel admitted the truth to his Father on his false ID. He had actually been the one to cut the brake line on the car. He allowed his friend to ID Checo as someone they saw hanging around the parking lot. Giving the impression he was the one who sabotaged the car. Reason why Maripaz was angry with Checo.


Daniel's friend poses as him,with Dani listening, tricking Maripaz who falls for the sweet words. Later she tells Pili she is in love! In the parking lot Maripaz heads over to Daniel telling him what a good person he is and hands him her number. All this is being witnessed by Checo.

     Don Lupe burden by the truth confesses how his daughter abandon Maripaz for some rich man.

     Juan Jose surprises Maripaz who's staring at a dress hanging on the clothes line, which he got for her. At that time Juan Jose's sister returns home admiring her brother's taste. Concern for Monse leads Juan Jose to tell Don Lupe about her, he wonders why she was crying.

     Ingrid overhears her Tio and Victoria talking about the marriage of Victor and Monse, her response time to tell. She appears in Monse's room ignoring the obvious streaks on her face about to blow up Monse's world when she gets the "boom". "You are too late I already know what you and Victor did!" slap!

     For a moment Ingrid was stunned though she recoverd quickly with a sob story on how she loved Victor and when he showed her interest she was unable to refuse. Besides she needed to feel love, her parents death took that from her, and here it was being offered. How was she to say no to that? Her contrition growing when she preferred to leave then see the disappointment in her Tio's face!

     Monse heard her father's words echo on how he had to take of his brother's daughter, their is no one else. Ingrid keeping up the farce had started packing,betting on Monse stopping her. She did. Warning her this is a one time offer, and a guarantee of not revealing what she did.

     The 2 families gathered for the proper hand in marriage moment. Eloisa prompting Victor to declare his intentions and his Love for Monse. "Seriously Victor?" Monse defiant, taking her time down the stairs while dense Victor waited for her. "Will you be my wife?"

     Answer--- Slap!


Telenovela-World:  Re: Missed Episodes! Fill Me In A Little Please!  [USA, 10/16-19/2007]  Author: Mau. (---)  Date:   10-16-07 16:06 PDT

     Well here is what I remeber.

     Monserrat slaps Juan Jose cause she gets mad at him for telling her that he is willing to answer and to tell her whatever she wants to know about him.

     Mari Paz and her abuelo who is called Don Lupe and Daniel are okay after the accident, and they do go the hospital, but nothing else is wrong them. When they get home, Chequo sees them, and he sees that he is Mari Paz, and he gets mad.

     Ingrid tells Victor that she is willing to give what he wants...and later we see them going into a apartment..and then later Monserrat comes in to the apartment, and she sees them together...she is shocked and she leaves the apartment. When she gets home she goes to her room and she is crying. She doesn't tell anyone what she saw. Ingrid, later comes into her room, and after Monserrat tells her what she saw, Ingrid starts crying and saying how now she will leave the house, cause if Monserrat tells then everyone will hate her, and later Monserrat feels bad, and she tells her that she won't say anything.

     One day, when Daniel and Mari Paz are in her she, Chequo and his friend who is called Pelos, or something like, plan to hurt Daniel, and they do, because as Daniel leaves, people from his gang beat him up.

     That same day, Victor goes to Monserrat's house to ask for Monserrat's hand in marriage, well he is mostly doing it, cause Eloisa (his mother) tells him that he has to marry Moserrat. Monserrat comes down, and says that she would never marry him, and she slaps him. She then tells everyone what Victor did, and they are all shocked. Meanwhile, Juan Jose is there, and he wants to see Monserrat, and he ends up going in, and Monserrat uses him to get out of the house, and she leaves with him. Victor follows them, and he gets into an arguement with Juan Jose, but Monserrat and him leave. Anyway, later Monserrat leaves alone, and she goes somewhere else, and she tells Juan Jose that she just used him, and that should never be with someone like him.

     Daniel is okay, and they are going to investigate who beat him up. Yolanda tells Mari Paz that she thinks that it was Cheqo who planned everything. She goes to Chequo and she slaps him and tells him that this time she will tell the police.

     Victor keeps on wanting to make up with Moserrat, but she doesn't want to. Then, later when he is asking for forgivness again, and Monsserat sees Juan Jose and she kisses him in front of Victor.

