Mexico 4/27/98 -  8/28/98  180 capítulos de media hora.

Univision 3/22/99 - 9/2/99 (mix of hour and half-hour episodes)



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     The first episode sets up the story. Estrella is an aerialist in a circus who lives with her daughter Preciosa and her grandparents, Preciosa’s father having deserted them. Sandor, the drunk lion tamer, loves her but she rejects him so he arranges an accident. She falls during her act and dies. 18 years pass. Sandor, still drinking, now owns the circus and hates Preciosa who doesn’t, of course, seem to be aware of the fact. She is lame but still hopes one day to be a trapeze artist like her mother. When Felina is attacked by a lion in her trailer, Preciosa saves her and stops a car for help. In the car is Luis Fernando. They are immediately attracted to each other.


     Rinconlatino.  Diana M.  Date: 03/26/99 23:51. Tia Eduarda, wants Luis Fernando to promise her that he will go on a trip with her  before he leaves to the hosiptal. LF lets her know that he is very busy, and that  they will talk about it later. Tia Eduarda throws a hissy fit, and tells LF that he  doesn't care about her and starts faking a dizzy spell. Fermina, looking out from  the house, starts yelling frantcially that Eduarda is dying. Luis Fernando walks  Eduarda into the house.  Valeria's dad walks into his office and realizes he’s left his office drawer open.  Valeria who is hiding behind the door startles him and asks him if he is looking  for the picture she has in her hand, which is a picture of Estrella. Her dad says  no and Valeria asks who the woman in the picture is and he says he doesn't know.  Valeria tells him that he won't care if she rips it then?The dad didn't say anything and Valeria tore the picture of Estrella. Valeria asks  her father if he could let her go on a trip with LF and Eduarda, he objects and  she tells him that she will ask mom.  Meanwhile, Eduarda gives LF the run down, on how she raised him after her parents  died and she was very young and all he wants is the best for him. LF knows the  story by heart and tells Eduarda that all she does is manipulate him. LFgoes to  the hospital. Eduarda asks Fermina how she liked her performance? Eduarda tells  Fermina she will not permit LF to ruin their reputation by falling in love with  some nurse or poor woman. She wants LF to marry Valeria.  Preciosa is in her trailer with Pulgitas(the chimp's name) admiring the drawing  she drew of LF. She tells Pulgitas that once LF operates on her leg she will give LF  the drawing as a gift. Preciosa walks out of her home and bumps into Sander (Circus  Owner). Preciosa asks Sander if she could visit Felina, the girl in the hospital.  Sander refuses and says she has better things to do.  Preciosa daydreams as she tells Claudia how one day she will be like her mom.  She tells Claudia she has a lot of money saved up for her operation. Sander overhears.  Preciosa's grandfather goes to see LF to talk about Preciosa's operation. The  grandpa tells LF that Preciosa wants to be like her mother, a trapeze performer, and she insists that it be him who operates on her. LF tells grandpa that he and  Preciosa could come to his house tommorow (because he has a day off from the hospital)  to talk about the operation.  Hospital cafeteria: Alma(Valeria's sister) asks Alvaro (Alma and Valeria's brother) for help with  their mom. She is making Alma get together with some guy named Oscar who she doesn't like. Alvaro will see what he can do. LF then meets Alvaro and tells him  about how sweet and warm Preciosa is. Alvaro tells LF to be careful because he could  fall in love with Preciosa and he is with Valeria. LF thinks that Alvaro is crazy  and tells him that Valeria is the love of his life.  Grandpa tells Preciosa that she has an appointment with LF to meet him at his  home. Preciosa gets so happy and Doña Pachis notices the enthusiasm and tells the grandpa that Preciosa is love with LF.  Val asks her mom’s permission to go on a trip with LF and Edurada so she can trap LF.  She tells her mom that her dad didn't give her permission. Her mom tells her she is the boss and she can go.  LF tells Fermina that Preciosa will come by and to let her in. Eduarda tells Fermina when Preciosa comes to let her know so she can kick her out.  Oscar, the guy who Alma doesn't like, is waiting for her in her garden. Tells Alma  how much he likes her and then she hoses him down with a hose.  Nobody is able to accompany Preciosa to LF's house because Sander what's everyone  working. Claudia advises Preciosa to take Carolina (Elphant). Preciosa, Pulgitas,  and Carolina show up at LF's house. Fermina and Eduarda are outside, Fermina  yelling from the top of her lungs and Eduarda trying to kick them out. Well, the elephant manages to get to the stairs of the entrance of the house. 


     Rinconlatino.  03/30/99 01:54. Carolina (Elephant) enters Eduarda's home with Preciosa. Fermina is screaming that the elephant is going to eat them and Eduarda yells for someone to call the firefighters. Preciosa is trying to control and stop Carolina but she doesn't listen. Luis Fernando walks out of his room to see what all the racket is. Luis Fernando is surprised to see the elephant and asks Preciosa for an explanation. Preciosa tells LF that no one could accompany her and she brought Carolina because the walk was too far. Luis Fernando gets his giggles out of seeing Fermina and his Tia Eduarda's face.Luis Fernando tells Preciosa to get Carolina out of the home and follows them out. Luis Fernando tells, Preciosa that it was bad what she did and Preciosa tells him that Carolina doesn't usually act this way, but Fermina wanted to hit her and she got mad. LF tells Preciosa that after the incident he has to calm down his aunt and that Preciosa could come see him at the hospital tommorow at 3:00pm. Luis Fernando thinks to himself as Preciosa is leaving how he would like to make her dreams come true and make her walk normally. Preciosa on her way home, with Carolina and Pulgitas, attracts alot of attention and people go up to Carolina to pet her. (talk about being the center of attention) Eduarda tells LF she doesn't want him operating on Preciosa, she was very disturbed with what happened.  LF just grins. Meanwhile, back at the circus, Doña Pachis and her two daughters, Claudia and Milagros are at home. Doña Pachis wants to visit her son who is in jail with her daugthers, but when she tells Milagros she objects, Milagros hates to be poor and seems like an ambitious woman. This saddens Doña Pachis, and Claudia comforts her and tells her to not pay attention to Milagros.Grandpa is telling Preciosa how he can't believe she took Carolina to LF's house, and told grandpa everything that happened. Grandpa tells Preciosa to not get her hopes up about the operation, it might not go as expected. Preciosa feels like she could die if she never gets to be a great acrobat like her mother, thats her biggest dream. Grandpa also warns Preciosa about falling in love with LF. Preciosa tells her grandpa she doesn't know what love is, but when it comes she could imagine how it is.Valeria's family and friend go to LF's house for dinner. Eduarda tells Val to convince LF of going on a trip with them. Val takes LF into the study so they could have more privacy and they start making out, when LF stops and tells Val he is worried about Preciosa. Val gets so mad and tells him to forget about her. LF can't and tells Val he wants to operate her. Val brings up the trip, but LF tells Val he is too busy. Val makes up that Eduarda gets these really bad headaches, but she doesn't want to tell LF.Meanwhile, back at the circus, Sander is bickering about how less and less people come to the circus. Ranzel( who is Sander's son) tells Sander that employees are disturbed because they are not getting paid. Preciosa knocks on Sander's door. Preciosa, asks Sander for permission to miss a couple of hours of work to go see the doctor. Sander gets mad and refuses at first and makes fun of Preciosa and tells her she should get a wooden leg instead of an operation to repair her defect. Ranzel tells Sander to stop being so mean. Then Sander thinks it's to his advantage for Preciosa to be out of her house, that way he could look for her money, so he lets her go.Back at LF's house, Alvaro(Valeria's brother) and Lorena(Val's friend) go out to the garden to make out.Back at the circus, Preciosa and her grandpa step out to celebrate somebody’s b-day and Sander takes advantage to search for Preciosa's money, he finds it in a shoe box, which was hidden in a luggage. Sander thinks to himself that Preciosa will never become a great acrobat like her mother and she will be disabled all her life.TBC.....................................  Why did Ranzel have to be Sander's son? Although he seems pretty decent. 


     Rinconlatino.  March 30, episode 7. Diana MDate: 03/31/99 02:24.Sandor stuffs Preciosa's money in his pants and  takes off before Preciosa returns. Meanwhile, Tia Eduarda walks in the study to tell  Val and Luis Fernando that dinner is ready, when LF  asks Tia Eduarda if it's true what Val says? LF asks  Eduarda how she is doing? Eduarda tells LF she feels  great, while Val is nervously fiddling in the  background. Eduarda steps out of the study and LF  asks Val why Eduarda didn't tell him about her  headaches. Val just tells him that she doesn't want  to bother him with it and that LF should have more  consideration towards Eduarda than for a circus  person.(referring to Preciosa of course) LF once  again tells Val he wants to operate on Preciosa and  tells Val he wants her to take Eduarda to the  hosiptal for a check-up. Garden: Lorena tells Alvaro that she likes him very much.  Alvaro tells her that he doesn't want to think of  love and he wants to dedicate his life to his career  right now, and think of marriage later. Lorena tells Alvaro she knows how to wait.  Enriqueta (Alvaro's mom) calls them to the dinner  table. Enriqueta likes Lorena and will help her  with Alvaro. Preciosa returns to her home and tells Pulgitas she  can't wait to see LF tomorrow. (She stares at his  drawing) Val takes Eduarda to the study to let her know  what's going on. Val tells Eduarda that she told LF  that she was very sick, to convince him to go on the  trip. Eduarda thinks it's a great idea, and it's  easier for her to manipulate him. Val tells Eduarda  she has to take her to the hospital tommorow to get  some examinations. Eduarda refuses at first, but Val  convinces her when she tells her that she could put  Preciosa in her place and avoid LF operating on  her. Next morning, Preciosa goes to see if she could  convince Patricio(Felina's husband) to go visit  Felina at the hospital. Preciosa enters Patricio's  home, to find him drinking, Preciosa tells Patricio  she wanted to get there early before he left to  work, to tell him to go see Felina. Patricio,  (feeling sorry for himself) tells Preciosa, no one wants to give a drunk a job. Patricio says he is an  alcoholic and that Felina is too good for him.  Preciosa reminds Patricio that he is her husband  and it would make Felina happy to see him. Meanwhile, Valeria kisses her mom goodbye and heads  off to see Eduarda. Alma and her father are in a  hurry walking down the steps when Enriqueta orders  them to stop and not be in such a hurry. Enriqueta tells Alma to never treat Oscar as bad as she did and that she will like him, if she likes it or not.  Enriqueta also reminds her husband she is the boss  of the house and that he doesn't have the right to  prohibit anything to Val. (Ok, this woman, is beyond  possessive) Preciosa tells Dona Pachis she couldn't convince  Patricio to visit Felina. Dona Pachis says he  doesn't want to leave the alcohol. Doña Pachis sends  her regards to Felina, with Preciosa, she can't  accompany her because she will go visit her son in  jail. Felina looks depressed and tells Preciosa that  Patricio doesn't love her. Preciosa trys to comfort  her and changes the subject with her operation.  Surprise! Patricio did make it to the  hospital.(Preciosa steps out of the room) Felina was  so glad to see Patricio, she felt much better.  Felina asks Patricio to return to the circus with  her so they can be the most famous acrobatic couple  like before. Patricio tells Felina it's different  now, he's an alcoholic and he can't be getting on no  trapeze. Patricio tells Felina he isn't worth  anything and that she should look for another guy. Val and Eduarda arrive at the hospital for Eduarda's  exam. They sit and wait for Preciosa. Preciosa returns to Felina's room and finds Felina  depressed saying Patricio doesn't love her,  Preciosa, says sure he does. Felina tells Preciosa  she doesn't know what love is. Preciosa says, that's  true, no one has ever said, pretty to me, except,  you, grandpa, Dona pachis, etc. She wishes a guy  would call her pretty. Preciosa asks Felina to  explain what love is. Felina tells Preciosa, it's  something inside, I don't know how to explain it,  it's like your heart beating really fast, like a  savage horse. Felina tells her that love also makes  you suffer, when your loved one is not close to you  or unreachable. Preciosa suddenly recalls Alvaro  telling her that Val and LF will be married soon.  She yells no they can't get married. Felina is  puzzled. Preciosa thinks to herself that she can't  possibly be in love with LF. He is too good for, she  is just a poor disabled girl. Meanwhile, Doña Pachis visits her son Lorenzo in  jail, with her other son Simon and daughter, Claudia. They bring him food and asks how he is  doing. He has a hard face and tells them, how do you  want me to be it's jail. He tells Panchis that he is  going to escape, because he still has a lot of time  he has to do, and says once he gets out, he will  look for Preciosa. Grandpa finds Preciosa who is crying (because of LF) and tells her grandpa she is crying because of  Felina and Patricio. Then, Eduarda sees Preciosa  and Preciosa introduces her to her grandpa. Grandpa  asks forgiveness for the elephant incident. Eduarda  asks Preciosa what she is doing in the hospital,  Preciosa tells her she is there to see LF about her  operation. Eduarda tells her she can't get that  operation, it costs too much, Preciosa says she has  the money. Eduarda tells her to forget about it, LF  will not operate on her and LF told her to tell  Preciosa that he can't operate her to forget it. 


