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Telenovela-World:  Re: Darn!! I forgot that it started yesterday and I missed the first episode! Are

Author: Mauricio (---)  Date:   04-10-07 18:16 PDT  [First USA Episode:  April 9, 2007]

     I can tell you what happened on the first episode.

     The novela starts with the police finding lots of money in a yellow car.

     Then we see Martin, Emiliano, and Felipe giving a serrenata. Martin is the one who is giving the serrenata to Emiliano's sister because he and Emiliano's sister Cristina are going to get married the next day. After giving the serrenata, Emiliano and Felipe take Martin to this place where they are giving Martin a party.

     We find out that Martin and Steve have something to do with the money that was found.

     The police is outside, and they send these women police officers to go in to the party, and the women police officers dance for all the men at the party. Emiliano and Felipe go somewhere else. Later, the women police officers stop dancing and they arrest everyone at the party. Emiliano and Felipe aren't found yet, and after Emiliano finds out what is happening at the party, he calls his lawyer Miguel.

(I think that Miguel has something to do with the money also). The lawyer tells Emiliano and Felipe that they should escape before they are found by the police. Miguel then calls and tells Martin to convince Emiliano and Felipe to escape. Emiliano and Felipe do escape. Miguel tells Emiliano that he should leave the country. Emiliano ends up agreeing to leaving the country and going to Brazil. Martin and Steve are arrested.

     At the bar called Garibaldi, Rosario is singing. After she finishes singing, we see this women named Nora coming in. Nora insults Rosario, because it seems that her husband likes Rosario. Rosario doesn't let herself get insulted. Don Carlos (the owner of the bar) comes out and tells Rosario that he doesn't want to have any problems. After Nora and her husband leave, Don Carlos and Rosario are talking. Don Carlos says that what happened at the bar will cost Rosario one day of pay. Later, this women reads Rosario the cards and tells her that in her future there is a man and that he has problems.

     Emiliano and Felipe go to the airport. Emiliano is told that there aren't any seats left to go to Brazil, so he is told that his only option is to go to Colombia and then take a plane to Brazil from there. He agrees to that. Felipe stays and later goes to a hotel. Emiliano goes to Colombia.

     Thats what happened on the first episode.


Telenovela-World:  Final episode of LHDM Author: julie56 (---) Date:   10-19-07 20:28 PDT

     Steve goes to appointed meeting place where there is an old abandoned warehouse by railroad tracks. Andreu and Corona meet Steve and he tells them he wants them to leave him in peace. The Gringo says no deals and holds a gun to Corona's head and says that Corona will kill Steve. Corona says NO he won't kill Steve and Steve starts yelling and dozens of police surround them. Gringo points a gun a fires a shot but Salas shoots him in shoulder. They are taken away.

     A Mexican judge finds Emiliano and Felipe innocent and they get their belongings and leave the prison. Emil is excited and tells his parents he is going to Colombia to marry Rosario. He leaves and arrives at Lucia's school and she sees him and runs to him just as Raquel arrives to get Lucia. They talk and Raquel is happy for Rosario but stunned that Emil is in Colombia. Emil goes to see Don Genereo and gives him a hug. At Raquel's home E. tells her he is going to marry Rosario and hands her the little box with the ring he will give Rosario. He is next seen in his mariachi suit and he, Raquel and Lucia arrive at the Garabaldi bar to surprise Rosario. Leticia sees Emil and hugs him and says she will tell Rosario, but he says no, just get me a hand microphone. She gets it. The mariachis are playing and Coloso is ready to sing a song when Fran's voice is heard singing and Rosario can't believe it and runs down to look for him and sees him upstairs She is shocked to see Fran and starts crying as he sings 'La Mano de Dios' to her. When he finishes singing he kisses her and asks her if she wants to marry him and he puts the ring on her finger as everyone, including Raquel and Lucia look on. E & Rosario hold on to each other tightly.

     CHURCH IN BOGATA; Everyone is in the church and I mean everyone, the entire mariachi group, E's parents, Raquel, all the waiters and cocktail girls, Don Genero, Don Carlos, his wife. Felipe is the best man. Emiliano can't stand still and wants to know where Rosario is. Eulalia and Raquel tell Emil to calm down and the mariachi guys all chant in chorus, LARA LARA LARA. Felipe and Fernando talk and Fern tells him that Emil is giving him a trip to China and buying him a sport car, Felipe says that Emil wants to support him for the rest of his life and is giving him a new car to replace the famous yellow one. Also, Coloso is getting a Mercedes-Benz convertible and Don genero is getting his own house. Emil had told Raquel that she is getting a house and a car with a chauffer to drive Lucia to school.

     Fernando escorts Rosario down the aisle she is wearing a beautiful white gown but no veil just some small flowers in her hair and she looks beautiful but she trips but continues walking. The groom is wearing his Mariachi suit. Raquel, also looked beautiful in a pink suit. The wedding was interrupted serveral times by Emil and Rosario tried to calm him down. They finally exchange rings, kiss and then walk down the aisle as rose petals are tossed at them and into their future life together. FIN

     PS I had posted on 10-06 my idea of what would happen and I guessed that Emil would give Fernando a fully paid trip and a new car. That Emil would return to Colombia and marry Rosario and a home and car for Raquel. The rest I did not quess correctlly. It had a good ending and the bad guys were arrested and Corona was one of the ones that got nabbed. I don't remember seeing either Macias or Virginia at the wedding. =:o)





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