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Telenovela-World:  briefly what it's about, from the News link above + quick translation  Author: B. (---)

Date:   01-23-07 16:15 PST 

     [El Nuevo Herald, 12/22/06] Esta nueva serie marca el regreso a la pantalla chica del guapo actor y cantautor puertorriqueño Carlos Ponce, quien protagoniza la serie junto a un elenco internacional encabezado por la venezolana Génesis Rodríguez, los mexicanos Héctor Suárez, María Antonieta de las Nieves, Khotán, Ricardo Chávez y la colombiana Kristina Lilley, entre otros. Dame Chocolate cuenta la historia de amor de Rosita Amado, una indígena muy poco agraciada, y de Bruce Remington, un apuesto heredero de una fábrica de chocolates que está al borde de la quiebra. Para recrear el pueblo de Rosita, el equipo de producción de Telemundo ha hecho un estudio extenso de la magia ancestral de los pueblos latinos, en particular de la zona náhuatl en México, y lo ha trasladado a la ciudad de Homestead. La mansión Remington está situada en la exclusiva área de Star Island en Miami Beach. ...

     This new series marks the return to the small screen of handsome Puerto Rican actor-singer Carlos Ponce, who will star in the series together with an international cast headed up by Venezuelan Génesis Rodríguez, Mexicans Héctor Suárez, María Antonieta de las Nieves, Khotán, Ricardo Chávez, and Colombian Kristina Lilly, among others. Dame Chocolate recounts the love story of Rosita Amado, an ill-favored native woman, and Bruce Remington, a handsome heir to a chocolate factory on the verge of bankruptcy. To recreate Rosita's village, Telemundo's production team has made an extensive study of the acenstral magic of Latin villagines, in particular of the Náhuatl Zone in Mexico, and transferred it to the city of Homestead. The Remington mansion is situated in the exclusive Star Island area in Miami Beach...






Telenovela-World:  Please post a summary! Author: anavaz (---) Date:   03-15-07 08:50 PDT

     Can someone post a summary of the party, Telemundo hasn't posted any videos yet.

     Not much has happened yet... Author: Gillie78 (---) Date:   03-15-07 09:48 PDT   [USA, 3/14 or 15/07

     The guests arrive, all dressed very stylishly. Then Grace announces the family members as they come down the stairs. Dulce and Diosdado first, I believe. The crowd gathers around them and stares. Then Rosita's aunt comes down. Finally, Rosita and her cousin appear. The Amados, of course, are all dressed horribly, especially the two young girls. The guests stare at Rosita as she walks through the crowd, slowly, obviously uncomfortable. She makes her way to where Bruce stands with his back to her, talking to Bobby. She overhears Bruce say to Bobby that she is really ugly. There the episode ended.



Telenovela-World:  Highlights [USA, 3/19/07] Author: Maris (---) Date:   03-21-07 11:24 PDT

     Both Bruce and his mother heard Rosita saying his name and objecting to his relationship with Samantha while she was delirious with fever.

     Angel told Diosdado that Lupita died "accidentally" while they were on their way to the US and Diosdado fell for the lie.

     Angel confessed to Diosdado that he's in love with Rosita and has broken things off with Maria Permanently. He claims to be a good man and that he needs Diosdado's help, blah, blah, blah. D agreed to help him.

     Grace conned stupid Hortensia into believing her good intentions by giving her some of her clothes and indulging her stupidity. Dulce warned Hortensia it was a trap but she refuses to believe her mojther.

     Bruce came by Rosita's room again but she was in the shower and he couldn't help himself from taking a peek and liking what he sees so that he bumped into furniture on the way out of her room.

     Samantha came by the mansion with a present for Rosita and had one of the maids escort her to her room. Rosita was fresh out of the shower with a robe on and Samnatha saw Rosita's true face for the first time. Samantha curelly mocked her and laughed and said she couldn't believe she was jealous of her when she looks so horrible. Rosita lost her patience and told Sami off and then kicked her out of her room and told her she never wanted to see her again as Grace and Bruce witnessed the scene.


Telenovela-World:  Re: What happened???  [USA, 3/28/07]  Author: Solanges (---)  Date:   03-28-07 19:55 PDT

     Nothing much happened. Diosdado ended up a that women's house. Bruce ended up at Samantha's because she complained that she was hurt when she wasn't but Bruce went back home instead of staying with her. Rosita is on the beach with Angel. She is started to like him and trust. She trust him so much that she's going to get naked apparently and do kind of ritual bath in the ocean while Angel makes sure know one sees her.

     Solanges : )


Telenovela-World:  Re: Excellent episode, part 1  [USA, 5/2/07]  Author: Mago (---)  Date:   05-02-07 20:05 PDT

     OH MY GOSH.. so much happened tonight. The episode was jam packed with stuff. I can help you. Ok the episode began with the two producers of Butterfly... a makeover show offering her the chance to change her life. She just wants a job and money to get back home. They offer her fame and fortune and decides to go for it. Bruce tells Bob he feels he killed Rosita because... and Bob says stop kicking yourself it was destiny, you were as much a victim as she was, and "no matter where she is she knows you really loved her." Back at the factory Diosado tears up the place, duct-tapes the guard and almost kills Grace. Samantha, Julia, Angel and others show up and convince Diosado not to kill Grace. He is led away in handcuffs and a very high bail is set (with a little help from the crooked attorney). Rosita says goodby to Panchito (the kid in PJs) and signs a contract to the show wall-to-wall with unatractive ladies...Yikes. She appears on TV and lo and behold... Mauricio Duque happens to be watching. Rosita tries to call Lorenzo and gets one of her new ugly pals to call the mansion but is told the Amados have moved out. Back at the factory, the "perico albino" tells Grace that Duque has left the hospital without a trace. At the mansion, Samantha drops by to see Bruce and give hime Juan and Rosita's stuff that Grace had planned to toss out. She gets close to him and he does'nt pull away.

     Re: Excellent episode, part 2  [USA, 5/2/07]   Author: Mago (---)  Date:   05-02-07 20:21 PDT

     Here is the interesting part. In Grace's office Luis tells Grace that before that man (Duque) brings something against her he will take the blame (what blame, what happened, what did I miss?). Duque tries to see Rosita but is turned away. She can make phone calls but cannot meet with anyone for three months. Hortencia tries to get her new attorney "lover" to help Diosado and he says no. Lorenzo suggests Bruce could bail Diosado out but Dulce goes into one of her insane "Remington!" screams and says she does not want anything from THAT family. The workers are restless and march to Grace mansion with signs and demanding to work. Grace manipulates Bruce and he mixes and adds the secret recipe but knows he is doing a bad thing. The mix works and production resumes. Rosita comes out of her surgery with wonderful results. Back at the factory Bruce tells his mom that he is worried, he says that Juan made it very clear that only those born with the mark can use the recipe. Grace says ...whatever!... she says this proves it was just a fairytale since he made the mix and it worked. Rosita is recovering and mentions the names Dulce and Bruce. Bruce finds out Diosado in jail and why. Ligia finds out Diosado is in jail and also tells Dulce and Hortencia that she is pregnant. They accept her with a big hug.

     Re: Excellent episode, part 3  [USA, 5/2/07]   Author: Mago (---)  Date:   05-02-07 20:38 PDT

     Diosado gets several visitors while in jail (family and friends) Rosita is coming out the medication and one of the producers visits her and she says her whole face hurts and he says that is normal. He tells her that the doctors say she "came out" stupendous. Lorenzo is at the flowers of Ek Chuah and there is a stiff breeze (a signal). The story moves three months later and Bruce tells Lorenzo that he doesn't know what is happening the flowers are fewer and fewer with each passing month. Lorenzo says the plants are drying up and he can't do anything about it. Rosita's transformation is complete. She is curious and talks about touching her face trying to imagine what she looks like. The producer tells her that the time has come and they are to go to the studio and reveal her transformation to herself and the rest of the country. Grace hires the best "gardner/conservator" and they are going to try to preserve and grow the plant in a lab. Back in California, the show opens and she is introduced. Duque is in the audience and film is shown of the "before" Rosita and then the lights are raised and she is revealed on stage to thunderous applause. She stand there all dolled up looking "real pertty" and there it ends... I hope that helped you. now... Go out and buy a VCR! Ha Ha ;)

     Re: One more thing!   Author: Mago (---)  Date:   05-03-07 07:20 PDT

     Wait... I did not guarantee you he is Gay. I am pretty bad at these things. I was merely asking. Personally, I spend more time wondering if that cute blonde across from me on the bus is single. I took a look at that one guy... and I don't know... am I supposed to pierce my ear and wear a "dangly" and cut my sideburns to a point? I may not be able to pull that off. Perhaps as I speak there are a couple of women staring at ME wanting to wisk me off to a Make-over show. Panchito!... where are you when I need you. I understand about the language thing. I tried watching a show on the Asian channel and they seemed to be talking in one language and closed captioning with a different language (not english). That is frustrating.



Telenovela-World:  Re: Interesting  [USA, 5/4/07]  Author: Chrissy (---)  Date:   05-04-07 22:27 PDT

     Can anyone gimmie a recap of what happened in todays episode? I missed it cause of work =(

      Re: Recap 1 Author: Mago (---) Date:   05-05-07 10:49 PDT

     Quetzasoapotl- God of the Novelas... Please bring Chrissy a VCR. Just kidding... I can help you. The episode begins wth Bruce preparing to go the Mexico to look for the plant. Grace asks Bruce if it were not a good idea to take Angel along, Bruce says... yea right! She goes out to meet with Angel in his hotel room? and wants to hire him to help her with the plant. He says his memory "she is not so good" and needs something for his troubles. She begins to give in but then turns his advances away and pauses to remind herself that she should be careful with him... he could be her downfall. Dulce has a conversation with Diosado and tells him she knows he loves Julia but must to the right thing with Ligia. He promises to do the honorable thing with Ligia but is very troubled. Mauricio and Rosita compare notes about the Remingtons and are incredulous as to how bamboozled and wrong they were about the Remingtons, Rosita asks Mauricio if he thought Bruce was involved in his shooting. Maurcio says "I don't know, at first my instincts told me that he wasn't but after listening to what he was capable of doing to you I am not so sure.". Bruce gives a quick visit to Rosita's room at Grace mansion to spend some time with Rosita's tear soaked wedding dress.

      Re: Recap 2 Author: Mago (---) Date:   05-05-07 11:10 PDT

     Rosita and Mauricio are still at it trying to figure it all out and Rosita is kicking herself cause she was so dumb and Maurico says don't poison youself.. you are a pure and beautiful soul.. Was... I am no longer any of those things.. neither pure nor much less beautiful.. because even though on the outside I may look perfect.. no one wants to enter and see my insides... because it is dark... so dark like a night without a moon. Now for the bad part... Ligia and Diosado come indoors after the party and Diosado is thankful Ligia had a good time. Ligia says as long as I am next to you I am happy. He says well, you need to get some rest so put your stuff in the "Girl's" room. She says the "girl's" room?... I thought I was going to be in your room. He says well, I did not bring you here so we could share my bed, I brought you here to respect you as the mother of the son you are going to give me. OUCH... It would have been more merciful to poke her in the eye with a stick!. Mauricio feels bad because their talk had hurt Rosita. She says no, you have opened my eyes.. He says eyes that look so different. She says not just in color but different because they are now open, Bruce has killed the old Rosita and I intend to bury her and be-reborn. Mauricio says if you are willing to take back all that is rightfully yours... I will help you.

      Re: Recap 3 Author: Mago (---) Date:   05-05-07 11:29 PDT

     Mauricio continues to tell Rosita that he will help her recover absolutely everything that her grandfather left her and offers her his bed while he sleeps on the couch and notes that he now understands why he did not die... he was meant to not leave things half done. He was meant to look after and help guard her interests as he promised Juan and he was ready to begin doing that. Later Rosita can't sleep and neither can Mauricio and she tells him to be very honest with her. she asks him if he thinks Bruce will not recognize her. He says he won't. Bruce talks to Lorenzo about his trip to Mexico and Lorenzo tells him he could go to the ends of the earth.. he won't find that flower and that there is nothing he can do. He says when a storm comes the best to do is to wait till it passes and he (Bruce) has unleased a storm that has just begun. Rosita leaves for Mexico and so does Bruce. The Amados leave for work including Azucena who drags Hortencia to a house cleaning job, Diosado and Angel meet at the restaurant and Grace has the scene with Dulce (see replies, Dulce 1 and 2). Rosita arrives and looks around but no one went back home, she wanders the rooms and finds her old doll. Bruce arrives and talks to the cobbler and secures a guide and a key to the Amado house with the excuse that he would like to visit the house as it has good memories for him.

