O Cravo e a Rosa  (El clavel y la rosa)                         Summaries in English  - Nov. 11, 2003 – May 7, 2004, Chapters 1 - 124 [GRAN FINAL]


Brazil (Rede Globo) 2000.                                           

USA on  Telemundo: 11/10/03 -  5/7/04          half-hour episodes.  very, very, very heavy editing.


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Chapter 1: Monday, 11/10/03 – Feminists stage a protest. Petruchio (Du Moscovis) tries to steer his wagon around the protesters; and as he does, the load of cheese he’s carrying spills out of the wagon. Catarina (Adriana Esteves) refuses to go to the regatta where she’ll be introduced to a new suitor.  To convince her, Batista (Luis Melo) threatens to confiscate her books. Bianca (Leandra Leal) and Heitor (Rodrigo Faro) kiss passionately. Catarina goes to the regatta but throws Serafim (João Vitti) into the river. Joaquim (Carlos Vereza) contracts a detective to follow Petruchio.



USA, 11/10/03 - How terrible...Here's a summary  [USA, 11/10/03]Author: Aleida Date:   11-10-03 15:35 PST

    It started with a protest march for the right to vote that some feminists were staging. Petruchio, the main lead, is delivering a load of cheese and loses control of his horse and wagon. He ends up spilling the load of cheese all over the street. The leader of the protest group angrily tells him he ruined their demonstration for equality of the sexes and calls him a machista. Petruchio pokes fun at her and tells that men and women are different, and he can show her the difference, but it would create a scandal if her were to do so in the middle of the street. The crowd laughs at his comment. He tells her that men and women were meant to pair off with one another not and to fight each other. He’s a ladies’ man and flirts and dances with some of the ladies in the crowd.

    Meanwhile, the other main lead, Catarina refuses to come downstairs to go to the boat races. She’s very temperamental and you can hear things crashing upstairs as she throws a tantrum and some dishes as well. She even threw a vase of flowers down the stairs and it came crashing down, barely missing her parents. Her father has arranged for her to meet a new possible suitor and threatens to burn all her books if she doesn’t go with them. She gives them her word that she’ll go and tells them to go on ahead without her.

    Catarina has a younger sister, Bianca who in love with Heitor. Heitor is on one of the rowing teams that’s racing today. She wants to marry him but can’t because the tradition calls for the older sister (Catarina) to marry first. Bianca manages to sneak away briefly from her parents at the boat races and gives Heitor a medal on a chain for good luck. He wants a kiss for good luck and they kiss after he tells her he loves her and asks her if she loves him...she tells him she does, a lot.

    The new potential suitor is looking forward to meeting Catarina. Catarina makes her grand entrance on a boat just as the race is about to begin. The new suitor helps her out of the boat and in doing so, Catarina takes his hand but twists it, making him lose his balance. Everybody laughs as he falls into the water. Then there was a scene with some guy hiring a detective to follow Petruchio and find out everything about his daily comings and goings. Apparently, Petruchio helped someone who destroyed the life of someone that this guy is close too. He tells the detective he wants to destroy Petruchio.

    It ended with the rowing race. Bianca is rooting for Heitor’s team. Catarina is rooting for one of the other teams.



Chapter 2: Tuesday, 11/11/03 – Dinora (Maria Padilha) pays Heitor’s debts by selling a promissory note which Petruchio had signed. When learns he has only 10 days to settle the debt, Petruchio gets furious. Dinora then hatches a plan to marry Petruchio and Catarina. Serafim takes flowers to Catarina who receives him dressed in ragged clothes and with a crazed smile. Panic stricken, Serafim runs away from Batista’s house. Meanwhile, having never seen Catarina, Petruchio doesn’t want to marry her, but that’s what will save him from bankruptcy. In the meantime, he’s able to convince the moneylender to extend the payment of his debt. When he learns Catarina’s crazy act was just a sham, Serafim decides to woo her at whatever price. Cornelio (Ney Latorraca) is determined to introduce Catarina and Petruchio.


     USA, 11/11/03 - Here's today's summary... [USA, 11/11/03] Author: Aleida Date:   11-11-03 14:05 PST

    Heitor’s team won the race. Catalina and her family go home and she tells her father she purposely made Serafim fall into the water and doesn’t see why he continues to find her suitors. She says she doesn’t want them and will never get married. He responds that that he can’t have a spinster daughter, a man of his position as a banker. She tells him in no uncertain terms that there isn’t a man alive that will take her down the aisle and again picks up something off the table and throws it against the wall. Dinora (she’s Heitor’s sister) pays off Heitor’s debts...apparently he’s a gambler...by selling a promissory note which Petruchio had signed for a loan his uncle Cornelio had made him. (Cornelio is married to Dinora). Dinora wants Heitor to get his life in order and encourages him to marry Bianca because she’s rich. He tells her not to talk like that because he really loves Bianca but can’t marry her until Catarina gets married.

    Petruchio comes to visit his Uncle Cornelio and asks him for some more time to pay off his loan. Dinora tells him to take it up with the moneylender because the i.o.u. is out of Cornelio’s hands. Petruchio gets highly annoyed at Dinora for having done that to him. Dinora, seeing that both Petruchio and Catalina have fiery tempers, decides they’d make a good match. She tells Cornelio she now knows what to do and is going to go to the moneylender to fix things. The next day, Petruchio gets a letter from Normando Castor, the moneylender, telling him if he doesn’t pay up his debt with interest within 10 days, they’re going to start the process to auction his farm. Petruchio goes to complain to Dinora, and she tells him he’ll have to marry someone rich with a big dowry to solve his economic problems and save his farm and that she’s found the ideal bride for him, Catalina Batista. He tells her to forget about it. Everybody knows Catalina is a fiend and besides, she’s probably uglier than the devil. Cornelio asks Petruchio if he’s ever seen Catalina, and he answers that he hasn’t nor does he want to and that marriage is only good for a woman. He adds that that’s why he’ll never get married...because woman are good for kissing and hugging and to have a your way with. Dinora asks him to leave.

    Meanwhile, Catalina has dressed up in some raggedy, torn clothes and acted like a crazy woman to scare off Serafim, the suitor she dumped in the river yesterday. She again tells her parents there’s no way she’s getting married, and she’ll keep scaring off any more suitors her father brings to the house. Bianca begs Catalina to think of her because she can’t even have a boyfriend until Catalina gets married, but Catalina doesn’t even want to hear the word boyfriend mentioned. Catalina’s father goes to visit Serafim to apologize for Catalina’s behavior and tells him it was just an act, that she’s not really crazy like that. Serafim tells him he’s well aware that Batista has a spinster daughter that he’s dying to marry off and asks him what he has to offer him to take her off his hands. Batista tells him his daughter is not a sack of bananas to be negotiated over and tells him he sees he made a mistake with him and leaves.

    Petruchio goes to see Nestor Castor, the moneylender, who turns out to be sympathetic to Petruchio’s plight. He agrees to visit his farm to see if it’s a good property, and if it is, he’ll agree to restructure the loan. The detective and the mystery man who hired him see Petruchio leave the moneylender’s place of business, and the man walks into the moneylender’s office and asks him about the amount of Petruchio’s debt. The moneylender tells the man that his client’s debts are confidential and orders him to leave. The guy tells him nobody turns him down and identifies himself as Joaquim Almeida Leal. He takes out wads of money and starts flinging them on the moneylender’s desk, telling him he’ll pay whatever is necessary to destroy Petruchio. The moneylender asks him to sit down and offers him water or coffee. Joaquim says he wants revenge and wants to take everything that Petruchio has away from him.



Chapter 3: Wednesday, 11/12/03 – The feminists find Petruchio with some dance girls at the riverbank. Catarina, who’s among them, throws a beehive in their direction. Lindinha (Vanessa Gerbelli) acts suggestively towards Petruchio. Normando (Cláudio Corrêa e Castro) threatens to take Petruchio’s farm if he doesn’t pay the loan on time.


Chapter 4: Thursday, 11/13/03 - Buscapé (Luis Antônio do Nascimento) tells Catarina that Dinora arranged another suitor for her. Batista agrees to introduce Petruchio to Catarina. Januario (Taumaturgo Ferreira) consoles Lindinha because the young girl can’t accept that Petruchio, the boss, intends to get married. Catarina asks Lourdes (Carla Daniel) and Barbara (Virginia Cavendish) to help her get rid of Petruchio. Joaquim gives Normando money: he wants to destroy Petruchio.


Chapter 5: Friday, 11/14/03 - Serafim learns about Batista’s fortune. Dinora threatens to reveal Candoca’s (Miriam Freeland) secret if she doesn’t help prevent Heitor and Bianca from fleeing since they had thought that this would be the only way for them to stay together. Lourdes takes Petruchio’s wagon, and he ends up ripping his pants. Catarina shows up with a false pregnant belly. Petruchio keeps his cool, much to Catarina’s surprise. Catarina’s false belly drops to the floor. Calixto (Pedro Paulo Rangel) and Neca (Ana Lúcia Torre) talk about their past failed love relationships.