     Rinconlatino.  March 31, Episode 8. Diana M  Date: 04/01/99 02:36  Luis Fernando anxiously looks at his watch, because he can't wait to see Preciosa. Meanwhile, Eduarda is telling Preciosa that LF will not waste his time operating on a poor, dumb, and disabled girl. Grandpa steps in to defend Preciosa, but Eduarda lets him know that he has no right to talk to her, because he is inferior to her. Preciosa can't believe that LF would say those things, and just lie to her, she is heartbroken over the issue. Doña Pachis is trying to convince Lorenzo to not escape from jail, because she will die if something bad happens to him. Lorenzo wants to anxiously escape so he can find Preciosa. Simon (brother) tells Lorenzo that Preciosa is too good for him and she will never pay attention to him. Lorenzo gets mad, and gets Simon into a loose neck brace, Dona Pachis breaks it up. Lorenzo tells his family he knows that they are ashamed of him, and asks why Milagros(sister) didn't come visit him. He gets mad, and tells them to leave. Doña Pachis is very sad and Claudia comforts her. (Lorenzo is also called "Panteras", I guess a gang name). Val and Eduarda are happy because they accomplished their mission of running Preciosa out of LF's life. Meanwhile, Preciosa is crying to her grandpa about what a liar LF is and her dream will never come true.  Feeling sorry for herself. Luis Fernando comes out of his office and lets Val and Eduarda in, he asks if they have seen Preciosa, because he is worried about her because she didn't show up for her appointment. Val tells him, no. Eduarda then brings up the trip again and LF once again tells her he is busy. LF wants to examine her, but she denies, since he doesn't want to go on the trip.Meanwhile, Roberto(Valeria's father) is staring at Estrella's picture and thinks of looking for her and Preciosa. When Enriqueta pays a little visit to his office, he hides the picture of Estrella and Enriqueta notices and demands to know what he hid. Enriqueta automatically assumes it's the picture of the woman he was once unfaithful to her with. Roberto doesn't deny it and Enriqueta continues assuming that Roberto is still cheating on her with Estrella and demands answers. Roberto admits he still thinks of Estrella, but he is not cheating on Enriqueta, plus he also has a daugther with her. This stops Enriqueta cold; she is surprised to hear he has a daugher with her, she wants to know where the daughter is, and slaps him silly, (this woman is nuts). Enriqueta tells Roberto she will find his daughter and make her suffer. Preciosa returns to the hospital and Alvaro see's her crying and asks what's wrong? Alvaro then takes Preciosa to his office. Preciosa lets him know everything Eduarda told him. That LF would never operate on her and that he lied, etc. Alvaro at first doesn't believe it because LF himself told him he really wanted to operate on Preciosa. But Preciosa convinces him that LF sent someone to tell her.Oscar takes Alma to the circus, with his major security bodies. Preciosa goes to see Felina crying and tells her how LF lied to her. Felina thinks LF is a good person and it’s incredible he would do something like that. Felina tells Preciosa she has fallen in love with Luis Fernando. Alvaro enters LF's office, and LF asks if he has seen Preciosa. Alvaro automatically punches him but leaves without an explanation.  (Hmmmm, who believes in love at first sight? I know I don't.They crying and suffering started too soon in this novela.Ok,  Enriqueta and Eduarda are big psychos. "E"vil seems to be the letter in this novela.Let's see some circus action)


     Rinconlatino.  April 1, Episode 9. Diana M  Date: 04/02/99 02:49.  Alvaro calls LF a jerk, and tells LF their friendship is over. LF demands to know what's wrong? (Alvaro leaves) Felina tells Preciosa she has always been a happy girl and cheers her up everytime she is down. But Preciosa feels cheated because of LF. Felina suggests that Preciosa show LF her savings if he doesn't want to operate on her because she is poor. Preciosa thinks it’s a great idea and smiles. Enriqueta marches back into Roberto's office and tells Roberto to not tell the kids about Estrella and her daughter. She keeps repeating she will destroy his daugther when she finds her. Roberto throws in her face, that he cares for Alvaro even though he is not his son, and gave him his name. Enriqueta tells him that she had him in marriage and then she became widowed, his child was conceived in consequence of an unfaithfulness, and she will never forgive Roberto and take it out on his daugther. Simon (Balloon Clown) is flirting with Alma, and then asks his mom Dona Pachis if she believes in love at first sight? Valeria asks Alvaro why he got in a fight with LF? Alvaro just tells her work things, and Val says she doesn't like to see them fighting because they will be brother-in-laws soon. Enriqueta arrives mad, and Val takes off. Alvaro tells Enriqueta that he doesn't like the way she treats Roberto. Enriqueta reminds Alvaro that he is not his real dad and to not defend him, but Alvaro sees him as a real dad. Enriqueta hates Roberto so much.Grandpa is putting on his clown make-up, when Preciosa walks in happy and tells grandpa she will take her savings to LF. Grandpa suggests to forget LF, but Preciosa wants to talk to him. Luis Fernando arrives home and Fermina asks what happened to his eye? LF tells her he bumped into a door. LF asks about Eduarda, she replies she went to sleep with a headache, LF runs upstairs, and Fermina laughing. LF walks into Eduarda's room thinking she fell asleep because of a headache, when indeed she is fine. Grandpa asks Preciosa if she would like to work with him as a clown? Sandor says that they don't make anyone laugh anymore and grandpa thinks Preciosa could help since she loves kids. Preciosa tells grandpa her dream is to be an acrobat, but yes she will be a funny, happy, colorful clown even if her heart is full of sorrow.Val calls LF from a nightclub to invite him to have fun with her, but he is on his way to bed because he has a busy day tommorrow. Eduarda and Fermina are listening on the other line and suspect LF has fallen in love with Preciosa. Preciosa reaches for her suit case and opens it to find an empty shoe box, she is devasted and realizes someone stole her money. Dona Pachis walks in and she realizes Preciosa's sorrow and finds out what happens.Meanwhile, Pulgitas is out throwing tomatoes at Sandor since he knows he took Preciosa's money. (what a lovable chimp, everyone should have one of those). Sandor hears Preciosa crying from eavesdropping and walks in her trailer to see what's wrong. Preciosa tells him they stole her money and Pachis asks him if he knows anything.


     Rinconlatino.  April 2, episode 10. Diana M  Date: 04/03/99 15:29.  Doña Pachis asks Sandor if he saw anyone walk into Preciosa'a trailer? Sandor tells Pachis he is not a guard and he has better things to do. Pachis tells Sandor he should know, he is always aware of everything that happens. Preciosa says the person who stole her money had to be someone that knows her and wants to hurt her. Pachis gives Sandor the look of suspicion as she comforts Preciosa. Sandor whats to know what Pachis is insinuating and demands her to stop and get to work. Preciosa's tells Pachis her only choice now is to work as a clown with her grandpa Tito. LF thinking about Preciosa. As Alma leaves the circus with Oscar, Simon stops her to give her a rose and wishing her back to the circus. She smiles back and thanks him. Pachis gathers circus employees, to tell them about Preciosa's stolen savings and wants the thief to come forward. Ranzel tells Pachis there are no thiefs in the circus, they are all like family and respect each other. ( he obviously doesn't know his own father) Sandor hears Pachis and tells her to stop already, and get to work, Preciosa is probably ly says Sandor. Luis Fernando goes to check up on Felina, she is doing much better, LF asks about Preciosa, and tells Felina when she sees her to tell her to come to my office.Clau (Is Clau, an apprevation for Claudia, or is that just her name. They never call her Claudia) tells Preciosa she is sure Sandor took her money and says they should call the cops on him. Preciosa says they don't have evidence to prove it was Sandor. (What about Pulgitas?) Meanwhile, Cimira is reading her cards, in which appears that Sandor is the thief of Preciosa's money. Sandor wants to get his cards read, and when he walks in, Cimira tells him she knows he took Preciosa's money. Sandor admits he did to Cimira, but only because he needed to pay the workers. Sandor tells Cimira that he knows she is in love with him and that he would give her a lot of love for her silence.(kiss)Alma daydreams about Simon. Preciosa goes to visit Felina and tells her someone took her money. Felina says thats too bad, but she has good news for her, LF wants to see her and talk about the operation and he might do it for free. Preciosa gets happy, but has her doubts about seeing LF.Val pays LF a little visit at the hospital, because she is disturbed about how LF rejected her invitation to the nightclub the night before; he tells her he was very tired and then they kiss. Preciosa is about to enter LF's office when she sees them kissing and heads to the waiting room crying.Roberto reads in the newspaper the circus is back in town, and decides to go look for Estrella. Once Roberto arrives at the circus, he approaches Ranzel and asks about Estrella. Ranzel tells him she died 18 years ago, Roberto is surprised and asks about Don Tito. Ranzel tells him where he lives. Sandor sees Roberto and recognizes him as the man Estrella rejected him for and Preciosa's father. Roberto knocks on Tito's door and Pachis answers; when Tito sees him, he is surprised and furiously asks what he is doing there? Meanwhile, Preciosa returns to Felina's room to tell her he saw Val and LF kissing and she became very sad, Felina tells Preciosa she is in love. Preciosa doesn't want to believe that. On her way out, Preciosa bumps into LF, they greet and then their eyes lock.