      Re: Recap 4, again Author: Mago (---) Date:   05-05-07 20:14 PDT

     I prepared a recap 4 earlier but it did not post so here goes... Bruce arrives at the Amado house and notices a jeep and the door unlocked even though he was told that the house was abandoned. He moves from room to room and then exits. Rosita is by the cacao and notes that her heart is beating very fast as if Bruce were nearby, she tells her heart it is foolish and there is no one there, she walks away as Bruce moves outdoors. Sad Ligia talks to the new Mom and they discuss how Ligia is not "Diosado's woman" because Diosado loves Julia even though Diosado has brought Ligia to live with him. Bruce is at the cacao and remembers (flashback) when he first noticed and touched Rosita's mark (I remember that scene, good one). The guide shows up and Bruce shows him the flower and the guide remembers seeing such a flower and takes him there. Rosita arrives with Ek Chuah and she remembers (flashback) their (Bruce/Rosita) pact by the water (good scene, same episode from the begining of the soap) She notices that Ek Chuah's flowers have dried up, but picks a blue (violet) flower growing from the same plant and asks what that means. She hears a voice and hides behind a ficus. Bruce shows up and she wonders what he is doing there. He notices the flowers are dead there as well and that someone has been there recently. The episode ends. I hope that helps.

      Re: Dulce 1 Author: Mago (---) Date:   05-05-07 09:50 PDT

     I can help you with that. Dulce muscles her way into Grace's office and says "I am here because I can, because I have the right to step where where my brother left his sweat and his life......I expect you to not think that you will demand anything before the law, because you've (the Amados) lost it all......you are wrong again, Mrs. Remington, we have something that you (Remingtons) don't have, it is called dignity...... leave my office immediately or I'm.. capable.. of...... Of getting me out of here with the police like you did with my Son...... Go ahead.. Go ahead.. here are my hands.. my hands are clean because I have never taken a cent that was not mine..... You are insinuating that I have.....What do you think..... I have been patient with you because it has been difficult forgetting that little girl you were when I knew you. You were the life and love of your father ..[?].. when he looked in your eyes, but after everything you've done to my family.. I am now aware that not a single trace is left of that small and fragile little girl......You have no right to come to my office and insult me......and neither do you have it (the right) to destroy my family.. you put my son in jail and you finished off the life of my Rosita. Don't think of putting one finger on "mine" again.

     Re: Dulce 2 Author: Mago (---) Date:   05-05-07 10:25 PDT

     In the next Dulce/Grace scene... Grace begins with.. leave my business (factory?) immediately... How do you fill your mouth calling it your business, when you know very well it was my brother that raised it.... Juan was no more that a ..[?].. that took advantage of my mother to steal from us...... one day you will have to swallow those words.. you never realized and did not know how to appreciate the love my brother had for you..... that is a lie.. a lie... Juan hated me.. hated me.. hated me.. because I never let myself be manipulated by him..never.. never.. never...... Juan thought that life had returned him the daughter he lost.. Rosita's mother..... No..no..no, the only father I had was the one that brought me into this world.. Juan was (just someone who showed up?) to take advantage of us and soil our name..... You are blind because you are only capable of valuing the material.. because of that, this factory.. the which with so much selfishness and bitterness you have filled with so much hatred.. is condenmed to die.. and you won't be able to do anything to save it.. the only one who could have done that was my Rosita.. and you also finished her" And there you have it. HELL of a scene. I hope that helps.


Telenovela-World:  Re: What Happened-1  [USA, 5/11/07]  Author: Mago (---)  Date:   05-12-07 15:13 PDT

          I can help you, The episode opens up with Mauricio telling Bruce to come in and as they move around in the room with their back to Violeta she slips out to the kitchen and closes the door behind her, She says to herself "What did you do, Dummy?" and Bruce says "I guess your friend was not in the mood to meet anyone" and Mauricio says "Sometimes, women do things you least imagine they will do". Bruce asks him what happened between him and his Mom. Diosado is "training" for a career in Wrestling/boxing(?) at the trailer park and his family supports his decision except for Ligia which notes that he wants to earn a living by losing his life. Samanatha is busy focusing on her "new" chocolate and provdes Bruce with three samples which Bruces does not like but Samantha says.. will it is only a first try. Mauricio points out what the factory meant to him and to Juan and how it was not the same when Bruce and his mother took over, and pointed out how the first thing Grace did was take away the workers benefits. Bruce tried defending his mother and himself by noting that the factory had financial troubles. He angered when Rosita was mentioned and told Mauricio not to bring her into the argument. Mauricio pointed out that she was the one who was most hurt by him and his mother and he (Bruce) admitted he and his mother were guilty of hurting her and he was more despicable since he played with her emotions, meanwhile Rosita/Violeta is listening beyond the kitchen door.    

     Re: What Happened-2 Author: Mago (---) Date:   05-12-07 15:32 PDT 

     Rosita says (to herself)... now it is my turn to play with your emotions and Bruce tells Mauricio it was a complicated situation and he would talk about it at another time when he was calmer, had more time and Mauricio did not have company. Grace asks Samantha to help her soften the relationsip between Angel and Bruce. At the Amado house they are celebrating and Hortencia almost spills Rosita's secret to Ligia but recovers by mentioning that they are celebrating the return of Mauricio. Ligia suspects something but feels left out. Rosita comes out of the kitchen and Mauricio asks her why she insisted on going to the factory and then runs from Bruce. She explains she does not want Bruce to link her with anyone who knew the old Rosita. Mauricio thinks Rosita is still emotionally attached to Bruce and she counters with Yes, but the attachment is hate not love. He continues to argue that he feels she might want to regain Bruce and she counters with "All I want to do is regain what my Grandfather left me". She puts him at ease and he tells her he will support her at whatever she wants to do. Angel is getting more and more confortable at the mansion and Eulalia has lust for him and they get together but Angel is rough with her and the next day she is bruised. Grace wants Angel to go back to wearing his uniform and to avoid Bruce at all cost, he shows frustration and Grace tells him to be patient and says "All I can tell you is you are very special to me."  

     Re: What Happened-3 Author: Mago (---) Date:   05-12-07 15:51 PDT 

     Bruce goes home and talks to Lorenzo. He tells him he went to Rosita's town and could not find the flower. Lorenzo tells him he should not have gone and will not find the flower, Bruce says yea. Bruce tells Lorenzo he saw a woman at the Ek Chuah stone but did not see her face and had a dream where that woman had Rosita's face. He also tells him a woman went to the factory and his mind is somehow connecting those two incidents. He is not sure what it means and Lorenzo advises him to stay close to what he loves cause in the end no one escapes his destiny. Grace tells Luis that Mauricio is back and Bruce even wants him to work at the factory. Luis thinks Mauricio has nothing on her, she agrees but says that they should be prepared. She tells Angel she needs an answer on that plant which Angel's people are looking for. Bruce walks into the house and talks to Grace about visiting Mauricio and she gets defensive and brushes off the insinuation that she/they had anything to do with Mauricio's "accident" and in fact is hurt by noting that they treated him almost like family and this is how he pays them back. Bruce tells her it was no accident and wants him back. Bruce has dramatic soapopera thoughts about Rosita and that new woman, Rostita has dramatic thoughts about Bruce, and Mauricio has dramatic thoughts about Rosita and then states "what is happening to me... with you, Rosita."      

     Re: What Happened-4 Author: Mago (---) Date:   05-12-07 16:09 PDT 

     Back at the Amado mansion, Hortensia asks Dulce if she notices something different about her, Dulce notes she is sitting crooked and then perhaps that her face is fatter but then Hortencial gets real close and asks her to look in her eyes and asks if there is a glint of happiness, Dulce asks "Oh, I see... who are you in love with now?" Hortencia asks Dulce if she thinks she has a chance with Mauricio? Dulce does not quite know what to say. The next day, Rosita is up and has prepared coffee for Mauricio and has noted places where she might set up her "store". Mauricio says "boy you work fast" and she answers by telling him she feels she needs to move quickly and apply the new recipe since the factory days are numbered. In the kitchen, Matilde notices Eulalia's bruises. Lorenzo visits Dulce. Dulce was worried Angel was about to discover the secret. Lorenzo tells Dulce that Angel knows nothing about Rosita but Bruce knows, because he saw her. Mauricio receives an invitation to the annual Fiesta and he is not going, Rosita says she will. Mauricio is confused because all her enemies will be there. She points out that those are the enemies of Rosita and they think she is dead. He says I thought you did not want anyone relating you and me. She says they won't link you and me because "I will go alone". The episode ends. I hope that helps.


Telenovela-World:  Here is what I remember...Hope it helps  [USA, 5/18/07]  Author: Techy (---)  Date:   05-19-07 08:23 PDT

     Here is what I remember and I hope I am not mixing up the days...

     Bruce tells Bob that he met this lovely woman at the party the previous night...He tells Bob that she reminded him at times of Rosita...But that he is all excited about the possibility that this may be the woman that helps him get over Rosita. Bob always the the sensitive one ask him if Violeta has a big nose...since maybe Bruce just has a thing for women with big noses....(I thought this was quite rude) but Bruce tells him no she is a very pretty woman but that it was the way she said some things that reminded him of Rosita...Bob then asks Bruce why he did not get a phone number etc...Lorenzo over hears the conversation and is concerned????? Bruce tells Lorenzo he met a woman named Violeta. Bob and Bruce agree to go out that evening to some new bar. Later on Bruce is wandering in this mall like place looking for the bar and he sees the DAME CHOCOLATE placard and he immediately figures out it must be Violetas shop. He goes in and calls out and finds Violeta( who seemed annoyed that Bruce was there) ....since she had just walked into the place with her suitcase and she was commenting to herself how this was now her new home...I guess she was planning on living there because earlier in the day Dulce, Hortensia, and Ascuzena convinced her that Mauricio is in love with her and she could not stay in his apartment with him. They have a flirty conversation where Bruce asked her about the name of the store and she tells him she chose the name after the conversation they had at the party...Bruce says he is honored that something he said led to the stores name....Bruce insist she go out with him and she agrees.. Bruce and Ro/VI meet up with Bob...At one point Vi/Ro goes to the bathroom...and Bob basically tells Bruce he won the lotto with that one...Bruce tells him she is the Love of his life and that she is a KEEPER... Bruce has a kid in a candy store (chocolate store would be my guess) grin all night...Bruce and Vi/Ro do some dirty dancing type moves (actually they both are dancing a merengue...I fainted watching Bruce move his hips!!!!) and Bob admires the moves Vi/Ro is doing...( I wondered what Rosita learned while she was held captive by the Butterfies because I really don't think she learned to dance and drink that way back in her little village!!!!It was kind of like Bruce was a pole in a strip joint...But I digress) In summary they had a great time and he returns her to the candy store ...He wants to take her home and she says she lives there... He walks thru the place and sees her suitcase and then walks to the back of the store and says " See I knew you couldn't really live here" because the place is still in shambles...He tells her she cannot stay there...Outside Mauricio is in his car checking up on or spying on Vi/Ro..(Depends on your point of view as to whether he was protecting her or stalking her)

     Other developments...

     Diosdado brought Ligia and the Baby home ...They will sleep together in a Bed in the middle of the living room/dining room.Diosdado changed his work shift till the evenings ...My guess so he can avoid Ligia...

     Julia got up in the morning and was mortified she slept with the slimy lawyer and ran around her apartment wrapped in her sheet hiding from the Creep. (Kinda some funny scenes) Although Nasty Creepy roach of a lawyer brags to the other roach Eduardo that he slept with Julia and that she was extremely passionate...of course he failed to mention she was so drunk she thought she was with Diosdado...But then he says that he is even thinking of marrying her...UGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

     I already mentioned that the Amado women made Rosita see the light with repect to Mauricio...

     Grace gave her credit card to Super Creepo Demon Boy Angel to go buy some new clothing (Which he immediately took advantage of) and she is going to set up the Giggolo in an apartment so they can be together...In other words...he is going to be her mistress.

     Eulalia dumped some food on Grace. (Great career move on her part...if she keeps it up she just may finally be fired and hopefully Kicked off the show...Ok one can only hope. I am a little tired of these maids acting so stupid)

     Mauricio calls Hortensia and they sit in his car and talk...he finally admits he has feelings for Rosita. Hortensia is crushed.But hey at least this one time she got it right!

     That is all I remember for now..Hope it helps,...

     It actually all kidding aside was a pretty good episode.