Chapter 6: Monday, 11/17/03 – Petruchio, trying to tame Catarina, asks Batista to pretend he hates him. Celso (Murilo Rosa) stays at Petruchio’s farm. Bianca doesn’t accept the idea of fleeing with Heitor but fears Heitor will tire of waiting for her. The feminists burn some of Serafim’s magazines, and he takes advantage of the event to get closer to Catarina.


Chapter 7: Tuesday, 11/18/03 – Petruchio and Celso make a serenade at Catarina’s window. Batista prohibits Catarina from meeting with Petruchio. Catarina is determined to go against her father. Celso is surprised, believing that Petruchio is in love. Petruchio catches Lindinha sniffing his shirts, but Neca apologizes for her daughter. Catarina writes an article for Revista Feminina, but Serafim refuses to publish it. Normando shows Joaquim a court order against Petruchio. Heitor flirts with Kiki (Rejane Arruda). Heitor threatens that if Bianca doesn’t run away with him, he’s going to enlist in the Foreign Legion.


Chapter 8: Wednesday, 11/19/03 - Januario volunteers to help Lindinha upset her boss’s marriage plans. Petruchio kisses Catarina. Catarina and Petruchio are perturbed by the kiss, but she later recovers, throws a glass at him and almost injures Mimosa, (Suely Franco) who faints. Candoca tells Dinora that Bianca is going to run away with Heitor. Batista asks Petruchio not to visit Catarina, but she insists he visit.


Chapter 9: Thursday, 11/20/03 - Dinora hides Heitor’s money to stop him from running away. Petruchio takes Mimosa flowers. A snake, put there by Lindinha, emerges from amidst the flowers. Batista throws Petruchio out of the house, but Catarina asks that he stay. Cornelio gives Heitor money. Buscapé tells Catarina about Bianca’s plan.


Chapter 10: Friday, 11/21/03 – Batista prevents Bianca from fleeing and prohibits her from meeting with Heitor. Bianca decides to go on a hunger strike until her sister accepts marrying Petruchio. Petruchio pawns his parents’ wedding bands to pay for his cows. The employees of the farm offer their savings, but he doesn’t accept it. Neca gets jealous of Calixto. Catarina tries to force Bianca to eat.


Chapter 11: Monday, 11/24/03 – Batista hires a private professor of arts for Bianca. Cornelio gives Dinora a necklace; she makes a date with Serafim. Petruchio looks for Batista. Bianca faints from hunger. Batista agrees to help Petruchio as long as Catarina accepts him. Dinora refuses to facilitate the love affair between Serafim and Catarina. Catarina comes to an agreement with Petruchio: if he helps her prove that Heitor is no good, she’ll let him come to visit her. 


Chapter 12: Tuesday, 11/25/03 - Dinora and Celso flirt. Petruchio gives Fabio shelter and asks that Kiki woo Heitor to unmask him. Kiki and Heitor bathe in the river. Petruchio and his friends hide Heitor’s clothes. Bianca is very thin. Petruchio takes Heitor’s clothes to Catarina, who shows them to Bianca.


Chapter 13: Wednesday, 11/26/03 - Having failed to convince Bianca to stop her hunger strike, Catarina agrees to accept Petruchio’s courtship as long as he never kisses her again. Catarina gets irritated when Petruchio tries to kiss her again. Bianca ends her hunger strike. Normando prevents Petruchio from finding out that the farm will be up for auction. Joaquim decides to bid for the farm. Fabio flirts with Lindinha and Januario takes it out on him. The feminists organize a protest. Catarina gives Petruchio an ultimatum: he goes into the kitchen or it’s all over between them.


Chapter 14: Friday, 11/27/03 – (Novela not shown Thursday, Thanksgiving Day) Bianca believes Heitor’s version about the bath in the river. Calixto invites Mimosa for a ride. Heitor demands an explanation from Kiki. Petruchio learns how to make cakes. Edmundo, a job candidate for the private teacher vacancy, shows up at Batista’s house and falls in love with Bianca at first site. Bianca too is impressed with Edmundo and he’s hired.


Chapter 15: Monday, 12/1/03 – Edmundo rents a room in Rosa’s house and Candoca gets interested in him. Lindinha puts pepper into the liqueur bottle. Catarina invites Cornelio’s family for the snack. Cornelio and Batista are shocked by Petruchio’s submissiveness. Despite the horrid lunch, Catarina feels victorious. Batista feels ill when he tastes the liqueur. Petruchio finds out his farm is going to be auctioned off and demands an explanation from Normando. Dinora prohibits Cornelio from helping Petruchio. The auction begins. Dinora finds Cornelio at the auction.


Chapter 16: Tuesday, 12/02/03 - Petruchio wants to know why Joaquim hates him. Catarina pretends not to care about the auction. To Joaquim’s despair, the auction is suspended by a judge’s order because the debt was paid. Cornelio guarantees he didn’t help Petruchio. Guards prevent Petruchio from attacking Joaquim. Serafim suggests it was Caterina who paid Petruchio’s debt. Catarina notices Edmundo’s interest in Bianca. Petruchio refuses an invitation from Kiki. Joaquim wants to know who saved the farm.


Chapter 17: Wednesday, 12/03/03 - Heitor asks Bianca to go on another hunger strike to pressure Catarina. Petruchio hugs Catarina in the middle of the street. Petruchio kisses Catarina. She gets furious and orders that he be arrested. Joaquim and Serafim come to an agreement to destroy Petruchio and separate him from Catarina.  Celso and Fabio rent a room in Rosa’s house.


Chapter 18: Thursday, 12/04/03 - Catarina resolves to teach Buscapé how to read and write. Candoca comments to Edmundo about Bianca and Heitor’s romance. Serafim sends Dinora flowers and invites her to tea. Batista gets Petruchio out of jail. Petruchio tells him he never again wants to see Catarina. Batista paid Petruchio’s debt and pressures him by telling him that he has to marry Catarina or else he’ll lose the farm.


Chapter 19: Friday, 12/05/03 - In a drawing of straws, Fabio gets stuck with having to court Lourdes to facilitate Petruchio’s romance. Heitor kisses Bianca ardently and she runs off. Lindinha helps Januario to find out what Petruchio is scheming. Dinora and Josefa meet with Joaquim and Serafim at the sweet shop. Josefa sighs when Serafim puts his foot on her knee, thinking it’s Dinora’s. Joaquim asks Dinora and Josefa for help in separating Petruchio and Catarina and promises them jewels.


Chapter 20: Monday, 12/08/03 – Rosa calms Bianca: you can’t get pregnant from a kiss. Dinora talks about sex with Catarina. Edmundo talks about love with Bianca. Catarina gets annoyed when she opens a package sent by Petruchio: it’s a jar of honey. Heitor is jealous of Bianca. Mimosa quarrels with Calixto because he bought some perfume for Neca. Catarina starts to teach Buscape to read and write. Joana and her children almost discover Batista in his car, but Cosme saves him.


Chapter 21: Tuesday, 12/09/03 – Neca softens up when she gets the perfume. Mimosa bars Petruchio at the gate. Edmundo passionately recites love poems to Bianca. Cornelio invites Petruchio to dinner at his house. Fabio bets with Celso that he’s going to conquer the feminist. Celso offers to accompany Candoca to Dinora’s dinner. Petruchio comes face to face with Catarina at the dinner. Catarina decides to accept Serafim’s courtship solely to irritate Petruchio.


Chapter 22: Wednesday, 12/10/03 – Cornelio wonders why it looks like Celso already knows Dinora. Heitor doesn’t want to know about romantic love, much to Bianca’s frustration. Petruchio acts grossly at the dinner table. Serafim courts Dinora. Celso grabs her and makes a date with her. Petruchio takes Catarina in his arms and dances an exaggerated tango with her. Petruchio asks Catarina to marry him and gives her a kiss, which she returns with a slap. 


Chapter 23: Thursday, 12/11/03 – Neca asks Lindinha questions about Calixto. Lindinha offers herself to Petruchio, who continues to treat her like a sister. Batista changes clothes in the car, gets his traveling suitcase from the trunk, and arrives at his other home. Bianca threatens another hunger strike if Catarina doesn’t accept Petruchio’s marriage proposal. Catarina is furious. Joana welcomes Batista with much love. Jorginho and Fatima are happy with the arrival of their father. Januario offers to help Lindinha conquer Petruchio. Dinora seeks Serafim and tells him she’ll help him. Celso asks to borrow Kiki’s apartment.


Chapter 24: Friday, 12/12/03 - Petruchio is disdainful when Calixto tells him he’s in love. Kiki gives Fabio some advice on how to woo Lourdes, who’s her neighbor. Dinora advises Catarina to accept Petruchio’s marriage proposal and then get him jealous to make him leave her. Bianca gets excited when she finds out about her sister’s decision to marry Petruchio. Rosa perceives Candoca’s interest in Edmundo. Dinora runs away from Celso when she starts to feel a strange allergic reaction after kissing him. Catarina musses her hair, accepts Petruchio’s marriage proposal, and he asks for a kiss.