     Rinconlatino.  April 5, 1999: Roberto talks to Tito who tells him that Preciosa died (as Estrella had requested when she was dying that Preciosa never know of her origins). Preciosa tells LF that his aunt told her he couldn’t operate on her; he tells her that isn’t true and wants to operate on her even though her savings were stolen. Enriqueta tells Eduarda about Roberto’s illegitimate daughter and asks her help in finding the girl and destroying her so she won’t inherit anything from Roberto.


     First summary from Televisa 5/4/98: Roberto se recrimina por haber dejado sola a Estrella y desea saber dónde está su hija. Luis Fernando le reclama a su tía que haya desairado a Preciosa. Enriqueta le dice a Eduardo que deben encontrar a la hija de Roberto antes de que reclame su parte de la herencia. Luis Fernando le asegura a Preciosa que la operación será un éxito. A Valeria no le hace gracia que para salir, Luis Fernando la lleve al circo. Roberto va al panteón a visitar la que cree es la tumba de su hija. Alvaro decide luchar por el amor de Preciosa ahora que Luis Fernando le ha dicho que la joven no le interesa. Preciosa ve entre el público a Luis Fernando y se deprime porque esta acompañado de Valeria, quien se burla de ella cuando conoce a Preciosa. Luis Fernando le dice a El Pirulo que se lo va a llevar a su casa. Milagros se entera que una vecina está a punto de fallecer. Alvaro le confiesa a Enriqueta que se ha enamorado de Preciosa. Sándor le pregunta a Tito por la visita de Roberto al circo.


     El Universal, 5/11/98 - Sandor al despertar observa que en su camper hay una cacerola esposada a su muñeca, lo que le causa gran extrañeza. Tito dice a Roberto que Preciosa no es su hija, sino de una familia de millonarios que viven en Europa. Preciosa se pone feliz cuando Luis Fernando le dice que esa misma semana la operará. El doctor comenta a Alvaro que le dirá a Valeria que planea adoptar a Pirulo una vez que contraigan nupcias. Pachis le confiesa a Preciosa que ella fue quien le puso las esposas a Sandor. Eduarda le compra juguetes al Pirulo y le dice que olvide que fue un niño pobre. Valeria le pide a Eduarda que la siga apoyando para casarse con Luis Fernando. Sandor atormenta a Tito al asegurarle que él fue el culpable de la muerte de Estrella, la mamá de Preciosa, y que nunca dejará a ésta ser trapecista en su circo. Luis Fernando pide a Preciosa que trate de caminar, pero ella está a punto de caerse en el intento, él le pide que lo perdone por fracasar en la operación.


     no Televisa summaries for weeks after 5/11/98.


     U.S.0 4/22/99, Rinconlatino:***********April 22, Summary of what has happen last few days. Sorry guys for those who rely on my summaries, but lately I haven't had a chance to watch the recorded episodes, but I did see yesterday's and I will give you a brief summary. Luis Fernando has decided to leave his house with Pirulo, because Eduarda will not accept Pirulo. Luis Fernando tells Preciosa that he is ready to operate, and tells her that him and Pirulo will move out of the house and when him and Val get marry adopt him. Preciosa is very saddened and they start to talk about love. Felina is fired from the circus and Sandor still has the pot that Pachis handcuffed to his arm and threw the key down a sewer. Don Tito lied to Roberto once again about Preciosa's where abouts and told him a family adopted her and took her to Europe. Oscar catches Alma and Simon together and tells Henriqueta and she tells Alma to not see him again. Val, almost kills Gilberto, but he manages to take the gun and will continue to black mail her. Pachis is delievered her car. Eduarda finds out about Gilberto and seems to start nott trusting Val. Val accepts Pirulo so her and LF could get marrried faster and Eduarda comes in as if ready to spill the beans about Gilberto. Diana


     4/27/99: Eduarda accepts Val and LF's wedding, but she wants Pirulo to stay with her so she takes him out and buys him toys. Then Ed and Pirulo arrive to the hospital, where Felina and Patricio are to visit Preciosa before her operation.   Felina and Patricio take Pirulo to the cementary so he can put flowers on his mom's grave. Pirulo likes they're company and they like his. Pirulo ask if they have kids and they sadly say no, but maybe one day they could get Pirulo to live with them.   Val is still being manipulated by Gilberto and she doesn't know what to do.   The nurse of the hospital tells LF that Preciosa didn't even bring a night gown and she bets that Preciosa would really like something pretty. LF tells the nurse to go buy Preciosa a couple of night gowns, and the nurse goes.   The nurse enters Preciosa's room to give her the night gowns and she is thrilled and happy because no one has ever given her anything. She is very grateful to LF, who has already left the hospital before Preciosa could thank him.   Val tells Henriqueta about how Preciosa looks like the woman in a photo his father has in his office. Henriqueta starts thinking, and when Rob arrive demands to know the name of his daughter.


     Rinconlatino.  May 7th, 1999: Name: Diana M.   Roberto once again goes to the circus in search of Preciosa, because he suspects Tito has lied to him, and Tito tells him to leave, he has no right to anything. Roberto tells Tito he will find out the truth.   Meanwhile, Preciosa continues in the hospital, little by little learning to walk striaght. Luis Fernando offers her a job and his own clinic as a secretary and Preciosa gets happy, and she accepts, she will just let her grandpa know first.   A detective confirms to Henriqueta that Preciosa is indeed Roberto's daughter, Val is listening from a far, and comes barging in wanting some answers from her mom. Henriqueta tells her the truth, that Preciosa is her half sister, and now Val hates her more, and wants to seperate her from LF and Alvaro, so they could keep the secret.   Tito denies Preciosa the right to work with LF, they have to return to the circus, Sandor is blackmailing Tito, by saying that he will tell Preciosa that it was his fault her mother died, because Tito forced Estrella to be an acrobat, when she wanted to be a hairsylist. Meanwhile, Preciosa is crying away.   Val and LF will soon get married in a month, and Lf wants Val and Preciosa to be real close like sisters.


     5/14/99: Precoisa and Luis Ferando arrive at Valeria's house with Pugitas. Valeria asks what Preciosa is doing there and why does she have a suitcase with her? LF said that he brought Preciosa to live there. Live here? says Valeria, no I don't think my mom will like that, you know that she has that chacater like your aunt Eduarda, says Valeria. I knew it would be crazy to bring her here says LF. If she can't stay here I'll take her to my house,even if I have to face Eduarda. Don't jump to concutions!! She can stay here, my mom will be fine with it, says Valeria. I don't want to be a pest, says Preciosa. You won't be a pest! You can stay here for as long as LF wants, Preciosa, says Valeria. Just remeber that you always have a sister in Valeria says LF. Valeria looks a little uncomfortable when he says that.   Outside Gilberto is sees LF car. When LF and Valeria come out he watches them. I wasn't sure it was a good idea to bring Preciosa, but I'm glad you welcomed her, says LF. You know I'll do anything to make you happy, says Valeria. As soon as LF drives away Gilberto gets out of his car, as soon as Valeria sees him she runs inside.   Preciosa is think about how Alvaro and Alma are very nice,so she should be pretty happy there. She sees a photo of Roberto on a table and picks it up wondering who he is, he looks like a kind person Preciosa says to herself. Right then Henriqueta walks in and demands to know why is she holding a picture of her husband and what is she doing in her house. What to do you know of Roberto? Henriqueta demands. Who's Roberto? asks Preciosa. Valeria comes running in and says that Preciosa is going to stay that for a few days. Stay here? are you crazy Valeria? says Henriqueta. When the door bells rings and Valeria runs off to show Preciosa her, pulling Preciosa and pugitas after her.   Gilberto comes in, hello queria Henriqueta, he says, I came to talk to you and your daugther. Henriqueta threats to called the police and Gilberto threats to tell the police what she and Valeria did, if she does.   Upstairs, Preciosa is telling Valeria that Henriqueta didn't seem too happy to see he there and the she doesn't want to be a bother. Don't worry about my mother. Just stay here and read the newpaper,you can read can't you?, says Valeria, and don't go out for anything!   Preciosa sees an advertisment in the newpaper for a circus, it must be great to work in a circus as big and famous as this one, she thinks and begins to dream. Preciosa is standig before a HUGE elephant and he telling him about Carolina. He trumpets and stand on his hind legs. Then a clown walks up and gives the elephant some water. Hello! it's very nice to meet you. Do you work here? he asks. No, says Preciosa, I worked in an other one before, but not anymore. The clown tells Precios he is and angel, and he was sent to earth to bring happiness to all people. I don't believe you, sayd Preciosa if you are an angel where are your wings? Invisible, right now he says, I am here to make all you dreams come true. No one can make my dreams come true, she says. All dreams can come true, especiallay with imagination, I know you would like to have wings, Preciosa. How did you know my name was Preciosa? she asks. Angels know everything, close your eyes and all your dreams will come true. Preciosa closes her eyes and when she opens them, she has wings! Then Preciosa is on a float that is going around the ring and waving to people, acrobats, jugglers and clowns are all following her.   Meanwhile downstairs, Henriqueta says that Gilberto is the worst kind of person, we're cut from the same cloth, mother-in-law (suegita).Don't called my that! What are you doing here Gilberto, what do you want? asks Valeria. Money.   Preciosa is telling Pugitas that maybe they should go back to the circus because Henriqueta doesn't want them there. She goes to tell Valeria   LF gets home and goes to sees Eduarda and Pirulo, he kisses them both good-night and them goes to bed thinking about Preciosa.   I can't give you money because I don't have any, says Valeria. Well, then Henriqueta can give me some. Henriqueta says she can't without Roberto noticing that the money is gone. You have to give me something, or I'll tell LF that Valeria and I were lovers.  Henriqueta gives Gilberto a pearl necklace and says it's worth alot. It'll be enough for now he says. For now? says Valeria. Yes, I need more to leave Mexico, he says. Good night ladies.Preciosa hears this, from up-stairs and goes back to her room.   Valeria tells Henriqueta that Gilberto has them in his hands, and if LF find out about her past he'll never marry her. Preciosa hears all this, from up-stairs and goes back to her room.   Preciosa is crying in her room because Valeria deceived LF.   The next day at the circus Sandor yells at Don Tito why hasn't Preciosa given the animals their food!!! Preciosa left the circus last night says Don Tito, forever.   Henriqueta and Valeria are talking about Preciosa living in their house. Henriqueta says that it's crazy having the daughte of Roberto living there and that hates her because of her mother. Henriqueta also don't want Alvaro to fall more in love with her. Valeria says that she had to take her to please LF, and that there is no danger the Roberto will meet her because he is New York for who knows how long.   Later Alvaro and Alma finds Preciosa and are both very glad to see her, they begin talking. Henriqueta and Valeria come in and Hneriqueta tells Alvaro she wants to talk to him.   Sandor is tells Don Tito that Preciosa can't be gone. She's far away from you and now I have nothing to be afraid of.Now she can be happy, says Don Tito. She'll never be happy!! Tell me where she is!!! yells Sandor and grabs Don Tito, then LF comes in and tells Sandor to let go of Don Tito. He was just asking to know how Preciosa is doing and where she is, says Sandor. Preciosa is far away from here (not that far) and soon Don Tito will be too, because I'm taking him right now, says LF.   Henriqueta is tells Alvaro that just because Preciosa is here doesn't mean she want him to get close to her. Alvaro tells her that he is grown man and can do what he wants.   Alma asks Preciosa if she come take Pugitas to the garden and play with her. Preciosa says sure, and then Alma takes Pugitas ans Preciosa starts to go to her room, she pasts Valeria on the stair. Valeria stops her and asks her why is she avoiding her? How did she sleep. I didn't sleep the whole night, says Preciosa. And why not? asks Valeria. Because I heard I conversation in here last. Valeria grabs Preciosa and demands to know what she heard. Preciosa says she heard some called Alberto or Gilberto, say that he and Valeria were lovers