Telenovela-World:  Re: I can do a brief report  [USA, 5/24/07]  Author: Mago (---)  Date:   05-24-07 21:07 PDT

     The episode opens up with a meeting at the factory but the chocolate is unusable and Bruce comments how it is like any chocolate found in any store and not up to the Supremo level. Next Julia is still hanging off the rail and Ligia shows up and guides her off the rail by reminding her Diosado loves her. Diosado shows up at home finds out about Julia and sits there like a lump for the duration. Back at the store Dulce and Azucena compliment Violeta on her chocolate and everyone is happy. She gets ready for the innauration and notices her dress is low cut and she reaches for a compact while looking in the mirror at her Ek Chuah mark. Back home, Bruce gets ready to go, all smiles and at the factory Samantha snoops until she finds out about Violeta's store. Grace visits Angel in his apartment and reminds him he owns nothing and is there for when she feels like showing up. Samantha goes home and finds out Julia almost killed herself and Bob was waiting there, He left, Julia was sedated and Samantha left for Violeta's store. At the store Bruce is there talking to Violeta and Mauricio shows up and states he is a friend of Violeta for some time and Bruce notes he is friends with the Amados and Violeta. Ligia goes home and packs to leave Diosado but he refuses to let her go and especially to let the baby go.

          Re: I can do a brief report-2  Author: Mago (---)  Date:   05-24-07 21:20 PDT

          Eulalia shows up and figures she has arrived at a bad time and sees Ligia's luggage. They help her by asking Anacleto to let her stay the night and the next day Hortencia shows up early but does not fool Eulalia and Eulalia tells Anacleto she is jelous and he is dumbfounded. Back at the store Violeta is getting more Chocolate and Bruce is there and Violeta bends over and he notices she has no mark. Violeta questions him if he did not find what he was looking for on her back. He did not, apparently. Mauricio shows up and Violeta leaves with more chocolate while Bruce tastes her chocolate. He is speechless and leaves without saying a word, he goes home and tells his Mom that he has tasted the chocolate that will save the factory... Violeta's chocolate. She doesn't believe him and thinks he is blinded by his liking of Violeta. Meanwhile, Azucena has a date with Jose but he is not there, She hears his voice and turns around and WOW, Jose had joined the Army!. He is dressed in camo and tells her he wants to make his father proud. She is stunned and then he proposes marriage to her. She is flabbergasted at first but then says yes, they kiss. Samantha shows up and sees Mauricio and talks to Violeta... calls her a "perra" (in her mind) and tells Violeta she is Bruce's girlfriend. Violeta tells her he did not mention that and that he left, so she leaves.

          Re: I can do a brief report-3   Author: Mago (---)  Date:   05-24-07 21:30 PDT

          The night is over and Violeta is tired. Mauricio congratulates her and she notes that he should have told her he was coming and they could have compared stories. He said everything worked out in spite of that and he leaves. Bruce calls her and tells her he was impressed with her chocolate. Violeta (in her mind) says that the chocolate was only the bait and Bruce had bitten her hook. The next morning Bruce cancels a meeting with the workers at the factory and drags Grace to Violeta's store. Dulce visits Mauricio to talk about Rosita butr Mauricio tells her everything is fine. Back at the store, Grace tries to leave but he grabs her arm and she agrees to humor him. Violeta shows up and they talk briefly, where she tells her that she is sure her Chocolate Supremo is better than Violeta's. Violeta reaches for her chocolate at the coaxing of Bruce and she tries a bite of Violeta's chocolate and incredulously asks "It can't be... you made this chocolate?". The episode ends there. Hope that helps.


Telenovela-World:  Coolest scene of the episode!  [USA, 6/11/07]  Author: Mago (---)  Date:   06-11-07 21:38 PDT

     Was when Julia and Ricardo were next to get married before Azucena and Jose. BRILLIANT... the look on Diosado's face was priceless. That was exciting!... and then the idiot decides he will act as witness to the marriage... WOW

     Re: Coolest scene of the episode!Did he realize he was doing it though???  Author: Jeanne M. (---)  Date:   06-14-07 20:09 PDT

     By the look on his face, I'm not sure he did. I got the feeling his baby momma signed those papers thinking she'd finally have him all to herself. You can see Dio put the kibosh on that though



Telenovela-World:  Re: Today's Episode  [USA, 6/14/07]  Author: speechy545 (---)  Date:   06-15-07 08:18 PDT

     On 6/14 episode, a lot happened. It started off with Vi/Ro going to Bruce's boat and thinking of the time they spent together the crash and them being initimate. She was trying to see if he really loved her then. Bruce comes by, sees her car, thinks it's weird and then sees her there. She makes up some excuse that she heard people at the factory tell her about the boat. She asks if he really loves Ro and he says yes and he always has loved her and is still confused about them meaning (him/Vi) She tells him to close his eyes and think of Rosita, the first time he met her and fell for her and to pretend she is there right now. Then she grabs him, kisses him and he kisses back with passion. Then he asked why did you do that, she says she doesn't know and walks away quickly.

     Angel gives Mauricio an unexpected visit at his place and tells him he is on the Amados side, not the Remingtons. Violeta walks in not knowing Angel, is there and almost reveals her self by accident but doesn't.

Maurcio picks up his son at the airport and they go back to Mauricio's place. Mauricio shows him pictures of when Fabian was young and he loves him and loved him then. Fabian says he is sorry for everything and he is a man now. Mauricio understands.

     Eugiala packs her things to leave Ancleto and her and Ligia say Good bye to Horentsia and her friend. Horentsia and her friend ask why Ancletto would do such a thing, and Eug. says Ancletto kicked her out, and silently HOren. has a face and knows why but says nothing.

     Julia is back from her accident and honeymoon sees all the flowers and throws them all over the house in a rage, I mean all over!! Sammy's lawyer comes to visit Julia and doesn't know where to sit because the place is a mess and they both decide to visit Sammy.

     Diosado is practicing in the ring and is messing up badly because he can't stop thinking of Julia. The CAT the wrestler that Diosado beat, comes to visit Diosado, but he is not there and sees Ligia, he flirts with her and tells her that she must be Dios. lucky charm. Later THE CAT says he has found a way to make Diosado fight in the ring with him again, by making him seem like a wimp.

     Grace looks for Angel at his place, gets emotional and accuses him of cheating on her. He comes back and reassures her that is not the case and tries to make love to her. She doesn't push him away.

Sammy's cellmate (not Wolf, the girl with the black hair) tells her that Wolf is the one that put the spider in her bed. Sammy gets a visitor, it is Bruce.

     Good Luck. When Friday's episode comes on I will try to let you know what happened too, if I can. Take care.


Telenovela-World:  HELP  [USA, 6/20/07]  Author: Mago (---)  Date:   06-20-07 18:28 PDT

     Ok... now it is my turn. I worked late and I ran out of tape! Could someone please tell me what happened right after Bruce read Violeta's letter and perhaps the coming attractions. Please... Please... Please... with sugar on it!!!

      here it goes Author: effie (---) Date:   06-20-07 20:20 PDT

     Basically she was saying that she couldn't love again since that her previous love has damaged her so much. Again blaming herself that she let herself be weak and needs to be strong in order to achieve the revenge plans. She went to Mauricio house telling him to help her since she let her weak self out (Rosita) and spend the night with Bruce. Basically the previews show a love war between Fabian and Bruce, hmm interesting. Bruce telling him to back off because Vi was his and of course Fabian said he won't she will be his, basically repeating ella es mia, no es mia, same-o. Hmm what else, so far that what i remember.




Telenovela-World:  Re: what happened this evening  [USA, 6/27/07]  Author: MB45 (---)  Date:   06-27-07 21:13 PDT

     Lorenzo confessed to Bruce he's been in love with Grace for a long time, Bruce was very surprised to hear this. No, Bruce didn't find out Ro/Vi are the same person and nothing shown in regards to the lawsuit. Samantha has a twin sister and Violeta admitted to Fabian she is Rosita. Fabian was really taken by her story and was about to kiss her when ...of course the door opens ..it was Mauricio. That was the end of it. Hope it helped.

      Lorenzo confessed to Bruce that he (Lorenzo)...  Author: Gillie78 (---)  Date:   06-27-07 21:24 PDT

     had been secretly in love with Grace for years. Bruce still doesn't know RoVi's big secret. Fabian came to RoVi's office and got in her face about Rosita, wanting to know what Violeta's connection was to Rosita. At first Violeta lost her temper and told him to stop asking her, then she regained her composure and ended up telling Fabian the truth. The two looked as if they were about to kiss, when Mauricio walked into the office (another example of someone entering someone else's office without knocking).

     Julia told Ligia that if she did not call Diosdado and tell him where she and the baby were, Julia would. (I thought this was a little silly. All Diosdado needs to know is that the two are okay, not WHERE they are...)

     Samantha's sister came through for her and wired the money into the guard's account.

     Angel started bad-mouthing Bruce to Grace; she told the young man that she did not want to hear it.

     Matilde skipped making breakfast at the Remington's and said she was going to visit Lorenzo in the hospital.

     Dulce gave Diosdado permission to let Ligia go and to try to get Julia back.

     Ricardo (I think that's the name of the sleazoid Julia married) whispered in Ligia's ear that he would be her attorney (pro bono) and help her keep the baby away from Diosdado.

     That's all I can remember for now.



Telenovela-World:  Re: Request for summary...  [USA, 6/29/07]  Author: MB45 (---)  Date:   06-30-07 10:13 PDT

     Dulce went to see Lorenzo at the hospital and talked about some secret only the 2 of them knew about. They also acted as if there is a mark on Lorenzo's arm and it has to do with his "origen". Dulce also told him, she basically doesn't trust Bruce and Lorenzo replied "I hear and see Bruce with my heart and my heart doesn't lie" meaning he is a good man.He wants Dulce to change her opinion about him.

     Samantha and Bruce met at a park after she ambushed him in his car and told him how much she loves him even he doesn't love her. She forced a kiss on him. He was very angry at her for escaping jail. She told him Grace was paying someone in jail to kill her and that she was also responsible for Mauricio's attack. Then she realized Bruce was going to turn her in, so she ran away and swore she will go after Grace and Violeta.

     Bruce told Rosita he was going to find an apartment for them, so they could live together for a few days..she agreed, as part of her plan.After he left she had one of those "I love Bruce " moments, wishing she would love to spend the night in his arms but couldn't. This moment was preceded by a "I hate you Bruce" moment and "I'm goig to make you suffer as much as you made me suffer".

     Grace received a citation from the court, she knows now, Rosita is going after them.She informs Ricardo and Eduardo about it and they had a panic look in their face.

     Diosdado finally left Julia's apartment without the baby, Ligia is keeping him.

     Fabian receives a phone call from Spain, it was his friend producer urging him to come back to Spain ASAP because there is an important project to take care of . He told her he couldn't go. She was very upset.

     At the end, Bruce calls Rosita and warns her about Samantha escaping jail and asks her to not leave the factory until he gets there. Rosita looked scared after hearing the knews.

     I hope this helps...there may be more but this is all I can remember.



Telenovela-World:  Summary for July 5 Author: Gillie78 (---) Date:   07-05-07 18:42 PDT 

Dame Chocolate — July 5, 2007

     [Here’s what I remember, in no particular order.]

     Fabian and RoVi arrive at his hotel room. He tries to get her to explain why she’s so upset. She tells him about crazy Samantha who escaped from jail and is a threat. Finally, RoVi admits she was intimate with Bruce again. Fabian tells her to “turn the page.”

     Dulce prays. She says aloud that she tried to reach Grace, but to no avail.

     Bruce visits Lorenzo and tells him about Grace being injured, but says nothing about her pregnancy. Lorenzo and Bruce talk about Juan and how much he loved Grace. Bruce thanks Lorenzo for always being there for him. Lorenzo vows to be by Bruce’s side until he (Lorenzo) is ripped from this earth. “That’s a promise, son.” Bruce tells Lorenzo that he and Juan were like fathers to him.

     Samantha talks to La Loba (?) and her man about what happened with Grace. Samantha thinks she killed Grace. Sam tells the two that she plans to kill Violeta, too, for stealing Bruce from her. La Loba gives Samantha a pistol.

     Luis wakes a sleeping Angel and tells him Grace wants to speak to him on the phone. Angel angrily tells Luis to let him sleep.

     Anacleto and Hortensia make love. At first she’s a little reluctant, because it’s been 20 years and she is not sure she remembers how. Anacleto promises to make her remember things she never knew in the first place. Afterward, he tells her he loves her and wants to be with her forever.

     Fabian goes to get RoVi a room of her own. He returns to find her asleep on his bed. He covers her tenderly and leaves. On his way out the door, he states that if RoVi cannot turn Bruce’s page, he (Fabian) will rip it out. (This is what CC3 said; perhaps it was something that got lost in translation.)

     Dulce visits Lorenzo and they commiserate over Grace’s nastiness and stubbornness. They decide there is nothing left to do but to wait for Grace’s own actions to be her downfall.

