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(aka Hilda Huracán)


Produced by Rede Globo (Brasil)  1998     mini-novela.


United States (Telemundo) 8 May 2002 - 24 May 2002


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     After stirring society by leaving her groom at the alter and going directly to a prostitution house, a young model becomes the city's most famous harlot, known as "Hilda the Hurricane", in the 50's Brazil. She could do fine if it wasn't for Malthus, a young novice said to be a saint, for whom she falls in love. However, the boy is kept under the strict, severe doctrine of Father Nelson, a conservative priest intolerant even to every minor sin. Things start getting harder when Roberto, Malthus' old friend and a communist reporter (the actual author of the story), tries to interview Hilda and disclosure the real reasons behind her radical change of mind. In the meantime, the middle-classes are terrified by the "leftist threat" in Brazilian politics. Written by Pedro Aguiar <paguiar@alternex.com.br>






     USA 5/8-10/02.

     5/8/02. The story is narrated by Roberto, one of the 3 Musketeers, friends who grew up together. Malthus has become a priest, tortured by his sexual desires. Aramel is El Bello, determined to conquer Hollywood. Roberto and Aramel go to a beauty pageant where they see the crowning of Hilda Muller or, as Roberto calls her, Hilda Huracán, the woman who made him a writer. After she wins the contest, several men ask her to dance. She says she will dance with the first to give her a rose. They all go off to find one and she starts dancing with a plain man. Dorita’s grandmother complains that she is dancing too close to her novio Alfredo. Juca proposes to Hilda and she accepts. They become formally engaged. His mother isn’t pleased. Hilda has a reputation because a man committed suicide because of her. Hilda decides to marry on her 18th birthday party. She tells Dorita she isn’t happy and goes to see a psychic, Madame Janete who tells her that a man (Dalton) killed himself because of her and does not rest in peace, that she will marry the man with a lost shoe, that she will find happiness but only after much suffering. When she offers to pay, Madame Janete refuses, says she can pay the next time because she will be back. On her wedding day, Hilda demands to see Juca, tells him she is afraid, thought about the dress, the ceremony, everything except really being married. Afraid he is being jilted, first he tries to calm her, then he becomes frantic, says the rumors are right, she is a devil with the face of an angel. Then he becomes violent. Then he begs, asks her to just go through with the wedding, he won’t touch her afterwards. She can have as many lovers as she wants, as long as she is discreet. She asks if she can have a lover on their honeymoon. He says yes, if she is discreet. She assures him that there is nobody else but realizes he is not the man for her, tells him to forget her. She walks out of the house with her suitcases, gets into a taxi and goes into town, hands the driver her ring in payment and walks, in her beautiful wedding gown, into a 3rd class hotel and registers.  

     5/9/02. The prostitute Maria Tomba tells Hilda there is still time to leave. If she spends the night, even though nothing happens, her reputation will be ruined. Hilda says nothing and stays. The driver tells Berta and Ventura where he left Hilda. Ventura calls Divinea and learns it is true. The news spreads that Hilda is in the Hotel Maravilosa, in La Zona Bohemia. Reporters gather. The transvestite names Hilda “Hilda Huracan”. After Lolo shuns Berta, she and her husband close the house and leave. Roberto’s father dies and he goes home for the funeral. One of the prostitutes asks Hilda what she is going to do. Hilda says she will take her first customer the next night. When Roberto returns the next day, he is assigned to cover Hilda. That evening, she leaves the hotel and goes to the cabaret in an evening gown, is joined on the steps by the transvestite who gives her courage as she faces all the reporters. They enter the cabaret and sit down. She orders a whiskey, he an Anise. She has obviously never drunk a whiskey before but swallows hard several times. Meanwhile, Divinea, Maria Tumbo, and ? talk: there are obviously different classes of prostitutes. Divinea goes with men she likes and accepts “gifts”; Maria Tumbo doesn’t work the streets, etc. Two men look at Hilda and one says that Juca learned the truth the day of the wedding which is why he walked out of the church. The transvestite gives Hilda more advice on how to behave, to always be in control.