     Summary May 24-25, 1999   Sandor is complaining about how there’s no one to do Preciosa’s job, and the animals aren’t being cared for (he won’t do it himself, of course) Ransel asks if Sandor knows why Don Tito and Preciosa left the circus, Sandor says, a little nervously ,no, he doesn’t know.   Alma goes to see Alvaro and tells him that she saw Preciosa and LF kissing. He says that since LF broke-up with Valeria then Preciosa to probably his girlfriend now.   Preciosa is in her class remembering when LF asked her to be his girlfriend   In LF’s office, a patent is thanking LF for operating on he, now he can walk perfectly (is this Lf’s specialty?).Then Alvaro comes in and tells LF that he heard that he and Preciosa are together. Yes, and I want to marry her, says LF. Then you better make her happy, because if she’s not, then I’m going to …, there’s a knock at the door and it’s the investigator. He says that there was a girl with a limp in Gilberto Robles apartment that night, and the police are looking for her now. He leaves and Alvaro and Lf are thinking the same thing. No, it can’t be Preciosa, she doesn’t know Gilberto, says LF.   Don Tito is sitting in the garden of a church ,when a nun comes up and asks if he’s thinking about his granddaughter, Preciosa. Yes, he says, I miss her very much. Then why don’t you go back to see her? Asks the nun. No, Preciosa will never hear from me again, he says, never.   Preciosa comes to see LF after her class. He’s very happy to see her, but Preciosa notices that he’s worried about something. What’s wrong?, she asks. Preciosa, do you know Gilberto Robles? He asks.   Valeria is saying that she’s sure that Gilberto was dead. She didn’t know he had 9 lives like a cat. Alvaro comes in, angry, and asks why they threw Preciosa out of the house. Haven’t you heard? She stolen LF away from me, says Valeria. Preciosa didn’t steal anything, if LF fell in love with her it’s not her fault . Oh, yes, always defending her .Why are you so mad? asks Valeria. Yes, what happened Alvaro? says Henriqueta. There’s a man at the hospital that someone tried to kill. The police say that a lame girl with in his apartment. For a minute I thought it might be Preciosa, he says and leaves. Do you think that that man is Gilberto? Says Henriqueta to Valeria. It might be, but I know how we can know for sure, says Valeria, How? asks Henriqueta. Go to the Hospital tonight.   Gilberto Robles, says Preciosa, and then has a flashback to when Valeria told her never to tell LF about Gilberto. She says no and this relieves LF and worries Preciosa.   Don Tito is telling that nun that he can never see Preciosa again because he caused that death of her mother. Now, Don Tito, I’m sure that isn’t true, says the nun. It’s a long story, he says. Then trust me, and tell me, come, she says and leads a protesting Don Tito off to her office, or maybe the confession.   Preciosa goes to see Bianca, and then she see Gilberto know that he is that same man that she saw in Valeria’s house. Bianca sees her and tells her that she can’t be here. Preciosa tells her that she heard that Gilberto is her husband. Yes, the same man that abandoned her and her son. Do you still love him? Asks Preciosa. No, but he’s still that father of my child, says Bianca , I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him. He has to recover. I’m sorry Preciosa but you have to go says Bianca. Do you need someone to take care of you baby? Preciosa’s offers. Thanking you for offering , yes, I really do, my neighbor that takes care him has her own family to take care of. Thank you Preciosa, says Bianca.   LF calls Alvaro to tell him that Preciosa is not the girl that the police are looking for. She told him herself, says LF. Thank you for tell me says Alvaro and hangs up.   Don Tito has just finish telling Mother Legatima (I don’t know that’s what it sounds like), his story about Estrella. She tells him that isn’t not his fault that Estrella fell from the trapeze. Preciosa won’t blame him and he shouldn’t blame himself, says Mother Legatima . Are you sure, be honest with me, do you really think that Preciosa won’t blame my for her mother’s death?, asks Don Tito. Preciosa will not blame you. This separation isn’t doing either of you any good. Tell me that phone of were you can find Preciosa.   Preciosa goes home to Dona Pachis’s neighborhood, carrying Bianca’s baby. Dona Pachis is sweeping and stops when Preciosa comes up and asks her who’s the baby. Preciosa tells her and says that she is going to care for him like he was her own.   Felina and Patricio are playing with Pirulo at the park, and have a lot of fun. It’s hard to tell who having more fun Felina and Patricio or Pirulo.   Don Tito calls LF and asks him how Preciosa is doing. LF is happy to hear from Don Tito and asks him where he is.   LF goes to the church where Don Tito is. Don Tito is very glad to see him . LF that Preciosa is now his girlfriend. Are you thinking about marrying her? Don Tito asks. Yes, after I operate on her, again. Don Tito is very happy to hear this. Do you what me to take you to see Preciosa? Asks LF. No it’s very late , tomorrow you can bring her, and I will tell her the truth.   Bianca is at the hospital watching Gilberto, then Alvaro comes in. Bianca asks why he’s here, his watch is over. And you are still here after not moving all day. Why don’t you take a break? He says. Al right, she says and they both leave.   Valeria and Henriqueta are at the hospital. Valeria says that she know which room Gilberto is and is going to see him. Henirqueta stays in the waiting room and away from any sick people.   Valeria goes to see Gilberto, she calls to him and he wakes up. He sees her and asks her what is she doing there. Valeria says that he’s not going to accuse her. You belong in jail he says. Look who’s talking, the guy who’s always running away from the law. I won’t go to jail. You can’t accuse my because you’re going to die and she pulls off his oxygen mask and he starts suffocating , Valeria holds the mask away from him for a few minutes and Gilberto is unconsion again, the she puts the mask back on and leaves, a minute later Bianca returns.   The next day at breakfast Alma asks Henriqueta if she can spend the day with Alvaro. Henriqueta says that Alma better not be going to see that clown. No, of course not Mom, says Alma sweetly. And you, Alvaro you better not be helping her deceive me. Yes ma’am, says Alvaro.   Preciosa is taking care of Bertito (Bianca’s son), and Alvaro comes to see her. He tell her that it’s very nice of her to help Bianca. Preciosa smiles and hugs him. LF shows up and sees them hugging, as soon as Preciosa sees LF she lets go of Alvaro. Alvaro turns and sees LF and then says good-bye to Preciosa.   When LF and Preciosa are alone, LF asks id she really does love him. She says, yes, of course, you’re everything for me. LF kisses her and tells her that he was jealous when he saw Alvaro. Preciosa tells him that she likes Alvaro like a brother. LF tells her that they are going to see Don Tito. Preciosa is very happy is hear this.   Alma is with Simon at his house when Dona Pachis sees them and goes to see Samira( [Amelia?]what is her name?)   Preciosa and LF go to the church were Don Tito is and Mother Legatima greets them, and is especially nice with Preciosa, she tell her that her grandfather is in the garden. Preciosa goes to see her grandfather , then Don Tito sees her he runs to meet her.   Dona Pachis is at Samira’s asking if Simon and Alma will be happy. Samira tells her to pick a card (any card), Dona Pachis chooses and Samira is very worried, she says that Alma will never be for Simon, that he should fall in love with someone from his own social class, and that there will be a accident with Simon. Dona Pachis is very worried.   Sandor is in his trailer looking for something and Ransel is reading. Ransel asks what's he looking for? Sandor says where are the insurance papers for the circus. In the office, says Ransel. What much do you think the circus is worth in insurance? asks Sandor.Ummm, about 2,000,000 pecos (like $240,000), says Ransel. 2,000,000 pecos, thinks Sandor, if I lose this circus I gain 2,000,000.   Felina takes Pirulo back to LF’s house where she is met by Fermina. Fermina tells her she’ll get Eduarda, then (speak of the devil) Eduarda comes up and sees Felina holding Pirulo, she "whispers" to Fermina to take Pirulo to his bedroom and give him a bath, make sure to disinfect him very well, and throw away all the clothes he brought with him. Felina is listening with a puzzled expression. Fermina takes Pirulo and Eduarda tell Felina (Sra. Trapzesta) that she wants to talk to her. Okay, Sra., says Felina and sits down. First I am not Sra., and second I didn’t invite you to sit down, says Eduarda. Sorry, says Felina. Now, I want you to forget about Pirulo, I don’t want him to be with people different then himself (poorer, she means). Felina tells her that yes, she and her husband are poor, but they can give Pirulo all the love that she’s sure Eduarda can’t, and leaves. Eduarda is very insulted.   Fermina and Pirulo are out in the yard, Fermina is trying to get Pirulo to play baseball (after his "disinfecting") . Pirulo doesn’t want to, but Fermina tells him to throw the ball very, very hard and he does and Fermina hits a homer, right through Eduarda’s bedroom window and hits Eduarda in the back. Eduarda fates and Fermina and Pirulo run.   Preciosa is with Don Tito in the garden she asks him why he left her alone. Don Tito says that now she has to know the truth, he killed Estrella. What? That can’t be true, Why do you say that? asks Preciosa. I told her to become a acrobat. She wanted to be model, but Sandor told me to make Estrella become a acrobat and I did. If she hadn’t she’d still be with us today. No, isn’t not your fault, it was my mother’s destiny to die, there’s nothing to you could’ve done and you aren’t to blame, says Preciosa. You really mean that? You don’t blame me? Asks Don Tito. No, says Preciosa.   Sandor is in the circus's office looking for the insurance paper (hitting his head, throwing things, acting like an animal. wait! he is one), finally, he finds them in a liquor bottle. Ransel was right, the circus is worth 2,000,000 pecos. Well, that settles it, this ruined circus is going to burn.   Bianca is still watching Gilberto, he wakes up and sees her, and recognizes her. You? He says,   Preciosa, LF, Bertito (who came with them) and Don Tito are all thanking Mother Legtima and getting ready to leave. When they get back to Preciosa home, LF leaves because he has things to do. Do you have many patients asks Preciosa, just in case she has to go to work with him. No, you are free to spend this afternoon with your grandfather, says LF. Preciosa asks Don Tito if he likes the room, he says yes. LF tells him that it's only for a while. When he and Preciosa get married all of them will live in a much better apartment, says LF and leaves. Don Tito tells Preciosa that he better go to the circus to see if he can his old job back. Why? I make enough to support us both, says Preciosa. I know, but you know I hate to be with out anything to do, says Don Tito. But back to the circus, and Sandor’s abuse and all that,says Preciosa. It’s okay, I can stand it, says Don Tito  Okay, but when LF and I get married you'll have to be at home taking care of our children (a little early to be thinking along those lines isn't it?). Don Tito asks Preciosa if she really thinks that Lf will marry her. Yes, we love each other very much.   Bianca is sitting on Gilberto's bed talking to him (I think), He says that he's very sorry he's been so bad with her, and he's sorry for their son, and his eyes roll back and he dies. Bianca starts crying and closes his eyes.   Dona Pachis is telling Simon what Samira told him, he says, he doesn't believe that, sometimes the cards are right and sometimes they're not. But, even so, you should forget about the little rich girl and try to fall in love with a girl from around here, says Dona Pachis. No, I love Alma, he says and then goes to the circus.   LF is talking to some doctors and looking at x-rays of Preciosa's legs. Alvaro is talking to Bianca who is getting ready to go get her son, Alvaro says he'll take her.   Alma is studying in her room then Henriqueta comes in and asks her what is she doing, Alma tells her and then Henriqueta start stroking her hair,your father is come back soon, she says sweetly, this make Alma very glad, then Henriqueta pulls her face to look at her. Don't tell you father, when he comes back, that Preciosa was here for few days. Why not? asks Alma, Just DON'T!! says Henriqueta and leaves the room.   Roberto is on a plane from New York to Mexico City, thinking about going aback to Henriqueta and the hell he lives in, and then he starts thinking about Estrella and Preciosa.  Flashback to when Precioa was born, Estrella(I don't know what happen to the other actress who played her, but in this shot, Iran Castillo plays her) is holding a baby, and says that he name will be Preciosa. Estrella asks Roberto if now will he divorce Henriqueta. Roberto tells Estrella that he can't divorce Henriqueta. Since I meant you, you have told me that you don't love your wife, that living her is hell for you, when why can't you divorce her? says Estrella. I have 2 children, I can't leave them, but I still love you and our daughter, and I want her to have this medalion de la Virgen de Guadalupe, he says and put the medalion around her neck. Yes, that's all she'll ever get from you. You'll never see her or me again, says Estrella.End of flashback. And you kept your promise I never saw or heard from you or Preciosa, you both disappeared, Roberto thinks.   Preciosa is at home alone when LF comes and tells her that she can be opperated on next week. Preciosa is very happy and kisses him, just then Bianca and Alvaro arrive looking for Bertito and see them, Preciosa tells them that her grandfather toke Bertito and Pugtitas to play in the park. Alvaro and Bianca go to look for them, LF leaves soon after.Preciosa goes out and sees LF off, she turns to go back inside but then she hears someone call her name, she turns around and sees Panterra.   Roberto arrives home and meets Henriqueta. She asks if everthing is in order in New York, he says yes, and the kids, and you? he asks. The same as always, well a few changes, says Henriqueta. When tell me, he says. Well for one thing LF broke-up with Valeria,and fell in love with a poor girl,you have to talk to him and make him marry Valeria, says Henriqueta. No, I can't make him marry Valeria, says Roberto. So you're just going to let him get away with breaking our daughter's heart! she says. If he marriies her her without loving her then, thier live will be(like his marriage)... it wouldn't be fair to either of them, says . Oh, yes, you've been married to me all your live, but in love with someone else, says Henriqueta, getting ready to have a fight. Please Henriqueta !!! I just got home, I want to see my children, to have a little peace in my house for a while, says Roberto and goes to get unpacked.   Valeria, Lorena, Arturo, and another girl are sitting Valeria's pool. Valeria tell them about LF and Preciosa, she tells them that she's going to get back at Preciosa for stealing LF from her. Why don't you just leave her alone, says Arturo. Never! says Valeria. What if LF marries her, says Lorena, teasing. Over my death body, says Valeria. Going so soon, Arturo? asks Valeria as he gets dresses. No, I'm going to see your sister, says Arturo. Is she still engaged to Oscarito? asks the other girl. Yes, but she fell in love with a clown, says Valeria.   Preciosa tells Panterra that she thought he was still in jail, he tells her that he just got out. So, those was that? he asks. My boyfriend, Dr. LF Sandander, she says. Oh, so you love him, right?he says. Yes, says Preciosa. What about me? he asks, You always liked me, he says grabbing her, you told me many times before I went to the slammer, or did all that change, he says. What do you mean, you and I were just friends, nothing more!, says Preciosa. Just when Dona Pachis comes out and sees Panterra, and runs to meet him (probably saving Preciosa life too, because he lets her go then he sees Dona Pachis), Dons Pachis is very glad to sees him, and while Preciosa goes back to her room, Dona Pachis asks Lorenzo (Panterra) when he got out, about 2 hours ago, he says, as he follows Dona Pachis in to her house. Claudia is where and is very happy to see him as well (why? I hate looking at him!).   At dinner at the San Roman house, Alvaro and Alma are very happy to have Roberto back and Valeria is still mad at him for not making LF take her back, and still calling him Roberto San Roman and not Papa. If LF and you broke up, what's your problem, don't blame Dad, says Alvaro. Well, he's my father not yours, says Valeria. Valeria! you know I love Alvaro as if you was my own son, why did you say that? says Roberto. Because it's true, and besides it helps Alvaro if LF comes back to me, when he can get Pr...., says Valeria.Valeria!! interupts Henriqueta. Valeria thows her napkin on the plate with a clatter and leave the tables with Alvaro going after her. What was Valeria going to says when you interuped her? asks Roberto (why does he asks if he knows that she won't tell him?)  Nothing! says Henriqueta and Alma just looks at her father.   Preciosa is at home with Don Tito and tells him that Panterra is back. Don Tito says that he could cause them some problems   At the circus everyone is getting ready to perform, when Ransel comes in and asks if anyone had seen Sandor. nope, no one has (no one wants to).   Sandor pulls in to a gas station and gives the attendent alot of bottles to fill with gasoline( to burn the circus I guess).   Ranel is saying that now there isn't anyone to anounce. Isn't Dona Pachis coming to sell her snacks, asks Ransel of Claudia. No, My brother, Panterra came home and she stayed home with him. Panterra's back!! says Simon Why didn't you tell me!!. Well, there wasn't time.   Dona's Pachis, Panterra and Milagros are talking. You not thinking about moving in here are you. it's to small for all of us now!! says Milagros, the ever complaining one. Now, Milagros don't talk to your brother that way, this house is big enough for all my children, says Dona Pachis. Well, Milagritos, why don't you leave if it's to small, says Panterra. Yes, one day I'll leave this terrible place and be a millionaire's wife, says Milagros(I hope that they make she get married to a really really sleezy milionaire, then she'll be sorry) . Panterra just laughs.   Roberto is talking to Alvaro. Who is this girl that he is in love with?