     La Loba and her fellow decide that if Grace is dead, they will try to get some money out of Bruce.

     Bruce is back at Bob’s apartment and tries to reach Violeta by cell. She sleeps soundly and does not answer. Bob returns to find Bruce exasperated by the fact that Violeta left and he cannot reach her. Bruce decides to go to the office in case Violeta is there.

     Angel finally shows up at the hospital to visit Grace. She tells him about the pregnancy, and he is obviously less than thrilled. Grace begins to wonder aloud if what everyone is telling her is true. Angel asked what everyone is telling her. She responds that everyone says he does not love her and is using her for the money. Angel soothes Grace and promises to marry her if that will make her happy. Luis has arrived with flowers and hears part of their conversation from just outside the door.

     Samantha shows up at the mansion, where Matilde is alone. Sam forces Matilde to call Violeta and tell her there’s an emergency at the mansion. RoVi has awakened and dressed. She promises to come right away. Fabian enters, and RoVi apologizes for falling asleep in his bed. Fabian jokes that he was happy to have her sleep in his bed. RoVi says there is an emergency at the mansion and she must go there right away. She takes her belongings and leaves.

     La Loba and her boyfriend or husband or whatever arrive at the factory. When Bruce hears that they have news regarding Samantha and Violeta, he agrees to see them. They tell him they will reveal their information, but only for a price.

     RoVi arrives at the mansion and is confronted by la loca Sammy. She slaps and berates RoVi, all the while holding a gun on her. Finally, RoVi gets her back up and goes on the offensive. She tells Sam that if she wants Bruce all to herself, all she has to do is wait. Soon Bruce will be destroyed and all alone. RoVi admits that she is Rosita, and says she has returned only to get revenge on the Remingtons.


Telenovela-World:  Summay for Friday, July 6   Author: Gillie78 (---)  Date:   07-06-07 18:54 PDT

     Dame Chocolate — July 6, 2007

     Samantha at first does not believe that Violeta is Rosita. Violeta repeats the words Samantha spoke to Rosita on her supposed wedding day, and Sam is convinced.

     Angel is with Grace in the hospital. She still is not feeling well; she’s tired and depressed. Luis leaves flowers just outside the door to Grace’s room and retreats without being seen by anybody but Lorenzo.

     Samantha laments that her life is ruined and blames RoVi.

     Bruce gives La Loba and her guy some cash. They tell him Samantha is armed and plans to shoot Violeta. La Loba and her fellow try to leave; at Bruce’s insistence, the two finally reveal that the attack is to take place at the mansion.

     RoVi explains that she has returned to seek justice and to recoup everything that was taken from her. RoVi says Bruce intended to marry Samantha. Sam cannot believe that RoVi is still operating under this misconception.

     Bruce hurriedly leaves the factory, stopping on his way out to ask Fabian to call the police.

     Angel says he must leave, despite Grace’s begging him to stay. As he leaves, he kicks the flowers Luis placed by the door and, muttering to himself, calls Grace a “damned old broad” and berates her for getting pregnant. Lorenzo, unseen by Angel, witnesses his behavior.

     “You’re blind. And to think I lost him because of you. You don’t deserve him,” Samantha tells RoVi. Sam is about to tell RoVi the truth when they hear sirens outside. RoVi tries to reason with Sam, who ushers her into Bruce’s room. They dance around the subject of Samantha’s “wedding” to Bruce for a little while longer, but RoVi never learns the truth.

     Lorenzo, carrying Luis’s flowers, enters Grace’s room. She asks why he brought her flowers; he admits they are really from Luis.

     RoVi sits on Bruce’s bed. Sam fires the gun and orders RoVi to stay out of Bruce’s bed. Sam forces RoVi on to the balcony.

     Ligia begs Julia to go to the Amados’ and retrieve some clothes for Juan de Dios, as well as Ligia’s own belongings. Ligia assures Julia that Diosdado will be training and will not be home.

     Dulce arrives home to find Diosdado resting. He says he does not feel like training. Azucena arrives and greets her grandmother. It is noted that Hortensia is not at home. Zucie takes Dulce into the other room and says she believes her mother had a date the night before.

     Anacleto wakes Hortencia up with breakfast in bed.

     Ligia continues to pressure Julia, saying that she (Ligia) would feel nervous and embarrassed to show up at the Admados’ trailer.

     Samantha and the police shout at each other, as Sam holds a gun to RoVi’s head. Bruce arrives at the mansion.

     Grace asks Lorenzo why he ruined her big night (the evening she was to announce her engagement). Lorenzo admits to Grace that he has been in love with her for years. She is tearful and genuinely surprised.

     Samantha says she would love to see the look on Bruce’s face when he learns the truth about Violeta. Samantha and the cops continue their debate. RoVi looks really frightened. Angel arrives at the mansion.

     Azucena speculates that her mother’s date was with Anacleto.

     Hortensia comes out of the shower, wrapped in a cape that Anacleto wore in his boxing days. Hortensia and Anacleto kiss.

     Angel, who is not usually stupid, wants to charge into the mansion himself, but is held back. Samantha demands that she be allowed to drive off in a car accompanied by Bruce, who agrees and suggests that he be exchanged for Violeta.

     Julia arrives at the trailer to find Diosdado alone.

     Bruce does not want Samantha to get hurt and asks that the cops not follow them, but the officer Bruce is speaking to insists that they will not let Samantha escape.

     Samantha, still holding a gun right next to RoVi’s head, makes her way out of the mansion and to the car. Sam lets RoVi go and holds the gun on Bruce instead. Samantha and Bruce get in a car, with Samantha driving.

     Julia apologizes to Diosdado for showing up, saying that she never meant to hurt him. They share a tender moment. Dulce enters, unseen, and witnesses this.

     Zucie knocks on Anacleto’s door and finally just walks in, catching them both barely dressed. Hortensia comes up with the lame excuse that Anacleto was teaching her wrestling moves. Azucena notes that it’s too bad her mother could not let the family know she would be spending the night with her trainer. Zucie urges Hortencia to return home, so that she (Azucena) won’t have to keep making up excuses as to her mother’s whereabouts.

     Fabian arrives at the mansion and RoVi confides in him that she told Samantha the secret. Angel witnesses their closeness and does not look pleased.

     The cops follow Samantha and finally corner her. Sam gets out of the car and begins firing at the officers, who fire back. Sam is shot and dies in Bruce’s arms, after asking for and receiving a last kiss from him. Samantha tries to tell Bruce the truth about Violeta, but Sam’s last breath comes too soon for the truth to be revealed.


Telenovela-World:  Re: RECAP PLEASE  [USA, 7/9/07]  Author: Gillie78 (---)  Date:   07-10-07 10:02 PDT

     [Here's what I remember, in no particular order. Perhaps if I have left things out or made mistakes, others can help out.]

     At the police station, Bruce starts to question RoVi about what Samantha may have been trying to tell him before she died, and also about what RoVi herself was about to tell him before he got the call about his mother's emergency. At that moment, the police approach RoVi about giving her statement.

     RoVi leaves to give her statement; Bruce stays behind. The officer asks RoVi her name; she hesitates to answer. Mauricio enters and announces that he is RoVi's attorney. RoVi whispers to Mauricio that she does not know which name to use. Mauricio says she must answer as Rosita Amado. He assures her that her statement will be confidential and tells her he will ask the police for discretion. RoVi gives the name "Rosita Amado" and proceeds to answer the officer's questions. Rosita admits that she does not think Samantha intended to kill her, because she had ample opportunity and did not do it.

     When Rosita's questioning is finished, it's Bruce's turn. Fabian says he will leave with RoVi. Bruce wants Violeta to stay, so that he can talk to her more. RoVi says she wants to leave with Fabian. Out of earshot of Bruce, RoVi pleads with Fabian to get her out of there before she reveals the truth to Bruce.

     Bruce is questioned and he, too, admits to the police that he does not think Samantha intended to hurt him.

     Fabian comforts a very upset Rosita.

     Nosy Dulce watches as Julia and Diosdado share a private moment. They admit that they still love each other and are hurting. They kiss. Diosdado persuades Julia to let him take her and the things she has come for in Anacleto's car.

     Diosdado knocks on Anacleto's door. Hortensia hides in the bathroom. A nervous Anacleto agrees to give Diosdado the keys. Diosdado senses something is amiss, but does not pursue the matter. After Diosdado leaves, Hortensia comes out of the bathroom and says she is a grown woman and will not hide her relationship with Anacleto.

     While Diosdado is gone, Dulce comforts Julia. Diosdado returns and, before he and Julia leave, Dulce blesses them both.

     Hortensia returns home and admits to her preoccupied mother that she (Hortensia) spent the night with Anacleto. Dulce seems not to care, but casually asks for the date of the wedding. Hortensia replies that there will be no wedding, because she does not want one.

     Bob arrives at Julia's apartment to give her the bad news that Samantha has died. Ligia greets him at the door. The two have a nice conversation before Julia and Diosdado arrive. Bob gives Julia the news about Samantha, and Julia becomes very upset. Diosdado stays.

     Grace calls the mansion and wants to know how Bruce is. She becomes impatient with Matilde when, still visibly upset, the cook goes into detail about her awful experience with Samantha and the crazy woman's treatment of Violeta. Grace says she only cares about Bruce; Matilde assures the witch that her son is okay. Grace wants to speak to Angel, who is of course nowhere to be found. Grace hangs up, wondering why Angel always disappears when she needs him. She remembers her conversation with Lorenzo, when he confessed his love for her.

     Julia calls Deborah to tell her that her sister is dead. After the phone call, Bob excuses himself to deal with his responsibilities. Ligia goes upstairs to check on the baby.

     Ricardo asks his cohort, whose name I cannot recall, to cut him a blank company check. The weasel accommodates him and suggests that the two of them need an escape plan in case the lawsuit does not go well.

     RoVi admits to Fabian that she wishes that Samantha had had time to tell Bruce the truth.


Telenovela-World:  translation [USA, 7/20/07]  Author: Jpy (---)  Date:   07-20-07 19:07 PDT

     I was wondering can some translate what Bruce said to today in court please. I love this show so much it's the first time I'am watching a telenovela and it is good. I don't get CC3 on my T.V. but I still love to watch the show.

     Here's a very rough recap of what CC3 said...   Author: Gillie78 (---)  Date:   07-21-07 17:51 PDT

     Bruce is asked, "How did you feel when Mr. Amado named Rosita Amado as one of the owners of the Company?"

     Bruce replies, "I was confused at first. I was even a little upset. Juan never mentioned Rosita. After he died, we found out the Company would be in her hands."

     He is asked another question and responds, "I don't know why the recipe was given to her, but I didn't see anything wrong with inheriting it."

     Bruce is then asked if he did not help his mother to commit fraud against Rosita. "No, I didn't. I was lied to. She [Grace] made me believe the Company was going bankrupt." Bruce goes on to say that he agreed to sign the documents but insists that he wanted Rosita to regain her shares once the crisis was over.

     Bruce is then asked if he did not attempt to seduce Rosita to get the recipe. He admits that he agreed to this plan at first. Bruce even admits that the tape exists of his expressing his lack of enthusiasm for the endeavor. He begins to address Rosita directly. "The man you were going to marry wasn't the man from that recording but a man who was madly in love with you. That's the only truth. I was in love with you."

     Mauricio objects to Bruce's addressing Rosita directly. He ends his questioning, and Bruce asks to say a few more words. The judge agrees, but orders him to keep it brief. "I stand before you charged with three crimes," begins Bruce. "I want something to be very clear." Bruce says he was guilty of "not having discovered in time the love I felt for you." Bruce also says he is guilty of the mistakes he has already admitted to. "What I will never allow is for my love to be doubted." He says he came to love Rosita more than his own life. He looks at her directly. "I'll go to jail, but the destruction of this love is on your conscience." Rosita, who has been weeping, begins sobbing and runs from the courtroom.

     Fabian catches up to her outside the courtroom and tries to soothe her. Angel and Veronica, who have followed the two, watch this scene and do not look happy. "I just ruined the man I love," Rosita wails. "I ended up destroying myself. I will never recover from this." She cries on Fab's shoulder as he holds her.


Telenovela-World:  I missed yesterday's episode!!! [USA, 8/2/07] Author: poncefan07 (---) Date:   08-03-07 07:23 PDT

     Hi all! I'm new here but i've been reading the forums for a while. Help!! Can someone briefly recap yesterday's episode for me? My DVR didnt record the show! Por favor, tengo que sabor que paso!!! ....love my carlose ponce!

     ponce fan

     Re: I missed yesterday's episode!!! Author: Ana Orlando, Fl (---) Date:   08-03-07 08:20 PDT

     Bruce had to drag his mother Grace out of the house. They went to Lorenzo's house. All the while Grace asked who those people were and why did they take her home away. Bruce explained that there a big problem with those people and the house was taken away by the law because of complicated circumstances.