     That is basically that most important things that have happened in the novela.


Re: can anyone give some good summaries of what's happened lately like some do  [USA, 11/8-12/2007]  Author: lady arwen evenstar (---)  Date:   11-13-07 15:53 PST

     on other forums! i miss last thursday and monday and tuesday's epis ...i really like this novela but the hour it plays really cuts my day in two,and i usually end up missing it 2to3times a weeek ,it's hard to keep up the interest,when u continuously miss out on some epi's.....thanks!

     Re: I can give you a summary of what has been happening  Author: Mauricio (---) Date:   11-14-07 14:57 PST

     Okay, I give you a summary. Its a good thing that I have kept the recordings on my TiVo.

     Thursday's episode:

     Monserrat tells Juan Jose that she is not the same person she was, and then she asks Juan Jose to leave. She tells him to forget her. She tells him to never come to look for her.

     Later, Mari Paz is telling Monserrat that Monserrat should be happy, because she has other important things, like a family who loves her.

     Norma gives Don Lupe the bank account paper, but he doesn't accpet it.

     Antonio brings a wheelchair to Monserrat, but she doesn't want to use it.

     Monsserat cuts her cloths.

     Chequeo makes it so that Don Lupe sees Mari Paz and Daniel kissing in Don Lupe's house.

     Monday's Episode:

     Monserrat is about to take the pills that Ingrid gave to her, but then she regrets it, and the pills all spill on the floor. Later, Victoria comes in, and Monserrat is sleeping, and she thinks that Monserrat has sallowed all the pills, and she starts crying and calls out Monserrat's name, and Monserrat wakes up.

     That investigator is talking to Pili and she tells the investigator that she suspects that Ingrid could be to blame for Monserrat's accident.

     Monserrat is as Joaquin's clinic, and she feels her legs, and she is happy to be feeling her legs.

     That investiagator is talking to Juan Jose, and finally Juan Jose remebers that camera, and Ingrid hears them, and she goes with them to the house.

     That girl named Ximena goes to Monserrat's house, and all of Monserrats friends are there, and giving Monserrat a party, which I guess its because she is starting to feel her legs, and Ximena tells her that Ingrid is trying to steal Juan Jose from her. Toñito sees Ingrid wtih Juan Jose, and goes and tells Monserrat this.

     Tuesday's episode

     At the house, Juan Jose can't find the tape where Ingrid is filmed causing the accident. Ingrid gets scared and she wants to find the tape before Juan Jose. She sees Victor outside and tells him that there is a video.

     The tape is actually with Norma and in Norma's purse, but Claudia spills all the stuff from Norma's purse, looking for something, and the tape falls to the ground.

     Juan Jose and Monserrat are able to see each other because Mari Paz helps them, and Juan Jose tells Monserrat that he will wait for her.

     The investigator tells Antonio that he doesn't think that Juan Jose is to blame, because he has helped him alot, and that he has other suspicions (I think he suspects its Ingrid also).

     Its Mari Paz's birthday, and Claudia goes and gives her a present, but Don Lupe knows its from Claudia, so he takes it away from Mari Paz, and he leaves the house, and thats when Mari Paz sees Claudia and Don Lupe together.

     I hope this summary helps.


Ingrid’s story to her “tios”

Telenovela-World:  Let me get this Straight...  [USA, 12/12/07] Author: KFavela (---)  Date:   12-12-07 16:28 PST

     So Ingrid told her "tios" that JuanJo raped her and that no pudo evitar que le hiciera el amor, but she told JuanJose that she gave in because of love...? Perhaps its me but I dont get it, what's the story? Is it that she was raped or that it was reluctant and inevitable consent?

     Re: Let me get this Straight... Author: BW (---) Date:   12-12-07 17:22 PST

     Ingrid spins the story depending on who is listening. She told her Tios the story that will get the most sympathy from them---a rape. Which ensures Monse not telling them about her and Victor the first time.(Because Monse might have broke her silence accusing her of going after JuanJo like she did with Victor.)

     With JuanJo, telling him that her words were at fault,shifted the blame to her yet makes him feel guilty.Ingrid is good at reading people which allows her to construct the right story to get maxium impact.