     6/99: Valeria accidentally kills Gilberto, gets pregnant (not sure who father is), marries Luis Fernando.


     El Universal summaries starting 6/28/98 (June, 1999 in US): "El Pantera" logra introducirse a la casa de Leonel y saquea la casa cuando es descubierto por su hermana Milagros , quien trabaja como ama de llaves. Luis Fernando enfurece al enterarse que Preciosa  y Alvaro son novios; sin embargo, Lorena no está de acuerdo y se dispone a separarlos. Luis Fernando recibe una llamada anónima donde le dicen que se cuide de Valeria , pues es una asesina consumada.


     El Universal, 7/5/98: Enriqueta se enfurece al saber que Roberto se quedó cuidando toda la noche a Preciosa por su enfermedad. Alvaro se entristece cuando se da cuenta que sale sobrando en la vida de Preciosa. Todos ignoran que fue Milagros la que por órdenes de Orlando visitó a Leonel en su habitación. Regina está segura que Luis Fernando fue quien le robó las joyas. Doña Pachis se declara culpable por el robo de las mismas y es encarcelada.


     El Universal, 7/12/98: Valeria se enoja cuando Preciosa le pide que sean amigas. Simón le dice a doña Pachis que sabe quién robó las joyas y lo denunciará. Leonel le confiesa a Preciosa que está enamorado de ella, y queda sorprendida. Valeria luce su embarazo. Samira le adivina el futuro a Ransel y le dice que su vida estará sembrada de dificultades. Alvaro y Roberto están asombrados por el cambio de actitud de Enriqueta. Ariel ha comenzado su venganza contra Valeria y le hará creer que la ama. Valeria and her mother run down Preciosa with their car but she isn’t hurt at all. In the hospital, she discovers that Roberto is her father. At first she rejects him, but they are quickly reconciled. Her buys her a new apartment, new clothes, and hires a tutor to show her how to dress and behave. Leonel is successfully operated on. Preciosa0 is the first person he sees. Roberto buys the circus for Preciosa and she assumes control.