Bruce went backto house and signed the papers to house could be transferred to Rosita. All the while with a anger on his face toward Rosita. Rosita cried the whole time. She said she didn't want the house. She reluctantly signed the papers also. Somehow she ended alone in the livingroom with Bruce and he really vented his anger on her, grabbed her by arm and yelled at her. Called her a liar, when she said she had nothing to do with the house being turned over to her. He then said he didn't want to owe her anything so he emptied his pockets of cash & coins,wallet and even his watch. Rosita crying all while. He said he didn't want to see her again. He stormed out of the house and Rosita ran after him crying that what he believed was not true. Mauricio was outside talking with the men who had brought the legal papers when Rosita came running out, Rosita fainted has Bruce walked away.


     The Julia story was something else. She was able to get away from her husband getting the key to door out of his pants while he slept. She went to the trailer park looking for the Amados and was hysterical pounding on the door. The Amados ofcourse were at the Remington house. She got very hysterical and Anacleto found her . Meanwhile at other maid(I can't remember her name) came to warn Julia that her husband Ricardo would soon be coming to the trailer park to look for her. Anacleto took her to his place and Ricardo broke into the Amado house where the maid(again can't remember her name) was and he threatened her with a gun. Anacleto drop kicked the gun out of Ricardo's hand. Julia couldn't stay put & run back over to Amados and then she heard a gun shot. Again she couldn't to be hysterical. The scene ended.

     Rosita and the clan headed over to factory. The workers all greeted them and were happy to see them. Fabian came down from the offices and called Rosita aside to let her know that Bruce's stock was sold. They didn't know who bought it.

     Next Bruce is seen at his new lawyer's office and he is about to find out who bought the stock. Who walks in the door but Deborah. That was end.

     I may have missed some details but hope this helps you.



Telenovela-World:  some help  [USA, 8/3/07]  Author: deb (---)  Date:   08-03-07 23:52 PDT

     I don't speak spanish and the cc3 thing disappeared for me, but I was interested if someone could tell me a little bit about the conversation bruce and deborah had about the shares before they transfered them. Does she know about the flowers?

     Re: some help Author: Beanchop (---) Date:   08-04-07 00:32 PDT

     She knows that flowers are involved and that without them, the factory can't survive. She's really doing it for him, so he won't lose the one thing he truly cares about.

     That's right. He told her all about the flowers... Author: Gillie78 (---) Date:   08-04-07 06:17 PDT

     and the fact that chocolate production would have to halt soon. (I believe this would be insider trading and illegal, but this is a novela, so I guess we don't have to worry about that.)

     I'm still wondering if Bruce will reveal the location of the flowers in order to protect Deborah's investment.


Telenovela-World:  what happen  [USA, 8/16/07]  Author: Jpy (---)  Date:   08-16-07 17:10 PDT

     I just finish watching the show can somebody tell me what Roseita said to Bruce in the highlight words in white Please.

     Re: what happen  Author: _W_ (---)  Date:   08-16-07 17:34 PDT 

     Aqui me pongas a llorar... Me ponga triste

     ?Es que en verdad se vive .. Aqui en el tierra?

     My Spanish sucks, but I think it's something like

     Here you cause me to cry... It makes me sad.

     Does truth live ... Here on earth?

     This is what she said.....  Author: oohtee (---)  Date:   08-16-07 17:35 PDT

     at the very end of the episode when she started to pray in Mayan:

     "Here I begin to cry. I become sad. Is it true that we live here on the earth?" A very deep but cryptic message to say the least.



Telenovela-World:  Por favor, puede alguien hacer un resumen  [USA, 8/16/07]  Author: mandeson (---)

Date:   08-16-07 17:40 PDT

     de lo que paso hoy con Rosita y Bruce porque no lo pude ver...

     Gracias de antemano..

     Rosita and Bruce  Author: Isabella (---)  Date:   08-16-07 17:46 PDT

     Rosita is in the tub, chanting to the Gods in their language, sort of calling to Bruce...Bruce goes to cut the flowers, since it is a full moon...and sees Rosita and tries to touch her and then he sees the mark on his hand...then it disapears...he sneaks in the house and goes to rositas room and puts the flowers by her. She is sleeping, wrapped in a towel. Then she wakes up and sees him and tries to talk sweet to him...but he is spiteful...she lets the towel drop and he gets upset and gives the towel back to her. She is in a seductive mood...but then he grabs her mean and kisses her while saying hateful words. She is scared, she thinks she is pregnant and he may hurt the baby...then she starts talking in her own language and he mellows...and makes love to her as a man really in love with a woman.

but they show tomorrow he throws the flowers at her while she is in bed and says spiteful things to her...she tells him that she really thought he loved her.


Telenovela-World: Summary of Friday's show  Author: Gillie78 (---)  Date:   08-19-07 09:21 PDT 

Dame Chocolate – Friday, August 17

     Grace calls Lorenzo a liar, denying that Bruce is Lorenzo’s son. She becomes very agitated and falls in Lorenzo’s arms.

     Dulce and Azucena look through the house to see if Grace is there.

     Bob and Ligia visit at Azucar. “I hope I may have such good company for the rest of my life,” says Bob.

     Eduardo runs out of the bar. Luis gestures to Ligia that Ricardo is there to see her.

     Bruce and Rosita continue to make love tenderly.

     Azucena says goodnight to Dulce and goes to check on Rosita. Before Zucie can open Ro’s door, Hortensia calls her daughter. Tensia has the heeby-jeebies from all the evil vibes in Grace’s room and has to sleep with the light on. Hortensia asks Azucena to sleep with her. Zucie relates that she saw Jose’s father who tried to reassure her, although he also has not heard from his son.

     Bruce and Rosita lie side-by-side. Rosita asks Bruce why he’s so far away and if he is not happy. Bruce asks Rosita why he should be happy. “I loved you like you loved me when you pretended to be another woman,” says Bruce. Rosita tells him that she always loved him. Bruce claims that is not true.

     Ricardo approaches Ligia and says he has to speak with her alone. Ligia tells Bob she’ll be back.

     Rudy spots Eduardo and takes off after him. Eduardo runs.

     Bruce tells Rosita that he will not let her keep complicating his life. Rosita insists that it is he who is making things complicated. Bruce pushes Rosita down on the bed and throws the flowers at her, saying that the flowers are the only thing between them. “Flowers are what you give the dead, and our love is dead.”

     As Bruce is leaving Rosita’s room, Zuce is leaving Hortensia’s. Zuce overhears Bruce tell Rosita, “I can’t believe you anymore.” Bruce doesn’t notice Azucena, who quickly runs back into Hortensia’s room.

     Rosita cries, clutching the flowers.

     Diosdado is preoccupied with worry over Juan de Dios. Diosdado sees Bruce coming down the stairs and confronts him. The two almost get into a fight. Finally, Bruce says he just came to deliver the flowers to Rosita.

     “Why are you doing this to me, Bruce?” asks Rosita. “Why isn’t my love enough to cure your wounds? You loved me; you truly loved me, my prince. I don’t have to cry about you anymore. I’m yours, Bruce. I will never be alone again; your life is inside me.” She touches her tummy again.

     Zucie considers confronting Rosita about Bruce’s visit, but decides against it. “Why should I bother her if she still loves him? I think deep down inside Bruce still loves her, too.”

     Diosdado and Bruce have a reasonable conversation. They touch on the subject of Bruce and Rosita getting back together. Diosdado points out that the only thing that doesn’t have a solution is death. “Death is what this is about,” Bruce responds. “Your niece nearly killed me.”

     Ligia tells Ricardo she wants to withdraw the lawsuit. He tells her it’s too late.

     Eduardo runs into Rudy’s apartment. He spots the baby and the picture of Grace. Rudy enters.

     Lorenzo covers a sleeping Grace with a blanket. He wonders about her reaction to his claiming that Bruce is his son. “Maybe what Dulce said is true, and you remember more than you want me to believe.”

     Dulce asks for guidance from Juan in order to understand why Lorenzo gave Bruce the flowers. “What does Bruce have to do with us? Enlighten me, brother.” [In Spanish: “Dame luz.”]

     Bruce arrives at Bob’s apartment and immediately pours himself a drink. “I’m back in her arms again. She’s probably laughing at me right now. I deserve it for being such an idiot.” He remembers Rosita’s Mayan chant and throws his drink across the room.

     Dulce lights candles; Rosita enters her room. Ro tells Dulce that Lorenzo was right to give Bruce the flowers. Bruce is not a stranger; he’s Lorenzo’s son. Dulce does not believe it at first, then finally rejoices that Bruce is one of them.

     “I shouldn’t have fallen into your arms again, Rosita,” says Bruce to himself. “Our love was destroyed. I don’t care what I felt or what I can feel for you.” Bruce pours himself another drink.

     Rosita says that what unites her with Bruce are ties that will last forever.

     Diosdado is so worried about his son that he considers taking a drink, but decides against it. He says he will fight for his son.

     Ligia tells Ricardo that he scares her because he is so aggressive. “My personal life has nothing to do with work,” he assures her. Ricardo claims he wants to help Ligia unselfishly. She calls him on it, saying he seeks revenge on Diosdado.

     Bob breaks in. Ricardo says that he and Ligia were discussing legal matters.

     Eduardo is nervous around Rudy, who asks if he is single. Eduardo runs away, with Rudy in hot pursuit.

     Ricardo and Eduardo leave the bar.

     Bob tells Ligia that Ricardo cannot help her in legal matters because his license was revoked.

     El stupido Eduardo tells Ricardo that Juan de Dios is in the apartment at the club. Ricardo thinks that now Diosdado is in a rut with no way out.

     Rudy, Ligia and Luis have champagne to celebrate her debut. Rudy wonders why Eduardo is afraid of him. Luis says Ligia has Bob eating out of the palm of her hand.

     Bob arrives home and excitedly tells Bruce about Ligia. Bruce is unenthused, says he’s tired and goes to bed.

     The next morning, Debora arrives at Lorenzo’s. She happily tells the old man that Bruce took her to see the flowers. Debora tells Lorenzo that she loves Bruce and she thinks she’s about to accomplish what Lorenzo wants.

     Alone at the breakfast table, Rosita and Dulce again discuss the news. “Bruce is the last one who should know this. It’s Lorenzo’s secret and might destroy Bruce,” notes Rosita. Azucena enters and tells her cousin that she looks nice this morning. Matilde brings breakfast, and Rosita acts as though she will eat it all.

     Over coffee, Bob tells Bruce that he hopes he’s in a better mood. “But if you’re not, I don’t care,” insists Bob, who spent the night dreaming he was dancing with Ligia. Bob finally notices Bruce’s subdued mood. “There’s something that you don’t want to tell me, right?” Bruce denies this and excuses himself to go.

     Debora tells Lorenzo that she knows the factory is important to Bruce and that she doesn’t want him to lose it, because she knows that he will regret it. Lorenzo encourages Debora to spend more time with Bruce, because she’s the only one who can make him fight and believe. Sneaky Grace is listening to all of this.

     The Amados want to accompany Rosita to the factory. She tells them they should find their own path and not feel tied to the factory. Diosdado mentions that Bruce was there last night. Rosita drops the watermelon she was stuffing in her face and quickly says he came only to deliver the flowers. Hortensia says he should not get used to coming to the mansion if he doesn’t love Rosita. The subject of the factory comes up again, and Rosita says that Bruce wants nothing to do with it, but that’s okay, because she can handle it herself. She says she feels as if she can take on the world. Ro gets a blessing from Dulce, grabs a piece of toast “for the road” and leaves.

     Debora has left and Lorenzo guides Grace to the garden, so that she can get some fresh air. Grace asks Lorenzo who the woman who visited is and what she wants. Lorenzo responds that the woman’s name is Debora Porter, and she wants Bruce. Lorenzo leaves; Angel and Maria arrive.

     Debora and Rosita discuss Bruce’s possible involvement in the factory. Rosita tells Debora that Bruce brought her the flowers the night before. Bruce walks in and says that he is glad they are both there. “I need to talk to both of you.”

     “What are you doing here, Señora?” Angel taunts Grace. “Doesn’t the mansion belong to the Amados now?” Angel guesses that Grace is staying with Lorenzo. Maria asks who Grace is. Angel replies that she is the previous owner of the mansion who now cannot even remember her name.

     Bruce says he’s made a decision and that they have to clear things up. “I want you to know I am here by obligation, because you gave me no choice. Since you forced me to remain part of the factory, which I also wanted to get out of my life, you will have to accept my conditions.”