     5/10/02. While a line forms for Hilda, Malthus feels a call. The first man enters and finds Hilda in a wedding dress. The man is plain, overweight. He undresses her. She gets in bed, turns on a light. Each man gets 2 minutes with Hilda. The news spreads. Hilda destroys engagements, marriages. Reporters gather, question women. Lolo asks Padre Malthus to head a committee. Photographs of Hilda make the rounds: Lucelia, Berta, Dorita, Ventura, etc. Matlhus wonders if the test of his faith is to look at the photos or not to look at the photos. Roberto gets an interview with Hilda. She asks him if he knows Gloria Drummond and he says she is a relative. She gives him and his partner a geography test; she loses and gives him a kiss on the cheek. She refuses to tell him why she came to the zone, says one day she will tell him but not now. Hilda seems to be taking clients away from others because Maria Tomba takes a position on the street. She gets into a fight with the transvestite Cinturita; knives are drawn. Hilda stops the fight. The women and Malthus organize a march against the Zone. Ventura visits Divinea, tries to get a look over the wall at Hilda. Hilda, in a normal dress. greets Dorita on the street and is shunned. Desperately hurt, she returns to the hotel and cries desperately. Malthus leads the march against the hotel, holding high a cross. Hilda descends the stairs and confronts him. First he, then she seems to gain the upper hand. She faces down Lolo then Lucelia with secrets she knows about them. Thunder sounds, then rain. Malthus touches Hilda with the cross. There is fire. A man comes out of the hotel covered in flames. Hilda falls down.


     USA 5/13-17/02. Hilda loses a shoe in the rain and recalls the psychic telling her that the man of her dreams will appear when she loses her shoe. She goes searching for her shoe. Malthus has found it and taken it back to his room. Maria Tumba finds Hilda in the street and takes her back home. Malthus wonders what the sky meant to say, wonders whether he or the devil won.  Hilda visits the psychic again. Janete tells Hilda that her shoe is safe, that the man will change her destiny. Hilda goes to the radio studio and asks the finder of her shoe to return it to her, to give the finder an embrace and kisses or $10,000. He decides this is God’s make of giving him the chance to save Hilda’s soul. Malthus tells an older priest about the shoe and is told to run away. An older man, Olavo, enters Hilda room and gives her lavish compliments, asks to undress her, tells her his profession is to live.

     Cinturita and Maria Tumba get into another fight. Roberto interviews Juca who assures him that he was the one who cancelled the wedding, that he was seeing another woman, a decent woman, to whom he is now married and with whom he has a child. He tells Roberto that Hilda never enjoyed being happy, she needed to be sad, that’s why she went to La Zona. Roberto tells Hilda about the interview. She tells Roberto that she will tell him why she came to the zona when she leaves. She knows the year, 1964, but not yet the date. Malthus, tormented, throws the shoe away, then searches unsuccessfully for it. Dr. Toñico takes Aramel under his wing: Aramel will function as a kind of pimp, attracting young women and introducing them to the doctor who has a pet jaguar. Aramel will act as a pimp for him. Aramel learns that Dr. Toñico has 100 children; Cedeño works for Dr. Toñico. Hilda and Malthus pass sleepless nights. Doña Lola and Malthus go to the radio station. Malthus makes a plea to Hilda to come to him, at any time, to talk to him so that he may save her soul. She goes to the church, tells him to stop bothering her.

     Roberto hits Aramel for being a pimp. Aramel says if he didn’t do it, somebody else would and complains about having his face marred. Malthus finds the shoe and hides it. A public meeting is held about converting the zone. The vote goes 7 to 7, Hilda sends a note to ? who then votes against it. Hilda goes to the church to demand that Malthus say a mass for her. Padre Nelson visits the room of Malthus, looks around, finds the book of temptations, opens it and finds it hollowed out, holding the shoe. He tells him he will send him to Rio. Padre Nelson asks her to renounce him, tells her that what she does is bad enough, but to steal a man from Christ is the worst sin possible, that she cannot love a priest. Hilda is shocked when he mentions love. Malthus goes home to visit his mother, returns to tell Padre Nelson that he can’t leave, it would kill his mother. 

     5/16/02. no episode.