     El Universal, 7/19/98: Luis Fernando intenta averiguar con Tito la nueva dirección de Preciosa , pero ella se cambió de domicilio y ha ideado un plan para que Valeria defienda el amor que siente por Luis Fernando. Ramsel  busca a Lorena para proponerle algo agradable, pero la chica reacciona de manera extraña. Roberto presents his “new” daughter Preciosa to society and nobody recognizes her (ridiculous!). Alvaro se desmaya al sentir un fuerte dolor de cabeza y Bianca lo atiende. He is hospitalized and learns that he is dying from an incurable disease.Ariel trata de localizar a Preciosa para que le aclare el crimen de su hermano, Enriqueta  le dice a Alvaro que ella hará todo lo posible para que Preciosa se case con él. Claudia está esperando un hijo de Ramsel pero él lo ignora y ella no sabe como decírselo. Preciosa agrees to marry Alvaro. Milagros pretends to Leonel that they have made love so Leonel will marry her and she can share his money with his cousin. Alma agrees to marry Simón. Months pass. Alvaro is sicker. Valeria gives birth to a baby girl that Luis Fernando names Princessa. Valeria hates the child and ignores it.


     El Universal, 7/26/98: Leonel planea viajar a Puerto Rico debido a supuestos motivos de negocios, pero lo que desea es olvidar a Preciosa y vivir al lado de Milagros , con quien se casa por obligación. Fermina comenta a Valeria que Luis Fernando la engaña con la cirquerita. Doña Pachis advierte a Valeria sobre la fama de Fermina y le aconseja no hacerle caso. Alvaro también desconfía de Valeria, pero Preciosa cree en su bondad y afirma que ha cambiado. El Pantera cree ser el padre de la hija de Valeria, por lo que decide esconder a la niña con alguien que no lo delate. Orlando tiene un plan para descubrir a Valeria. Alvaro siente morir cuando sorprende a Preciosa besándose con Luis Fernando. (LF kissed her; she refused to respond; Alvaro didn’t stay around to listen to her). Preciosa is determined to take him to the U.S. so he can be cured. Preciosa continues to help Valeria. Doña Pachis brings a “witch” doctor to Alvaro’s room.


     El Universal, 8/2/98: Enriqueta hace todo lo posible para que Alvaro crea las intrigas que le ha dicho sobre Preciosa. Valeria se siente indefensa ante los embates amorosos del Pantera. Ante estas presiones, acaba por confesarle a Enriqueta que se está haciendo pasar por enferma mental para protegerse. Alvaro despide a Preciosa de su cuarto de hospital, luego de uno de sus ataques depresivos. Luis Fernando le dice a Eduarda que ya está harto de que Valeria sólo quiera burlarse de él, por lo que le prepara un escarmiento. El sacerdote local promete a Tito ayudarlo a localizar a su nieta Princesa. Al enterarse de esto, Luis Fernando amenaza con encarcelar a Valeria si no aparece la niña.

     La Pantera agrees to help Valeria and kidnaps Luis Fernando’s baby. Preciosa finds LF kissing Miranda and tells him she is really Rosalva. Ransel returns and tries to win back Claudia. Preciosa tells LF how Rosalva was going to marry Leonel but left him when he became blind. Rosalva admits this but says she really loves LF. He, luckily, doesn’t believe her and she, after a moment’s distress, remarks that there are lots of other rich men around. Preciosa tells LF he has destroyed her love for him. Preciosa finds and returns Valeria’s baby to LF. Valeria and Orlando, Leonel’s cousin, become lovers and make plans. LF learns that Valeria arranged the kinapping of her daughter by Pantera. Leonel returns from Puerto Rico, leaving a letter there for Milagros, essentially saying goodbye. Regina tells her she is a selfish woman who is not right for her son. He is determined to win Preciosa. Alvaro goes to the U.S. with his parents for treatment. His mother forbids his father from calling Preciosa. (is he a man or a mouse?). Eduarda tells LF to divorce Valeria and marry Preciosa. Alvaro is successfully operated on. Valeria tries to fake a suicide attempt but LF doesn’t fall for it. He asks Doña Pachis to care for his child and keep Valeria from hurting it. Fermina sees Valeria kissing Orlando and tells Eduarda. Alma and Simón get married. At the wedding ? fires and hits one of Panchis’ sons (the one with glasses) and kills him. Enriqueta sends a telegram to Preciosa telling her that Alvaro died after the surgery.



     Rinconlatino. Date: 08/05/99 13:19  Preciosa and all the circus people mourned Alvaros supposed death. Preciosa called Lf to tell him the new and Valeria snatched the phone from him and Preciosa told her that Alvaro died. Valeria was in shock and dropped the phone. She starting yelling that Preciosa killed her brother.  Valeria left to Preciosa's penthouse and starting forming a scandal. LF was of course already there. She was trying to attack Preciosa but Lf kept holding her back. Everyone kept yelling to LF to get her out but Lf wasn't strong enough. Preciosa walked over to Valeria and told her that she only wanted Alvaro to get better. Valeria called her a liar and said she wanted him to die so that she could be free. Valeria kept yelling and Preciosa fainted.  Lf finally got Valeria out and they all rushed to Preciosa. They took her to her bed and tried to revive her. She woke up and asked what happened and they told her about Valeria and how she fainted. She starting crying and said it was her fault Alvaro died.   Alma shows up at LF's house to ask Valeria is she will come to her wedding. Valeria laughs and tells her no and she also makes fun of where she is getting married. Then Valeria asks Alma how she could get married knowing about Alvaro. Alma didn't know what she was talking about and LF came running over and told Valeria to shut up. Alma was concerned and he told her that Alvaro is fine and not to pay attention to Valeria because she just wants to ruin her day. Alma left with Simone to get ready for the wedding.   Alvaro wakes up at the hospital and asks for Preciosa. Henri. tells him that Preciosa didn't want to come because the circus and LF were more important for her. Roberto asked Henri. how she could say that and she said because it's true (this was said in front of Alvaro).   Alma's wedding...   Preciosa and Leonel arrive at the wedding and everyone starts clapping (????).  Alma is in Pachis place getting ready.  Oscarito comes in to Pachis place with two huge gift boxes (it was assumed at this point they were just gifts for Alma and Simone)  Leo shows up and the next thing you see is him shoving someone in a wedding dress into his car (at this point it's assumed to be Alma)  Then the next scene is the wedding and Alma and Simone are there??? (Other people in the forum have guessed that Oscarito dressed up as a bride and fooled his brother, sounds right to me)  They get married and kiss.  Then Gasolina arrives with a gun calls out to Pantera and shoots him in the chest. He falls on Alma and she gets blood all over herself and dress. Pachis holds Pantera who looks like he is about to die. And as someone in the forum pointed out LF had his fingers up his nose!!!   end


     El Universal, 8/9/98: Valeria revela a Fermina que aunque no ama a Luis Fernando , hará hasta lo imposible para que Preciosa y él nunca sean felices. Ransel amenaza a Claudia y asegura que tiene derechos sobre el hijo que ella espera.


     Rinconlatino. Date: 08/05/99 21:00  Okay lets give it a whirl here...   As Pantera lies in his mothers arms, everyone stands by and watch the death of Pantera. LF is there but as posted all he really did was pick his nose. Pachis is crying her eyes out, and crying out for a doctor and an ambulance, but it seems Pantera has no hope (NOT even with mr. Doctor right there.) Pantera starts to ask for his mothers forgiveness. He asks her to forgive him for being such a bad son. He also manages to do this same with Claudia, and Simon for being a bad brother... Finally, he doesnt blame preciosa for never paying attention to him. Pantera dies, and pachis is heart broken. The doctor finally steps in and... closes his eyes. (Now, thats what I call professionalism LF!)   Leopoldino, has taken "Alma" and tied her to a chair in some shack. Chata is with them. Chata starts talking about how it was that he actually got around to doing this, and that she was scared. Leo is like "I dont care. This is what you get Alma, for making a fool out of me and dumping me for a stupid clown!" Chata asked him to take the veil off, and when he did. TA-DA! It is Oscarito in a blond whig. Well, Leo is furious, and Chata surprised, but Oscarito just says how he wasn't going to let him ruin Alma's wedding.   Valeria and Lorena are talking at the house. V tells her how she is now Orlandos lover, and she wishes LF would find out so that he can feel stupid. LF and Princesa come home. Valeria ask how the wedding of los "nacos" went. He says "Im not going to tell you because I know you really dont care. But I will tell you something else... Pantera your "accomplice" (and he said this with a big ass attitude) was killed." This took V by surprise, but she doesnt care. She says that she is happy it happended, now he isnt a threat to her.   (What I noticed here, was the way LF talked about Pantera. By his expression and tone, you could tell he was happy he died. Maybe that is why he didnt help him earlier. BUT isnt it any serious and professional doctor's DUTY to help all human, in pain, bad or good??? I mean i understand he did wrong with his daugther, but Pantera had enough heart to not kill the poor baby, how VALERIA had planned... well I guess...)   N E WAYZ back to the summary...   Alvaro asks his dad to write a letter for him to preciosa. He dictates how he misses her and wishes she would come back to him. that she is the reason for his life, and he loves her and all that mushy stuff. Bianca is asked to mail it.   A week passes...   Pachis is still in pain. Preciosa and her go to the cementary to visit him. Preciosa says how she wishes that she had a tomb to cry at, because they never brought alvaro back.   Rosalva goes and visits Leonel, and tells him the whole milagros story and how it was she, he slept with. She demands he pay up with her. He laughs in her face and tells her he hates her and she is total history. Leonel goes crazy and gets happy because now he has no resp. to take care of milagros anymore.   Alvaro is live and well. He wonders if preciosa has gotten the letter. When his dad says no, he asks that a phone be reinstalled in the hosp. room.   Preciosa goes to chill at the circus. pirulo asks her why she is so sad. They talk, he asks for a story. And she is like do you like snow white... She proceeds with her story... and there you have that whole dream thing.   Alvaro calls preciosa on the phone...