     I just dislike intensely how she throws the words "making love" out there! Hearing that from a rape victim might make me suspicious! JMHO.

     Re: Let me get this Straight... Author: Jona (---) Date:   12-12-07 18:07 PST

yeahh she tells a different story depending on the person, which makes me think that she is a bad liar because if those people we're to meet and discuss this the lie would come out.


Telenovela-World:  Re: I Missed It Too! Please Someone Tell What Happened Friday! Thanks!  [USA, 1/11/08] Author: Mauricio (---) Date:   01-13-08 16:21 PST

     Here is a short summary of what happened:

     Ingrid sees Juan Jose and Monse together and gets mad and gets more mad when she sees Monse holding a flower. Monse mentions later that the flower was given to her by Bruno.

     They have a meeting where Juan Jose shows them photos that he took. Victor acts very rude and starts saying how horrible the photos look. Juan Jose gets mad and wants to beat him up, but Gonzalo seperates them.

     Elosia wants to convince Joaquin to get revenge on Claudia. Joaquin gets mad and throws Eloisa out of his office.

     Antonio wonders what secret Victoria has.

     Joaquin goes to see Claudia and wants to kill her. Claudia begs for him not to do it. Joaquin decides not to do anything to her and he leaves. When he gets to his office, he starts saying that he is weak.

     Sebastian is saying how Claudia deserves for him to hate her.

     Claudia goes into the room she rented from Rosa and its raining outside and then someone who we don't get to see appears and wants to kill her.

     Thats where the episode ended.


Telenovela-World:  hey can someone...  Author: Alfie (---)  Date:   02-24-08 20:39 PST

     give me a clip notes version of the *main things* that have happened these last two weeks. i havent been able to watch, just know some things but i watching again and im lost. if everyone has the time please write a summary, id really appreciate it. thanks.

     Here is a summary.... [USA, 2/11/08-2/22/08]  Author: Mauricio (---)  Date:   02-25-08 15:58 PST

     The main things:

     Ingrid met this guy name Christian. She has been cheating on Juan Jose with him. Christian hid some diamonds in Enrique's house, inside what looks to me as a pillow. He left for those 7 months that passed in the novela, and just recently, well on Friday's episode, returned for them and for Ingrid. Oh, and also the baby was born. Rosa has been taking care of it, since Ingrid doesn't seem to care about it.

     Monse accepted to be Bruno's girlfriend. Juan Jose is jealous seeing them together. He even saw them kissing. He wants to get a divorce. He still hasn't told Monse yet. Bruno has been really nice with Mosne, and he asked Monse to marry him, but Monse hasn't really said anything, yet. She told Juan Jose about marrying Bruno, and thats probably why Juan Jose decided to get a divorce.

     Rosa found out that Ingrid's her daughter. Antonio told her, that his twin brother (Octavio) was the one who was with her that time after Antonio left Rosa for Victoria. So Octavio is Ingrid's father. Octavio made Antonio swear to never tell Rosa the truth and to take care of Ingrid. Antonio and Rosa had planned to tell Ingrid the truth, but for some reason Rosa didn't want to, and ended up agreeing to being Ingrid's maid. Ingrid treats her badly, though, she doesn't seem to like her at all.

     Antonio has been acting like a jerk, has been spending alot of time with Rosa. He came back home, but sleeps in a seperate room. Victoria is suspecting that Antonio might go back with Rosa.

     Sebastian and Yolanda have beeing seeing each other. Eloisa, being evil, hates Yolanda, and thinks Yolanda is just like Claudia. Yolanda found out that she is pregnent, and she hasn't told Sebastian. She doesn't think Sebastian loves her.


Telenovela-World:  Questions about Friday and Monday's Episodes! [USA, 3/14 &17/08]Author: Danielle (---) Date:   03-17-08 17:49 PDT

          I have a few questions because for one thing my local channel repeated Thursday's episode and then my DirecTv froze today.

     1.What happened after Juan Jose walked on the conversation Victor had about fraud with that women,did he find anything out?

     2.Why exactly is Monse marrying Juan Jose?

     3.What happened Today's(Monday's) episode? Thanks for any help!