Chapter 25: Monday, 12/15/03 – Catarina puts a hairbrush in Petruchio’s mouth. He tells her that the angrier she gets, the more he feels like kissing her. Mimosa forgives Calixto. Fabio bumps and falls on top of Lourdes, who gets furious. He pretends to be a mute, and she takes pity on him. Kiki and Lindinha cry when they find out Petruchio is going to get married. Neca flirts with Calixto. Heitor kisses his sister when he learns there’ll be a wedding. Josefa and Dinora receive gold bracelets. Barbara almost faints when she sees a man in the house, but she also takes pity on the mute. Candoca eyes Edmundo passionately but he doesn’t realize it. Bianca runs away from Heitor’s kiss.


Chapter 26: Tuesday, 12/16/03 – Januario lends his family’s lucky ring to Lindinha so that she can ask for a wish on a night where there’s a full moon. In exchange, if everything works out, she’ll have to be his. Kiki goes to Petruchio’s farm and declares herself to him. Petruchio rejects her, and Kiki promises she’ll seek revenge. Batista meets Berenice, Joana’s neighbor, who has many rich clients in the city. When he arrives home, he gets excited with the good news about Catarina’s marriage, and he plans the engagement party. Bianca gets frightened with the stories Mimosa tells her stories of how young girls became pregnant. Rosa, however, discredits everything.  Josefa suggests that her son become one of Edmundo’s students so that he can teach him romantic words.


Chapter 27: Wednesday, 12/17/03 - Catarina brings Serafim the daring article, and he promises to publish it. She invites him to her engagement dinner. Cornelio tries to convince Batista to accept Heitor. Kiki keeps an eye out and finds out that Dinora is Celso’s lover. Fabio visits Lourdes, always playing the mute. Petruchio gets furious when he learns Catarina meet with Serafim. Petruchio, jealous, challenges Serafim. Bianca is sure Catarina is in love with Petruchio. Catarina remembers her mother and longs for her. Dinora asks her mother for a recipe: she wants to stop feeling allergic to Celso.


Chapter 28: Thursday, 12/18/03 – In order for the recipe to work, they must get a pair of Celso’s underpants. Joaquim makes Serafim show up at the engagement party. Heitor asks Edmundo to teach him to speak words of love. Januario finds a way for Lindinha to substitute for Neca in the preparation of the engagement dinner. Calixto demands that Petruchio go dressed as a groom, with his best clothes and his best horse. Candoca arrives accompanied by Celso, and Dinora is jealous. Batista offers a toast to the groom. Petruchio gets annoyed with Serafim’s presence but is pleased when he sees Catarina descending the stairs.


Chapter 29: Friday, 12/19/03 – Batista proposes a toast to the engaged couple. Catarina encourages Serafim. Calixto recognizes Josefa, who asks that he keep quiet about her past. Lindinha almost puts a lizard inside the pork, but Mimosa prevents her. Dinora dances with Serafim and steps on Catarina’s dress, who gets furious with Petruchio thinking he was the one who ruined her dress. Petruchio and Catarina throw and break things in her room, scaring the guests with the noise.


Chapter 30: Monday, 12/22/03 - Calixto calls Josefa “Desirée”, her former name. Calixto and Mimosa talk Petruchio into putting the ring on top of the strawberry meringue. Catarina swallows the ring. Petruchio gets annoyed because Catarina ate his grandmother’s ring and turns her upside down. Catarina throws desserts at Petruchio, but it’s Serafim who gets hit. Batista provides another ring for his daughter, a ring that belonged to Catarina’s mother. The engagement finally takes place. Lindinha tries on the ring and feels like she’s Petruchio’s fiancé.


Chapter 31: Tuesday, 12/23/03 – Bianca finds out Catarina didn’t swallow the ring because it had been stolen prior to that. Heitor wants Cornelio to help him write a poem. Dinora steals Celso’s underwear. Calixto reminds Josefa of their past when she made him sell his lands, stole his money, and disappeared. Calixto invites Mimosa for a walk. Heitor recites a poem to Bianca.


Chapter 32: Friday, 12/26/03 – (The novela wasn’t shown on Wednesday, 12/24 and Thursday, 12/25) – Bianca is appalled by Heitor’s poem, slaps him, and ends their relationship. Heitor controls himself from slapping her back. Josefa starts the magic brew. A doctor examines Catarina but doesn’t find the ring. Catarina finds out the ring was stolen. Heitor reads the poem to professor Edmundo, wanting to know where he went wrong. Batista goes to visit Joana. Josefa pours the magic brew on Dinora’s back.  She jumps out of the water, itching all over her body. Calixto thinks Desirée could have had his child and tells Petruchio everything. Berenice goes to iron clothes at Batista’s house. Catarina rides piggy back on Petruchio’s back; he feels humiliated and hurls her off his back. Calixta kisses Mimosa, who starts to laugh.


Chapter 33: Monday, 12/29/03 – Batista feels sick. Serafim assures Josefa that if he manages to kiss Catarina, he’ll conquer her forever. Joaquim threatens to remove his financial support from the magazine if Serafim isn’t successful in conquering Catarina. Josefa promises a love potion for Serafim. Catarina goes to have tea with Dinora, who presents her with a plan: if she kisses Serafim, Petruchio will end their engagement. Lourdes starts to fuss with her appearance to receive Fabio. Bianca tells professor Edmundo that there’s something missing in her love for Heitor.


Chapter 34: Tuesday, 12/30/03 – Dinora returns Celso’s underwear but continues to suffer from allergies. Joana wants to know if her husband knows Batista. Calixto asks Neca for a kiss, who throws something at him. Dinora wants her mother to make another brew. Petruchio takes herbs for Catarina to have some tea and expel his grandmother’s ring. Catarina tells him the ring was stolen, but she’s going to find out who took it. Petruchio says he’s going to set the wedding date. Catarina rubs her ice cream cone on Petruchio’s face. Lourdes asks Fabio what he does during the day, and he writes that he spends his day thinking about her. Catarina arrives and interrupts the mood. Petruchio enters Lourdes’ apartment, and she dumps a bucket of paint on his head.


Chapter 35: Friday, 01/02/04 - (The novela wasn’t shown on Wednesday, 12/31 and Thursday, 01/01) – Batista swallows the wrong way when Joana tells him that Fatima went to get acquainted with the banker’s house. Catarina offers to give Fatima reading and writing lessons.


Chapter 36: Monday, 01/05/04 - A new bet is made: if Petruchio marries Catarina, Fabio and Celso will eat a plateful of grass at the wedding celebration. Cornelio and Dinora try to convince Batista to make a costume party to look good in the eyes of society. Catarina approves of the idea; she’s full of plans to scare off Petruchio. Candoca advises Edmundo to approach Bianca if he wants to court her. Batista suggests that Cornelio throw his mother-in-law out of the house. Dinora is curious about Catarina’s plan to get rid of Petruchio. Petruchio snaps at Neca and Lindinha. Catarina schemes with Barbara: Barbara will dress as an odalisque and will fall in Petruchio’s arms during the party.


Chapter 37: Tuesday, 01/06/04 - Joana agrees that George can study with Catarina. Edmundo agrees to help Heitor. Cornelio gets rid of the cat with Dalva’s help. Batista hides when he finds out Fatima and George are in his house. Petruchio demands an explanation from Catarina. She invites him to the costume party. Calixto goes to kiss Mimosa, but she swallows a mosquito.


Chapter 38: Wednesday, 01/07/04 - Batista tries to prohibit his daughter from teaching classes to the children but gets nowhere. Edmundo takes Pompom for his aunt to take care of. Candoca convinces the professor to go to the dance. Fabio catches Barbara in her slip.


Chapter 39: Thursday, 01/08/04 -  Josefa comes up with an odd costume for Heitor not to be recognized at the dance. Catarina hates the fortuneteller costume. Petruchio arrives dressed as a caveman.


Chapter 40: Friday, 01/09/04 – Petruchio delights the women with his costume showing his bare chest. Caterina says he’s indecent. Dinora hands over the love ointment for Serafim to put on his lips to kiss Catarina. Januario helps Lindinha make a talisman for her to conquer Petruchio. Catarina breaks off the engagement when she sees Barbara and Petruchio kiss. Batista accuses Catarina of having plotted against Petruchio.


Chapter 41: Monday, 01/12/04 – Calixto sells the cheese that was salvaged. Lindinha thinks the witchcraft is starting to work. Edmundo dictates a love letter for Heitor. Bianca is moved. Batista gives Cornelio the name of someone who could run make Josefa disappear.


Chapter 42: Tuesday, 01/13/04 – Catarina gives Mimosa some earrings to sell and give the proceeds to Petruchio. Lindinha and Petruchio kiss. Bianca threatens a second hunger strike. Petruchio apologizes to Linda, who cries.


Chapter 43: Wednesday, 01/14/04 – Petruchio sells products from the farm. Catarina tempts Bianca with some pudding.


Chapter 44: Thursday, 01/15/04 - Calixto tells Petruchio that Catarina is the owner of the earrings. Petruchio throws the earrings on the floor in front of Catarina, but asks for them to get back together again. Catarina accuses Petruchio of wanting her dowry. They kiss and he leaves. Bianca doesn’t eat. Joaquim asks Dinora to help him bankrupt Petruchio.


