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USA (MyNetworkTV) Dec. 6, 2006 – Mar. 6, 2007




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     What is the statute of limitations on revenge? For BLYTHE HUNTER there isn't one. Twenty-five years haven't put a dent in the pain and humiliation of being abandoned by THEODORE CRAWFORD, who married another woman for prestige and money.

     Now Blythe is back in Theodore's life, hell bent on taking away every piece of his beautiful existence, starting with THE TIDES racetrack. She's not afraid to use her twin sons JOSH and AARON to help her destroy the Crawford family, and to get to Theodore through his daughters EMMA and BROOKE. Things don't always go according to plan, especially when the wrong son falls in love with Emma, but Blythe is tireless in her quest for revenge.

     Will the young lovers change the path of these two families? Will Blythe's manipulations destroy not only Theodore, but her own two sons? Can true love put an end to the deceit, or will revenge win out?


WIKIPEDIA (12/5/06]

     Wicked Wicked Games, formerly titled Art of Betrayal, is a telenovela set to debut in December 6, 2006 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on the American television network MyNetworkTV. The program will air for a 65 episode run. New episodes will run on weekdays for 13 weeks, with a recap show on Saturdays.

     The serial stars Tatum O'Neal as Blythe Hunter, a beautiful scorned woman, whose husband abandoned her and her two boys to marry someone else. As revenge, she decides to destroy him by grooming her now-grown sons to marry his two daughters. She soon discovers unxpected consequences.

     Wicked Wicked Games also stars David Smith and Jack Krizmanich as Blythe's sons, Josh and Aaron, respectively. Jessie Ward plays Emma, one of the ex-husband's daughters. Sean Young was originally signed for the lead.

     The show was originally intended to run under the "Desire" umbrella title. Production began in July. It is produced by Twentieth Television.






     TV Guide:  12/6/06- Pilot:  Debut: Tatum O'Neal stars in this prime-time serial about a scorned woman who hatches a revenge plot against the ex-lover (Clive Robertson) who wronged her. Anna Whitman: Joan Severance. 12/7/06-  Behind the Mask:  Romance and betrayal gradually come to the fore as Blythe draws her sons into her plot. 12/8/06-  Tools of the Trade:  A shrewd Aaron tangles with a powerful man.

     MyNetworkTV ( http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ):  Wednesday, December 6, 2006  - Pilot:  Meet Blythe Hunter. She's sexy, smart, successful, and maybe just a little crazy. Watch things get a little "Wicked" as two brothers are pitted against two sisters in the pursuit of one woman's vendetta. Who will reign supreme in this game?  Thursday, December 7 - Behind the Mask:  Blythe tries to correct her mistake and sets Aaron to pursuing a new prey. Taylor is in for a shock as a new General Manager is introduced. And Theodore's past catches up with him at the masquerade party.vvv Friday, December 8 - Tools of the Trade.  Theodore is shocked when the mystery guest at the party reveals her identity. Fearing that a new business venture could jeopardize his mother's plans, Aaron plays the odds to his favor with a little "remedy" of his own. And Emma gives a smitten Josh a tour of The Tides' prize possessions.


     TV Guide:  12/11/06 -  Needle in the Hay: As Blythe happens upon an unexpected guest, Josh derails Aaron's agenda. 12/12/06 - The Closer You Get:  Aaron falls into a thorny situation after having a surprise encounter. 12/13/06 - Tools of the Trade.  Blythe stirs up trouble with her meddlesome deeds. Meanwhile, Aaron's business endeavors take form. 12/14/06 - Testing Boundaries:  Fresh evidence is unearthed, revealing an assailant's identity. In other events, tension escalates between Emma and Josh. 12/15/06 - Leave Them Wanting More:  A stranger piques Brooke's curiosity. Meanwhile, Aaron turns to Blythe for advice.