     Marta and another employee gossip about Bruce’s being at the factory when he’s not one of the owners anymore. “Those three are up to something,” declares Marta.

     Bruce asks Rosita if she’s willing to do what he wants to keep the factory going. Rosita responds in a calm, pleasant voice that she’s willing to listen to his conditions and will do whatever she can to fulfill them. Rosita asks Bruce what he desires to stay involved with the factory. “My desires have nothing to do with this. Instinct is far removed from reason. It makes you do things that you regret for the rest of your life.”

     “Are you saying you’re regretful?” Rosita asks.

     “Sometimes a man has to take what he’s offered,” Bruce replies.

     “That’s a cowardly way to justify your actions,” claims Rosita.

     “If I was a coward, I wouldn’t be here — ”

     Here Debora breaks in and points out that this is not a meeting about personal matters.

     “I only have one condition,” Bruce finally says. “The only thing I want is to deal directly with Debora, not with you,” he tells Rosita.


Telenovela-World:  Summary for August 21...  Author: Gillie78 (---)  Date:   08-21-07 20:56 PDT

     not everything is in order, but here goes:

     DC – Tuesday, August 21, 2007

     Bruce buys an apartment in Bob’s building. He gets special treatment and is allowed to move in right away.

     At the factory, Debora and Fabian discuss Bruce and Rosita. Fabian says he thinks there was more than a flower exchange the night before.

     Rosita goes to the doctor and cries for joy on hearing the news that she’s pregnant. The doctor says she’s one month along. “St. Augustine,” Rosita says to herself. The doc gives Ro a picture of her ultrasound.

     In his new apartment, Bruce thinks back to his night of passion with Rosita. He hears the Mayan chant again. He says to himself that Rosita is a witch and promises, “Never again.”

     Angel, Maria and Dulce continue to discuss the possibility of Maria’s coming to work at the mansion. Dulce finally says she cannot make the decision and they will have to talk to Rosita.

     Luis and Lorenzo discuss Grace. Lorenzo wonders if Grace remembers more than she admits. Luis assures him that is not the case. When he gets an opportunity to speak to Grace alone, Luis warns her to be careful because Lorenzo is suspicious. Luis offers to take Grace to her doctor. Lorenzo agrees, but evidently they do not do it!

     Some old guy warns Diosdado that the men he wrestled with that day are dangerous.

     Rosita goes to Bob’s apartment and persuades him to tell her where Bruce is.

     Bruce, the shirtless wonder, paints his new apartment. Debora arrives to help.

     Luis, before he leaves, promises to see Grace again the following day.

     Bruce and Debora start roughhousing with the paint until they are both a mess. Debora demands one of Bruce’s shirts.

     Ricardo menaces Eduardo until the latter agrees to kidnap Juan de Dios.

     Fabian arrives at the mansion and meets with Dulce. The two have a nice chat. Angel lurks unseen in the background, listening. Dulce wonders where Rosita is. Fabian explains that she left the factory early and did not return. Angel contemplates hurting Fabian for being in his (Angel’s) territory.

     Rosita arrives at Bruce’s door. Debora answers with wet hair, wearing one of Bruce’s shirts, and holding a bottle of wine. The shower is heard running in the background. Rosita asks Debora what she’s doing there. “It’s obvious. I’m with Bruce,” Debora replies. She tells Rosita it’s a bad time.

     Eduardo worries that Diosdado will kill him when he finds out Eduardo stole Juan de Dios. Ricardo says he has a plan so that Eduardo won’t get found out.

     “Rosita’s not alone; she’s with Bruce,” Fabian tells Dulce. Fabian says he has come to the realization that Rosita will always see him as a friend. Angel slithers away.

     Bruce is coming out of the shower. Debora hurriedly tells Rosita she has to go and shuts the door in her face. Debora later lies to Bruce, telling him that someone had the wrong apartment.

     Rosita gets into her car, crying, “You can’t do this to me! Why did you do this to me?” She wonders how, after being with her, Bruce could be with Debora.

     On Angel’s orders, Matilde gives Maria a room — Eulalia’s. Angel insists to Matilde that Rosita will give Maria a job.

     Ricardo’s brainstorm is to have Eduardo dress in drag. He turns out not to be a bad looking drag queen. [And he can walk in heels better than I can.]

     Ligia’s would-be suitor at the club has a hissy fit when she asks him to zip her up. Eulalia arrives and delivers the message that Julia wants to talk to Ligia.

     Julia and Diosdado meet in a café. She tells him she spoke to Eulalia and asked her to get a message to Ligia that Julia wants to talk to her.

     Bruce and Debora kiss.

     At Lorenzo’s, Grace is sleeping. Rosita arrives and confronts Lorenzo about his encouraging Debora to spend time with Bruce. “You are trying to separate us. Why?” “You made a mistake,” Lorenzo responds. “With love, anything is possible,” insists Rosita. “You destroyed Bruce’s love. Now he’s very hurt. You’re not the person who can heal that pain.”

     Dulce tells Fabian that she realizes that Bruce loved Rosita with all his heart. Dulce is positive that Bruce is a very special person. “I think that you are too nice. I don’t trust Bruce,” says Fabian. Dulce tells Fabian how much she admires him. She congratulates him on being a good enough and brave enough person to let go of the woman he loves. “Because I know she loves him,” Fabian cries. Dulce kisses Fab and gives him a hug.

     Grace awakens to find blood on her sheets. She collapses to the floor, distraught.

     “The day you decided to get revenge on Bruce, you changed your destiny,” insists Lorenzo. “Now you have to deal with the consequences. Right now the only thing between you two is Debora.” Rosita tells Lorenzo that chocolate is not the only thing that ties her to Bruce; now there is something else. She touches her tummy again. Rosita leaves. Lorenzo wonders what she meant.

     Bruce and Debora continue to kiss. He has flashbacks of being with Rosita and hears that chant again. He tells Debora he cannot make love to her.

     Eulalia tries to reason with Ligia.

     Rosita has arrived at the mansion and obviously thinks she’s alone. “Why did you leave me again?” she asks aloud. “Maybe it’s your fault,” suggests Fabian, who is standing across the room. “You’ve allowed him to walk in and out of your life whenever he wants to,” Fabian points out. “If I’m not careful, I’ll waste my whole life on this,” he continues. “I’m tired of fighting. I know that Bruce was here last night, and not just to deliver flowers. You were with him. You fell into Bruce’s arms again. I don’t want to fool myself anymore. I can’t fight against your feelings. I don’t want to stand between you two.”

     “You came to say goodbye, didn’t you?” asks Rosita.

     “I think I should disappear from your life. Goodbye, Beautiful!”

     He has turned his back and is walking away. Rosita calls out, without looking in his direction, “Don’t go! Don’t leave me alone, please!”

     Bruce apologizes to Debora. “I can’t make anyone happy right now.”

     “Bruce,” Debora explains, “I know you don’t love me. I only wanted you to make love to me.”

     “A man so full of hate can’t do that.” Bruce explains that he spent the last year loving one woman, with two faces. “It’s still not the right time,” Bruce insists.

     [That’s funny. It wasn’t the right time yesterday, and lo and behold 24 hours later it’s still not the right time! Who’d a-thunk it?]


Telenovela-World:  Re: Summary of 8/23 episode?  Author: Isabella (---)  Date:   08-23-07 18:34 PDT

     The Mr. Idiot dressed like a woman did not kidnapped the baby, too many people walked on him at the apartment.

     Grace tried to kill Rosita with a knife, but Lorenzo stoped her.

Luis came to get Grace the next day and suposedly to take her to the doctor, but she was going to another physician to have acheck up...she is sure she lost the baby and is very, very bitter.

     Angel went into Fabians room, but killed the girl, she had covered her head with the blanketafter their lovemaking. Fabian saw the plane ticket in her purse and decided to change it for two tickets. He was planning on going back with her. When he came in the room he almost fainted when he realized someone had killed her. he called his dad, and the cops who of course were suspicious of him. His dad told him to be careful because they were not trying to kill the girl but him.


Telenovela-World:  Re: Summary of 8/23 episode?  Author: Isabella (---)  Date:   08-23-07 18:34 PDT

     The Mr. Idiot dressed like a woman did not kidnapped the baby, too many people walked on him at the apartment.

     Grace tried to kill Rosita with a knife, but Lorenzo stoped her.

Luis came to get Grace the next day and suposedly to take her to the doctor, but she was going to another physician to have acheck up...she is sure she lost the baby and is very, very bitter.

     Angel went into Fabians room, but killed the girl, she had covered her head with the blanketafter their lovemaking. Fabian saw the plane ticket in her purse and decided to change it for two tickets. He was planning on going back with her. When he came in the room he almost fainted when he realized someone had killed her. he called his dad, and the cops who of course were suspicious of him. His dad told him to be careful because they were not trying to kill the girl but him.


Telenovela-World:  Very brief recap [USA, 8/24/07] Author: Gillie78 (---) Date:   08-26-07 06:24 PDT

     Here's what I remember, in no particular order:

     Bruce goes to the mansion to apologize to Rosita for what his mother did. Rosita promises not to file a complaint against Grace. Bruce tells Ro that Grace will move in with him. He mentions that he bought a new condo. Rosita replies that she knows that because Bob told her. Ro tells Bruce she went looking for him the night before to tell him something important. At that point, el stupido Angel interrupts and starts taunting Bruce.

     After Bruce leaves, Rosita tells Angel he should not have butted into the conversation.

     Ricardo berates Eduardo for not managing to kidnap Juan de Dios. Ricardo swears that he will take the child and that then Diosdado will do whatever Ricardo wants.

     The Amados continue to try to comfort Azucena, who is still very upset.

     Julia and Rosita meet and greet in the hall at the mansion.

     Maria sees on tv that a woman was murdered at the hotel where she and Angel were up to their shenanigans the night before. She becomes very upset.

     Mauricio visits the mansion and tells Rosita about Fabian's predicament: Veronica was murdered in his hotel room. Angel is lurking in the doorway again and realizes he killed the wrong person.

     Rosita visits Fabian in Mauricio's apartment to offer her support.

     Mauricio and Hortensia have a chat.

     Bruce goes to visit Bob and takes him to task for telling Rosita about his new condo. Bob tells him that Rosita was insistent that she had something to tell Bruce that would solve all their problems. Bob admits to giving Rosita the exact address. Bruce realizes that it was Rosita who rang the bell the night before and that Debora lied to him that someone had the wrong apartment. Bruce admits to Bob that he made love to Rosita.

     Luis takes Grace to a medical facility (not her usual doctor) where she is treated for her miscarriage. Grace tells Luis that she wants to keep it secret that she miscarried. She wants everyone to think of her as pregnant and therefore vulnerable.

     Bruce goes to buy furniture and passes a Muslim woman on the street. Her veil reminds him of the first time Rosita arrived at the factory. He smiles to himself.

     Anacleto decides that Hortensia didn't accept his proposal because he wasn't romantic enough. It occurs to him to buy an engagement ring and get down on one knee. [Poor Anacleto!]

     Debora goes to the doctor about her bruises. He takes blood tests and says he will have the results in a few days.

     [That's all I can remember. I'm sure I left out tons. Perhaps someone else can fill in the gaps/correct any mistakes.



Telenovela-World:  Summary of tonights episode  [USA, 8/27/07]  Author: Isabella (---)  Date:   08-28-07 03:28 PDT

     Grace has a tantrum because Bruce wants to take her to his apt. and away from Lorenzos house. When Luis tells her that Bruce is adamant about this, she tells him if this happens, she needs to get into the chocolate factory, and that Samantha will help her, since she is crazy over heels in love with Bruce.

     Bruce asked semantha if the person who came to their apt. that night was Rosita, and she said yes...he is wondering what was so important that she was looking for him.

     Fabian is still in shock with what happened to Veronica. Tells Rosita he is leaving, she gets all sentimental and makes her promise that she will never leave her. (we all know is because of her pregnancy and her problems with Bruce, but Bruce who is listening doesnt know that...all he knows is that Fabian tells Rosita he loves her and hugs her...Bruce is dying of jealosy. He goes to his office and trashes all...and burns Rositas old picture. He thinks Rosita is running around with Angel and Fabian..what a fool.

     The lawyer and his acomplice go in search of Dios Dados baby, and finds him with the other maid, who is taking him for a walk in the park. Dressed as clowns they go by them, and making cute faces, and all the kids are around them, take the baby and run.

     Elijia is talking to Dios Dado and family....everything is peachy keene, they all forgive each other. She knows now that Dios Dado doesnt want to take away the baby from her. Made up with the whole family, and promises they will see the baby often, etc. etc.