Chapter 45: Friday, 01/16/04 – Celso becomes interested in Candoca. Batista prohibits his children from studying with Catarina. Cornelio confesses to Dalva his desire to disappear with Josefa.


Chapter 46: Monday, 01/19/04 – Batista again prohibits his children from studying with Catarina. Bianca feels the effects of her hunger strike.


Chapter 47: Tuesday, 01/20/04 – Lourdes starts to paint Fabio without a shirt. Bianca starts to feel weak, and Dinora promises to arrange for a doctor. When Lourdes tells Fabio she wants to paint him without clothes on, he runs out of her house. Petruchio accepts the order from the swindler hired by Joaquim. Calixto convinces Petruchio to accept payment by check. Barbara thinks Lourdes’ behavior is strange.


Chapter 48: Wednesday, 01/21/04 – Heitor pays the swindler and orders him to throw out the cheese when he gets it. Lindinha schemes for Petruchio to see her naked. Before seeing Bianca, the doctor talks in private to Dinora. After examining Bianca, he diagnoses a possible serious illness. Petruchio gets Bianca to eat a piece of cheese he brought from the farm. Celso gets angry when Dinora tells him Kiki blackmailed her.  Joaquim decides to meet with Josefa.


Chapter 49: Thursday, 01/22/04 – Bianca faints and falls down the stairs. Bianca ends her hunger strike. Cornelio tells the kidnapper that he doesn’t intend to kill his mother-in-law only give her a scare. Hector convinces Candoca to make a date with Bianca.


Chapter 50: Friday, 01/23/04 – Celso kisses Candoca and gets slapped. Catarina accepts an invitation to tea from Serafim. Petruchio surprises Lindinha in the shower. Batista wants to send Bianca to the convent.


Chapter 51: Monday, 01/26/04 - Candoca regrets slapping Celso and kisses him. Petruchio receives the check for the cheese order. Bianca wants to know who Edmundo is in love with. Petruchio rubs the check he received for the cheese in Catarina’s face. Petruchio and Catarina almost kiss, but Serafim interrupts them. In front of the church, two men grab Josefa and try to make her get into a car, but she fends them off. The doctor examines Bianca. Catarina gets furious when she reads the article she wrote for the magazine and sees that Serafim changed some key words.


Chapter 52: Tuesday, 01/27/04 – The doctor tells the family that Bianca has something wrong with her heart, the same illness that killed her mother. Petruchio goes to the bank and learns the check was stolen. Petruchio returns home and blames Calixto.


Chapter 53: Wednesday, 01/28/04 - Januario wants to leave the plantation because he thinks Petruchio is hiding the money. Heitor asks the swindler who conned Petruchio to find out who tried to kidnap Josefa. Mimosa and Calixto join forces to promote a reconciliation between Catarina and Petruchio. 


Chapter 54: Thursday, 01/29/04 - Catarina learns that her mother’s marriage wasn’t happy because she loved another man. Catarina decides to get married to save Bianca. Catarina confesses she hasn’t yet picked the groom and announces she’ll only get married to someone who obeys her.


Chapter 55: Friday, 01/30/04When he goes to buy Petruchio’s farm, Joaquim declares his rage against him for being the one who seduced his daughter in the past. Petruchio denies it, but Joaquim isn’t convinced. Januario threatens to leave the farm, but Petruchio asks him to wait. Petruchio decides he has no other choice but to sell the farm. Edmundo won’t accept money from Heitor but writes another letter to Bianca under Heitor’s name.

Chapter 56: Monday, 02/02/04 – Catarina decides to give Serafim a chance. Calixto insists that Petruchio should try again with Catarina. Bianca tries to convince Catarina to marry Petruchio. Cosme drops a wallet full of money at Joana’s door. Catarina asks Serafim to teach her to drive. Cornelio says he’ll help Heitor meet with Bianca.

Chapter 57: Tuesday, 02/03/04Dinora feels that Celso is a bit distant. Lourdes asks Catarina not to marry Petruchio. Cornelio doesn’t trust Dinora and her church visits. Petruchio decides to visit Catarina and sees her driving. Catarina drives into Petruchio and despairs, making her feelings for him transparent. Petruchio is taken to the mansion unconscious.

Chapter 58: Wednesday, 02/04/04 – Petruchio is surprised to see Catarina taking care of him when he regains consciousness yet they end up fighting. Bianca begins to think she’s sick.

Chapter 59: Thursday, 02/05/04 – Fabio thinks of backing out of the bet to seduce Lourdes. Dinora suggests to Dinora that she give Celso presents.  Calixto and Mimosa scheme for Catarina and Petruchio to meet in church.

Chapter 60: Friday, 02/06/04 – Joana says she returned the wallet to the owner of the bar, who said it was his. Joana decides not to tell her husband that the children continue to take lessons with Catarina. Petruchio refuses to take Joaquim’s check. Serafim tries to kiss Catarina, and she hits him over the head with a vase. Bianca comes up with a way to get Catarina to go to the church. Kiki shows Petruchio that she’s on his side and gives him advice for him to pressure Dinora.

Chapter 61: Monday, 02/09/04 – Batista gets furious when he sees Catarina take the car. Everyone meets at the church. Serafim learns that Petruchio and Catarina met. Petruchio again asks Catarina to marry him. Catarina decides she’ll marry whoever obeys her rules, one of which is to sleep in separate bedrooms. Dinora panics because Kiki spilled the beans. Joaquim waits for Petruchio with a mound of money. Josefa suggests Dinora should give Kiki a piece of jewelry to buy her silence.

Chapter 62: Tuesday, 02/10/04 – Petruchio accepts Catarina’s conditions. Petruchio tells Calixto he’ll tame Catarina after they’re married. Lindinha falsely tells Catarina she’s going to be her best friend. Joaquim gives Dinora money for her to end Petruchio’s wedding. Dinora goes to Petruchio and tells him that Catarina wants him to pull a carriage as if he were a horse.

Chapter 63: Wednesday, 02/11/04 – Petruchio accepts the humiliation. Catarina thinks it was his idea and adores the ride. Celso finds out about Kiki’s blackmail, and Dinora says it’s all over between them.

Chapter 64: Thursday, 02/12/04 – Catarina invites Fatima to be her maid of honor. Celso pressures Kiki and she says she’ll talk to Dinora. Dalva gets excited when she’s called to make Catarina’s wedding dress. Batista allows Bianca to let Heitor come to the house.

Chapter 65: Friday, 02/13/04 – Candoca tells her mother she’s going to try to be happy with Celso. Lindinha promises she’ll seek revenge against Catarina. Batista allows Heitor to court Bianca as long as Mimosa watches them. Joaquim blames Serafim for the failure of the plan. Cornelio sees Celso leaving the church. Dinora pretends to Cornelio that she’s hurt to see him checking up on her.

Chapter 66: Monday, 02/16/04 – Edmundo suffers because Bianca loves the letters and Heitor because of them. Joana decides to talk to her husband about the relationship of her children with Catarina. Batista argues with Joana because she didn’t obey his orders. Catarina tells Batista she wants a car as a wedding present.

Chapter 67: Tuesday, 02/17/04 – Joana insists that Fatima be Catarina’s maid of honor. Eduardo decides to become an athlete like Heitor. Joaquim is very happy because his daughter Muriel Marcela wrote a letter, and Josefa becomes interested in the matter. Calixto takes Petruchio’s clothes. Batista tells his secret to Cornelio.

Chapter 68: Wednesday, 02/18/04 – Dinora and Celso kiss. Bianca receives a new love letter. Edmundo accompanies Heitor to his training sessions. Edmundo hurts his arm. Cornelio almost catches Dinora, but she turns the tables on him and orders him to sleep on the sofa. Batista makes a promise to St. Expedito if he can help him get out of his tight spot.

Chapter 69: Thursday, 02/19/04 - To Batista’s relief, Fatima comes down with chicken pox. Januario asks for a good luck charm to be rich and handsome. Bianca tells Edmundo that she loves him like a brother.

Chapter 70: Friday, 02/20/04 – Catarina gets ready to leave. Catarina enters the church and doesn’t find Petruchio. She gets furious and gets ready to leave but Petruchio arrives just at that moment very poorly dressed. They insult each other during the ceremony but get married. Upon catching sight of Januario’s ring, Joaquim tries to talk to him. Batista catches the bridal bouquet and gives it to Bianca.

Chapter 71: Monday, 02/23/04 –Dinora is jealous of Celso and Candoca. Serafim courts Lindinha. Rufino tries to kidnap Josefa. Calixto sees the incident, and Josefa is saved. Catarina won’t let Petruchio kiss her. Batista sleeps in Bianca’s room.

Chapter 72: Tuesday, 02/24/04 - Catarina ends up riding a donkey and arrives at the plantation all disheveled. Heitor is determined to get into Bianca’s bedroom.