     MyNetworkTV ( http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ): Monday, December 11 - Needle in the Hay: Unwilling to accept rejection, Brooke unleashes her wanton skills as a seductress. Worried about Josh and Emma's growing romance, Aaron tries to use his employment situation as leverage. And a "chance" meeting reunites Blythe and Theodore for an evening.  Tuesday, December 12 - The Closer You Get... Aaron's plans for the future of The Tides are threatened by Valdomar's perceived description of his assailant. Josh's attempts to pursue Emma are foiled by his brother. And tempers flare when Brooke discovers her sister in a compromising situation.   Wednesday, December 13 - Recipe for Disaster: Pleased with his accomplishments, Aaron informs Blythe that her plans are beginning to fall in place. Valdomar looks to the police for help in catching his attacker. And Hope gets an unwelcome surprise from a devious dinner guest.   Thursday, December 14 - Testing Boundaries: Blythe comes face to face with the assumed object of Theodore's affection. And though Josh shares an intimate moment with Emma, a case of mistaken identity could leave him in deep trouble.  Friday, December 15 - Leave Them Wanting More:  Brooke receives a peace offering from her sister. Despite Valdomar's proof, Emma continues to defend Josh's innocence much to Edward's dismay. And Brooke finds herself intrigued by her father's former lover.


     TV Guide:   12/18/06 - The Stooge:  Where Blythe goes, trouble follows. Meanwhile, Emma and Josh's lives collide, if only fleetingly.  12/19/06 -  It’s in the Bag:  Blythe defends Josh, who receives an  ultimatum from his twin brother. 12/20/06 - Complexity of Brotherly Love:  Josh seeks out his sibling for a favor; Blythe exploits Benjamin. 12/21/06 -  The Seduction:  As fate frowns on Josh, past romances rebloom. 12/22/06 - The Race Is On:  Josh's unbridled passion results in a potentially tumultuous situation. Elsewhere, Emma must make a difficult choice.

     MyNetworkTV ( http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ):  Monday, December 18  - The Stooge:   Blyth and Aaron concoct a malicious plan to deceive Josh. Meanwhile Josh and Emma's passionate moment is marred by the arrival of Edward. And Lani fears that Blythe will make good on her threat.  Tuesday, December 19  - It's in the Bag Josh's threats forces Blythe to step up her efforts in helping him. Emma begins to have doubts about Josh's sincerity, while Edward finds himself at a close call. And Taylor's office visitor could help confirm his suspicions. Wednesday, December 20  - Complexity of Brotherly Love Blythe makes good on her promise to help Josh, but then decides to take out a little "insurance." Though Josh turns to his brother for help, Aaron sees an opportunity he can't pass up. And Emma's decision could devastate any hope Josh has left.   THURSDAY, 12/21 Heeding Blythe's advice, Brooke's actions may result in a sisterly betrayal.  Friday, December 22, 2006  - The Race is On Brooke’s discovery has her fuming. Meanwhile Josh goes incognito to prove his innocence, but comes face to face with his nemesis. And Hope vents her worries about her employer’s relationship.


     TV Guide:   12/25/06 -A review of the series' plotlines.    12/26/06 -Stick to the Plan:  As shocking news spreads to Josh, Blythe undermines Brooke by giving her poor advice. 12/27/06 -Silly Rabbit:  A mysterious call is directed at Josh, arousing Gannon’s suspicions.    12/28/06 -Collateral Damages:   Aaron has a romantic escapade, which gives him a respite from the realities of his life. 12/29/06 - Love’s Fury:  Josh corners Blythe while Gannon shares startling information with Theodore.