     Him, I'm proud to know. You, I'm stuck with. - Little John, BBC's Robin Hood

     Sawyer:Try to contain your excitement, Freckles- LOST

     Re: Questions about Friday and Monday's Episodes! Author: Mauricio (---) Date:   03-18-08 17:38 PDT

     Monse is marrying Juan Jose...well because she loves him. Although, for some odd reason she is telling him that she is marrying that he can give the money that Antonio won't be sent to jail.

     I don't remeber much...but here's what I remeber:

     Juan Jose remebers the day of Yolanda's accident. He says he will get revenge. He gives Monse her wedding dress.

     Juan Jose tells Antonio that he loves Monse and that he will always love her.

     Don Lupe is happy to see Maripaz back. He is also happy to meet her new great grandaughter Lupita.

     Juan Jose says that he only said that to Antonio..because Monse wanted him to...Monse says that she knows that their marriage is just a contract.

     Norma is about to see Enrique..but for some reason she just leaves before she sees him.

     Juan Jose and Juanito talk about the wedding.

     Ingrid says that finally she will get out of jail. That she will finally recover what is hers.


Telenovela-World:  wednesdayss [USA, 3/19/08] Author: x3Jonax (---) Date:   03-19-08 13:04 PDT

     i missed todays episode(wednesday). i forgot to set it to record and so can someone be so kind and give me a brief summary of what happened??

     thank you.

       Re: wednesdayss Author: Mauricio (---) Date:   03-20-08 15:13 PDT

     Ingrid is at Rosa's house. She asks her for money to buy new cloths. She keeps on being rude to Rosa, though. She says that after she buys cloths they will go to the wedding.

     Monse finds Victor in her room. Victor is drunk. He starts whining and saying that he loves her. Juan Jose comes in the room. Victor calls Juan Jose a cobarde. Victor falls down to the floor, because he is too drunk to even stand up. He wants to fight. Juan Jose says that maybe another time..when he's not drunk..and he can defend himself. Victor starts breaking the pictures in Monse's room.

     Eloisa talks bad about Juan Jose. She says that she doubts that he can love Monse since she bought her. Victoria says that they love each other..because Antonio could see that...just then Ingrid appears in the mansion. Victoria and Eloisa are surprised to see her. Ingrid asks where Antonio is. Then, she asks where Juan Jose and Monse are. She is told that they left already.

     Juan Jose and Monse argue. Monse wants to leave. Juan Jose keeps on being mean to her...Monse also keeps on arguing. Monse says that she's not scared of him. Juan Jose says that if he wanted to he could kiss her. Monse asks Juan Jose to let her go. Monse and Juan Jose spend their wedding night in different rooms.


Telenovela-World:  Re: What Happened Today(Wednesday)?...  [USA, 4/25/08]  Author: Mauricio (---)

Date:   04-25-08 13:05 PDT  

     Juan Jose sees that Monse isn't in her room. Berenice is washing herself. Someone appears. Checo (dressed as Santa Clause) finds out that Maripaz and Daniel are together. Checo gets mad. Daniel tells Maripaz that she loves him. He tells her that he needs her love. He kisses her. Maripaz gets mad. Daniel asks for another kiss. Daniel again says he loves her. They both kiss. The person is Facundo. Berenice asks him what he's doing there. Facundo grabs her and wants to force her to kiss him. Juan Jose appears and saves Berenice. Facundo says that Berenice provoked him. Juan Jose kicks him out. Berenice takes the oppurtunity and hugs Juan Jose. Juanito is crying. He is because of his dog Solovino. Monse goes and looks for the dog. Daniel and Maripaz are kissing. Maripaz stops him. She says that she better leave. Checo is crying because of what he found out. Don Lupe tells him to understand that Maripaz is married. Checo leaves, but says he bought those toys for Lupita, and to do what he wants with them. Ingrid, is calling Berenice and Naty. She starts whining because no one is there to make her a cup of coffee. Monse sees Berenice and Juan Jose together, when Juan Jose touchs Berenice's leg. Berenice once again talks bad about Monse. Rosa gives Antonio back his wedding ring. Juan Jose fires Facundo. Facundo tells Juan Jose what Berenice wants. Tells him that Berenice was waiting for him there. Juan Jose tells Berenice that he respects the fact that he is married. Ingrid makes a call and makes Victoria think that Antonio went to go see Norma. Victoria and Wallace talk, and she tells him that Antonio is cheating on her. Maripaz asks Daniel if he can see.