Chapter 73: Wednesday, 02/25/04 – Heitor ends up cuddling with Batista, who was sleeping in Bianca’s bed. Batista orders Heitor to stay away from Bianca. Januario explains to Lindinha that he inherited his ring from his father, a rich plantation owner he never got to know. Lindinha suggests he sell the ring. Petruchio pretends to fight with his employees, complaining that nothing is up to Catarina’s level, and leaves her without food or bedding. Dinora tells Heitor that she paid the doctor to say that Bianca was sick, but she’s not really sick. Neca cooks eggs for Catarina. Lindinha wants to meet the man who’s interested in Januario. Lindinha pretends the ring is hers, which surprises Joaquim. Candoca intercedes on Heitor’s behalf. Heitor suggests that Bianca go on another hunger strike, and Bianca leaves furiously. Joaquim insists that Josefa is Desirée and asks her the sex of the child that Suzette had. Before Josefa can respond, she’s kidnapped.

Chapter 74: Thursday, 02/26/04 –Cornelio negotiates with Josefa’s kidnappers by telephone and promises he'll get her liberated.  Lindinha promises Catarina she’ll get the key to her car. Bianca is delighted with Heitor’s letter, which Edmundo wrote. Petruchio catches Lindinha with the keys to Catarina’s car. Lindinha admits that she was going to help Catarina but accuses Neca of having given food to Catarina. Petruchio hides the key to the car in his boot. Cornelio panics when at Joaquim’s interference, a police official assumes the investigation of the kidnapping. Rufino gets fearful when he speaks to the police official, who asks for proof that Josefa is alive. Catarina steals the key to her car in the middle of the night but ends up falling on top of Petruchio, who awakens. They argue, and he turns her upside down to recover the key, which she put in her clothes. Everyone is drawn to the room by the shouting match. Petruchio and Catarina kiss. The magic is broken by Calixto’s voice.

Chapter 75: Friday, 02/27/04 – Rufino tells Cornelio that Josefa’s kidnapping if for real now. Lindinha meets with Joaquim and says she’s the owner of the ring. Batista sends Cosme to buy some nice clothes for Joana. Heitor copies Edmundo’s letter, and Candoca saves the original. Catarina suggests Petruchio keep her jewelry if he’ll clean her room. Furiously, Petruchio grabs the bucket. The room gets clean but Catarina ends up soaking wet when Petruchio throws a bucket of water at her. Bianca sees a hat that she thinks is for Cosme’s girlfriend. Edmundo insists on learning how to box and gets punched by Heitor. Batista gives the gifts to Joana. Batista wants Joana to transform herself into a great lady. Januario gives Lindinha bedbugs for her to put in Catarina’s bed. Berenice recognizes the hat and tells Joana that Batista is probably the banker’s driver. Joana feels tenderness for her husband when she thinks that he lost his job and accepted another, which probably caused him shame. Lourdes declares her love to Fabio and grabs him.

     www.telenovela-world: All of a sudden this week.... [2/23-27/04] Author: Aleida (---) Date:   02-28-04 06:04 PST Before this week, we were watching 2 episodes weekly (based on the 151 resumos from 2003 summaries). It took us 14 weeks to get to chapter 29. Well, that all changed this past week. Instead of seeing Chapters 30 and 31 as I thought we would, Telemundo managed to barrel us through [REDE] Chapters 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, and scene 1 of chapter 38...obviously with some very heavy handed editing. It looks like suddenly they're really trying to rush this novela along. Let's see what happens this coming week.

Chapter 76: Monday, 03/01/04 – Catarina gets furious when she finds out about the bedbugs in her mattress. Candoca convinces Bianca to visit Edmundo. Through Candoca, Bianca finds out the whole truth about Heitor’s letters. Bianca is touched but feels Edmundo misled her.  Edmundo fears that Bianca won’t forgive him. Petruchio says it’s necessary to burn the mattress and Catarina’s clothes. Bianca breaks up with Heitor, who promises to seek revenge against Edmundo. Marcela arrives with Ezequiel and acts snobbish about everyone and everything. Joaquim is delighted with the arrival of his daughter who disdains everything Brazilian. Catarina goes to Petruchio’s bedroom and sets up a barrier of pillows to separate her from Petruchio before sleeping in the bed with him.  Cornelio is fearful of the plan set up by the police to rescue Josefa. Cornelio asks Petruchio to impede the police action at the hour of the rescue. When the police arrive, Januario, disguised, gets on a horse and knocks down the investigator. Cornelio gives the briefcase with the ransom money to Rufino. In the confusion, Ezequiel is arrested as a suspect. Catarina defends Ezequiel, who’s released, and Ezequiel finds out Petruchio is married. Ezequiel tells Marcia that Petruchio got married. 

Chapter 77: Tuesday, 03/02/04 – Josefa has a fit when she finds out Cornelio gave her jewels as part of the ransom. Josefa asks Heitor to find the kidnapper who’ll be wearing the sweater she knit. Ezequiel finds out that Petruchio’s marriage isn’t worth much. Ezequiel learns from Lindinha that Petruchio doesn’t sleep with his wife. Marcela loves the news. Marcela asks Ezequiel to find a way for her and Petruchio to meet. Ezequiel pretends to be a middleman for a large order of cheese and makes a date for Petruchio at the hotel. Heitor nabs Rufino. Rufino rats on Cornelio. Heitor blackmails Cornelio into giving him money and promising to give Josefa some jewels. Cornelio gives Rufino money so that he can go away. Joaquim accuses Lindinha of being a thief. She confesses that the ring is Januario’s. Joaquim calls Januario “son.” Januario runs away from Joaquim.

www.telenovela-world.com: Re: Aleida  Author: Aleida (---)  Date:   03-02-04 09:07 PST

    Yesterday [USA, 3/1/04]we saw bits and pieces of [Rede] Chapters 38, 39, and 40. Today we saw parts of [Rede] Chapters 41, 42, 43, and 44. This novela is being hacked to pieces.

Chapter 78: Wednesday, 03/03/04 – Januario kisses Lindinha goodbye. Marcela pretends to be pleasantly surprised to have a country-bumpkin brother. Marcela worries that Januario will also be an heir. Bianca receives a letter from Edmundo and sends word that he should come by to visit only if a white towel is hanging from her window. If it’s blue, he should disappear. Bianca decides to hang a blue towel in the window, but Mimosa changes it for a white one. Edmundo moves Bianca by reciting a love poem and they kiss. Dinora has a fit when she finds out the professor and Bianca are together. Heitor challenges Edmundo to a fight and beats him up. Dalva and Candoca give Edmundo shelter. Marcela gives Petruchio a seductive smile. Petruchio avoids Marcela’s advances. She kisses him just the same, but he leaves. Catarina gets restless about her husband’s delay. Lindinha warns her that he’s a skirt chaser. Catarina smells a woman’s perfume, and Petruchio enjoys her jealousy. Catarina decides to learn how to cook.

Chapter 79: Thursday, 03/04/04 – Marcela asks Serafim to burn the baptism book. When he refuses, she asks him not to find Januario’s documents. Petruchio sends Marcela a note.  Batista prohibits Bianca from having a romantic relationship with Edmundo. Petruchio borrows Kiki’s apartment for his meeting with Marcela. Buscapé goes after Catarina following Calixto’s wagon. Catarina is happy to see her godson. Catarina finds a strand of hair on Petruchio’s jacket. Catarina screams for help when Petruchio hugs her. Neca, Calixto, and Lindinha run to help her, but they’re asked to leave by the couple. Catarina lets Petruchio sleep while holding her hand. Marcela grabs Petruchio and kisses him. He rejects her, irritating her. Marcela slaps him and leaves a scratch mark on his face. Catarina asks what happened to Petruchio’s face. He says a door hit him. Catarina and Petruchio fight on account of the scratch mark. Petruchio confesses that he even kissed the woman but rejected her because he can’t get Catarina out of his head. Petruchio and Catarina decide to go to Batista’s dinner party even though they weren’t invited. Joaquim and his children arrive at the dinner party.  Catarina and Petruchio arrive by surprise. Catarina recognizes Marcela’s perfume.

     www.telenovela-world.com: It sure is...  Author: Aleida (---)  Date:   03-04-04 11:34 PST

    We have seen bits and pieces...itsy bitsy bits and pieces...of 16 chapters so far this week, with one more day to go. Monday [3/1/04] we started with [Rede] Chapter 38. Today [3/4/04] we ended up in [Rede] Chapter 53. How's that for the pits.


Chapter 80: Friday, 03/05/04 – Catarina creates a major scene at the dinner. Heitor finds out that Celso and Dinora meet secretly. He tells his sister that her lover is engaged to Candoca. Celso finds out from Dinora that Candoca is no longer a virgin. Celso grabs Candoca, tells her he knows everything, and wants to make her go to bed with him, but Candoca slaps him and then cries. Marcela says she’ll make a scene if Batista breaks up with Joana. Joana tries to kiss Batista, but he rejects her and says he’s going to marry another woman. Joana despairs when Batista ends everything with her. Joana throws Batista out of the house and prevents her children from saying goodbye to him. Batista asks Joaquim for Marcela’s hand in marriage.