     MyNetworkTV ( http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ): WEEKLY:  MONDAY, 12/25 GLOBAL RECAP - Show Highlights Merry Christmas!  TUESDAY, 12/26 Heeding Blythe's advice, Brooke makes her intentions quite clear to Edward.  WEDNESDAY, 12/27 A frantic, late night phone call sends Josh into a worried panic.  THURSDAY, 12/28 Brought together for a business meeting, Aaron finds his attraction to Brooke can no longer be denied.  FRIDAY, 12/29 While Josh confronts his mother after his discovery, Gannon's revelation may ruin Blythe's plans.      DAILY:Monday, December 25, 2006  A review of the series' plotlines.   Tuesday, December 26 - Stick to the Plan:  Emma’s decision is revealed to Josh…and could serve to break his heart. After Blythe tries to cheer her up, Brooke decides to heed her advice and prey on an unfaithful Edward.  Thursday, December 28- Collateral Damages:  A concerned Josh finds his usually confident brother on the verge of a breakdown. Nervous about his close call with Brooke, Edward resists the advances of his office "distraction." Theodore's indecisiveness leaves Hope's feelings crushed. And a business meeting leads to a passion that can no longer be denied.  Friday, December 29 - Love's Fury:  A night of unbridled fervor leads to a rude awakening when Brooke is tagged as a "mistake." Meanwhile Gannon's revelation to Theodore may blow the door open on Blythe's plans.


     TV Guide:    1/1/07 - When Hope is Lost:  Wicked scenarios revolve around Hope, as Theodore leads her astray and Blythe has a nasty encounter with her.  1/2/07 - When Fate Hands You Lemons.  While some are easily swayed by Blythe's machinations, others see right through her tricks. 1/3/07 - No episode broadcast.  1/4/07 - Trust and Other Dirty Words:  As Aaron submits to temptation, Emma unearths a mystery. 1/5/07 - Everyone Has a Secret:  While Emma uncovers troubling information about her past, Aaron gradually becomes unnerved by Blythe's power plays.

     MyNetworkTV ( http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ):  Weekly:   MONDAY, 1/1 Happy New Year! Theodore harbors a secret that persuades him to make an unexpected proposal.  TUESDAY, 1/2 A fuming Blythe must make new plans for her old adversary.  WEDNESDAY, 1/3 Despite his mother's warnings, Aaron finds it difficult to resist Brook's charms.  THURSDAY, 1/4 After finding her mother's diaries, Emma uncovers her family's dark secrets.  FRIDAY, 1/5 An indignant confrontation from Emma may put Theodore's health in jeopardy.

          Dailies:  Monday, Janaury 1, 2007  - When Hope is Lost.  Upon her “sparkling” discovery, Hope feels her dreams may be forever shattered. Meanwhile Theodore harbors his secret though an unsuspecting Blythe believes things are going according to plan. And an unexpected proposal will leave one woman delighted but another devastated.  Tuesday, Janaury 2 - When Fate Hands You Lemons Furious over Theodore’s decision, Blythe tries to figure out where things went wrong. Emma appeals to Hope and Maddy for insight into the family’s secrets. And Brooke confesses her one night stand while Blythe manages to hide her anger.  Thursday, January 4 - Trust and Other Dirty Words:  Her father's revelation leaves Emma shocked and confused. Lani's efforts to cheer Blythe up only serves to annoy her even more. And Aaron finds himself unable to resist the allure of Brooke's charms.   Thursday, January 4 - Trust and Other Dirty Words:  Her father's revelation leaves Emma shocked and confused. Lani's efforts to cheer Blythe up only serves to annoy her even more. And Aaron finds himself unable to resist the allure of Brooke's charms.   Friday, January 5 - Everyone Has a Secret Emma does some detective work and uncovers shocking secrets about her family. While Blythe hopes to unfold her plans, Aaron feels they are too close to their goal and tries to discourage her. And Maddy and Hope get a surprise revelation from Emma…but have they know all along?


     TV Guide:  01/08/07 - The Cats Out of the Bag:  Emma comes clean about a shocking secret from her past. 01/09/07 - Delayed Gratification:  Theodore takes on the fight of his life. Meanwhile, Emma chooses the wrong person as a confidant. 01/10/07 - Truth or Paranoia: Tensions escalate between Blythe and Hope, who have a stormy encounter. 01/11/07 - . Watershed : A person unexpectedly betrays Josh. 01/12/07 - The Woman in Red: As Theodore's company begins to collapse, Blythe spreads startling news. Meanwhile, truths emerge about Josh's past. Tony Perkins guest stars.