     5/17/02. HH becomes furious and sad when she hears that Malthus has left town. Maria Tumbo comforts her. Roberto tells Hilda that he found her parents, wants to know if she should give them a message. She says no. He finds them relatively poor, raising roses. Her father refuses to speak about her and her mother wonders only what went wrong, gives him a rose for her. Juca stands in line for her, asks her when she started this life, implies it was before the wedding. She refuses to accept him and has him taken away. El Santo returns. Hilda confesses to him that she loves him. That her current life is her punishment and it will end in 1964. He tells her that God would not assign such a punishment. He tells her it is easy to love mankind, hard to love a person.  She tells him about losing her favorite shoe on the same day he confronted her. She asks him if anybody ever loved him. He tells her he will pray for her. She tells him she wants to marry him. Alone later, he realizes he loves her. At the carnaval, Emece asks Roberto for help in winning the love of Gabiela M. Padre Nelso reads the telegram from Malthus and part of the church falls down.

     Carnaval. Hilda is jealous of Roberto. Then she sees Malthus. El Santo questions Hilda about her scanty clothes. He runs away and she is happy. Padre Ciro finds Dorita dancing with El Consejal and takes her home, lies about where he found her. Malthus prays, says padre Nelson was right, she is the devil trying to deceive him, how does one know if somebody truly loves you. There are riots in the street but Hilda goes out, as does Robert and Malthus. Robert is arrested. Malthus and Hilda run into each other, kiss, separate. Maria Tumbo and Cinturito arm wrestle to a draw. El Santo beats himself again, calls Roberto, gives him Hilda’s shoe and asks him to return it to Hilda, which he does. He can’t believe it when she tells him that she loves Malthus and plans to marry him, thinks it is easy enough since he hasn’t taken his final vows. Malthus goes home to his mother, tells her he has sinned, has kissed a woman. She won’t listen, tells him when he was born two angels came to her to tell her he was a saint. A woman stands in the line for Hilda. She enters the room and sees a chair. Hilda comes out from behind it in bra and panties. The woman introduces herself as El Santo’s mother. 

     She asks Hilda what she wants from El Santo and Hilda tells her she wants love. They talk, but at cross purposes. Neither understands the other. When she goes home, his mother tries to tell Malthus what the experience was like: the line of men, how Hilda presented herself without even knowing what the man would look like, etc. Hilda goes to his village, knocks on the door, tells him if he doesn’t talk to her he will never see her again. He doesn’t open the door and she walks away. He opens it and looks out, she looks back, then walks away. He goes to the top of a hill and sits. She comes up the hill, drops her suitcase, takes off her dress, removes her bra, holds him. They make love. He tells her to go. She tells him she doesn’t need him. She has left a whole life behind. She can leave him behind. She asks him what he has ever done for anybody, tells him he is self-centered, has never thought of anybody but himself, never done anything for anybody else. (It is, indeed, a powerful indictment.) She dresses, takes her suitcase and goes. He returns to the church, punishes himself again, confesses to padre Nelson. Aramel agrees to help Emece, introduces himself to Gabriela M. as Emece. She is impressed, didn’t expect him to be so handsome. Hilda returns to the brothel, tells Cinturita she will never cry over a man again. She goes to the radio station and announces that she is ready to marry. Dorita is arrested, found at an abortionist’s.

     The Colonel (Posidonio?) arrives and proposes to Hilda. She meets Santo. He is leaving town, they kiss, part. Roberto proposes to Bella and she accepts. Aramel and Gabriela are living together out on a farm. He has given up his dream of Hollywood. The Colonel and ? duel verbally for Hilda’s hand at the dance hall with promises of what they will give her. Hilda can’t sleep. Malthus admits to Padre Nelson that every night he goes to the plaza to look for the rose in her window. Padre Nelson tells him that if he could overcome the pasions of his youth, Santo can overcome this. Bella looks curiously at her Uncle Ventura when he mentions that Dorita’s cousin, whom she is visiting, will soon give birth. One night, El Santo, in a trenchcoat, goes to Hilda’s room. She shows him the small Virgin she has, her favorite perfume. There he “undresses” to his civilian clothes. They kiss passionately.