Chapter 81: Monday, 03/08/04 – Dalva follows Celso and finds out that Dinora is his lover. Later, she tells Candoca everything and promises herself she’ll see to it that Cornelio finds out about Dinora’s cheating on him. Heitor enters Bianca’s room through the window, grabs her, and Batista catches them together. Heitor confirms that the inevitable occurred. Bianca doesn’t understand a thing, and her father decrees that Heitor and Bianca have to get married. Bianca swears to Catarina that nothing took place. Bianca asks Catarina for help, and Catarina lets her stay with her while the matter is settled. Mimosa tells Batista and Heitor that Bianca doesn’t want to get married. Edmundo cries when he finds out about Bianca and Heitor. Bianca concedes to her father’s arguments and returns home. Berenice sees Batista and tells Joana everything. Catarina appreciates Petruchio’s support, is moved, and they kiss.  

Chapter 82: Tuesday, 03/09/04 – Catarina can’t believe Mimosa’s news that Batista is Joana’s husband and the children’s father. Catarina asks Petruchio to go get Joana and the children. Batista orders Bianca to get married right away. The wedding day arrives. Catarina encourages Bianca to flee. Bianca arrives at the church door and sees Edmundo. Bianca runs away from the altar and pretends to faint. Cornelio tells Batista the truth about Heitor’s character. Batista frees his daughter from having to marry Heitor but won’t let her get near the professor. Later, he pressures Teodoro to marry Bianca.

Chapter 83: Wednesday, 03/10/04 – Teodoro accepts Batista’s proposal. Joana visits Catarina and the children. Following Marcela’s advice, Bianca accepts her father’s demand that she marry Teodoro. Lindinha overhears Catarina tell Neca that she’s falling in love with Petruchio. Heitor announces that Dalva and Candoca are rich. Dalva and Candoca are surprised with the announcement. Dinora pretends to be very happy, but Dalva looks at her with distrust. Serafim and Heitor argue as to who’s going to be by Candoca’s side. Catarina threatens not to let Joana’s children leave the farm unless Batista marries Joana. Batista, however, reaffirms that he’s going to marry Marcela and it’s on their wedding day that he’ll give Catarina her inheritance.

Chapter 84: Thursday, 03/11/04 – Catarina surprises Petruchio by wearing a pretty nightgown. Petruchio spoils the mood and says he knows aout her plans to leave. Marcela plans to steal Catarina’s inheritance during the wedding celebration and keep 30% of it. Bianca tells Marcela where Batista wrote down the combination to the safe. Cornelio does the same and tells Dinora. Marcela dresses like a Spanish dancer and gets married. Batista gives Catarina her inheritance, and she signs a receipt for it before she returns it to the safe. Heitor tries to open the safe. Marcela and Serafim find the combination to the safe but hear a noise behind the door. Marcela changes the location of the book that has the combination to the safe. Joaquim faints when he starts to make the wedding toast and is taken to the hospital. Catarina sees that her inheritance was stolen.

Chapter 85: Friday, 03/12/04 – Heitor shows Dinora and Josefa the envelope with the inheritance documents. Petruchio consoles Catarina and tells her she’ll never lose him. Catarina is moved, and they kiss. Catarina and Petruchio have their first night of lovemaking. Dinora demands that Heitor share the stolen inheritance. Upon opening the envelope, Heitor discovers they’re blank sheets of paper. Bianca suggests Edmundo flee, but he refuses. Batista gives Catarina a sum of money equal to the value of her dowry. Petruchio distrusts Catarina’s plans for the money. Catarina thinks Petruchio’s behavior is odd. Catarina prepares a candle-light dinner, but Petruchio accuses her of being a phony and a liar. Petruchio goes to sleep in the horse stable. The following morning, he wakes up with a fever and faints.

     www.telenovela-world.com: Marching right along...  Author: Aleida (---)  Date:   03-12-04 12:51 PST  Three weeks ago today, we were watching [Rede] Chapter 29. Today we ended with [Rede] Chapter 101. At the rate we're going, this novela will be over before the end of March.


Chapter 86: Monday, 03/15/04 – Catarina calls a doctor to examine Petruchio. The doctor says that Petrucho is gravely ill with pneumonia. Calixto tells Catarina that the farm is in a terrible financial situation. Catarina decides to take charge of the farm. Determined to save the farm, Catarina assigns chores  to the others. Marcela asks Heitor to hide some money under Edmundo’s mattress. Catarina wakes up early to work on the farm. Marcela admits she took Bianca’s and Catarina’s jewelry for safekeeping.


Chapter 87: Tuesday, 03/16/04 – Catarina takes Januario to help on the farm. Catarins demands that Marcela return her jewelry. Marcela convinces Batista that it’s better for her to keep the jewels to prevent Catarina from abandoning Petruchio. Bianca despairs when she finds out that Edmundo was imprisoned. Marcela suggests to Heitor that he help Bianca see Edmundo. Heitor helps Bianca see Edmundo, which makes Bianca think that Heitor has changed.


Chapter 88: Wednesday, 03/17/04 – Joaquim counts on Lindinha to destroy Petruchio’s farm. Joaquim asks Lindinha to help him by destroying the production of cheese. Januario visits his father, and Joaquim cries with joy when he sees him. Catarina has a special Christmas lunch prepared and gives Petruchio three cows that she got from selling her car. Petruchio is touched by Catarina’s gesture. Marcela creates a plan with Heitor to trap Teodoro. Batista surprises Kiki and Teodoro kissing and prohibits him from getting near Bianca. Petruchio and Catarina visit Batista. Catarina and Petruchio argue and declare war against each other. Teodoro recognizes Kiki and demands that she explain everything.


Chapter 89: Thursday, 03/18/04 – Heitor visits Edmundo and asks that he give up Bianca, which he agrees to do.  Marcela suggests to Heitor that he demand that Bianca marry him in exchange for Edmundo’s freedom. Petruchio can’t sell the cheese because it’s too salty, and he blames Catarina for the damage. Heitor tells Bianca he can free Edmundo if she agrees to marry him. Biance hesitates when she hears Heitor’s proposal. Mimosa tells Catarina about how Heitor is blackmailing Bianca. Catarina decides to talk to Heitor. Mimosa faints after Calixto kisses her. Petruchio and Catarina try to wake her and want to know what Calixto did to cause her to faint. Lindinha tells Joaquim she’s carrying forth the plan to destroy Petruchio.


Friday, 03/19/04 – Novela wasn’t on today because of President Bush’s speech about the war in Iraq one year later.


Chapter 90: Monday, 03/22/04 – Kiki asks Joaquim for help in ending Batista’s candidacy for mayor and support another candidate. Buscapé tells Petruchio that Januario damaged the cheese. Catarina can’t believe that Januario damaged the cheese. Lindinha accuses Januario. Januario distrusts Lindinha but doesn’t have the courage to denounce her to Catarina. Petruchio throws Januario off the farm. Edmundo leaves Dalva’s house. Serafim gives Edmundo a room in which to stay. Heitor tells Bianca that Edmundo is out of jail and asks her for a kiss. Januario talks to Joaquim, and Joaquim admits that he paid Lindinha to damage the cheese. Batista insists that Heitor get a job. Catarina makes cheese, but Petruchio tells him no one wanted to buy the cheese. Lindinha overhears Calixto say that Petruchio kept Catarina’s inheritance. Petruchio denies having taken Catarina’s money.


Chapter 91: Tuesday, 03/23/04 – Teodoro asks Joana to demoralize Batista by telling her story to the newspapers. She refuses to betray the father of her children. Heitor shaves off his mustache. Serafim hires Heitor at the magazine to teach embroidery. Heitor and Edmundo meet. Serafim asks the professor to leave his room at the magazine. Edmundo has nowhere to go. Heitor asks Bianca to show him how to embroider. Januario throws Lindinha out and tells her he never wants to see her again. Lindinha confesses having salted the cheese at Joaquim’s request. Januario refuses to kiss Lindinha. Marcela and Dinora arm a plan against Catarina. Edmundo is assaulted and loses his change of clothes. Candoca tells Bianca that Edmundo disappeared. Joana demands that Batista provide support for his children.


Chapter 92: Wednesday, 03/24/04 – Teodoro puts pressure on Joana. Teodoro gives Joana money that Batista designated for her as a settlement. Joana decides to create a scene. Dinora and Josefa take care of the details of the plan to separate Catarina and Petruchio. Dalva goes to dinner at Dinora’s house. Catarina sees Marcela and Petruchio kissing. Marcela lies to Batista, telling him that Catarina accused her unjustly of being interested in Petruchio. Catarina sleeps at Dalva’s house.


Chapter 93: Thursday, 03/25/04 – Petruchio and Catarina argue and he kisses her. Just as Joana is about to name the man who wronged her, Batista shows up and she remains silent. Everyone assumes that Joaquim was the one who staged the whole thing.  The police chief goes to Petruchio’s farm. Catarina defends Petruchio. Petruchio refuses to reveal why he was happy about the robbery of Catarina’s inheritance. Edmundo feels humiliated to get alms. Lindinha tells Catarina that she heard Calixto say that Petruchio kept the inheritance. Batista dismisses Teodoro, who confesses he wants to run for mayor.