     MyNetworkTV ( http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ): This Week:   MONDAY, 1/8/2007 An indignant confrontation from Emma may put Theodore's health in jeopardy.  TUESDAY, 1/9 Emma and Theodore agree to keep their revelation from Brooke.  WEDNESDAY, 1/10 During a shopping excursion, Blythe and Hope reach a breaking point .  THURSDAY, 1/11 Follow Josh in his efforts to prove his innocence and win his love.  FRIDAY, 1/12 A reckless attempt to save The Tides leads to an unexpected takeover.

          Dailies:  Monday, January 8, 2007  - The Cat’s Out of the Bag:  While Emma believes Brooke should know the truth, Hope and Maddy plea to keep her discoveries a secret. Theodore begins to realize the financial extent of Aaron’s actions. And Emma’s confrontation with her father may not have the result she was hoping for  Tuesday, January 9 - Delayed Gratification - Though Theodore and Emma make a pact to keep the family secrets between them, Brooke’s suspicions are nonetheless aroused. And while Josh tries to prove that Emma should have faith in him, Edward proves that he cannot be trusted.  Wednesday, January 10 - Truth or Paranoia Taylor digs deeper into Daniel Karol’s past and uncovers a surprising twist. With Taylor’s job at risk, Lani must decide between the boss and the boyfriend. And tension reaches a breaking point during a shopping excursion as Blythe lets Hope know just how crazy she can be.    Thursday, January 11 - Watershed (Josh's My Story) Follow Josh as he tries to detangle his family's web of lies and continues his attempts to win back the love of his life.  Friday, January 12, 2007 - Everyone Has a Secret Emma does some detective work and uncovers shocking secrets about her family. While Blythe hopes to unfold her plans, Aaron feels they are too close to their goal and tries to discourage her. And Maddy and Ho


     TV Guide:  1/15/07 - The Spoils of War:  Blythe happens upon danger as secrets are unearthed. 1/16/07 - A review of the series’ plotlines 1/17/07 - Truth Hurts:  It's a family feud as Emma and Brooke butt heads. Meanwhile, Blythe gets a warning from Theodore. 1/18/07 - Who's Your Daddy:  There's no brotherly love when twins Josh and Aaron have a fiery fight. Meanwhile, Blythe basks in a steamy romance. 1/19/07 - Satisfaction:  Hope challenges Theodore as she considers inching closer to another.

     MyNetworkTV ( http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ):  Weekly:  MONDAY, 1/15 The realization that Blythe is taking over The Tides proves too much for Theodore's temper to handle.  TUESDAY, 1/16 RECAP EPISODE - Show highlights  WEDNESDAY, 1/17 Sibling rivalry escalates when Emma accidentally reveals the contents of her mother's will during a heated argument with Brooke.  THURSDAY, 1/18 Fed up with his brother's antics, Josh decides to let his hands to do talking.  FRIDAY, 1/19 Elated by her success in bringing Theodore down, Blythe takes on a new lover.

          Dailies:  Monday, January 15 - The Spoils of War Realizing his nemesis is behind his beloved company’s takeover, Theodore’s temper gets the best of him. Aaron deals with Brooke’s wrath after his mother reveals his identity. And Brooke is unintentionally informed of the Crawford family’s scandalous secret.   Tuesday, January 16 - Recap Episode Show highlights.  Wednesday, January 17 - Truth Hurts - Jennifer’s demands turn Edward’s “distraction” into more than a mere inconvenience. A heated discussion about their father blows up as sibling rivalry rears its ugly head. And Theodore’s warning goes unnoticed as Blythe flexes her newfound power at The Tides.  Thursday, January 18 - Who’s your Daddy Things heat up for Blythe and Benjamin as flirtation gives way to desire. Furious at his brother’s betrayal, Josh decides to let his fists do the talking. And Hope urges Emma to put her feelings aside and stay on at The Tides despite the recent change in leadership.  Friday, January 19 - Satisfaction Hope confronts Theodore on his recent destructive behavior. Meanwhile best friendships are tested when Cherry’s questioning invokes Brook’s wrath. And Lani appeals to Taylor for forgiveness…and offers a chance to bring Blythe down.