     Hilda calls Roberto to help Malthus leave. Before he leaves, Hilda tells him she loves him. He is attacked by Colonel Posi and Filo on his way out but Roberto rescues him. The Colonel gives Hilda 24 hours to make a decision. Padre Nelson asks Malthus to explain. Roberto tells Hilda he doesn’t know what Malthus will do and she tells him she fears that he won’t stay with her. Gabriela tells Aramel she wants to return to Belle Horizonte, become Toñico’s woman. She had always dreamed of a big love, an amor de cine, but it isn’t enough. Her hands are full of callouses. He skin is getting rough. Hilda announces that she will choose neither Posi or Filo. She is in love and will wait for her love until 3/31/64. If he hasn’t responded to her love by then, she will leave the zone. She hopes that Posi and Filo will continue to be her friends. Gabriela leaves Aramel and goes to Toñico, becomes the most demanding of his women and he likes her the more for her demands. Aramel asks Emece and Roberto for help; he is very depressed. During a street riot, Malthus saves Maria Tumba and she tells Hilda. Roberto tells Hilda about Roberto’s problem. She has a friend in the movie business and he agrees to help Roberto. The two see him go off to Hollywood. Gabriela, dressed in mink, visits her friend in the lab. The statute of a saint cries in a church: Doña Finita, Nena, C____ look at it. A young girl drops her crutches. Roberto tells Malthus what Hilda did for Roberto. Toñico leaves Teresa, his jaguar, to guard Gabriela. Roberto’s boss tells him to drop his story on Hilda. People have lost interest since she is leaving the zone. He is put onto a story about the sale of refugees. He and a photographer meet Joca, get a photograph of Roberto buying a refugee. The story makes him an instant celebrity. When Bella sees him surrounded by adoring women, she becomes jealous. He tries to get to her but can’t, must answer questions on the radio. She goes home to Dorita, says she is leaving. Dorita asks if Alfredo has called; he hasn’t. She tells Bella that perhaps a man she met in the U.S. will visit during vacation.  Emece sees Toñico and Gabriela. Malthus remembers the night that he went to Hilda in the Zone.


     GRAN FINAL. USA. 5/24/02.    Vitiño’s mother sees Leonor with Hilda. Hilda tries to comfort her. Vitiño tells his mother he knows all about Leonor, tells his mother that once she is married to him and moves in his circle, nobody will recognize her. His mother agrees to accept her, will pretend she knows nothing about her past. Aramel sends a telegram to Hilda: he will be in the movie El Cid. Everybody goes to the movie. Gabriela, pregnant, goes. Dorita and Luis arrive. Padre Nelson shows up. Nilson Sargento causes some kind of problem for Juan Didim but Hilda takes him under her protection, walks down the aisle, drops a flower. Malthus picks it up, gives it back to her. She returns it to him. Aramel appears for a brief second. All in the audience scream for the film to be rewound and it is. Meanwhile, Toñico has heard about it and appears, shoots a gun at the screen. All scream and run out. There is some kind of political speech. Jango? A march. Hilda announces that on 3/31/64, she will leave the zone, says that 5 years ago her life changed in a minute, who knows what will happen in the next days. Malthus tells padre Gerardo he won’t go back to Belle Horizonte until after 3/31. Hilda flies over Santa Ana fumigating it for 3 days without stopping. Malthus watches from the bell tower. Hilda goes to the church where he is leading the choir in practice, tells him she has two tickets, will wait for him until 5. At the dance hall, Cinturita and Divinea give a joint going away performance for Hilda. She walks away from the hall, starts to pack. Malthus packs. El Cojo tells Hilda there is a call for her. It is Malthus; he will come. He arrives in town, but there is a riot going on. He is arrested at 4:30. Roberto seems to be arrested or kidnapped. Hilda, suitcases in hand, walks and cries. There is a general strike on.

     Roberto narrates. he married Bella and, finally, his father accepted him. They are happy. Dindim, due to Hilda’s help, is a famous designer. Dorita married a millionaire and is a socialite known for her good works. Vitiño and Leonor are happy. Ventura is a senator. El Cojo, Maria Tumba and Divinea are still in La Zona. There is a scene in La Frontera. Somebody fled. Orlando is killed. Aramel appears as a chauffeur in a movie with Marilyn Monroe. Gabriel has a third child with Toñico. Malthus is part of a revolutionary church group and is shown in a street battle. He stumbles on a shoe, stoops down to pick it up, stands up and sees a woman. It is Hilda, in jeans, also struggling. They look at each, recall scenes from their past. She recalls the psychic’s words as she looks at the shoe in his had. They smile at each other. FIN.






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