        Rinconlatino. Discussions of the novella "Preciosa".  Summary for Friday Name: Rosey  Date: 08/07/99 12:15  I think I covered everything.    * Alvaro calls Preciosa and she answers and hears his voice but just as he is about to speak Henri. takes the phone away and hangs up. Preciosa continues to call out his name and hears the busy signal. Preciosa thinks she was just hearing things. Henri. tells Alvaro that he should excite himself. Henri. tells Bianca if she ever catches her letting Alvaro make a phone call she will send her back to Mexico and get her fired from the hospital.   * Later Alvaro writes a letter to Preciosa and asks Bianca to please send it. Alvaro was unable to make any phone calls because Henri. had told the nurse to not allow international calls.  Bianca took the letter and promised she would mail it. When she walked out of the room he ripped up the letter and said she didn't want any trouble with Henri. The next morning Alvaro asked Bianca if she mailed his letter she said yes, but didn't have the guts to look him in the eye. Alvaro asked if something was wrong and she said nothing and left the room. Outside the door she bumped into Henri. Henri. noticed her nervousness and asked what was wrong. Bianca told her that Alvaro had written a letter to Preciosa and asked her to mail it. Henri. grabbed Bianca by the arm and asked her what she did. Bianca told her that she didn't mail it, Henri. didn't believe her. Bianca swore she didn't mail it. Henri. believed her and warned her again that she better do what she says otherwise she'll get her fired from the hospital and fix it so that no other hospital would ever hire her again.    * Leonel invites Preciosa to come out to his ranch for a vacation. Preciosa accepts, and decides to take Abuelo and Pulgitas.   * Leonel tells Orlando about his trip, who in turn tells Valeria, who tells LF. LF goes to Leonels house and tells him that he wants Leonel to make Preciosa happy. HE told him that he realizes he can't have her. He tells Leonel that he loves Preciosa so much that he is willing to accept Leonel being with her, as long as he makes her happy. Leonel and LF shake hands and Leonel promises to make her happy.   * Valeria and Orlando are in the living room of her house kissing. Orlando tells her about Leonel going away with Preciosa and how Leonel isn't going to marry Milagros anymore. His planned to steal his money failed. Valeria tells him that the only way she'll ever be rid of Preciosa is if she dies. Orlando asks her if she has killed before and she doesn't answer. She tells him that if he prefers to view her as a saint, fine, if he prefers to view her as a killer, that's fine too. Orlando asks her to tell him the truth and Valeria tells him he is getting too curious. Orlando starts thinking that if Leonel died he could manipulate his aunt and get all the money. Valeria agrees with him and he agrees to killing them. They kiss.   * LF is with Princessa and crying. He says to himself that he knows that Preciosa will fall in love with Leonel on this trip. At the same time Preciosa is shown in her room looking at the drawing of LF she drew and saying how she'll never love Leonel, and that her heart only belongs to him. (this went on for a bit, nothing important) All of their dreams were shown, i.e. the dolphins, the prince thing and so on...   * Pachis is having a hard time getting over the death of her son.   * Alma realized she wasn't a very good wife. Alma was trying to iron Simone's shirt and was having a tough time. She's never done that before. At the same time she was cooking dinner. One of the pots starting smoking so she ran over to it and left the iron on top of the shirt. Needless to say the food burned and the shirt burned. Oscarito arrived and she told him what she had done and she felt useless. He consoled her. Simone came home and asked what happened. He saw his new shirt, now with a big burnt hole in it and asked for dinner and Alma told him she burned it. Simone got upset and Alma told him not to make a big deal out of it. He told her that the shirt she burned was new, she told him that if he wanted she would take him to the store and buy him a dozen new shirts. Alma said she still had her credit cards. Simone got mad and said that she needed to forget her life as a rich girl, and that from now on they would live on what he made. Simone stormed out and she went to go after him but Oscarito stopped her and told her to let him go.   * The psyhic lady was doing her tarot card thing when she saw that Preciosa's trip was going to kill her. It was really late so she decided to tell her in the morning (this is the kind of news you don't wait to tell, but oh well). Sure enough when she arrived at Preciosa's penthouse Preciosa had already left.   * Preciosa, Leonel, Abuelo and Pulgitas are boarding Leonel's plane. the plane takes off.    end, no previews were shown. 


     El Universal, 8/16/98. 8/9-13/99 in US. Alma y Simón discuten los primeros problemas de su matrimonio, él quiere que ella decida si siguen juntos. Ella está pensando en que tal vez su mamá tenía razón y que fue un error haberse casado. Enriqueta miente a Alvaro. Luis Fernando recuerda lo que le advirtió Zamira sobre el accidente de Preciosa. Orlando está seguro que Valeria asesinó a Heriberto Robles.

El Universal, 8-23-98: El viernes llega a su fin "Preciosa", una historia que cautivó a chicos y grandes por mostrar la vida de una joven nacida en el circo, pero que con el tiempo se transformó al conocer el amor al lado de Luis Fernando. Ahora sólo resta esperar a saber si la pareja será feliz, pues Valeria está decidida a impedirlo a toda costa. ¿Cuál será el desenlace de cada uno de los personajes?, no se pierda el último capítulo este viernes, donde se despejará la incógnita ¿logrará ser feliz Preciosa?


     El Universal, 8/23/98. No se pierda el final de esta interesante historia el viernes 28 de agosto y descubra qué pasará con cada uno de los personajes. ¿Preciosa y Luis Fernando lograrán estar juntos algún día..? ¿Alvaro olvidará a Preciosa..? Leonel quedará con Preciosa, aún sabiendo que ella no lo ama..? ¿Valeria permitirá que Preciosa y Luis Fernando sean felices?


     USA, 8/9/99-8/20/99: Preciosa suffers amnesia from crash; thinking Alvaro is dead, she decides to marry Leonel. Alvaro discovers the truth  and arrives at the church just in time to stop the wedding and Preciosa recovers her memory. Orlando denounces Valeria and her female accomplice in tricks  refuses to help somebody accused of a crime. Alvaro tells Preciosa he will give her a divorce; she insists she will be a real wife to him. Leonel and his mother decide to retrn to Puerto Rico. Ransel visits Sandor in the prison hospital where he is dying. Sandor tells him to leave Claudia alone, not to repeat his errors. He wants to see Preciosa, to confess. When she comes, he tells her how he killed her mother and stole her savings so she couldn’t get the operation. Then he dies. Chata tells Enriqueta about Valeria; Enriqueta tells Alvaro that Valeria is guilty but she asks Alvaro and her husband to keep Valeria out of jail. Robin’s going to marry Claudia. Preciosa’s abuelo knows that Felina loves Alvaro. Pachis and Libardo go on a date together. Preciosa turns herself in for the murder Valeria committed. Valeria lets a tiger loose at the circus. Ransel tries once more with Claudia and when she rejects him says he will go to Miami to start a new circus and ask permission to give his son his name and be there at his birth---to which Claudia agrees warmly.


     Rinconlatino. Name: Rosey  Date: 08/23/99 20:48  Preciosa is upset that she is released from jail. LF takes her to a park to breathe fresh air and so they can talk. He tells her yet again how much he loves her and how Valeria is no longer an obstacle in their lives. Preciosa tells him no they can't be..blah blah blah.... LF kisses her and she resists at first but then start kissing him back. Preciosa theme song is played. Preciosa pushes him away and tells him no, and to never look for her again, they will never be. LF says NO she says YES and runs away.   Claudia arrives at the bus station but Robin has already boarded the bus. She screams and waves her arms to get his attention but he isn't looking. Then Robin glances out the window and sees Claudia and asks the bus driver to pull over. Claudia doesn't know he's seen her and it leaving the bus station thinking she's lost him. Robin comes up behind her and they hug. She tells him that Ransel means nothing to her and that she's been in love with him for a while now. She told him that when he saw Ransel talking with her he was just saying good bye and asked her to call him when the baby is born. She told Ransel she wants him to be the father. They kiss.   Henri. calls Valeria and tells her that Preciosa is free. VAleria curses Preciosa's good luck. Henri. tells her that she fears for her saftey. Valeria tells her she is going to disappear.   Roberto is talking with Alvaro. Alvaro asks Roberto why he didn't tell him about Preciosa being in jail and Roberto said there wasn't time. Alvaro tells Roberto that he is going to divorce Preciosa because she doesn't love him. Roberto tells him not to because Preciosa will never go back to LF. Alvaro tells him it doesn't matter because he knows she will always love him.   LF is at home with Princessa. He tells Eduarda how determined Preciosa was about them not being together. He says he'd never seen that look in her eye. He decides that he is no longer going to suffer over Preciosa. He tells Eduarda that the three of them are going to go on a long trip.   Preciosa is at the circus, Felina tells her to change her clothes so she can start practicing. Preciosa doesn't feel like it but Pachis and Felina make her go. Felina is waiting for her when Preciosa comes out and has not changed. felina asks her what's wrong. Preciosa tells her that she doesn't want to practice. She tells her that LF promised her that he would be in the front row for her first performance, and now that will never be. Felina tells her that being a trapize artist has been her life long dream and she must fulfill it or she will feel unsuccessful.  Preciosa leaves to get dressed.   Felina is warming up when Alvaro arrives. He asks Felina where Preciosa, and says he needs to speak to her about something important. Felina asks, "something important?" He tells her that he is going to give Preciosa a divorce. He tells her that she is in love with LF not him. Felina tells him that he is capable of making any woman fall in love with him and giving him the love he deserves. Alvaro says he doubts that will happen. Felina tells him that this woman could be closer than he thinks. Alvaro is still doubtful, Felina looks a bit fustrated that Alvaro isn't getting the hint and grabs him and start kissing him.   At that moment Preciosa walks into the tent and sees them kissing. She has a pretty dumb look on her face.