TV Guide:  1/22/07 -   Unfinished Business:  Hope grapples with Blythe while Aaron seeks to correct a situation. 1/23/07 -   Muddy Waters:  Josh receives a tempting offer. Meanwhile, escalating tensions rip apart sisters and lovers. 1/24/07 -   Beauty Pageant:  Blythe takes charge by dealing with matters herself. Elsewhere, fate smiles on Theodore. 1/25/07 -   Giving Up the Ghost:  An unexpected source tricks Theodore. 1/26/07 -   Snakes in the Garden:  Theodore rolls the dice by making a high-stakes move. In other events, Lani stirs up trouble with her loose lips.

     MyNetworkTV ( http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ):  Weekly:   MONDAY, 1/22 Taylor receives an offer of help but finds a drunken Theodore unreceptive to the plan.  TUESDAY, 1/23 The gloves come of and the mud starts flying as things get heated between two sisters  WEDNESDAY, 1/24 As Hope questions Theodore on his whereabouts, his reply could leave her with a broken heart.  THURSDAY, 1/25 Hope makes a decision to get away for a while but an unthinkable act may prevent her return.  FRIDAY, 1/26 As Blythe makes an offer to sell back The Tides, Theodore once again plays victim to her schemes.

          Dailies:  Monday, January 22 - Satisfaction.   The Tides gets a new account and looks to a new future. Hope confronts Blythe on her treatment of Emma, while Aaron attempts to mend things with his brother. And Taylor appeals to Theodore about Lani’s help, but finds him drunk and unreceptive.  Tuesday, January 23 - Muddy Waters.   Realizing his chance to see Emma again, Josh agrees to Aaron’s request. Things get heated between the two sisters as the gloves come off and the mud goes flying. And Hope’s questioning leads to an outburst that could break her heart.    Wednesday, January 24 - Beauty Pagent Luck in the form of a woman gives Theodore’s poker game a new streak. Josh and Emma come face to face once again. Distraught over Theodore’s harsh words, Hope decides to take a little trip. But danger may loom when Hope finds herself targeting by a vicious enemy.  Thursday, January 25 - Giving Up the Ghost:  While Blythe believes the job is done, Hope takes one last grasp at life’s strings. Blythe offers to sell back The Tides leaving Theodore to bet everything he has. But things aren’t always what they seem as Theodore finds that his recent love affair could be more than he bargained for.   Friday, January 26 - Snakes in the Garden Hoping to finally bring Blythe down, Lani reveals her plans to Taylor…but an unseen presence could prove deadly for her. A distressed Maddy goes to destructive extremes to ease her pain. And Theodore reveals he’s about to take a high-stakes risk in order to get back what is rightfully his.


     TV Guide:  1/29/07 -  The Boss of Me:  Theodore hits rock bottom; a vengeful Blythe takes action. 1/30/07 - Payback Is Hell:  Blythe receives a present from Abraham; Aaron and Brooke become trapped. 1/31/07 -  Easy Come, Easy Go:  A new master takes over at the Crawford house; Emma is attacked 2/1/07 -  Be Careful What You Wish For:  Lani finds her trip taking a surprise detour; Phillipe's true identity is discovered. 2/2/07 - Enough is Never Enough:  Blythe is threatened; Carmen is deceived.