Chapter 94: Friday, 03/26/04 – Calixto admits he gave Petruchio the idea to steal the inheritance to prevent Catarina from leaving. Catarina realizes how much Petruchio loves her. The police chief interrogates Joana. Joana tells him she saw Heitor leaving Batista’s study on the day of the party. Petruchio tells Catarina that he didn’t take the inheritance documents. The police chief goes to see Heitor. Calixto tries to convince Petruchio about Marcela’s good intentions. Heitor tells the police chief that he saw Kiki leaving Batista’s living room.  Petruchio wants to know what Marcela’s intentions are with regard to the loan. Marcela charges interest and makes Petruchio sign a document giving the farm as a guarantee. Mimosa spills hot coffee on Marcela, who fires her. At Bianca’s request, Petruchio takes Mimosa to the farm. Kiki tells the police chief that she saw Petruchio entering Batista’s living room. Heitor asks Bianca to lie to the police chief, and in exchange, promises to find Edmundo.

Chapter 95: Monday, 03/29/04 – Celso finds Dinora at Dalva’s house. Celso and Dinora hug and kiss. Cornelio arrives and furiously grabs Dinora, who puts the blame on Celso. Cornelio throws Dinora and Josefa out of his house. Petruchio refuses to tell Catarina where he got the money to buy things for the farm. Catarina faints. Cornelio moves out of the house. Serafim fires Heitor. Josefa and Dinora don’t have anything to eat. Josefa and Dinora have lunch at Dalva’s house. Heitor takes Bianca to see Edmundo.


Chapter 96: Tuesday, 03/30/04 – Serafim goes to Felisberto so that he can declare Joaquim crazy. Josesfa wants Dinora to get a job. Josefa decides to reveal the identity of Hector’s father. Josefa takes Heitor to his father’s house. Heitor, who had thought his father was a rich man, is disappointed when Josefa reveals his name: Calixto. Calixto is proud, and Heitor feels deceived. Marcela gets Dinora a job as a chambermaid. Cornelio humiliates Dinora when he sees her dressed as a chambermaid. Edmundo’s former cellmate gives him a suit and an offer of an honest job. Josefa goes to Joaquim and flirts with him.


Chapter 97: Wednesday, 03/31/04 – Berenice and the thief, who’s her nephew, come up with a plan to rob Joana and Batista, incriminating Edmundo. The doctor tells Catarina he thinks she’s pregnant. Marcela orders the preparation of papers to interdict Joaquim.  Batista goes to visit Joana. Marcela tells the police chief that she’s got proof against Petruchio and demands he be put in jail. The police chief promises to find a way to arrest Petruchio without provoking a scandal that will damage Batista’s candidacy for mayor. Josefa tells Dinora that she’s planning to marry Joaquim for money.


Chapter 98: Thursday, 04/01/04 – Catarina tells Mimosa and Neca that she’s going to have a baby. Lindinha finds out Catarina is pregnant and tells Marcela. Marcela tells Catarina that she lent Petruchio money. Marcela shows Catarina the documents showing that the farm was collateral for the loan, and Catarina gets furious and leaves. Marcela confesses to Batista that she lent Petruchio money out of pity. Bianca tells her father to go ahead with the engagement party for her marriage to Heitor. Januario snubs Lindinha. Teodoro advises Joaquim that Batista started a legal process against him. Catarina confronts Petruchio about Marcela’s loan. When he tries to get at her, Neca and Mimosa hold him back. Catarina asks Dalva for shelter.


Chapter 99: Friday, 04/02/04 – Heitor gets excited with Bianca tells him she’s ready to set the wedding date. Bianca tells Heitor to go tell Petruchio where Catarina is staying. Batista promises Berenice he’ll bring money for Joana and the children. Joaquim assails Batista. When Petruchio goes to get Catarina, he sees Serafim, who’s bringing flowers for Dalva. Petruchio thinks they’re for Catarina, attacks Serafim, picks up Catarina and carries her over his shoulder but puts her down when she tells him she’s pregnant. Petruchio is very happy that Catarina is pregnant. Despite this, she’s insistent on bringing up the child alone but ends up ceding to her husband and returning to the farm. Marcela denies knowing about the legal proceeding against Joaquim, but Bianca unmasks her and tells Joaquim that Marcela was behind it. Joaquim tells Marcela he’s going to cut her off from his money.


Chapter 100: Monday, 04/05/04 – Candoca thinks it’s strange that her mother got flowers from Serafim. The police chief tells Petruchio that he could be jailed because he put up his farm as a guarantee for the loan, and he had already lost the farm to Batista. Josefa plays up to Joaquim, and he promises to make her a proposal the next day. Buscapé remembers having seen Batista enter the library on the day of the party, but only tells Catarina. Batista acts offended and denies the accusations. Catarina insists that Batista give her his word that he didn’t take the documents, but he doesn’t. Heitor gets permission from Batista to set a date for the engagement party as long as he offers Bianca an engagement ring. Catarina gets very upset when she finds out that Marcela limited Bianca to bread and water for having argued with her. Bianca tells Catarina that Lindinha was at the house to talk to Marcela.


Chapter 101: Tuesday, 04/06/04 – Joaquim wants to make Marcela sign a document giving up her inheritance, but she refuses to and is thrown out of the house. Batista takes money to Joana. The robber and his accomplice break into Joana’s house and look for the documents. Edmundo doesn’t know what he’s doing there. The robber threatens Batista and end up shooting Joana in the head. Catarina and Petruchio arrive and hear the shot. Edmundo is caught with the gun in his hand. Berenice wants her part of the take. The police chief doesn’t believe that Edmundo didn’t know anything.


Chapter 102: Wednesday, 04/07/04- Joana is taken to the hospital with swelling of the brain. Bianca gets upset when she finds out Edmundo is behind bars and goes to see him. Candoca goes with her. Bianca reaffirms her love and asks Edmundo to say it isn’t true. Edmundo takes a deep breath and affirms that he took part in the assault solely to get Bianca to forget him. Batista wants to know if Joana is going to live. The doctor doesn’t give an exact answer.


Chapter 103: Thursday, 04/08/04 – Calixto is touched when Heitor calls him dad and promises he’ll get a ring for him to give to Bianca. Bianca despairs. Januario arrives at the plantation and introduces Kiki as his girlfriend.  Calixto asks Mimosa to lend him money for Heitor to buy the ring. Pressured by Catarina, Lindinha lies and tell her she went to Marcela’s house to ask for a job.


Chapter 104: Friday, 04/09/04 – Lindinha lies and says she didn’t say anything about Catarina’s pregnancy. Petruchio and Catarina find Berenice rummaging through Berenice’s house. Catarina finds an envelope just like the one that held her documents. Catarina is disappointed to see that the envelope is empty. Joana opens her eyes but doesn’t speak. Batista confesses that he took the envelope that held the documents but later saw that it contained old documents. Catarina distrusts Marcela. The police chief is not convinced of the professor’s guilt.


Chapter 105: Monday, 04/12/04 – Joana opens her eyes but is still not able to talk. Cornelio makes Dinora cut and file his toe nails. Joaquim signs the document which disinherits Marcela. Ezequiel tells Marcela that the heiress to Joaquim’s fortune is now Januario’s piglet. Catarina asks Bianca if Marcela knew the combination to the safe. Bianca tells her she remembers having told it to Marcela. Ezequiel is sent by Marcela to look for Lindinha. Petruchio and Catarina argue in the middle of the street.


Chapter 106: Tuesday, 04/13/04 – Lindinha tells Januario that Kiki is a woman with a past. He pretends not to understand, and she gets jealous. Josefa thinks she’s the beneficiary of Joaquim’s Last Will and Testament. Joaquim asks Josefa to marry him. Cornelio realizes he admires Dalva and that she could be his salvation. Mimosa asks Calixto for a kiss, and he flees with his pants catching on fire.


Chapter 107: Wednesday, 04/14/04 - Cornelio is shocked to find Serafim courting Dalva. Joana starts to move. The doctor tells Batista that Joana will need to leave the hospital, and if she doesn’t have a place to go, she’ll be sent to a charity home.  Marcela argues with Batista because he went to visit Joana. Petruchio has fun when he sees Calixto’s burnt backside. Calixto says he can’t marry Mimosa because she could die on their honeymoon.


Chapter 108: Thursday, 04/15/04 – Catarina throws a vase at Petruchio; he doesn’t reply in kind but goes to sleep at the barn. The robber and his accomplice are surprised by a guard as they break and enter into the Comitê Eleitoral. They’re taken into custody and put in the same cell as Edmundo. Marcela asks Lindinha to sign a document selling her the piglet she had given to Januario and not tell Januario about it. Josefa accepts Joaquim’s marriage proposal. Petruchio tells Marcela he wants a private meeting with her.


Chapter 109: Friday, 04/16/04 – Batista asks Catarina and Petruchio to take Joana into their home. Catarina agrees but asks that he pay Mimosa a good salary. The robber promises Edmundo that he’ll tell the police chief that he wasn’t involved in anything. The police chief, however, keeps the professor in jail because only Joana’s testimony will save him.  Petruchio asks Marcela to run away with him. Lindinha offers herself to Januario, but he rejects her.