     Semantha wants to know what is Bruce position in the factory, and calls a meeting..Bruce burning with jealosy for seen Rosita and Fabian hugging and listened their sweet words..wants 50% of the "acciones" and I forgot what else, since he is the one who has the flowers!!!

     Angel comes into the office, and we see that there is a fight with Bruce, or one about to happen.

     For tonight: Fabian and Rosita are together, and Bruce comes to them and tells them...that he is sure they were in bed all night. Fabian punches Bruce, and tells him...You respect Rosita.

     If I missed something, please lwrite it here...for the people who did not see it (sorry I am not that good at the names yet.)

     SEmantha Author: Isabella (---) Date:   08-28-07 03:37 PDT

     De doctor calls her and tells her he needs to talk to her about theresults of her tests...she is worried, and then she keeps thinking, I have always been a healthy person....in this episode she has not gone to the doctor yet to find out about theresults...I keep thinking skin cancer, but that is not the way her skin shows.

Or I thought she was allergic to the flowers...what do you guys think?



Telenovela-World: Would someone be willing to translate please?  [USA, 8/28/07] Author: CEM (---)

Date:   08-28-07 20:15 PDT

     I didn't catch what was said, in the conference room. I understand Bruce wanted a higher percentage but, I know I missed a lot of other stuff. Also, the conversation between Bruce and Deb's lawyer, and the confrontation between Bruce, Fabian, and Rosita. I know Fab told him to show her respect and then hit him. I know i'm missing details. Anyone please help! Thanks.

          Re: Would someone be willing to translate please? Author: Anonymous (---) Date:   08-28-07 20:25 PDT

          Ok so Bruce decided he does not want to take part of the Factory he just wants 50% of all the economy the Factory produces which would make no sense for either Deborah or Rosita to accept, he said that he deserved that because you know he has the flowers and all

     Ok so Deborah's lawyer talked to Bruce saying to him that Deb inverted all her heritage on the factory only for Bruce to not lose his property over the Factory, he also said that what Deb said to Bruce was a lie she didnt buy the factory for her dad's invesments but for Bruce and as a matter of fact her father didnt want her to buy it therefore they have some differences now

     Ok so fabian went back to the crime scene and then called rosita, she went to go meet him and when they were coming out they found Bruce so bruce said "what can someone conclude from a man and a woman coming out of a hotel is that you have just been together" rosita told bruce she was being offended and Bruce basically called her a whore, thats when Fabian punched him the F$%k out

     oh yeah and Deb now has leukemia and in the previews we saw that Bruce marries Deb, Rosita faints and Bob tells Bruce that Deb has a terminal illness

          Here it goes.... Author: oohtee (---) Date:   08-28-07 20:31 PDT

          Bruce doesnt want to be a part of the company anymore. He wants to form his own business. By that, I believe, is he will sell the flowers to Chocolate Supremo for half of the profits. (What nerve HUH!!!) Of course, this would hurt the company bigtime having to split 50/50 the profits. He wants to make Rosita squirm and pay her back for her supposed affair with Fabian.

     Deb's lawyer told Bruce that Deb invested all of her money in the company to help Bruce. The lawyer said that if Bruce's demands are met, it will hurt Deb financially.

     The confrontation between Ros/Fab/Bruce pretty much went like this: Bruce tells them how often they run into each other. He insinuates that they were having sex because why else would a man a woman be coming out of hotel room. He was basically calling Rosita a skank and asking her how long have her and Fab been seeing each other. He was so disrespectful to her that Fab cold-clocked him (And well he deserved it too, THE JERK) Rosita says that one day he will find out how wrong he has been and he will eat his words!!



Telenovela-World: Re: Summary of tonight's episode [USA, 8/28/07]  Author: Anonymous (---)  Date:   08-28-07 22:02 PDT

     Ok so Bruce decided he does not want to take part of the Factory he just wants 50% of all the economy the Factory produces which would make no sense for either Deborah or Rosita to accept, he said that he deserved that because you know he has the flowers and all

     Ok so Deborah's lawyer talked to Bruce saying to him that Deb inverted all her heritage on the factory only for Bruce to not lose his property over the Factory, he also said that what Deb said to Bruce was a lie she didnt buy the factory for her dad's invesments but for Bruce and as a matter of fact her father didnt want her to buy it therefore they have some differences now

     Ok so fabian went back to the crime scene and then called rosita, she went to go meet him and when they were coming out they found Bruce so bruce said "what can someone conclude from a man and a woman coming out of a hotel is that you have just been together" rosita told bruce she was being offended and Bruce basically called her a whore, thats when Fabian punched him the F$%k out

     oh yeah and Deb now has leukemia and in the previews we saw that Bruce marries Deb, Rosita faints and Bob tells Bruce that Deb has a terminal illness


Telenovela-World:  SPOILERS -- Summary of 9/7/07  Author: Gillie78 (---)  Date:   09-07-07 19:09 PDT

     DC — Friday, September 07, 2007

     Debora confronts Rosita in her office. “Admit it. You’re hurting because you’re still in love with Bruce.”

     “Why should I tell you how I feel about Bruce? He hates me, and he thinks I’m a tramp, but he’s the only man I’ve ever been with.”

     “If you share your pain, it won’t hurt as much,” says Debora.

     “Alright. It’s true. I didn’t expect you two to come back married. Although Bruce thinks that I hate him, he was the love of my life.”

     “I’m sorry that things didn’t work out between you two, but that’s not my fault.”

     “I’m not blaming you. I know that I lost him, and I won’t get in your way. I hope he’s happy by your side. From now on, I’ll put some distance between us.”

     “Rosita, you have to come to an understanding. You two have to run this factory.”

     “How? How can I do that after what he did? It’s obvious you want me out of the factory.”

     “No, that’s not true, I just spoke to Mauricio and Bruce. I’m giving up my shares of the factory in your favor. We’ll have 50%, just like you.”

     “That’s not enough. If you want to prove there is no ill will, I demand you accept my conditions.”

     At Rudy’s, Grace tells Bruce a big fib about how she went for a walk, got lost, and ended up going in a taxi to Azucar.

     Ligia continues to try to convince Diosdado that Julia went back to Ricardo under duress because of Juan de Dios’ kidnapping. Diosdado remains angry. Ligia calls Julia at the apartment, but she’s not there.

     Julia arrives at the factory, and the receptionist, Ines [she finally has a name!] is happy to see her.

     “All right,” says Debora. “Ask whatever you want. I’m listening.”

     “Remington says that the partnership will last one year, which is renewable if all parties agree, but he has the right to break that whenever he wants.”

     “It wasn’t done to trick you. Bruce wouldn’t do that.”

     “I think he would. He hates me. He could break the partnership anytime he wanted to, and the factory would be ruined. I can’t allow that.”

     “What do you propose?”

     “I want the contract to last five years, and if one of the partners decides to break the partnership, they should compensate the other with half their assets.”

     “That’s a strategy to tie Bruce to the factory. Rosita, he’s going to be very upset with me, but I’ll accept the conditions.”

     Both women relax a bit.

     “Do you feel better, since you fainted?” asks Debora. “Do you know why it happened?”

     “It always happens to me when I’m shocked. I’m fine.”

     “I’m glad. I thought it was something else.”

     “Debora, you’re a good woman. Now I understand why he decided to marry you.”

     “Thanks for understanding, Rosita. One has to be happy while they’re alive. Maybe I’ll only be with Bruce for a little while.”

     Rosita seems puzzled by this but says nothing as Debora exits the office.

     Bruce and Grace leave Rudy’s. Rudy is obviously besotted with Bruce. Rudy berates Luis for lying to Bruce about Grace.

     Dulce tells Angel off.

     Ligia cries over Juan de Dios. Diosdado tells her to calm down because no one in the household knows the child has been kidnapped. Dulce enters and greets the two of them. The old woman is disappointed the baby is not there for her to see.

     At the factory, Debora offers Julia Samantha’s old job, as a public relations executive.

     Mauricio tells Fabian about the concession that Debora and Bruce made, so that the shares would be split 50/50. Rosita walks in and says she does not accept the deal, because she has her own conditions. She again explains her terms.

     Julia accepts the job. Debora says they need the approval of one more person.

     Bruce and Grace arrive at Bruce’s apartment.

     Luis wants Rudy to stop bad-mouthing Grace. Rudy continues to criticize Grace for lying to Bruce, who’s muy galactica.

     Bruce calls Lorenzo to tell him that Grace is safe.

     Debora and Julia approach Rosita, who agrees that Julia should take the job.

     Ligia tells Dulce that Juan de Dios has a cold. Diosdado tells his mother he has to accompany Ligia to the doctor.

     Debora excuses herself. Julia is a little puzzled that Rosita doesn’t mention Juan de Dios. Julia asks Rosita if Diosdado has told her anything. Rosita wants to know what’s she’s talking about, but at this point Fabian interrupts. Julia says she will tell Rosita later.

     Ricardo takes a picture of Juan de Dios, puts it in an envelope with a note and drops it in the mail slot at Azucar.

     Grace lets it slip that Bruce’s father once had a bachelor pad. Bruce asks when she got her memory back. Grace does her poor little confused me routine and gets away with her mistake.

     Mauricio arrives at the mansion and is greeted by Dulce. He asks about Azucena. Later he asks about Hortensia, which amuses Dulce.

     At Oh My Gawd salon, Hortensia and her friend whose name escapes me at the moment (Mateas’ wife; Carmen?) celebrate the opening with Anacleto. The three share some champagne.

     Azucena visits her father-in-law. A soldier enters and tells them that Jose has been found and is on his way home.

     Ligia and Diosdado arrive at Azucar. She shows him the stage where she dances. Rudy enters and is stopped dead in his tracks by Diosdado.

     Debora arrives at Bruce’s with her suitcase, to be greeted by Bruce and the mother-in-law from hell.

     Rosita and Fabian arrive at the mansion and greet Dulce, who relates the good news about Mateas. Rosita goes to get ready for dinner. Before walking up the stairs, she says she will put the mansion up for sale. Dulce wonders what the matter is. Fabian confides that Rosita had another encounter with Bruce. Fabian thinks something broke inside Rosita, because she fainted.

     Rosita tells Matilde to take all her belongings out of Bruce’s room and take them to her old room. Ro asks Matilde to pack all of Bruce’s things away to be sent to his new residence.

     Dulce is alarmed to hear that Rosita fainted. The old woman points out that it’s the second time. Fabian suggests that perhaps Rosita is not eating well. Dulce responds that Ro is eating like a pig. Dulce asks Fabian point-blank if Rosita is pregnant.

     Debora, whose luck hasn’t been good lately, graciously welcomes her mother-in-law to her new home. Debora tells Bruce about the new deal she cut with Rosita. Bruce is pissed. He and his bride have their first real fight.

     Fabian expertly deflects Dulce’s questions, feigning ignorance. Finally, he tells Dulce about Bruce’s marriage, which distracts her.

     Rosita enters her old room, the one she lived in as the original Rosita. She sees that all her things have been removed and surmises that Bruce had them all thrown away. Bruce is out of her life, but he left her a great treasure. She rubs her belly again.

     Bruce and Debora continue to argue. To Bruce, it’s all about Bruce. To Debora, it’s all about the factory. Debora points out that since she met Bruce all she has tried to do is help him and that she would never do anything to harm him. Bruce apologizes, and so does Debora. She tells Bruce she loves him. He responds with, “When will all this end?” Grace, who has listened to the entire exchange while pretending not to, thinks to herself, “When you destroy the Amados.”

     Diosdado has his doubts about his son living at Azucar, but Ligia reassures the big guy that Rudy is a good person.

     Julia holds Sammy’s picture and imagines that her late friend would advise her to call Diosdado and tell him the truth. Julia calls the mansion, but of course Diosdado is not home. Julia realizes that no one in the household has been told Juan de Dios is missing.

     Angel harasses Matilde as she works, and he tries to take one of Bruce’s jackets. The two are fighting over it when Fabian enters. Matilde explains to Fabian what is happening and then excuses herself. Fabian snatches the jacket from Angel, and Angel pushes Fabian as Rosita enters. Angel says that he was helping Matilde and that Fabian has no right to give orders. Rosita says that starting today, this will be Fabian’s room.

     Hortensia, now alone at Oh My Gawd, is visited by Mauricio, who brings flowers.

     Angel reacts like a jerk to the news that Fabian is moving in. The two almost get into it again, but Rosita intervenes and asks Angel to leave the room immediately. He does so, saying that he and Rosita will talk later.

     After Angel exits, Fabian asks, “Rosita, what’s this about me living at the mansion?”