     MyNetworkTV ( http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ):  Weekly:   MONDAY, 1/29 Lani receives a grim warning from a mysterious source…but will she heed the advice before it's too late?  TUESDAY, 1/30 To the victor go the spoils as Abraham hands over the final "deed" to Blythe's master plan.  WEDNESDAY, 1/31 Blythe and Benjamin prepare for the last step in finally destroying Theodore.  THURSDAY, 2/1 As Maddy makes her plans to meet Philippe, she finds her internet love is not what she expected.  FRIDAY, 2/2 Expecting some time away to recover, Lani finds herself the victim of her boss's demented mind.

          Dailies:  Monday, January 29 - The Boss of Me: Theodore’s dreams are shattered as he makes the biggest mistake of his life. Lani is contacted by a mysterious stranger who may hold the key to overthrowing Blythe. But information comes at a price as Lani finds herself caught in a dangerous game…one that could put her life in danger.  Tuesday, January 30 - Payback is Hell:   A victorious Abraham meets with Blythe to complete their final transaction. An elated Maddy looks forward to finally meeting Philippe in the flesh. And while Edward plans a clandestine “date” with Jennifer, he finds himself interrupted by an old adversary.   Wednesday, January 31 - Payback is Hell [stet]:  Blythe’s news could be more than Theodore can handle. Lani receives a surprising offer to aid in her recovery. And Emma’s love for Edward turns sour when his intoxication leads to a shocking assault.    Thursday, Febuary 1 - Be Careful What You Wish For:  Much to Maddy’s shock and disappointment, Philippe isn’t what she expected. Though apologetic, Edward finds that Emma is pushing for her space. And Blythe reveals she has more than skeletons in the closet.  Thursday [stet], Febuary 2 - Enough is Never Enough:  Violet’s suspicions are aroused after an attempt to contact Lani fails. While a drunken Theodore tries to overpower Blythe, she remains unfazed and continues to mock him. And Edward finds himself caught with his hand in the cookie jar, leaving Emma to make a determined decision.


     TV Guide:  2/5/07 -  The Blue Pill:  Edward is overcome with envy; Brooke starts using drugs; a new romance heats up. 2/6/07 -  The Loneliest Number:  An unexpected chain of events results in a mysterious shooting. 2/7/07 -  A Daughter and a Son:  Tension escalates between Aaron and Theodore; Josh is in danger. 2/8/07 -   Hard Evidence:  A confrontation occurs between Blythe and Edward; Theodore gets himself into trouble. 2/9/07 -   Last Straw: Aaron decides to take a chance on love.

     MyNetworkTV ( http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ): Weekly:   MONDAY, 2/5 Brooke's upsetting discovery aids in her downward spiral to ease her pain.  TUESDAY, 2/6 Glowing from the time he's spent with Emma, Josh becomes the victim of an unseen assailant.  WEDNESDAY, 2/7 While visiting Brooke, Aaron finds himself a target of Theodore's fury.  THURSDAY, 2/8 Theodore falls prey to a case of mistaken identity that could cost him his freedom.  FRIDAY, 2/9 Thinking that Edward has finally ready to be with her, Jennifer finds this new Edward isn't the person she thought.

     Dailies:  Monday, Febuary 5 - The Blue Pill.  Riddled with jealousy, Edward finds himself becoming more and more desperate. Meanwhile Emma’s thoughts fall further away from Edward as she and Josh share a passionate event. And Brooke makes a heartbreaking discovery and turns to a dangerous method to ease her pain.  Tuesday, Febuary 6 - The Loneliest Number:  A collapsed Brooke is rushed to the hospital while a worried Aaron lingers by her side. Emma and Josh enjoy their time at the beach, while a frantic Maddy tries to contact Emma. And as Emma rushes to the hospital, Josh is left at the cabin…not realizing that danger is just around the corner.  Wednesday, Febuary 7  - A Daughter and A Son:  Theodore’s temper flares again and Aaron receives the brunt of it. As Emma worries over the condition of her sister, Josh finally makes an appearance at the hospital…but not the way she hoped. And Blythe exhibits a rare show of emotion after seeing the condition of her son.   Thursday, Febuary 8 - Hard Evidence:  Edward is confronted by Blythe and her discovery of his secret. But he finds Blythe generous with her help when it serves her purpose. Meanwhile, under Blythe’s order, Benjamin prepares to play the frame game. And Blythe’s motive for protecting Edward suddenly becomes clear.  Friday, Febuary 9 - Attack of the Clowns Jack plots with Eric and Julia in hopes of preventing MEDUSA from being distributed. During Michael’s big dinner, an unexplained explosion sends the guests flying. But an unexpected guest arrives and makes a grave warning, forcing Michael’s deal to fall through.