Chapter 110: Monday, 04/19/04 – Joana’s children await the arrival of their mother. Hector turns pale when Batista promises him a farm, and not money, as Bianca’s dowry.  Calixto gets furious with Buscapé when he tells him that Petruchio is Lindinha’s great love. Petruchio laughs at the mere thought. Lindinha thinks Petruchio is happy and confesses that she always loved him. Petruchio is speechless and asks her to forget that tale. Lindinha grabs him and kisses him. Catarina surprises them and decides to leave the farm. Lindinha lies and says that it wasn’t the first time Petruchio had kissed her.


Chapter 111: Tuesday, 04/20/04 – Lindinha persists in saying that she was sexually harassed by Petruchio her whole life. Januario unravels Lindinha’s lies, who ends up confessing everything to Catarina and then leaves the farm feeling hurt. Mimosa faints when Calixto asks her to marry him.


Chapter 112: Wednesday, 04/21/04 – Catarina thinks Petruchio is planning something. Mimosa accepts Calixto’s marriage proposal. Candoca tells Heitor to stop courting her. Bianca wonders why Marcela is so happy. Neca sulks. Batista takes Joana to the farm. Petruchio suspects Lindinha, but Calixto is sure it was Petruchio who stole the inheritance papers. Josefa and Dinora leave the house. Heitor stays in order to overhear everything. Petruchio arrives to meet with Marcela and asks her if she has lots of money for her to travel with him on a ship.


Chapter 113: Thursday, 04/22/04 – Petruchio leaves without kissing Marcela. Marcela spots Heitor, who wants to know if she kept the money. Joana tries to talk but can’t. The thief turns in his aunt Berenice. Heitor confesses that he tried to steal the inheritance papers but the envelope contained only torn blank sheets of paper. Marcela asks Heitor to put pressure on Serafim. Catarina starts to get cravings for frogs’ legs. Calixto and Petruchio go out to catch some frogs. Serafim denies he has the inheritance papers but thinks that Buscapé knows who has them. Berenice is arrested.


Chapter 114: Friday, 04/23/04 – Heitor puts the pressure on Buscapé, and Buscapé tells him he saw Lindinha enter the room with the strong box. Petruchio assures Catarina that he’ll guarantee his child’s future. Heitor decides to go find Lindinha. Cornelio asks Dalva to marry him, but she doesn’t accept his proposal and tells him to go back to Dinora. Januario finds Lindinha dressed as a novice nun, but she won’t talk to him. Marcela demands that Heitor not invite Calixto and Mimosa to the engagement dinner.


Chapter 115: Monday, 04/26/04 – Petruchio waits for Catarina. Bianca overhears when Marcela tells Petruchio that they’ll need to wait a while to finalize their plans to run away together. Calixto is proud to learn that Lindinha became a nun. Heitor wants to know in which convent Lindinha is staying. Joana is able to speak and manages to say that the professor is innocent. Serafim and Heitor try to grab Lindinha, but she runs into the church to join the other nuns. The priest impedes Serafim and Heitor from entering the church. Catarina tells Calixto and Mimosa to get ready for the engagement party and realizes that they don’t know anything about it. Marcela orders Cosme to bar Mimosa and Calixto from entering the engagement party. Petruchio pretends that he forgot to tell Calixto that Heitor had invited him and Mimosa to the engagement party.


Chapter 116: Tuesday, 04/27/04 – Calixto and Mimosa are barred from entering the party and realize that Heitor is ashamed of them. Batista announces the engagement, but when it’s time for the presentation of the engagement ring, Lourdes enters the room shouting that Heitor is the father of her children. Bianca smiles with relief. Heitor claims his innocence. Bianca and Catarina are ashamed to learn that it was their father who ordered Calixto and Mimosa to be prohibited from entering the house.  Heitor declares that he no longer wants to get married. Calixto is very disappointed with his son. Petruchio expels Heitor from the farm.


Chapter 117: Wednesday, 04/28/04 – Marcela and Petruchio meet at the church, and he finds out that Lindinha was in the room shortly after the documents were stolen. Catarina insists that Batista get a good lawyer for Edmundo. Catarina is shocked to find out that Petruchio is planning to flee with Marcela. Catarina confesses her love for and disillusionment with Petruchio. Lindinha won’t talk to Petruchio. Joana confirms that Edmundo is innocent, and Batista brings a lawyer to the police station, but Edmundo won’t accept his help. Catarina asks Petruchio if he’s capable of abandoning his child. Petruchio avoids answering the question. Bianca asks Edmundo to accept the lawyer.


Chapter 118: Thursday, 04/29/04 – Neca suggests to Catarina that she set a trap for Petruchio to confirm if he’s guilty or innocent. Calixto tells Petruchio that he doesn’t know what to on his honeymoon night. Catarina asks Batista to help her unmask Marcela and Petruchio. Lindinha escapes a conversation with Petruchio. Bianca confronts her father and says she’ll fight for her love. Marcela gets angry because Batista is helping Edmundo. Catarina asks Buscapé to hide her hen, Carijó. Catarina asks Petruchio to look for Carijó. Calixto and Petruchio return from the search covered with porcupine quills.


Chapter 119: Friday, 04/30/04 – At the moment of saying, “I do”, Joaquim can’t respond and dies at the altar. Josefa is sure she’ll be the heiress. Edmundo and Bianca hug each other. Marcela fakes deep sadness and holds the piglet in her arms. The executor of the Will asks the heirs to sign a document in which they indicate that they won’t contest the Will. Josefa despairs to learn that the heiress is the piglet. Marcela shows the receipt for the purchase of the piglet and throws Januario out. Ezequiel offers Januario shelter. Bianca and Edmundo confront Batista.


Chapter 120: Monday, 05/03/04 – Joana tells Batista that when she’s well, she’s leaving the city. Batista, Bianca, and Catarina hide at the Comitê Eleitoral and flagrantly catch Marcela and Petruchio. Marcela packs her bags and threatens to make a scandal if Batista doesn’t give her money. Petruchio tries to explain, but it’s in vain. Catarina throws Petruchio out of her father’s house.


Chapter 121: Tuesday, 05/04/04 – Catarina puts Dinora and Josefa against the wall, and they end up confessing everything they did to end Catarina’s marriage. To redeem herself, Dinora will keep a watchful eye on Marcela. Neca suggests to Mimosa that she marry Calixto right away. Marcela pressures Lindinha to find out who was in the room where the documents were stolen. Lindinha runs away from her, but Petruchio surrounds her. Catarina grabs her from the other side but she gets away. Januario puts her in Calixto’s wagon and hides her in Kiki’s house. Calixto panics because the wedding date is set for the next day.  Hector proposes to Candoca that they become a twosome because they’re both alone now.  


Chapter 122: Wednesday, 05/05/04 – Cornelio suggests to Candoca that she tell Celso and Heitor that she’s poor again. Dinora gets down on her knees and asks Cornelio to forgive her. Cornelio promises to think about it. Dinora affirms that she was coerced by Heitor when she invented Bianca’s illness. Cornelio decides to give Dinora another chance, and he and Dinora reconcile. Calixto and Mimosa get married. Bianca overhears when Januario tells Petruchio about Lindinha’s whereabouts.


Chapter 123: Thursday, 05/06/04 – Dalva and Candoca return to live at their old house. Candoca tells Heitor that she’s poor now, and he leaves after he breaks off commitment to her. Batista is elected at the convention. When he starts his speech, he sees Joana and the children and the door and gives up his political career in the name of love. Fatima gets excited when she learns that Catarina is her sister. Teodoro goes on to be the mayoral candidate and announces his engagement to Kike as well as his appointment of Januario as councilor. Candoca tells Celso that she’s poor, but he insists she marry him. Edmundo asks for Bianca’s hand in marriage, and Batista reluctantly agrees. Petruchio goes with Marcela to Bianca’s engagement party. The police chief also arrives. All the guests present at Batista and Marcela’s wedding were invited to Bianca’s engagement party. Petruchio declares his love for Catarina and says that he was scheming to unmask Marcela. Petruchio accuses Batista of stealing the inheritance documents. Joana comes to Batista’s defense and says she saw Heitor leave the studio on the day the documents were stolen. Heitor says the documents he stole were fake and that he saw Kiki leaving the site. Kiki accuses Petruchio of being the thief because she saw him leave the studio. The police chief calls Lindinha, and she accuses Mimosa of stealing the documents. Mimosa faints but ends up confessing that she took the documents.


Chapter 124: Friday, 05/07/04 – Mimosa says she took the documents after hearing a conversation between Marcela and Serafim who planned to steal the documents. Mimosa hid the documents in her photo album but says it mysteriously disappeared. It was Buscapé who took the album because it contained photos of his parents. The documents were in the kitchen of Batista’s house the whole time. Teodoro tells Marcela that before he died, Joaquim put everything in Januario’s name and that she inherited nothing in his Will because Joaquim knew what kind of daughter he had and wrote his Will as a joke on her. Lindinha asks Januario to forgive her, and he does. Lindinha tells Januario that she’ll marry him. Months later, Petruchio and Catarina’s children are born. Bianca and Edmundo get married. Neca catches the bouquet. Petruchio gets Catarina to say that the twins are theirs, not hers, and that they have a future together. The girl has Catarina’s personality and the boy has Petruchio’s. As Catarina and Petruchio kiss, the children throw toys at one another. THE END







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