Telenovela-World:  Miami Girl [USA Summary 9/21/07] Author: Isabella  Date:   09-21-07 19:11 PDT

     Small summary

     Dulce throws Angel out of the house, after Fabian tells her that he is worried sick since Rosita told Angel about the baby, and that he and his dad suspect that Angel was the person who shot his girlfriend thinking it was him in the bed. Dulce did a good job throwing him out, of course Angels girl is staying behind, to "do whatever Angel tells her to do"...hope she spills the beans sooner than later.

     Julia knows she is been followed by some idiot who her husband is paying to follow her everywhere. She tells Bruce to act like he wants to meet with her so he will not suspect, and Bruce takes her to his office where she spills the beans and tells him everything. They leave together losing the "idiot" who is following them. Bruce tells Julia to tell her husband when he phones that they are in a work meeting, he says, you better be, because if I know something fishy is going on the baby is dead. Bruce calls the cops and they are told about the dealing and wheeling that is going on.

     So Rudy dressed as a woman with a police tracker and the money go to where the baby had been kidnapped in the first place, scared to death of course.

     Lorenzo goes to the chocolate factory to tell Bruce that he is his son, but Grace sort of stops him, by the time he goes to Bruce office, he is ready to leave with Julia, and since that is urgent, Lorenzo doesnt get a chance to tell him that he is his daddy, and Grace is so sure he will be so devastated, and will hate Lorenzo for this. Wonder if Grace will tell Bruce that she was raped or something , even though she was the one who got in Lorenzos bed that night.

     Okay, what else...please feel free to fill in the blanks.

     Oh, Deborah goes to church and talks to the priest, he gave her the sacred oils, or whatever they call that, when you are sick and close to death...and gave her holy comunions, she seemed in best spirits when she left. The priest told her to do the right things and put all things in their place. and she said she would, she left with a smile in her face. When she got home with Grace, Bruce was nowhere to be found. When grace asked her if something was the matter, she said, yes, I am very sick, and will not be in this earth for too long.


Telenovela-World:  hey finaly talked (spoilers)  Author: bunny   Date:   09-29-07 19:25 PDT

     Friday’s episode was the best. Bruce and Rosita finally talked about the things that were bothering them. He told her how he felt without anger and most importantly without insults. Someone said in the forum earlier that it was like the island scene and I agree. They were able to talk without any interruptions; they seem to have left all the anger behind. They were able to talk about how Bruce is always the last one to know and how he went crazy with jealousy. Also Rosita was able to explain about how she couldn't till him about the baby. I loved how Bruce is all happy to learn that Rosita was carrying his child. He still has some issues left to deal with mainly his mother, but he is finally going to the good place. He is dealing with his problems like an adult, not like a spoil child. No tantrums and no running away ether. The whole pool scene was my favorite, I was also happy to see that Rosita remember Deborah and that fact that she is married to Bruce. Now I feel like singing "all we need is love".


Telenovela-World:  re:wc spoiler....boredom continues!  [10/2/07]  Author: lady arwen evenstar Date:   10-02-07 17:53 PDT

     hate to say it madeson but as much as last week give us the feeling that DC was ending ,and sense of urgency,i think someone was right ,DC hit it's peak a week early, coz tonight was boring ,i felt like sleeping ,it's not like if nothing was happening but just like last night , things were happening but not at the required speed,:

     eulalia was missing for a good fifteen mn,just in case some didnt know she spend the night out(hortensia!)...

     it was ligia's turn to do clorox ad in the kitchen, otherwise her baby might die from a cruel bacteria lurking around the mansion!....

     hortensia is freaking out coz she hasnt seen mauro+ she 's afraid of going to the party coz she doesnt want to see him after learning that eulalia spent night with anacleto" coz she's not confused about what she wants" so omg sees she has lost a man and is afraid mauro will reject her....

     mauro and anacleto have a chat at the fabrica ,anacleto tells him that Hort is all his, he could never have made her happy,and that he'll continue his road where he belongs and that's all he had to say...

     fabian talks to dulce says he's leaving for spain again ,u can abort that plan again fab,since rosita was abducted he aint going anywhere....

     rosita and deb talk at funeral she says she knows about the baby ,later they talk at the office and deb tells ro that she has leukemia(TOTAL SURPRISE) but even then i didnt react coz i was so drowsy and lulled by the episode fake rythm...

then bruce entered ,and rosita exited coz she's overwhelmed by what she just learned,deb gives bruce some semi-excuse about been upset about inez death and velorio!

     ,oh yeah asucena and jose meet at the fabrica talk just enough for him to tell her leave me alone vete !vete! idiota he's got one leg ,trip him drag him to a room lock the door and get this conversation going ,we dont have time for ur chit chat !(sorry i'm getting distracted! back to the lullaby)

     so then drastic switch to night time ,not even a little sunset over the city!(since we're wasting precious seconds why not?) so rosita dressed dulce tells her she looks stunning,asucena is dressed tells her ma get dress but she doesnt want to (ample time for a hortensia drama!)

     bruce and deb dress go to party...angel and grace plan the kidnapp wow!!........whatever! then get the grand idea of dressing up as parking valets and wait for ro (they divined that she would go outside wow!)

so at the party higlight of the night ,bob comes with his fiancee ,chit chat ya ya da ya da...with bruce and deb..

     then ro +fab come (ro/bruce music ah l'amour)and...nada they all dance they exchange partners huh-uh! ro/bru dances sniff each other 'no i can't do this- why- i'm afraid of u of this,-u know what i want u &my son- no no let me be deb needs u bla bla bla...

then she runs outside duh time's a wasting u might miss angel if u dont run faster ro!

     so bruce goes behind her and duh cant find her but hey guess what he bumps into his ma' (no eureka in his mind mom here=ro in danger huh huh!) and talks to her and she says goodbye he says give urself in to the cops she says no i cant go to jail i'm free bla bla bla...then leaves

     ro gets kidnapped by angel she goes into the car he has gun on her she cries then grace enter the car she says grace,tu! (yes me who where u expecting bruce--i'm saying so!) then it ends!

     and might i surmised that the preview seemed to be as boring as these past two episodes; I'M SO IN DENIAL!!!,i cant believe this novela is ending friday ,it might as well have ended last friday what an episode!! followed by these two ...urrghh whatever!

well who knows i'm trying to stay positive but i just dont see tomorow beeing any better ,then again it wont be worse ,so that's always that!

evenstar ,cheers everyone!




Telenovela-World:  Summary of final episode -- Friday, October 5, 2007 Author: Gillie78 Date:   10-05-07 18:53 PDT

     Dame Chocolate — Summary of Grand Finale — Friday, October 5, 2007

     [Episode dedicated to the memory of Daniel Farías]

     The family waits at the mansion for news. Anacleto and Eulalia show up; she’s pregnant.

     Angel sleeps in a hammock in the middle of the shack. Grace shows Rosita the rat poison she (Grace) put in his soup. Grace slips a ring to Rosita and then tries to open the lock on her chains. Rosita is having labor pains.

     Bruce and Diosdado rent a 4X4 to go looking for Rosita.

     Hortencia congratulates Anacleto and Eulalia on her pregnancy. Anacleto congratulates Hortensia on her marriage to Mauricio.

     Rosita cries out, and Angel wakes up. Angel starts to feel pain and falls to the floor. “What did you give me to eat?” he asks Grace.

     “It wasn’t the food,” Grace replies. “We all had the same thing.” Angel finds the rat poison.

     “Give birth, damn you,” says Angel to Rosita. “That baby’s going to die.”

     Carmen and Mateo arrive at the mansion. The group prays together.

     Diosdado and Bruce cannot go any farther in the vehicle, because all the roads are flooded. Angel continues to harass Rosita. Grace goes after Angel with a knife, and the two struggle. Rosita manages to free herself from her chains and runs out into the rain. Angel slaps Grace a couple of times. She grabs the knife and goes after him again. They struggle some more. Grace falls to the floor, wounded. Angel falls on top of her as she holds the knife upright, and he is mortally wounded. Grace tells Angel, “Now we’re dying in our own hell.” Angel cannot move. Rosita continues to run through the rain. Diosdado and Bruce secure some horses to continue their search.

     Evil spirits approach Angel. He tells them not to take him, but they do anyway.

     A cold wind blows through the mansion and creeps everybody out. Doña Dulce says she had a premonition, but doesn’t say more.

     Rosita enters a filthy abandoned shack. She lies down on some blankets.

     Grace runs out into the rain, calling Rosita’s name. Grace imagines she hears Juan Amado’s voice, speaking in dialect.

     Diosdado and Bruce split up in order to cover more ground. Grace, bleeding from her wound, continues to walk through the rain, calling Rosita’s name. Grace sees Juan’s face in the river, and she walks into the river.

     Bruce rides through the rain, calling Rosita’s name. Grace is drowning and calls out to Bruce, but he does not hear her. Grace drowns. Diosdado finds Angel’s body.

     Rosita prays in dialect. Bruce enters. Rosita asks him for help and tells him his child is here. Bruce tries to comfort Rosita during her pain. The sun is coming up, and we hear a baby crying. Bruce and Rosita cry. Rosita happily holds her baby, as Bruce lies down beside her. Diosdado enters. Rosita speaks in dialect.

     Next we see Bruce and Rosita all cleaned up and standing next to the statue of Ek Chuah. Rosita is holding the baby. Rosita says she knows Juan is smiling down on them because their love is stronger than ever and joined by chocolate.

     Diosdado is back at the mansion and explains to the family that Angel’s body is being sent home. Grace was never found. Police from the U.S. and Mexico are after her. Lorenzo says that where Grace went, no one will find her. Rosita, Bruce and the baby enter. Happy greetings are exchanged. Lorenzo and Bruce embrace, then Dulce hugs Bruce.

     Months later, they reopen the factory. The baptism is the same day. Rudy and Luis are at the christening. Rudy says something that seems to indicate he is Juan de Dios’s godmother. Azucena is pregnant. Lorenzo enters, carrying Rosita’s baby. Bob is the new baby’s godfather; Azucena is godmother. [If they ever actually said the name of the baby, it was not translated to CC3.]

     At twilight, the family has a celebratory meal outside the mansion. All the couples are present and obviously very happy. Diosdado toasts his son’s godparents and his wife, Julia. Rosita walks towards the mansion. Bruce follows her with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Rosita enters the mansion and sees a package on the table. “I followed you here to have a toast alone with you,” says Bruce. “To you, amor mio,” he says. They kiss. Bruce opens the note attached to the package. It’s from Fabian. He says that the last few months of his life have been wonderful and magical. He was with Debora until she died. Fabian writes that the experience made him a changed man. He created a book in Debora’s honor, called “Una Mujer Grande.”

     Bruce and Rosita return to the group outside. Lorenzo and Dulce have a chat. They agree that they have a very beautiful family. Dulce recalls something that Juan used to say. “Life is only the recreation of our dreams, and dreams are chosen.”

     “I’m so tired, Lorenzo,” says Dulce. “I think I dreamed everything I had to dream.”

     “Me too, sister,” he answers. “So they will have to write the rest of this story.” Dulce and Lorenzo look back at the group and join hands.

     “What would you like, mi principe?” asks Rosita.

     “Dame chocolate,” Bruce replies. They kiss.

     Re: Summary of final episode -- Friday, October 5, 2007  Author: Violeta Date:   10-05-07 19:20 PDT

     that was a perfect summary gillie! you got everything down, except one little detail if you don't mind me adding. when bruce and rosita and the baby are in front of ek-chuah statue, they show the baby's marca de ek-chuah located on his leg. cant remember now if it was on his thigh though. but overall, PERFECTO! MARAVILLOSO! right on the money. :)

     excellent summary Gillie...  Author: deb Date:   10-05-07 23:23 PDT

     can I add one more part.

     When bruce is with rosita and the new baby, just before diosdado enters, Ek Chuah who has been watching, moves in front of the camera. If you are closely watching bruce and rosita, it's like an annoying shadow, but if you look close at the shadow you can see his shape, and his arms.


Telenovela-World:  No mention of Grace saving Rose  Author: Tainasa Date:   10-05-07 18:14 PDT

     They didn't say anything about how Grace saved them both...it was because of her that Rosita made it and had the baby. Grace turned to be the "redeemed heroine" at the end. I would have loved to have Rosita tell everyone what she did for them, especially to Bruce. Have him acknowledge what she did at the end. She stood to her word that she would do anything for her son Bruce and she did.


Telenovela-World:  LAST LINE OF DAME CHOCOLATE  Author: Violeta Date:   10-05-07 17:35 PDT


     Re: LAST LINE OF DAME CHOCOLATE  Author: Solanges  Date:   10-05-07 17:36 PDT

     That's right. Dame chocolate means give me a kiss?

     Solanges : )



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