     TV Guide:      2/12/07 - Tempting Fate: Blythe inflicts a cruel-and-unusual punishment; Theodore learns shocking news.      2/13/07 - Coming Home: Aaron has a breakdown as he deals with his life changing drastically.    2/14/07 - Familiarity Breeds: Brooke tells Aaron about her past; Aaron and Josh try to reconcile.    2/15/07 - The Answer to Everything: Edward receives an ultimatum from Blythe; Anna makes a revelation to Theodore.      2/16/07 - Lawyers and Lies:  Brooke loses her control; a battle for fortune occurs.

     MyNetworkTV:  (http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html )    Dailies:   Monday, Febuary 12, 2007 - Tempting Fate: Maddy meets a stranger that evokes old memories of a deceptive lost love. Aaron gains a new perspective of Theodore’s involvement with the shooting. And while Theodore and Taylor attempt to physically intimidate Aaron, it’s the revelation from Blythe that sends him reeling.  Tuesday, February 13 - Coming Home:  Blythe’s confession leads to another panic attack for Aaron. Emma reveals to Brooke, the truth about who fathered Aaron and Josh. And realizing Aaron’s belief that he had committed an atrocity, Brooke begins a mad search to find him…but will she be too late?  Wednesday, February 14 - Familiarity Breeds…: Much to Aaron’s relief, Brooke reveals the truth about her real father. The claws come out when Emma and Brooke vie for the Alpha Blonde crown. And an unexpected visitor sends shockwaves through The Tides as lives are forever changed.  Thursday, February 15 - The Answer to Everything: Anna reveals herself to her family, leaving her daughters troubled and Theodore confused. Emma stays true to her heart and moves on from a life with Edward. And Blythe forces Edward to help her, using the threat of arrest as bait.  Friday, February 16 - Lawyers and Lies: Blythe finds that all bets are off when her ownership of The Tides is challenged. Tired of his mother’s schemes, Aaron decides to leave his position. A worried Violet attempts to find her sister. And Brooke’s drinking sends her teetering on the edge of life and death.


     TV Guide:       2/19/07 -  Judgment Day:  A feud heats up, while romance blossoms between others. 2/20/07 -  Reconstruction:  Blythe gives her assistant Lani an ultimatum. 2/21/07 -  Dressed for Success:  A startling encounter transpires between Josh and his assailant. 2/22/07 -  All the Small Things:  Edward makes an unwelcome appearance; someone's life is in jeopardy. 2/23/07 -  Hit and Run:  An attempted murder doesn't go as planned; Theodore learns shocking news.