Telenovela-World:  Gran Final Summary (5/9)  Author: Mauricio (---)  Date:   05-10-08 18:18 PDT

     Juan Jose tells Monse that he loves her. He says that he regrets everything that he did. Monse says that she always wished for him to tell her that. Juan Jose asks Monse if she forgives him. Monse says that she does. He tells her he loves her again and repeats a number of times that he loves her. Monse says that even though she forgives him doesn't change her decision to leave the finca. She says that she will seperate from him and that he won't be able to stop her.

     Ingrid yells "mentira" and calls Rosa a maid. Antonio says that Rosa is her mother. Ingrid says that she doesn't want Rosa as a mother. Rosa says that she might not have given her everything she wanted, but she would have loved her. Ingrid yells and says that she doesn't care and doesn't need her, that she grew up without a mother and she can live without her and doesn't need her help. She forbids Rosa to call her "hija" and again says she doesn't need her. Antonio says that she won't get any more help from him. Ingrid says that she doesn't need him. Ingrid leaves and Rosa cries.

     Maripaz talks with Amelia. Maripaz says that she has to talk with Daniel and ask for his forgiveness.

     Juan Jose tells Monse that he won't make her stay with him. Monse says that he hurt her alot and he says that he knows and regrets it. He says that he wanted revenge and that he was jealous.

     Rosa cries. Antonio says that he doesn't understand and tells her to not suffer anymore because of Ingrid. He says that Don Lupe is a good man. Monse appears. Antonio is happy to see her. They hug. She tells him that she wants to leave.

     Ingrid is mixing some chemicals and is laughing. She is planning on hurting Monse with those chemiclas. She says that she wants Monse to suffer.

     Daniel and Maripaz get back together. Maripaz says that she had lied about the baby being Checo's and that its hers. She says she loves him.

     Antonio tells Monse that Juanito is Victor's son. That Juan Jose never cheated on her. He tells her that he is sure that Juan Jose loves her.

     Ingrid is in her hotel room and is drinking whine. She is drunk. She goes to get some more and drops the whine bottle and goes over to the can with the mixed chemicals. She holds the can and laughs about her plan and starts walking and trips over the bottle and the chemicals fall on her face. Ingrid screams and falls into the bathtub.

     Veronica and Benny become novios and so do Pili and Paco.

     Juan Jose is surprised to see Monse in the finca. He is happy. He said that he thought that she never return. Monse says that she has something that belongs to him and that its her heart. They kiss.

     Months Later

     Everyone is at a party at the finca. Daniel and Maripaz talk about Maripaz's pregnency. It seems that Pili got a makeover and so did Benny. Juanito talks with Don Lupe and Rosa. He says that he sees a fairy. And runs after the bubbles. Gonzalo appears at the finca. Monse is happy to see him. Juanito is surprised to see the fairy (who is really Ingrid dressed as one and wearing a mask).

     Eloisa is at the manicomio. She is crazy. She still imagines seeing Yolanda and Claudia. Victor is sentenced to 50 years in jail.

     Juanito takes Monse to see the fairy. Monse doesn't recognize the fairy as being Ingrid. She tells Juanito to leave. Monse finally realizes that its Ingrid. She takes her mask off and her face is disfigured. Juanito tells Juan Jose about the fairy.

     Pili and Maripaz talk about Checo and Pelos being in jail. Pelos gets 15 years in jail and Checo gets 20 years.

     Ingrid says she blames Monse for what happened to her. Ingrid threatens her with one of those chemicas. Monse is scared and Ingrid wants to disfigure Monse's face. Monse begs her not to do it. Monse is able to fight for the spary can with the chemicals. Monse runs. Juan Jose appears. Ingrid chases Monse and wants to attack her with this sharp object. They fight. Monse screams. Ingrid gets closer and closer to Monse. Ingrid ends up falling and lands a sharp object which stabs her and she dies. Rosa appears and cries.

     Monse and Juan Jose are horse riding. Bruno sees them and is happy for Monse. He leaves. Juan Jose and Monse are happy and they kiss.





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