     Rinconlatino. Name: rosey  Date: 08/30/99 20:33  Valeria trys to push LF off the edge of the building. Everyone below (Henri. Alvaro) yells NO!!. LF tells her to calm down. LF quickly moves and gets away from Valeria's grip.   Valeria starts screaming that he just wants to get rid of her so he can be with Preciosa. She then started yelling about how much she hates Preciosa. LF told her that her anger for Preciosa was wrong. He told her how she has wasted so much time on hate. He told her how Preciosa always told him to stay away from her and how he was the one who pursued her. Valeria starting crying and asked why he did that. LF said he loved Preciosa. Valeria (still crying) asked him why she chose Preciosa over her. LF said it was destiny,he said you can't make people love you. Valeria said she loved him and said they were happy together. He told her not to lie to herself, he told her their relantionship ended before he met Preciosa. Valeria kept on crying. LF told her that she was still young and beautiful and that she had much to live for. Valeria hugged him, LF looked really sad and told Valeria if it is his fault that she is this way he asks that she forgive him.   Valeria pushes away from him and goes into a rage again. She motions to jump LF screams NOOO!   The priest arrives at Preciosa's penthouse and tells her that he heard what's going on with Valeria on the radio and he heard where she was. Preciosa tells him she must go and help Valeria. They both leave.   Valeria is at the edge of the building and says that she doesn't want to go to jail and that life isn't worth living if she's going to be in jail.  LF tells her that he is going to find her a great lawyer and that everything would be okay. Valeria asked if he would stay with her. LF said yes. LF swore on Princessa that he wouldn't leave her side. Valeria starting saying how she never loved Princessa, that ever since she heard her cry for the first time she hated her. LF told her they shouldn't talk about that now.   Preciosa and the priest arrive at the site. Preciosa tells the police officer that she wants to go up and talk with Valeria. Roberto tells her that it's too dangerous. The priest tells her that she may make Valeria more nervous. Preciosa says nothing and stays. When no one is looking she runs into the building. The police detective follows.   LF is asking Valeria to give him her hand. Valeria is unsure. She slowly gives him her hand when the police officer runs in. Valeria pulls her hand back. Then Preciosa walks in. Valeria sees her and tells LF that he was lying to her the whole time and that he wants to be with Preciosa. LF tells Valeria he wasn't lying. Valeria starting yelling at Preciosa and calls her names. Preciosa yells out that she assures her that she is only here to help her. Valeria laughs and says she lying. Valeria starts yelling that they are all lying. Valeria turns around to jump and LF and Preciosa yell NO!   Valeria turns around and says that she won't be caught. LF and Preciosa continue to beg her to not jump and to step away from the edge. Valeria looks over the edge and looks at LF and Preciosa and smiles (this part was in slow motion) Her smile was kind of freaky. LF fears the worst and looks terrified and nods his head no. Valeria turns around and jumps off the building. LF, with tears in his eyes, screams NOOOOOOOOOOO and so does Preciosa. Valeria lands on top of a car.  A close-up of Henri, Alvaro, Robert and the priest's face is shown.   LF and Preciosa rush down and approach the car. Preciosa calls out to Valeria, she asks Valeria to answer her. There is no reaction from Valeria. Preciosa starting screaming "Sister NOOOOOOO!"     end


     Rinconlatino. SUMMARY OF THE FINAL EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Name: Rosey  Date: 09/02/99 20:26  Preciosa is excited to learn that LF is coming home. She's worried that he may have forgotten about her in this year. Alvaro asks her if she has forgotten about him, Preciosa smiles and says no.  Alvaro leaves.   Tito comes in and Preciosa runs over and hugs him. Tito asks her what is going on. She tells him that her and Alvaro's divorce if final, she shows him the papers. Tito is happy and tells her she's a free woman again. Preciosa then tells Tito about LF returning. She wants to make their first meeting special. She decides that she will debut her trapeze act at the circus and send him an invitation. She wants to meet him where their love began, where she first met him.   LF and Eduarda arrive home. The servants greet them. Eduarda asks about Fermina. She says that the last letter she received from her was seven months ago. The maid tells her about Fermina being a famous actress now and how she's on a novela. The maid shows her magazines with Fermina's picture and tells Eduarda that the novela is coming on soon. Eduarda is shocked.   Pachis is with Claudia and her new granddaughter (or grandson, I'm not sure). Claudia hasn't married Robin yet. Claudia said she wanted to make sure but now she really wants to. Robin is a singer now and is doing well. Pachis receives a letter from Milagros from New York.   Milagros is at a strip club with Orlando. She tells Orlando that she just mailed another letter to Pachis and lied to her again. Milagros tells him she's not happy. Orlando doesn't seem to care. He tells her to get back to work. She tells him that the only reason she puts up with this is because she loves him. Milagros gets up and goes back to her job. A woman comes up to Orlando and starts kissing him. Orlando tells her to stay close because he is almost done with Milagros.   LF receives the Preciosa's invitation. He is very excited because he knows that she must want to see him. Eduarda comes in. She just finished watching Fermina's novela. She says she must admit Fermina is a good actress. LF tells her about the invitation. Eduarda smiles and tells him that he must make this meeting extra special. Eduarda leans in to tell him her plan.   Fermina is on her novela set. The director tells her that the novela has been doing so well that they are going to do 200 more episodes. Fermina is thrilled. The director introduces her to her new leading man. Fermina finds him hot and starts spraying him with that stuff that witch gave him. The guy tells her he is a huge fan of hers. Fermina blushes.   Alma, Alvaro and Roberto visit Henri. in a mental hospital. The doctor tells them that she spends her days talking to herself and Valeria. The doctor says he doesn't think that she will get well.  Roberto says that he feels this is his fault. He says that had he been more of man and not let Henri. walk all over him this may have not happened. Alvaro tells him that it's not his fault.  Alvaro and Alma approach Henri. Henri. is talking to Valeria. Alvaro tells her that she needs to accept that Valeria is dead. Henri. doesn't acknowledge him.   Preciosa is preparing for her big night. She is very excited. Tito is in the trailer with Pachis. He tells Pachis that Preciosa is going to get a big surprise tonight. Pachis's boyfriend comes in with a chimp. He's a boy chimp and he thought that Pulgitas might like him. The chimp runs over and sits next to Pulgitas and they hug. Then Pulgitas has a dream of her and this other chimp surrounded by baby chimps. Pulgitas returns to reality and starts kissing the boy chimp. Pachis's boyfriend starts commenting on how there seems to be a lot of people getting married lately. Claudia and Robin and him and Pachis. Pachis smiles and Tito congratulates them.   Everyone is in the big tent waiting for Preciosa's show. Alma is with Robin. LF arrives with Eduarda and Princessa. Oscar arrives looking totally hot and cool. He has three girls with him. His mother asks who they are and he says they are the girls he courting. Fermina arrives with her leading man. She tell Eduarda that he is her boyfriend. Eduarda doesn't really believe her. She asks Fermina if he really is her boyfriend or if it is one of her lies. The leading man tells Eduarda that his heart beats only for Fermina.   Alvaro runs into Felina outside the tent. They hug. Alvaro comments how it's been so long since they've seen each other. Alvaro tells her how he's thought about her often this past year. Felina show him a letter that her ex-husband sent her. The letter stated how she was able to have babies. Her ex-husband confessed that he was the one who had the problem and he paid the doctor to lie to her. Felina told Alvaro that he felt so bad he got a job outside of Mexico in order not to see her. Alvaro is happy for her. Alvaro tells her he has to confess something to her. He tells her that he has fallen in love with her. He says he wants them to be together. They kiss.   Preciosa and the other trapeze people come out. Preciosa is wearing angel wings, a purple leotard and a gold skirt. She is wearing her hair in braids. Everyone cheers. She begins her show and does a great job. When she is done she looks down and LF and smiles. She comes down the ladder. LF tells her she was wonderful. They stare at each other. LF says he has a surprise. He said in front of everyone here he wants them to get married, right here. Everyone surrounds them and LF gets down on his knee and asks Preciosa if she wants to marry him. Preciosa, with tears in her eyes says yes and hugs him. Tito shouts out let's prepare the wedding.   LF is standing in the middle of the big tent with the priest. Preciosa comes walking down the aisle. She is wearing a long white dress with flowers around the waist, and flowers in her hair. Her hair is loose. The priest says the vows and LF and Preciosa say I accept. The priest annouces them husband and wife and they kiss.   The whole crowd is shown. Roberto and Tito are smiling. Alma is kissing Simone, Claudia is kissing Robin, Pachis is kissing her boyfriend, Fermina is kissing her man, Felina and Alvaro are kissing.   One of the clown lights up some fireworks. Big close up of LF and Preicosa kisssing and the fireworks.  The fireworks spell out Preciosa.    FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN  FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN FIN   

p.s. Claudia had a baby boy named Lorenzo. Pachis was saying how happy she is that they named him after el Pantera. Pachis' boyfriend is Livardo, and his chimp is named Frijolitos. :)



Periodico Publico 8/28/98: FIN DE TELENOVELA:  Preciosa cierra el circo en el que se convirtió su historia

     Hoy, a las 19:00 horas, por canal 2, el melodrama estelarizado por Irán Castillo y Mauricio Islas concluye dentro del esquema tradicional de buenos premiados y villanos castigados con la muerte



     Sus números no son del todo malos. A través de los 180 capítulos de que se compuso su argumento, la historia de amor de Preciosa y Luis Fernando consiguió figurar, con ratings por arriba de los 20 puntos, como uno de los diez programas más vistos de la semana, prácticamente desde que comenzó a proyectarse por la pantalla del canal 2.       Irán Castillo, además de interpretar el tema de la telenovela, recibió su primera oportunidad protagónica y, particularmente en los primeros episodios, sorprendió con una naturalidad que paulatinamente pareció ir perdiendo, conforme su personaje se fue sofisticando y asumiendo su personalidad de niña rica.       Cenicienta lisiada:  Si bien las telenovelas obedecen a una lógica fantasiosa, inverosímil y cargada de situaciones que las hacen hasta risibles, algunas encuentran en la exageración el punto para sorprender al espectador.  Y tal fue el caso de Preciosa quien, afectada por una malformación en una pierna, se vio impedida para volar por los aires como trapecista, como lo fue su madre y conforme lo acariciaba en sus sueños, pero le bastó detener, cierta noche, el paso del primer auto que circulaba por una calle solitaria, no sólo para conocer su brumoso pasado, sino enmendar ventajosamente su futuro.  El amor y rendición incondicional de dos médicos de posición acomodada, así como el gratuito odio de quien a la postre resultó ser su hermanastra, se desataron de un simple golpe de vista. Así, la cenicienta pobre, chorreada y coja, pasó a ser el objeto más amado y codiciado, gracias a una cirugía milagrosa que no sólo le evitó la penosa y larga rehabilitación posterior, sino que le convirtió en una mujer sensible, instruida, generosa y rica.  La producción de Pedro Damián, que se exhibe actualmente en Argentina, Venezuela y Puerto Rico podría pasar a engrosar la lista de las historias "trampolín" que, con argumentos que son un reto a la memoria del televidente (fáciles de olvidar), funcionan para el despegue de los talentos capacitados por Televisa.  Desde ayer, los malos comenzaron a pagar el precio de sus vilezas y los buenos, a cobrar la recompensa a su débil pasividad frente a las injusticias. El camino entre Preciosa y Luis Fernando ha quedado llano, y no es difícil suponer que ambos terminarán unidos, después de que Preciosa, por fin, vuele por los aires. •

    BALANCE:  Rescatable:  La espontánea actuación inicial de Irán Castillo y su mascota Pulguitas. Poco probable: La rápida recuperación de la protagonista, tras una complicada cirugía. Risible: Felicia Mercado en el papel de mamá de Francisco Gattorno. Previsible:  El rápido despeje de obstáculos para reunir a la pareja protagonista.  Lamentable: Una historia que repite, incansablemente, los clichés, con el circo como mero telón de fondo.



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