     MyNetworkTV:  (http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html )    Dailies:  Monday, February 19, 2007  - Judgment Day  It’s score one for Anna as a judge rules in her favor. But Blythe isn’t out of the game yet and Anna begins to learn just how crazy her opponent can be. And with Brooke safe from danger, Aaron begins to realize his true feelings for her.  Tuesday, February 20  - Reconstruction:  Blythe and Anna duke it out in hopes of bringing one another down. Discussions about what really happened that fateful night in Catalina are overheard by Violet. And Lani is forced to choose between two lives…one that includes her sister.  Wednesday, February 21  - Dressed for Success  Blythe releases Lani, who is pushed to carry out her mission against Anna. An ecstatic Taylor is reunited with his absent love. And while Edward threatens the life of his former fiancée, he inadvertently reveals that it's not his first attempt at murder         wicked wicked games callout image  Thursday, February 22  - All the Small Things:  Despite Josh’s attempt to detain him, Edward manages to slip through his fingers. Taylor’s suspicions are aroused after questing Lani about her spa visit, while Lani makes her plans to carry out Blythe’s plan. And Benjamin receives some disturbing evidence that may expose just how crazy Blythe can be.  Friday, February 23 - Hit and Run With her first try unsuccessful, Lani makes another attempt at Anna’s life. Armed with his newfound information, Benjamin makes a gruesome discovery. And while Emma’s life is threatened yet again, one woman’s bravery may end up costing a life…but whose?


     TV Guide:    2/26/07 -   No Regrets:  Edward goes on the lam; a life is endangered. 2/27/07 -   Special Delivery:  Emma deals with turbulence in her personal life; Aaron tries to make amends for his past mistakes. 2/28/07 -   Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures:  Blythe is visited by a mysterious character. 3/1/07 -  Fighting Back:  Blythe catches Lani and Violet engaged in an incriminating act. 3/2/07 -   A review of the series’ plotlines

     MyNetworkTV:  (http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ):  Weekly:    MONDAY, 2/26 A heartfelt moment of peace is suddenly interrupted by a turn for the worse.  TUESDAY, 2/27 As her savior lies dying, Emma must deal with another devastating death.  WEDNESDAY, 2/28 A guilt-ridden Lani breaks down and confesses her sins to Taylor.  THURSDAY, 3/1 A sisterly reunion leads to a covert mission to investigate the identity of "The Boss".  FRIDAY, 3/2 As Blythe's world spins out of control, secrets are uncovered that could reveal the unexpected.   

          Dailies:  Monday, February 26  - No Regrets:  While his victim lays unconscious, Edward leads the police on a high-speed chase. Meanwhile the identity of the accident victim is revealed. And a moment of thanks is interrupted by a turn for the worse.   Tuesday, February 27 - Special Delivery:  The efforts of the hospital staff are put to the test as they struggle to save Jennifer’s life. While Emma grieves over the loss of one life, it’s the death of Hope that leaves her devastated. And Anna succumbs to the effects of Lani’s poisoning.   Wednesday, February 28 - Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures:  Josh receives an anonymous note bearing questionable advice concerning Anna. While Lani breaks down and confesses her sins, Violet finds herself in the company of a mysterious savior. And a simple walk on the beach becomes a magical experience for Emma.  Thursday, March 1 - Fighting Back Violet relays the details of her escape and questions the baffling identity of “The Boss.” An ecstatic Maddy gets the offer of a lifetime. And Violet and Lani stage a heist but find themselves encountering their heartless enemy.    Friday, March 2 - Who’s the Boss:   Lani come clean to the police, in hopes of implicating Blythe. While Josh and Aaron investigate their mother’s home, Blythe’s temper may uncover her buried secret. And the video diary finally reveals the identity of “The Boss.”


     TV Guide:  3/5/07 -  Embarkations.  Blythe goes undercover to stir up trouble; Josh sees an alarming video.   3/6/07 -  CONCLUSION.  Parting Shots:  In the series finale, Blythe makes one last attempt at revenge, while her sons Josh and Aaron make a final stand.

     MyNetworkTV:  (http://www.mynetworktv.com/wicked_wicked_game.html ):  Dailies:  Monday, March 5 - Embarkations Gannon reveals the alter ego of Blythe to her sons. Lani’s fears prove unwarranted as Taylor proclaims his love. And Emma and Josh’s engagement party receives one guest too many.    Tuesday, March 6 - FINALE – Parting Shots:  An engagement party takes a terrifying turn as Josh and Aaron risk everything to protect their loves. A flash-forward reveals the future of both families. And Blythe finds the tables turned when she receives an unexpected surprise at the hospital.





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